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TrekToday May 20 2013 06:30 PM

Guyett - Ramping It Up For Darkness
ILM Visual Effects Supervisor Roger Guyett explained how ILM wanted to improve the special effects for Star Trek into Darkness. “We wanted to find that number eleven on the dial,” he said. “It gave us a great opportunity to revisit these pieces—keeping them very familiar but to reinvent them every so slightly and give them [...]


Psion May 20 2013 06:39 PM

Re: Guyett ? Ramping It Up For Darkness
It (referring to the 3D warp drive sequence) was a cool effect, but I would have liked it better without the pixie dust.

Kpnuts May 20 2013 11:41 PM

Re: Guyett - Ramping It Up For Darkness
I thought the fairy dust was fine (apart from the bent one before the end credits). LOVED the distorted camera for the first warp jump especially. In 3D it felt like the nacelles were poking out of the screen!

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