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LeadHead February 27 2013 05:05 AM

"The Offspring" Line-by-Line
Hello, welcome!

We recently finished our "Encounter at Farpoint" Line-by-Line here, in the TNG forum!

After each completed thread, we're randomly picking someone who participated to choose the next episode we do. The lucky winner this time around was Iamnotspock, and Iamnotspock has chosen TNG's "The Offspring" as our next Line-by-Line challenge!

For any unfamiliar with our "game," you are asked to post only a single line (defined as one character speaking without interruption by another character) per message. You can post as often as you like, but someone else must post a line in between your posts.

Our "rule" is that if the episode has a "To Be Continued..." on the end, it is done in a single thread, but if it's just an arc of related episodes, each episode is a separate thread.

As before, at the conclusion of this thread, I or, Captain Kangaroo's archenemy, CoveTom, or the latest in Sci-Fi Technology, leandar, will run the randomizer to determine who will pick the next episode and get it going.

Okay, Jonathan Frakes, become a director!

Let's Go!

LeadHead February 27 2013 05:07 AM

Re: "The Offspring" Line-by-Line
Captain's Log Stardate 43657.0 While Commander Riker is away on personal leave, the Enterprise has traveled to Sector 3-9-6 to begin charting the Selebi Asteroid Belt.

Gul Re'jal February 27 2013 05:12 AM

Re: "The Offspring" Line-by-Line

LAFORGE: He sent for you too?

BlueStuff February 27 2013 05:25 AM

Re: "The Offspring" Line-by-Line
TROI: Yes. He was very mysterious.

Gore-ac February 27 2013 05:29 AM

Re: "The Offspring" Line-by-Line
Wesley: Does you have any idea what this is about?

BlueStuff February 27 2013 05:31 AM

Re: "The Offspring" Line-by-Line
LAFORGE: Something happened at that cybernetics conference. Since he's come back he's spent every off duty minute in that lab.

LeadHead February 27 2013 05:32 AM

Re: "The Offspring" Line-by-Line
Troi: It's not like Data to be so secretive.

Gul Re'jal February 27 2013 05:36 AM

Re: "The Offspring" Line-by-Line
WESLEY: And cautious. He kept the lab locked every minute.

BlueStuff February 27 2013 05:38 AM

Re: "The Offspring" Line-by-Line
LAFORGE: Now how would you know that? Ah ha.

LeadHead February 27 2013 05:46 AM

Re: "The Offspring" Line-by-Line
They reach the door to Data's Lab. Wesley presses the button to open the door.

They see Data standing near the center of the lab, we catch a glimpse of a Bronze colored figure

Data: Oh, you are early. One moment please.

Data presses another button which closes the door.

Data connects a mechanical foot to a leg, then activates it, causing it to wiggle its toes. The platform that the figure is on rises to above the ceiling.

The Door opens.

Data: You may enter now.

BlueStuff February 27 2013 05:50 AM

Re: "The Offspring" Line-by-Line
LAFORGE: Come on, Data, what is this?

LeadHead February 27 2013 05:51 AM

Re: "The Offspring" Line-by-Line
Wesley: Yeah, Data. What's going on?

Gul Re'jal February 27 2013 05:53 AM

Re: "The Offspring" Line-by-Line
DATA: I have invited you here to meet someone.
(The platform is brought down from the ceiling again. It contains what would be a naked person, if it were flesh and blood)
DATA: This is Lal. Lal, say hello to Counsellor Deanna Troi

BlueStuff February 27 2013 05:56 AM

Re: "The Offspring" Line-by-Line
LAL: Hello Counsellor Deanna Troi.

LeadHead February 27 2013 05:59 AM

Re: "The Offspring" Line-by-Line
Troi: How do you do, Lal?

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