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TrekToday April 13 2013 03:50 AM

Retro Review: Our Man Bashir
When several crewmembers are trapped inside Bashir’s malfunctioning spy holonovel, he must find a way to keep their characters alive long enough for a rescue. Plot Summary: While Sisko, Kira, Worf, Dax and O’Brien return from a conference to the station, Garak interrupts Bashir in a holosuite, embarrassing the doctor who is playing a British [...]


JirinPanthosa April 13 2013 06:10 AM

Re: Retro Review: Our Man Bashir
I have to disagree with this article, I think Our Man Bashir is one of the best comedy episodes in the series.

Why get mad about a comedy episode being in a series that often has dark plots? It doesn't reduce any of the other episodes.

Dream April 13 2013 06:14 AM

Re: Retro Review: Our Man Bashir
DS9 rips off Bond. :lol:

BruntFCA April 13 2013 05:56 PM

Re: Retro Review: Our Man Bashir
How are “Prophet Motive” and “Facets” alternate universe episodes? Also the episode is supposed to be a parody not rip-off.

James T. Vader April 15 2013 04:24 PM

Re: Retro Review: Our Man Bashir
So we’re led to assume some sort of elaborate elevator has been installed in Mt. Everest? Bashir and Garak race from the ‘frickin lasers’ under ground all the way up to the control room in a matter of minutes? Speaking of his retreat, you know what it needed? Hammocks. They’ve got good deals in the hammock district on third. Bashir DID help Noah destroy the world. I hope he gets nothing less than the Denver Broncos.

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