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Villordsutch June 4 2013 08:46 AM

Star Trek / Legion of Super-Heroes Graphic Novel
Hello all,

Below is my review of the cross over comic book Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes over at


FlickeringMyth wrote:
Now I have no knowledge about the Legion of Super-Heroes (LoSH) at all. Diddly squat! Nowt! Nadda! Zip! And of course zero. If you too have the same amount of information, you’re probably thinking ‘why should I care about this collection?’. Well I can say now “You should!” as this is a rather cool comic collection to own.

Crossover comics have the habit of sticking your favourite characters together to do one thing, which is to quickly milk you of your cash. You normally feel jaded and a bit miffed at the lack of story or direction. Well not here.

We all know Star Trek and in the first few pages you’re brought up to speed on what LoSH do and wh...

BritishSeaPower June 7 2013 03:01 AM

Re: Star Trek / Legion of Super-Heroes Graphic Novel
I found the book to be quite fun with a lot of fun Easter eggs to both series (and some others!).

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