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SiroVai February 26 2013 10:39 PM

Shadow Fleet - a Star Trek forum based RPG

Shadow Fleet is a forum-based Star Trek role-playing game set in the late-24th century (after Star Trek Nemesis in the Star Trek timeline). Our fleet is made up of players from a variety of different backgrounds who have come together to contribute their own unique point-of-view to a storyline in one of our SIMMs, usually set aboard a Starfleet vessel.

We are a very structured RPG with rules and regulations that are there to ensure a positive role-playing experience is had by all. However, this does not mean there is not fun to be had! During your time as a member on one of our SIMMs, you will be able to grow and expand your character in many ways, including the opportunity to progress through the Starfleet rank structure with the promise of real certificates, ribbons and rewards for good effort and positive contribution. The very best players will even make it to Commander Level Officer status and take command of a SIMM, leading the players beneath them, not just in-character, but also from an out-of-character perspective by planning missions, dealing with player disputes and organizing SIMM-based special events.

What makes us different to the other RPGs out there is our sense of community. With all of our SIMMs contained on one forum, our members are free to interact with everyone in the fleet on some level, making for some great discussions and fostering friendships that perhaps wouldn't otherwise occur. By having this type of organization, it is also easier to transfer players between ships allowing for experience of different posting styles and command types, making for a real mixing pot of characters.

After reading this you feel you want to join our fleet, simply head along to our forum and create an account. From there, click on the "Fleet Applications - Join Here!" board (highlighted in orange) and have a read of the "Notes for submitting your application" topic. After reading through this, should you have any questions, feel free to email us or check out our help files for more information.

Kind regards,

Live long and prosper :)

SiroVai March 1 2013 12:16 AM

Re: Shadow Fleet - a Star Trek forum based RPG
We are currently accepting positions on all ships in the following fields. Science, Medical and flight control.

Fancy a role as the ships stellar cartographer, exobiologist, neurology technician, flight controller or search and rescue specialist? Yes, we do offer specialised trades! Check out the full list on our forum.

The USS Churchill, USS Discovery, USS Gettysburg and USS Gibson are waiting for you. We are the internets premier Star Trek roleplaying forum. What are you waiting for?

In the news this week. Januarys post of the month award has been awarded to Zuriel Soreka of the USS Gibson. Here is a great example of what to expect in our SIMM:

Zuriel had gotten to his station not that long ago, his last shift had him at the flight control room on deck five, which was still tore up from the last mission, but had be put "on hold" since he had a rather important date with the ships Counselor, and since that took an entire day out of his schedule, he was running a little behind, and the fact that he was thinking about her was not helping very much either, and the prospect of her being able to hear him made him devote part of his mind to keeping up a wall, which made exacerbated things even further.


Alexander Wu wrote:
Alex put his scanner to the side, tapping his commbadge to reply. =/\= "I'm realigning the power conduits sir, it's mostly just calibration and fine tuning now. The two Type 9s are operational and with your permission, I would like to begin testing the primary and transporter systems. I'd also reccommend we schedule shakedown flights as soon as possible to recertify them for active service. I'm not too keen on flying around with both of Gibson's shuttles grounded, sir." =/\=

"Aye sir, prepping for departure." he said as he pulled up the screen that communicated with the space dock. =/\= "All crewmen prepare for immediate departure, moorings detached, separating form space dock." Zuriel watched on the new view screen as the ship pealed away and once again said goodbye by to earth, " Flight control and engineering have signaled ready, max warp authorization is confirmed from starfleet command, your were right sir we are in a hurry, course to Talar layed in, jumping to warp eight. The sound of the warp engines powering echoed through the ship, a very distinct hum, that never failed to give Zuriel goosebumps no matter how many times he did it. Just before the Gibson flashed of into the great void, a warning bell went off, the Gibson had lost its warp clearance, "What in the world...Sir we lost our jump clearance pending the order of Admiral Welch of the seventh fleet." Just then the massive and poorly designed aft of the Galaxy class USS Venture, "Are you kidding me, we are going to be late just because some Admiral, wants to do a fly by!?" sometimes Zuriel really hated starfleet, after about fifteen minutes of counting every window on the Venture, the Gibson was finally given its warp clearance back, "Alright now that that over, course layed in, accelerating to warp eight."


Alexander Wu wrote:
"Sing us a song, you're the pianoman..." Alex hummed as he sat on the deck of a shuttlecraft, working on calibrating the power distribution system. Ever since they had replaced the EPS conduits due to cannibalizing parts in the last mission, there was a notable performance deviation with the shuttles. He had managed to track the problem back to the new conduits; for some reason, there was a partial block after the engines and power was being siphoned off before reaching the rest of the systems. You'd think this would be an engineer's problem...he mused, leaning against the bulkhead and entering readings from his scanner into a PADD.

=/\= "Soreka to Wu, how are those shuttles working out, I hope we don't have to do anything to major to them." =/\= It was Zuriel's order that caused the mess but there was so much to fix that he never had time to go down and help him out, but he was sure Wu could handle it without him looking over his back the entire time.

SiroVai March 8 2013 11:45 PM

Re: Shadow Fleet - a Star Trek forum based RPG
So, just went over the numbers thus far for the year, and I have to say, we here at Shadow Fleet are actually pleasantly stunned. According to posting counts: the site has reached a total of 56,734 posts over a five year period. The best part of these figures as that here have only just hit March for 2013 and already the post count for the year is at 8,735. That is more than half of the posts we had total for all of 2012 - which was at 17,013!!

Clearly, we must be doing a lot right over here, and even more clearly - our players are having an absolute blast with their adventures!!! The only question remains now is: When are you all coming over to share in the fun!!

SiroVai March 14 2013 08:38 PM

Re: Shadow Fleet - a Star Trek forum based RPG
With the new Star Trek Into Darkness movie coming out soon, interest in all things trek is reaching fever pitch.

Our forum is as busy as it’s ever been. Why not come give us a try and get into the roleplay, once you try it you will likely wonder how you lived without us!

Come visit us at

look forward to seeing you there, Kaplah!

SiroVai March 30 2013 09:41 PM

Re: Shadow Fleet - a Star Trek forum based RPG
Shadow Fleet is operating as strong as ever. Our amazing members are continuing the tradition of posting excellence with their exciting and engaging role playing.

The newly commissioned USS Gettysburg now on its second mission, is going strong with a very active crew. Their latest mission sees them delve into the mysteries of a nebula with unexpected results. Will the new Galaxy class survive its baptism of fire?

The USS Gibson, our small but mighty Nova class vessel is performing admirably. Its crew are some of the most friendly and welcoming members on the forum. They make everyone feel right at home.

The USS Discoverys current mission sees the senior command staff called away, the remaining crew must confront a task which may make or break them. Featuring a frightening encounter with one of the crews venomous pets, will the crew be able to overcome their challenges?

The USS Churchill, our illustrious Intrepid class vessel continues its excellent standard of posting. The ship’s commanding officer, Reece Thompson, has recently gained promotion to Captain through years of dedication and commitment. The crew are currently fighting to keep two old enemies of the Federation apart while simultaneously negotiating a peace with a mysterious new race called the Solen.

There are vacant positions aboard all our vessels. So, if you want a Star Trek role play with near constant activity and friendly creative members come give us a try, sign up now at

PO3 Jon Tulley
New Member Orientation officer

SiroVai April 1 2013 03:58 PM

Re: Shadow Fleet - a Star Trek forum based RPG
April brings with it the start of our annual ‘Spread the Word campaign’. This is a two week event where every forum member does their best to seek out new members, boldly going where no knowledge of our forum has gone before!

Last month was our most active in history with our forum receiving a massive 1 million page views in march alone! This is a huge achievement and goes to further cement our place as the internets premier Star Trek role play simulation.

Our members are loving every minute. Our forum offers everything you could ever want from a Star Trek roleplay. Character development, ranks, awards, friendships, canon, help & support, chain of command and much much more!

What are you waiting for? Come join us and together, let’s make April even bigger!

Live long and prosper!
Jon Tulley - Petty Officer 3rd class

Alidar Jarok April 1 2013 05:55 PM

Re: Shadow Fleet - a Star Trek forum based RPG
I'm sorry, but this thread has not had any discussion in it from anyone else. And you haven't participated anywhere else on this board. Given this, I am going to close it down. If you have any questions or comments, please send them by Private Message.


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