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Guy Gardener March 20 2013 02:48 AM

Bluestone 42?

British soldiers in Afghanistan taking care of IEDs and their comical hijinks therein.

I'm not positive it's funny enough to be comedy or dramatic enough to be a drama, although it's not awful but I'm really not sure why I'm continuing to watch Bluestone 42, but maybe because it seems like it should be funny and it's going to be funny eventually even though it's yet to be funny and...

It's got Kelly from the last few seasons of Hustle... That has to count for something?

stoneroses March 20 2013 03:19 AM

Re: Bluestone 42?
I saw episode one and found it a bit boring and hammy

Mark_Nguyen March 21 2013 12:04 AM

Re: Bluestone 42?
Watched the three so far. Reasonably entertaining, but doesn't go far enough as either as a comedy or a drama as noted. Third was certainly closer to a coemdy and arguably the best of the three.

Interestingly, they DO pay attention to military doctrine when they have to and take the action parts fairly seriously, or at least try to. This is not a Zucker-Abrams kind of military parody. When a character has an IED go off next to him, the others in the team react in apparently genuine tactics, going to defensive positions and calling in the explosion right away. Even afterwards when the character is confirmed alive, one of the others looks away from his position and another one smacks him on the head, to get him back on lookout. I found that very interesting to see in this sort of show.

That, and for some reason I can only think of a slightly tamer Ace Rimmer when watching the male lead. Am I right?


Guy Gardener March 21 2013 01:57 AM

Re: Bluestone 42?
I was thinking that if you stuck the Corporal and Milsy (the 2IC) in a tent together overnight, then nine months later, their baby would be regular Smeghead Arnold Rimmer.


"Now get really angry. Imagine some one has stolen all the "A's" from your scrabble set."

"What? All nine of them?" **Whimper** " ...Who would do that?"
Which sounds a little like Rimmer playing Risk.

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