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Dal Rassak February 28 2013 03:09 PM

Riker and Ro - a pair?
There was this one episode where everyone on the ship had amnesia, and the two of them were unable to remember all the run-ins they'd had and got along so well they jumped into bed together.
I thought: "well they've finally figured out they ought to really like each other!"

I reckon they should have made a regular pair - Ro suits Riker a lot more than Troi does. Turned out the flip-side of the reason they kept locking horns was how much alike they are. They share the same temperament - both adventurous, both headstrong, neither has much patience with incompetence. I'd have loved to see them go on some really dangerous missions together.

heavy lids February 28 2013 04:20 PM

Re: Riker and Ro - a pair?
Ro and Riker would have only been "friends with benefits" at the most. Troi was always his main squeeze.

JirinPanthosa March 2 2013 01:36 AM

Re: Riker and Ro - a pair?
I think Riker and Ro could have been a good on again-off again fling if they had met in a context of equals where one did not have authority over the other.

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