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Unicron June 18 2013 03:19 AM

Interesting Trek video
Came across this on YouTube tonight. I have no clue if there are any more segments or what the specific context might be for this battle, but it's fun to watch.

Flux Capacitor June 18 2013 09:46 AM

Re: Interesting Trek video
Yeah, Rifleman makes some top notch videos using Bridge Commander. Never have figured out how he has camera control like that.

Unicron June 18 2013 06:28 PM

Re: Interesting Trek video
I was wondering at first which game it was, since I never played Bridge Commander. But I'm looking forward to watching some of his other videos.

JES June 25 2013 05:27 PM

Re: Interesting Trek video
Plus he usually chooses good soundtracks to accompany his footage. Watching his vids isn't a bad way to spend several minutes.

Unicron June 26 2013 03:07 AM

Re: Interesting Trek video
He's got some good skill, though I will admit some of his work could be better. If I had one nitpick about some of them, it's that the camera work is kind of off and I'm not sure if that's more an issue with the BC software than his editing. I've got no experience with the game. But you might have two ships slugging it out, and two thirds of the fight is just focused on one ship (like the modified Galaxy prototype, the USS Pegasus) firing weapons and scoring hits on an enemy that's mostly offscreen.

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