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theblitz June 18 2013 08:47 AM

"Season 9"
I know that the relaunch novels are considered Season 8.

OTOH, the fan fiction here by lvsxy808 is called Season 10.
What is considered Season 9?

Just curiosity more than anything else.

lvsxy808 June 18 2013 10:50 AM

Re: "Season 9"
Well, I think of the relaunch novels as both 8 and 9. That's why I named my stuff 10.

Season 8 covers Avatar to Unity, which is the first arc of the books, the "Federation/Parasites" arc.

And season 9 is Unjoined to The Soul Key, the second arc, the "WoDS9/Iliana" arc.

Bearing in mind of course that this is just how I chose to think of the books, and the actual writers/editors of the books are not fans of the idea.


lvsxy808 June 19 2013 10:17 AM

Re: "Season 9"
If you're interested, I posted my episode-by-episode breakdowns of seasons 8 and 9 in an earlier thread - the posts are here and here.

So season 8 is Avatar to Unity.

Season 9 is Unjoined to The Soul Key.

Season 10 covers the first year of missing time, involving the growing Ascendant conflict, the post-exodus Dominion, Dax's transfer and a few other bits and pieces. You can find it here or here.

I'm working on some ideas for Season 11 now, covering the second year of missing time, and looking at some of the events retro-established in the Typhon Pact books.

Season 12 would start with Articles of the Federation and end with Destiny. In fact, Destiny is such a monster that it takes up the entire last nine eps of the season, of all four concurrently running series (DS9, TNG, VOY, TTN). That's 36 eps to do it justice.

Season 13 is A Singular Destiny and Rough Beasts of Empire running in parallel, fleshed out with some other stuff.

And season 14 is Zero Sum Game, Plagues of Night and Raise the Dawn, which together have enough material to fill 22 eps.


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