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DakotaSmith April 29 2013 01:41 AM

Tools Question
So I have this project ...

It's not Trek-related, but it's almost SF-related as it pertains to a 3D-printable rocket gun.

For what I'm doing, Sketchup seems to be an appropriate tool. Its learning curve (and expense) are less than higher-end CAD programs. Sketchup can produce the necessary files to feed a 3D printer.

I'm still learning the tool prior to attempting real work. For years I've watched y'all demonstrate mastery of such things. So I figured: why not ask here?

I'm doing some simple stuff at the moment. This is the project logo (ineptly) rendered. I'm obviously struggling a bit with the texture.

Yes, I'm painfully aware that this leaves almost everything to be desired. What can I say: I'm a n00b.

I think I get how textures are done in Sketchup, but I'm having some trouble finding JPEGs of textures that look "normal" when applied to the text face.

My Google-Fu seems to have failed me: searches such as 'metallic gold rivet' produces BDSM accessories ...

Specifically, I'm looking for something that looks like reflective metallic gold. Where do y'all go when you're in need of such things?

Thanks in advance, and if I get this thing designed any time soon, I'll post a rendered copy. Real or SF, a rocket gun is kind of cool. :D

Dakota Smith

sojourner April 29 2013 02:52 AM

Re: Tools Question
Can't help ya with finding textures, but I gotta say, nice font!

DakotaSmith April 29 2013 02:59 AM

Re: Tools Question

sojourner wrote: (Post 8016517)
Can't help ya with finding textures, but I gotta say, nice font!

Well, at present, it's the only Trek-related thing in the thread.

It's Montalban, a font created by Neale Davidson to mimic the title font of ST2.

Apparently most people miss it, but ST2 didn't use the standard Trek font used in most of the TOS films. It was used in advertising and merchandise, but not in the film.

After years of people being directed to the wrong font, Davidson created the right one.

You can get it from Davidson's Web site, along with a number of other great fonts.

They're free, but consider donating. :)

Dakota Smith

sojourner April 29 2013 03:32 AM

Re: Tools Question
I've always been a sucker for cool fonts since my first job in the industry supporting Coreldraw, which had massive numbers of fonts.

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