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Big Tom February 22 2013 08:54 PM

ST C.O.E. Mission to Bajor, Book One, The Monarch
Star Fleet Corps of Engineers, Mission to Bajor
By T.M. Flavin
Book One – The Monarch

Table of Contents

SF COE Advisor Team Roster
Klingon crew roster, of the merchantman, ‘SS Monarch’.
Chapter one - On the Beach, a new offer, a new beginning?
Chapter Two - Finding a niche.
Chapter Three - Crew calls and a Ferengi?
Chapter Four - The Moon call.
Chapter Five - Introduction to a day dream.
Chapter Six - Crew call, do you speak Klingon?
Chapter Seven - Who needs who and what?
Chapter Seven - The loves of my Life; Tehk, Tash, and a Type 9B Cargo Shuttle.
Chapter Eight - Being pleased with myself.
Chapter Nine - Love, Drugs; and a history lesson?
Chapter Ten - Old friends and a false start.
Chapter Eleven - Off to the Moon
Chapter Twelve - The Monarch, a pig in a Polk?
Chapter Thirteen - How to scam a Klingon.
Chapter Fourteen - How to scam a Klingon, part two.
Chapter Fifteen - Introduction to Klingons and security.
Chapter Sixteen - What buying unseen gets you.
Chapter Seventeen - Making do with the Monarch mess.
Chapter Eighteen - Night watch on a former slave ship.
Chapter Nineteen - Dealing with pon farr, a Ferengi shuttle and our antique food re-sequencer.
Chapter Twenty - Hooray for flush toilets; and a take charge wife?
Chapter Twenty One - House keeping on the Monarch.
Chapter Twenty Two - Be’nen and Staunn’s shopping trip.
Chapter Twenty Three - Progress on the Monarch
Chapter Twenty Four - Refugees, what refugees; and why my wife smacked me good.
Chapter Twenty Five - Be’nen’s dilemma.
Chapter Twenty Six - Staunn’s story, with love and drugs.
Chapter Twenty Seven - Be’nen’s solution to her dilemma.
Chapter Twenty Eight - Be’nens’ new assignment, as my new boss!
Chapter Twenty Nine - Preparations for Be’nens’ new position.
Chapter Thirty - The Ambassadors’ goodbye’

Big Tom February 22 2013 10:28 PM

ST C.O.E Mission to Bajor, Book One, The Monarch, Crew Listings
Star Fleet Corps of Engineers, Mission to Bajor
By T.M. Flavin
Book One – The Monarch

Table of Contents

SF COE Advisor Team Roster
Klingon crew roster, of the merchantman, ‘SS Monarch’.
Chapter one - On the Beach, a new offer, a new beginning?
Chapter Two - Finding a niche.
Chapter Three - Crew calls and a Ferengi?
Chapter Four - The Moon call.
Chapter Five - Introduction to a day dream.
Chapter Six - Crew call, do you speak Klingon?
Chapter Seven - Who needs who and what?
Chapter Seven - The loves of my Life; Tehk, Tash, and a Type 9B Cargo Shuttle.
Chapter Eight - Being pleased with myself.
Chapter Nine - Love, Drugs; and a history lesson?
Chapter Ten - Old friends and a false start.
Chapter Eleven - Off to the Moon
Chapter Twelve - The Monarch, a pig in a Polk?
Chapter Thirteen - How to scam a Klingon.
Chapter Fourteen - How to scam a Klingon, part two.
Chapter Fifteen - Introduction to Klingons and security.
Chapter Sixteen - What buying unseen gets you.
Chapter Seventeen - Making do with the Monarch mess.
Chapter Eighteen - Night watch on a former slave ship.
Chapter Nineteen - Dealing with pon farr, a Ferengi shuttle and our antique food re-sequencer.
Chapter Twenty - Hooray for flush toilets; and a take charge wife?
Chapter Twenty One - House keeping on the Monarch.
Chapter Twenty Two - Be’nen and Staunn’s shopping trip.
Chapter Twenty Three - Progress on the Monarch
Chapter Twenty Four - Refugees, what refugees; and why my wife smacked me good.
Chapter Twenty Five - Be’nen’s dilemma.
Chapter Twenty Six - Staunn’s story, with love and drugs.
Chapter Twenty Seven - Be’nen’s solution to her dilemma.
Chapter Twenty Eight - Be’nens’ new assignment, as my new boss!
Chapter Twenty Nine - Preparations for Be’nens’ new position.
Chapter Thirty - The Ambassadors’ goodbye’

Manning Charts
Manning roster – Star Fleet Engineers Advisory and Assistance Group (SFAAG) – CIV, for the Bajor Provisional Government, Bajoran Ministry of Commerce, Salvage and Recovery.

Command and Operations

Michael Thomas CWO (Ret) Chief Advisor Human Male
Civ SF 14 Chief Engineer
Ben’en Tash Civ SF 14 Admin Ast. Vulcan/Romulan female
Stunn Tehk, MD Civ SF 5 Med Tech Ferengi (mix) female
Og Civ SF 6 Supply Tech Ferengi male
Sunbeam Civ SF 3 Supply Clerk Dabo female
Teacup Civ SF 3 Supply Clerk Dabo female
John Hirst Civ SF 5 Steward Human Male
James Mathys Civ SF 5 Steward Human Male

Flight Engineers

Peter Murray CPO (Ret) Flight Engr Human male
Civ SF 9 Maintenance
Donald Murdoch CPO (Ret) Flight Engr Human male
Civ SF 9 Maintenance
Dwayne Barkley Civ SF 5 Engr tech Human male
Mona Freeman Civ SF 5 Engr tech Human female
Larry Comet Lt. (Ret) Como Tech Human male
Civ SF 6
Nichelle Bushong Civ SF 6 Computer Spec Human female
Alesia Campbell Civ SF 5 Computer Tech Human female
Diane Murray Civ SF 5 Computer Tech Human female (W)

Recovery and Salvage Team

Ronald Thornton CPO(Ret) Salvage Tech Human Male
Civ SF 9
Jenny Thornton Civ SF 5 Engr Bee Opr Human female (W)
Carol Murdoch Civ SF 5 Engr Bee Opr Human female (W)
James West Civ SF 5 Recovery Spec Human Male
Joshua Bopp Civ SF 5 Recovery Spec Human Male
David. Thomas Civ SF 5 Demo/UXB Sp Human Male
Reed Dunn Civ SF 5 Demo/UXB Sp Human Male
David Jeffers Civ SF5 Armorer Human Male
Robert Good Civ SF5 Decon Spec Human male


Officer Fleming, Civ SF5 Security Officer Human Male
Officer Carney Civ SF4 Security Officer Human Male
Officer Flanagan Civ SF4 Security Officer Human Female

Changes and substitutions

Be’nen Tash - re-appointed to Vulcan Intergalactic Foreign Service, subsequently appointed Senior Administrator for the Joint Services Administration for the Star Fleet Assistance Group on Bajor.
Larry Comet - Promoted to Commander, Transferred to Be’nen Tash’s staff as chief of staff
Nichelle Bushong - Transferred to senior Conn Tech, replacing L. Comet
Dann Fleming (*) - Transferred to Amb. Tash’s staff as a Marine Security officer
James Carney (*) - Transferred to Amb. Tash’s staff as a Marine Security officer
Jane Flanagan (*) - Transferred to Amb. Tash’s staff as a Marine Security officer
T'Androma - Vulcan hired as Ambassador Be’nen Tash's personal administrative assistant
Alvin Smith - Civ SF-5 Security Officer Human Male
Patricia Jones - Civ SF-4 Secuity Officer Human Female
John Johnson - Civ SF-4 Security Officer Human Male

Klingon Crew Roster for Monarch Class Merchantman as found ain orbit around the Earth's Moon.

B’rel class Bird of Prey personnel

Command Grades

Commander D’Ghor Kahlest (Capt Kluge)
Executive Officer Tichar K’Eheyer
Interrogation Officer Paghal Hon’Tihl
Ordnance Specialist Divok Gorkon


Helmsman Azetbur Ja’Rod
Science Officer Ch’Targh Karana
Navigation Kerla Koboa
Chief Engineer Keedera Hon’Tihl
Engineer’s mate Dhivael Deletham
Weapons Master Brota Gorrod
Jr. Weapons Master B’Elanna Katrene
Transporter Specialist B’Elanna Yatron

Family and extra crew postings

Captains’ wife Kalitta Kahlest - Helmsman
Captains’ mother–in-law Onnak Konmel - Comunications
Captains’ daughter (18) Serella Kahlest - Comm/computer tech
Execs’ wife Shenara K’Ehleyr - Navigation
Execs’ son (16) Ja’Rod K’Ehleyer - Engr Tech
Execs’ daughter (baby) J’Dan K’Ehleyer - None
IOs’ companion Kadra Unagroth - None
Helmsman’s wife Grilka Ja’Rod - Steward/cook
Chief Engr’s wife Tichar Hon’Tihl - Steward/cook
Chief Engr’s son (17) Martok Hon’Tihl - Engr Tech
Chief Engr daughter (19) Karana Hon’Tihl - Engr Tech
Transporter Spec companion Azethur Katrene - Steward/cook
Science Officer’s wife Katerene Karana - Navagation
Science Officer’ son (15) Morath Karana - Weapons
Science Officer’s daughter (17) K’Trelan Karana - Science mate


Monarch-class IX Deep Space Freighter – Revised for recovery mission

Primary crew formed with Klingon personnel from a B’rel- class Bird of Prey with family members included.

Leased to Star Fleet Engineers Advisory and Assistance Group (SFAAG) – CIV for the Bajor Provisional Government, Bajoran Ministry of Commerce. Salvage and Recovery

Vacancies listed are to be filled upon arrival at Bajor.

Command Grades – Bridge Officers

New Position Old Position
Captain Commander D’Ghor Kahlest (Capt Kluge)
First Officer Executive Officer Tichar K’Eheyer
Load Master Interrogation Officer Paghal Hon’Tihl
Environmental Serv. Ordnance Specialist Divok Gorkon
Helmsman Helmsman Azetbur Ja’Rod
Science Officer Science Officer Ch’Targh Karana
Navigation Navigation Kerla Koboa
Purser Captains’ wife Kalitta Kahlest - Helmsman
Medical Tech Science Officer’s daughter (17) K’Trelan Karana Science mate


Chief Engineer Chief Engineer Keedera Hon’Tihl
1st Engineer Asst. Engineer’s Mate Dhivael Deletham
2nd Engineer Asst. Chief Engr's daughter (19) Karana Hon’Tihl Engr Tech
3rd Engineer Asst. Execs’ wife Shenara K’Ehleyr Navigation
Engineer Mate
Engineer Mate
Engineer Mate
Transporter Specialist Transporter Specialist B’Elanna Yatron
Communications Capt. Mother-in- Law Onnak Konnel
Comm/computer tech Captains’ daughter (18) Serella Kahlest
Environmental Services
Env. Serv. Mate Weapons Master Brota Gorrod
Env. Serv. Mate Jr. Weapons Master B’Elanna Katrene
Env. Serv. Mate


Handler/clerk Science Officer’s wife Katerene Karana Navagation
Transporter Specialist Transporter Spec companion Azethur Katrene/Steward


Guard Sgt


Steward Helmsman’s wife Grilka Ja’Rod

Recovery Team - One (Rhino)

Shuttle pilot IOs’ companion Kadra Unagroth
Navigation Mate Chief Engr’s wife Tichar Hon’Tihl
Engineer Mate Chief Engr’s son (17) Martok Hon’Tihl Engr Tech

Recovery Team - Two
Shuttle pilot
Navigation Mate
Engineer Mate

Recovery Team - Three
Shuttle pilot
Navigation Mate
Engineer Mate

Star Trek Corps of Engineers Mission to Bajor

Book One – The Monarch


My story is about a time of peace, at a time when peace meant recovering from the last war and preparing for the next conflict.

I never considered myself a warrior, if anyone in this day and age can be called that, I was and still am an engineer.

I had been content in my engineering career to assist in rescue operations, repairs to stranded space craft and even an occasional construction projects at various outposts throughout Federation Space.

Although I had seen the casualties of collisions, system breakdowns and pirate raids, I was not really prepared for the first big conflict that I was involved with.

That was the battle with the Borg at Wolf 359 in the year of 2367.

The battle between the United Federation of Planets and the Borg collective lasted only a few hours.
40 Starfleet starships were gathered near Wolf 359 to intercept a Borg cube ship traveling to Earth.

The Borg, having assimilated Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his knowledge of Starfleet tactics and technology into its collective consciousness, obliterated the Starfleet force, 39 ships were destroyed, with the loss of over 11,000 lives.

Following its victory, the Borg ship continues on its course to Earth, where with skill and luck, the crew of the Enterprise-D rescued Picard and stopped the cube.

Most of the Corps of Engineers in the quadrant was mobilized for rescue, salvage and cleanup.

That kind of mission can change a man. I know it changed me.

As a result of the personnel losses many of the Corps officers were transferred to Starfleet defense vessels. Some of the senior enlisted personnel like me were commissioned as warrants to command the smaller repair tenders.

My ship was a Cle Dan Class VI Repair Tender.

It normally operated with a crew of twenty four experienced engineers.
My ship came directly from training command with twelve engineers and twelve senior students from the Earth Engineer Training center at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

The tender was supposed to have four Type 9-A, or its equivalent, shuttle craft, we had two for safety reasons, because there are no escape pods on this type of tender. In addition I had two Type M-1 Work pods, and four work bees with manipulator arms, for grappling.

Our job, after an area survey, was to bring major salvageable ship components to a Pearl Class VII Mobile Repair Facility. Two to four Cle Dans operated out of a Pearl.

Once the major components were gathered to meet a plausible repairable ship; they were tacked together within the Pearl then towed to the nearest star base for rebuilding.

Most of ours went to Earth or Mars facilities. A little over half were rebuilt; the rest of the parts and components went into fabrication of newer and smaller cruisers, to rebuild the fleet.

Our secondary mission was to recover the dead and smaller debris. Most of the smaller debris was bundled and pushed, with enough velocity, for it to reach the star.

The dead and pieces of bodies were collected and sent in storage pods to the Pearl. From there they were picked up by a Starfleet cruiser that was assigned for security.

The dead were then identified, and placed in burial torpedo shells and given a funeral onboard with full military rights. The burial torpedoes were then taken to an area outside the debris field and fired into the sun for burial.

Wolf 359 has no planets in orbit.

After eighteen months we had towed, or pushed, five composite ships to the Sol system. I don’t know what their status was after the rebuild or the names they were re-commissioned to.

Many were probably lost in the subsequent battles with the Klingons, the Romulans and lastly the Dominion, where in that wars’ aftermath my story begins.

Count Zero February 23 2013 12:24 AM

Re: ST C.O.E. Mission to Bajor, Book One, The Monarch

I merged your two threads because they belong to the same fan fic. It's customary to have just one thread for all parts of a fic instead of creating a new one for each section because the latter option would quickly clutter up the forum.

Big Tom February 23 2013 05:20 PM

Re: ST C.O.E Mission to Bajor, Book One, The Monarch, Crew Listings
Thanks for the Info. I am new at this business. This book is thirty chapters long and you will probably be my only publisher. I hope the readers enjoy my work. Now all I have to do is learn how to add the next chapter.

Count Zero February 25 2013 12:13 AM

Re: ST C.O.E. Mission to Bajor, Book One, The Monarch
Just hit "Post Reply", put the text in there and format it accordingly.

Big Tom March 6 2013 04:38 PM

Re: ST C.O.E. Mission to Bajor, Book One, The Monarch
Book One - Chapter One

On the Beach, a new offer, a new beginning?

Day One

The Cape Canaveral Legion Club was quiet, only the bartender and one patron sitting at the bar.

Both were trying to watch the video, and not paying particular attention to it, or to each other.

“So where is Mabel, has she got the night off,” I asked the bartender?

“Yea she said had something she had to do tonight, and asked me to fill in for her.” The bartender replied.

“Funny she didn’t tell me. I was hoping we could have dinner together.”

“Yea, well sorry about that, but she didn’t really say what was going on, and I didn’t ask. I wasn’t doing anything tonight anyways, so here I am,”

“Yup, just the two of us,” I replied.

Dam! I thought, it sounds like the brush off to me. I kind of figured she wanted something more permanent in our relationship, much more than I am able to deliver.

So much for divorcee to divorcee affaires, but dam it, she sure was really accommodating.

Gayle, my last wife, sure left her mark on me, fifteen years is a long time.

What an ass I was, I should have stayed retired like I promised. Living through the Borg threat and its’ aftermath was enough for anybody. I know it sure left its’ mark on me.

Six months at Houston Medical center putting my head back together, will certainly change your perspective.

I thought I’d had enough. Twenty five years was a long time. Retirement from the Engineers seemed like the best option to stabilize our marriage. She had put up with a lot while I was active service.

A Starfleet marriage usually doesn’t last too long. Ours lasted longer than most.

Fortunately most of my missions were months long, not years long like the long range exploration missions.

I loved Gayle, I loved my job and I especially loved returning to Earth to be with her.

Too much concern about my job I guess; and the Borg action at Wolf 359, the rescue operation, if you could call it that, and the vessel recoveries, broke something in me.

The almost two years of literally picking up the pieces from that Borg attack, the towing of the disabled, and sometimes demolished Starfleet ships to Moon base Alpha and Mars Sol VI stations for refit, reassemble or scrapping, took its toll.

I was glad I wasn’t with the graves and interment section.

There were bodies floating everywhere as it was. What we found inside the ships and debris areas was bad enough. We only had to bag’em and tag’em.

After the cleanup mission was completed, the night mares started. I then spent six months at Huston Medical, to help clear my mind.

I was glad Gayle was a nurse practitioner. Her transferring to Huston immediately had greatly supported my therapy.

That was the most time I had ever spent with Gayle since we were married.

Dam it all, I wasn’t the only one there though. A lot of my fellow engineers were there. Ship and command counselors just couldn’t handle the work load.

Six months is a lot of time to think. You try to reassess your priorities. Gayle and I opted for my retirement

Well now it’s eight years later and I’m sitting on a bar stool by myself. Mabel, my date, has probably said sayonara.

Gayle, after divorcing me, is still living in Huston, and I’m living in a three room apartment that’s just big enough to keep my suit cases in.

I’m lucky I still have my shuttle pilots’ license. The United Space ways moon shuttle ops where I work now is where I catch up on my sleep, but at least I still have a job.

There is a girl friend on Alpha Base that I get to see once in a while, when they let me land, about once every third trip.

Hip Hip hooray!

Well sitting here on a bar stool wasn’t doing me any good, so I said to hell with it; I can do my drinking alone at my apartment.

I asked Terry the bartender to relay a message to Mable “to give me a call when she gets a chance”.

I said Good night and walked the six blocks to my Seaside Resort hotel room.

It sat just a half a block from the ocean right behind a twenty story real “Seaside Resort” hotel.

When I entered my room I noticed the message blinker going at my terminal.

Dam, maybe I was being too harsh with Mable; Gayle usually only calls me during day time, while she was on duty, just to check up on me occasionally.

The message was from Commander Pete Turner. I knew him since he was an Ensign, and I was an enlisted engineer. He was one of the smart ones.

He finally made it to staff at Star Fleet when I became a Warrant officer, and stayed operational in the Rescue and Recovery fleet.

His message was that he wanted me to call him about a mission that I might be interested in.

That got me thinking. The last time he called me was during the Dominion war fracas.

He asked me to come out of retirement to assist in training missions in Rescue and Recovery operations at the Missouri Training school.

When I said yes, Gayle hit the ceiling and we had a huge fight. I left for Missouri, Gayle headed for Houston, and after three months of trying to get her to move to Missouri, I was served with the divorce papers.

I couldn’t say I blamed her much, but I sure missed her and her loving. Gee she was good to me.

I was the idiot.

All I did was give lectures to Officer Cadets. I felt like Grandpa Moses. I ate in the mess hall instead of the Officers mess because I didn’t want to be alone.

I had the social life of a monk. It seemed everyone knew about my divorce within three days, and felt “tut tut” sorry for me.

As soon as the Dominion War stopped after the fleet action off Cardasia, I quit again and moved to Florida, with nothing but my goods in storage.

I decided to sleep on Pete’s message until the next morning.

There were no calls from Mabel or from Gayle either, for that matter.

In the morning, after a good long shower and a breakfast of toast and coffee, I called up Pete. Commander Turner that is.

I was routed through a few secretaries (?), and then Pete answered;

“How’s it going Chief?”

“Not too bad,” I said

“Are you very busy now days?” I knew that was a goofy question because he probably already looked up my work record before he called in the first place.

“Not so much, I still keep my hand in operating shuttle to the moon and back. Other than that, nothing special, what’s up?”

“Well you know it’s been almost a year since the Dominion war stopped.”

“You don’t need me for more instruction work do you? The Engineers should have plenty of training personnel by now, after the fleet action and the reoccupation of Deep Space Nine by Sisco”.

“No it’s an Advisor position.”

“A What! You know that I’m only a Chief, not a big wig like you now. Who the hell would take advice from me?”

“I would Chief, and did. We operated well together on the old Sedan. Plus you impressed a lot of the brass with your work at the Missouri Engineer Academy."

"You know we were better prepared for recovery operations, both physically and mentally, after the Dominion actions. But someone else needs your help and expertise.”


“The Bajorians, and in some ways the Cardasians.”

“What do they want me to do and why? I’m retired now you know. I’m not Star fleet anymore; I don’t get what you’re asking me Pete”?

“Chief”, he started off, “the Bajoran Government wants to do the recovery work on what’s left of the Cardasian Fleet that is now littering their shipping lanes."

"You know what damage can be made on a vessel traveling at warp speed. They want to salvage what they can and clean up the debris fields”

“The Cardasian home world is in such a bad state of devastation from the fighting there that they also can’t afford to even try it either.”

“The Bajorans also want to establish a parts recovery operation for their own fleet, which is mostly based on Cardasian technology."

"Seeing as they also haven’t recovered completely from the Cardasian occupation; we agreed to try to assist.”

“Well what do you want me to do about it? Like I said I’m only a retired Engineer Chief Warrant Officer, and you’re giving me a bad feeling Pete.”

“Look Chief we are in a bind. We have lost almost half of our Star fleet in the past ten years."

"We even had to raid our reserve fleet. We even have two cadet ships puling patrols."

"We want to help Bajor, but even our resources are limited. We are going to the bone yard.”

“Jesus Pete, what do you want me to do?”

“They need your expertise Mike. They will furnish the crews and laborers. We will give them a ship and try to equip it as much as possible from reserve stocks. By the way you will be listed as a civilian advisor, paid by the Bajorian government.”

“How long is this mission supposed to be for, Pete, with only one ship it’s going to take an awful long time?"

"Paid by Bajorians! I can imagine that if I could get there now I could live there for about two hundred and fifty credits a year. Great!”

“We estimate it will be a three year mission, give or take a few months. Plus free Bajorian lands that will be available for settlement.”

“Great! Three years is an awful long time Pete. You know that most of our missions only averaged a month, except for Wolf 359."

"I’m not going to be stuck out in space for the whole three years am I?"

"If I wanted to do that I could have transferred to long range exploration.”

“No. The Bajorian have a basing agreement with Cardasia, it will be some place between Deep Space Nine and Cardasia."

"The depot and storage facilities will be located near there too. All you have to do is make sure the recovered materials get there.”

“You mean the bits and pieces don’t you. What ship do we get; the pick of the fleet?”

“My you are turning into a cynic Chief. You get the Grayson.”

“The Grayson! Jesus Pete, she must be a hundred years old, at least an antique, and a buoy tender at that. It’ll take a year to get to Bajor let alone do a mission."

"Dam Pete you are asking a lot, and on Bajoran wages too.”

“Chief, she is a beacon repair tender, note I said repair tender. She was retired to the reserve fleet five years ago and was pretty much up to date when retired."

"She should be on station not later than three months. Of course you will have to reequip her with shuttles and such. That’s why we need your expertise.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence Pete. Those buoy tenders were the last chance for Star Fleet personnel. They served as nice long punishment tours from one to three years too."

"Well I really don’t have anything going on here, you already know that. But I do have a few conditions before I make my decision.”

“I see, well I guess if they’re within reason, I’ll see what I can do. What are they?”

“I’ll need about twenty crewman, Star fleet or ex-Star Fleet to get the ship up and running. I will call a few old friends."

"I also want myself and my crew members paid in Earth credits, not Bajoran. The crew will be strictly advisor instructors, not worker bees”.

"I also will need free access to the bone yard, in fact I want an office for a couple of months there, so I can keep an eye on things, and a name at the Bajorian Embassy that I can complain to.”

“Done, Chief! By the way I was very sorry to hear about the breakup between you and Gayle. I hope she is doing well”.

“I will make the necessary arrangements with Chuck Norstad at the Nellis bone yard."

"I will inform the Bajorian Embassy of your decision. They may want to meet you anyway in San Francisco, to answer any questions."

"By the way you might have some Bajoran passengers who will work for passage for their return home."

"Thanks Chief, you are going to help them a lot.”

“Well Pete you know I’ll need some help too. I want you to keep in touch. I do remember that we did have some good times together, before all these wars began. We both lost too many friends.”

“Yes we did Chief, Good luck and take care; Turner, out.”

That settled that, back to the corps as a civilian. A retired chief with a retired ship with a mission to pick up space junk probably for the rest of my life, what more could a man ask for.

I looked for my suit cases, and packed my travel pack.

I placed a call to Mabel, there was no answer, so I left a message, “I’m off to Bajor, see you when I get back”.

I dragged everything down to the front desk, checked out, and paid my bill. I then called a cab to take me to the airport for a hop to Las Vegas.

While at the air port I called United Space ways Freight, and informed them that I was resigning and to forward all pay and mail to the Nellis Star Fleet Depot, Nevada.

I thanked them for the employment, but now I had a real job to do.

Goodbye to Florida.

Big Tom March 6 2013 04:50 PM

Re: ST C.O.E. Mission to Bajor, Book One, The Monarch
Book One - Chapter two

Finding a niche.

Day Two.

Flying to Vegas was the easy part, getting out of Vegas cost me a hundred credits in the slot machines, plus a car rental.

The Nellis Starfleet Depot was one of the largest salvage and equipment storage facility in North America. It has been so for hundreds of years.

Their museum alone covered hundreds of acres. Most of the material on site was dated from the Eugenic Wars.

The more modern storage facilities were for surplus aircraft, both military, and civilian.

There were space shuttles and runabout craft, some launch assist vehicles, plus the gigantic parts storage warehouses, where parts were stripped off of recycled craft.

Because of the recent wars the newly salvaged materials recovered, is from those battle damaged, and destroyed, star craft.

Most of the ships, and materials, that I helped recover after the battle at Wolf 359, of the Borg intrusion, was now being utilized in the fleet.

The recent Dominion War recovered ships, and materials, mostly went to Mars station Sol III.

Some of the large pieces were stored with the reserve fleet, waiting to be picked over.

At the depot I met Chuck Norstad, the chief civilian in charge. We talked a little bit about old times.

He had already received orders from Star Fleet Engineer Headquarters about my mission. He then showed me to my cubby hole of an office, directed me to the bachelor’s officer quarters, where I would lodge and where I would stow my bags.

In the old days I used to stay in Vegas, and commute, with a nice per diem allowance, but now I had a real job and had to pay my own way.

The first thing I did in my quarters was call and ask Fleet headquarters for a crew call, on the open net, for personnel willing to crew the old Grayson Tender.

I needed at least twenty five people qualified for recovery operations, and the manning of the ship to Bajor. They were to act as instructors, and over seers.

Retired personnel were welcome.

I didn’t expect a big rush to my door, especially if they took the time to read the fine print on this deal.

Three years in an old buoy tender with about as much accommodation as a moon shuttle was not a choice assignment.

I also put out a call to a couple of people who worked with me on the old Sedan, the Cle Dan Class VI repair tender that I was in command of, for the Wolf 359 recovery mission.

Ron Thornton was a great recovery operations man, and Pete Murray, along with Donald Murdoch were the best warp engine engineers that I knew, and served with.

I knew they retired lately and if they weren’t pushing freight, like I was, I hoped that they could give me a call.

I then checked with Norstads’ office for the requirements of re-commissioning the Grayson, and if supplies were available on site.

I figured the Starfleet budget set for Bajor was strictly to be within the 'bone yard' only, capability.

That meant used, and or obsolete, but serviceable equipment only. Any upgrades had to come from what we could salvage on site, like replicators.

The Grayson had none; it was strictly food packs, or re-sequencers, from station to station.

I also had to see if they had a serviceable shuttle craft to get my crew to the Reserve fleet site.

The Grayson was supposed to carry eighteen shuttle craft, probably the old Mark 12B models.

I also needed Work bees, with grabber sleds, that were used for retrieving the beacons for repair.

With a ship’s cargo capacity of 250 space cargo units (SCUs), one half of the work bees would have to have cargo train attachments for up to eight SCUs.

So to start with I figured I’d have acquire two Type 9A Cargo shuttles, more if I could get them, to accommodate my crew.

They’d have fold down seats in them, to get all the crew to the reserve fleet station.

Dam! I don’t think they would like it traveling in a shuttle with only emergency ration packs. I was starting to get one of my first headaches.

Next I sent my wish list to Depot headquarters. I could imagine what they were saying about the extra help they will need to get all this stuff up and running, and then get it up to a ship.

My eyes were starting to bug out from looking at computer screens so I signed off, took the base shuttle over to my quarters, at the BOQ, and then walked down to the base club for dinner, and a drink. Man I was starved; I had nothing but a coffee and a bagel all day.

When I got back to the BOQ, I was beat. Tomorrow was a new day, and with it with a fresh outlook.

I just wished I could switch off my head as simple as turning off the computer, no such luck.

Welcome to management.

Big Tom March 6 2013 05:30 PM

Re: ST C.O.E. Mission to Bajor, Book One, The Monarch
Book One – Chapter three

Crew calls and a Ferengi?

Day Five.

It’s a new day and I was in a good mood.

After haunting the Depot for two days I was starting to see some daylight on the list of supplies and equipment I needed.

Chuck told me everything will be processed smoothly if I furnish the two hundred and fifty men to get all of the equipment serviced, loaded and ready for transport. Ha!

I had to call the Bajoran embassy to see if they had any suggestions as to how we could get things rolling in the labor department.

So far I hadn’t got one application for crew assignments.

I suggested to them that we list on the civilian net, for temporary crew assignments of people wishing to travel to Bajor, Deep Space Nine, or parts unknowns.

Vedic Tre Lan, of the Bajoran Embassy staff, said he would see what he could do.

Later in the day I got an encouraging call from Ron Thornton. He said he might be interested if he could bring his wife along.

She was former Star Fleet tech and they were both getting itchy.

I said “Sure and if you know of any others with the same idea of bringing their spouse, it was okay with me. If their qualified, we’ll find a position for them, but I needed people who were willing to assist in training and overseeing the Bajorans for at least three years.”

Ron said “Okay, Mike, sign us up. Do we meet at the Depot, or shuttle out of San Francisco?”

I told Ron to come with his tools; both he and his wife would be working for me right away helping me in getting all this stuff prepared in the Bone yard.”

Ron told me they would be there in about a week.

He would try to track down Don and Pete because they were talking about going into the freighting business themselves.

He would get back to me as soon as he could.

After the call I was feeling better. That went well for the morning anyway, time for lunch.

I was just about to go out the door when a rental car pulled up.

I could tell it had been rented from a rent a wreck outfit because the model was almost ten years old.

Out stepped three humanoids.

I say humanoids because they sure weren’t Earthers.

Two of the off worlders were shapely females, of a species I’d never seen before.

They seemed to be the type you would see at Vegas a lot these days.

These were more scantily dressed than most, and adorned with feathers no less.

Even though I didn’t recognize the species, and they were greenish hued, they were very pretty.

The dwarf they had between them, I did recognize. He was Ferengi.

The first thing I did was put my hand on my wallet.

He was short, overdressed by my standards and had a big toothy grin like a barracuda that wanted to sell me a used car.

The Ferengi weren’t pirates, at least that I knew of, but they were some of the biggest scavengers that the Star Fleet Engineers had to deal with.

Some of the Fleet’s crews spent as much time chasing and recovering what the Ferengi were pilfering from both the Borg and Dominion battle sites, as they did with recovery operations.

They were as persistent as mice after a five pound cheese, what they couldn’t carry away they nibbled at.

I was wondering if I should alert depot security.

He spoke up directly and asked if he could speak to me about the possibility of traveling to Bajor and Deep Space Nine, on the re-commissioned Grayson.

Frankly I was a little put off.

I felt I was getting an invitation from the fox to raid my hen house.

Be as it may, it was the spirit of interstellar relations and the dire need of crew, that I invited them into my office cubby for an interview.

The Ferengi introduced himself as Mr. Og. The two lady friends, Daboe Girls he called them, Sunbeam and Tea Cup; now that was a set of names if I ever heard of one.

The gist of Mr. Og’s request, after much bowing and scraping, with a few your Excellency’s’ thrown in, was he was in a little financial difficulty and desired a fast and cheap travel to the nearest destination that would improve on his present circumstances.

Bajor and Deep Space Nine weren’t his first choice, but he knew of at least some Ferengi trade colonies there and he was sure he would get a job there and pay for his passage.

I got the impression the Daboe Girls were on their own.

I asked him if he had prior experience as a spacecraft crewman.

The answer went something like, “I’ve owned and piloted numerous private Ferengi trading vessels, on numerous trading ventures, many very successful and profitable”.

I took that with a grain of salt and entered in his passport card into the computer just to make sure there was no criminal record.

The reading showed that he arrived on a Ferengi freighter six months ago, and the ship left Earth without him two weeks later.

All his paperwork looked legit; pilot, loadmaster, fourth officer (cargo and supplies). Over twenty years of flight experience, but what was the reason he was stranded on Earth?

I asked him that question.

“It was all a misunderstanding. They said I was incompetent dealing with Earthers."

"There was not enough profit, the captain said, to pay my way to are next port."

"It was most embarrassing, but I assure you your Excellency I will guarantee you an excellent profit on record when we reach Bajor.”

I told him it was Mr. Thomas, not your Excellency.

I didn’t need an immediate profit to get to Bajor, but I needed a loadmaster and supply tech.

All officer positions would be eventually filled by Bajoran Fleet Officers. So if he was interested in taking a position as a SF Civilian grade five Supply Specialist, he could work his way to Bajor, or to Deep Space Nine, for that matter.

“But Captain I have over twenty years experience in trade and commerce, surly that must be worth much, much, more.”

“Well Mr. Og, I figure you were stranded here on Earth because you couldn’t con, cheat or steal enough to satisfy your fellow crewmembers, so they voted you off the boat."

"Am I right?”

Both Daboe Girls were shaking their heads yes behind his back.

“I gather you had some bad luck in Vegas trying to recoup your losses, By the way how much are you in debt to the casinos?”

“I owe about twenty thousand credits, plus hotel bills and other miscellaneous expenses.”

“Miscellaneous expenses?”

“Show Girls!” The girls said in unison.

“My, my Mr. Og. I am amazed that you lasted this long. Are you sure there is no contract out on you with some debt collectors?”

“We think there is, that’s why we are here,” the girls said. They must be twins.

“That’s an exaggeration Captain. I’m sure as soon as I accept this job, everything can be worked out.”

“You said accept, right.”

“Yes, but that’s because you have me at a disadvantage, sir,” he said glumly. “I will do my best in whatever position you put me into.”

“Okay, Mr. Og. Just fill out this SF Civilian job application form, for Supply and Cargo tech, grade Five, and submit it to SF Engineer HQS, Attn: Commander Peter Turner, everything will be fine."

"You can use this terminal here,” I directed.

I expected Pete would have a heart attack when he got this application, but I knew the computer system Mr. Og would be working with would watch his checks and balances.

Plus the fact the Ferengi had a business brain that thought anything within his inventory control was theirs, so I’m sure he’ll definitely keep an eye on everything.

“What are we going to do, captain?” The two Daboe Girls asked.

“Why, what do you mean, don’t you work in Las Vegas”, I asked?

“Yes sir, we do, but we must go with Mr. Og. We are his companions.”

“Companions? Just what do you mean by that?”

“Well sir, we are a gift from the queen mother, and we are bound to him for life,” said Sunbeam.

“Yes sir,” added Tea Cup. “Mr. Og performed a great service for the queen mother, and our species.”

“Is this true Mr. Og.?”

“It was only a minor thing, nothing at all, surely the girl’s exaggerate.” Mr. Og seemed to squirm in his seat and try to duck under the counter.

“What was this great service, girls?”

“Mr. Og and his fellow crewmembers donated his DNA, and sperm, to help design us, as the Daboes we are today."

"We can all walk upright and vocalize like the humanoid races. It is so much easier for off world travel you see.”

“Walk upright?”

“Oh yes, captain. On our home planet we used to have a physical appearance of what some of your people would call insectoid, although we had mostly mammalian characteristics.”

“The Ferengi were hunting us for food as well as seeking planet minerals,” piped up Tea Cup.

“The queen mother asked her children to capture some of these Ferengi, for study and communication."

"The Ferengi are not susceptible to mental telepathy, so we had to find out a way to communicate with them to stop them from killing our sisters for food.”

“They only killed females?”

“Captain we are all females in a sense. Only the queen mother can create a male for breeding purposes."

"Tea Cup, and I, are pod mates; we serve the queen mother."

"We are all female and we are all sterile. Only the queen mother can birth the pods.”

“Mr. Og was thoroughly studied by the queen mother."

"It took an extensive mind probe to discover what the Ferengi physiology, and psychology was. We are almost his perfect woman."

"After the first pods had grown enough to communicate with Mr. OG, He was able to stop the hunting of us Daboes.”

“We now have a written language, and can now trade with the Ferengi."

"The Ferengi take us everywhere as helpers and companions."

"We have returned with so much knowledge to the queen mother, that the Ferengi can no longer cheat us.”

“Well now that is saying something. I suppose that means you know if your boss is cheating someone.”

“Yes Sir, much to our dismay. We are such a burden to Mr. Og."

"When he is with other Ferengi we can’t tell what is going on between them, but with non Ferengi, we seem to sense if something is a little risky.”

“Why doesn’t he fire you and send you home?”

“He cannot insult the queen mother!” They both exclaimed.

“The Grand Negus would crucify me and my whole family if I so much as slighted the queen mother, let alone insult her,” interjected Og.

“Besides that she would kill these two she gifted to me.”

“How the hell can she do that? Can’t you protect these two girls?”

“Well if anything happens to me, like death, or if I renege on my promises to the queen mother, they would return to Dabo and the queen mother would eat their heads off.”


“Yes I’m afraid so, but that is how the queen mother gains all her knowledge. It is then transferred to the next generation of pods that she lays. It’s all so biological you see.”

“I see, so I must hire these two Dabo girls or I’m sending them to their deaths. Is that correct?”

“I’m afraid so your Excellency, it out of my hands and I seem to be doomed to a life of poverty unless we get back into the hands of my Ferengi brethren."

"Plus I can’t find a mate with these two hanging around, but that’s another story. I just need to get back to Ferenganar and I’ll be rid of these two.”

The two girls giggled. “We told you, you were traveling in the wrong direction. It was away from Ferenganar, Mr. Og. Things will be better when you are rich again.”

“See what I mean Captain, the burden they put on me and so little respect. They should be tasked for the hardest and dirtiest job in your Star Fleet. It would serve them right.”

“Okay Sun Beam and Tea cup, if that is your real names I can offer you a couple of clerical jobs."

"Not much money, but you can keep an eye on your lord and master here.”

“Oh yes,” they both chimed. “We accept.”

“The two positions are Supply Clerk and Load Master Clerk, both SFCiv grade threes. I just made them up.

"Get on the terminal after we have lunch. I’m starved and Mr. Og hasn’t even started his application yet."

"He can stay here and get it done, then go to lunch later, or whatever Ferengi do for meals.”

“Oh yes Captain! We are hungry too. We have not eaten for two days, we were so glad for him to see the opening on the employment net.”

“Okay girls, but its Mr. Thomas, not Captain. I am a retired Chief Warrant officer and you can address me as Mr. or Chief. I will answer to both.”

“Yes Cap—Mr. Thomas, chief sir. We understand perfectly, Mr. Chief Sir.” This brought on another round of giggling.

“Let’s go to the mess hall ladies, and have lunch. This time it’s on me.”

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Re: ST C.O.E. Mission to Bajor, Book One, The Monarch
Book One - Chapter four

The Moon call.

Day Five

When I finished having lunch with the two Dabo girls, I returned to my office to see how Mr. Og was getting along.

The lunch was a real experience in off world eating habits.

At the Officer’s Mess buffet, both girls had about eight link sauseges apiece, covered with pancake syrup, about three glasses of fruit juice topped off with about three table spoons of sugar.

Talk about a sweet tooth.

Og had finished his work application.

He then cruised the net trying to get assistance from the Frengi ambassador, of course none was given.

He was then charged by the ambassador for the service call, from funds that he did not have.

Nice people.

Og’s work application was bounced back for an endorsement from me as to why a Ferengi was even allowed an application at all.

The application was resubmitted and forwarded with my approval, subject of course to the Bajoran Embassy’s approval.

I then had to inform the Bajoran Embassy of my reasoning behind hiring the Ferengi, and requested approval, because experienced help was, and is turning out to be, hard to find.

Otherwise it could take months to get the recovery operation off and running.

I was sure the Bajoran Embassy would do a records check on Og, verifying his certificates, and making sure he wasn’t persona non grata on Bajor.

I then sent the whole crew over to base housing with temporary orders for lodging.

I told Og; that after he had his lunch, to make peace with his creditors, or the Bajorans wouldn’t approve his application.

I really didn’t know if it would make any difference, but he wasn’t sure either.

I gave him my PADD file on the requirements for re-equipping the Grayson, from the bone yard stocks.

I wanted him to start working on them with base supply as soon as possible.

He grumbled something about not being a slave, but promised to do his best.

I told him I wanted an initial report in forty eight hours.

“Yes, you’re Excellency, Good day, Sir,” was his sarcastic reply.

The Dabo girls’ chirped; “Good day, Captain, Mr. Sir.”

One down and ninety nine more tasks to do until Bajor, I thought.

It was time to recheck on crew applications.

Ron Thornton called in and informed me that he had six engine room personnel that he had collard.

Three other wives, besides Ron’s wife Holly, would also be hiring on board. That showed me some progress.

I didn’t know how Ron got hooked up with Holly, but I knew she was a good impulse engine tech.

I replied that they needed to send in their applications to Fleet Headquarters for civilian tech positions on the Grayson.

They should be rated as eights or nines and if there was any problem with their ratings in the applications, Ron was to give me a call.

In my office computer mail I found a flag from a Commander Hayes on Luna port.

This should be interesting, I thought.

It would be a good guess on how I was going to get personnel from the moon, to here on Earth, on a Bajoran budget.

Contacting Commander Hayes wasn’t so bad; it was his personal comm. link.

I introduced myself, I knew him from way back when I was first made Warrant Officer.

“Hello Chief. I’m glad you called. I have a problem that I hope you can help me out with.”

“Me help you Sir? I’m the one who’s looking for the hired help. What could be your problem that’s worse than mine?"

"You know the score on the Grayson, and her mission, don’t you?”

“Yes Chief, I know all about it and by the way have you ever worked with Klingons?”

“Klingons! I know the Federation is on peaceful terms with them now, but what the hell do you want me to do with Klingons?”

“Personally the big bastards scare the hell out of me. They smell like month old laundry and they drink like fish."

"We had to clean up a lot of messes after Klingon pirates hit some of our freighters."

"I’m sure as hell not lovey dovey over the prospect with having to associate with them either, Sir. With that background, what’s your proposition?”

“Well they would make up a readymade crew for you Chief.”

“Commander I’m supposed to get the Grayson to Bajor. If I let any Klingon near that ship they’ll hijack it for sure.”

“Hold on and listen to me for a second will you Chief. I think we can work out a deal with these people if we work our cards right."

"They have an old Monarch Class IX Deep Space freighter that has seen its better days."

"They almost flat landed here about six months ago."

"The ship needs a refit and they don’t have any credit."

"Their cargo didn’t cover much when they sold what they could."

"All the ship, and them, have been doing is taking up space, in orbit over my launch areas.”

“Since they off loaded their crews, they have been drinking up all their profits, and now half of their crew is in the brig for fighting, and public disturbances.”

“And you want me to take these birds off your hands, Commander?”

“Now wait a minute Chief, just listen to me and let me finish."

"I was an Engineer myself at one time. I remember the cleanup at Wolf 359. I captained one of those recovery ships too, remember?”

“After that I started looking for a nice steady base job with no bodies floating around."

"I read your record, and I know about the Grayson, so I have for you a plausible suggestion.”

“Yes Sir, sorry I interrupted.”

“You need something with mass to move the scrap that’s floating around out there by Cardassia."

"You also know there were two big engagements out there in those shipping lanes."

"Well these Klingons have a P-type freighter. It’s a piece of crap and has only half a crew, but I think their Captain will be ready to bargain."

"It’s a clan ship as far as I can tell, and probably afraid of their own raiders in their present condition."

"You can talk to your people, maybe make a deal.”

“A pusher type you say. It would be a great help Sir, as of now I was planning to have to work with modified shuttles, and work bees."

"I’ll talk to the Bajoran Embassy and see what they will do."

"Maybe they will agree to a leasing agreement with the Klingons.”

“Look Chief, if I have to I can refit her enough to get her to Bajor."

"With all that crap floating out there, you should have enough spare parts to make that old freighter last a thousand years."

"Just get someone to pay their bills and get them out of my traffic lanes."

"I’ll even bail out the bastards that are in the brig, to get them out of here. I’d really appreciate it Chief”

“Okay Sir. Have that Klingon captain take a look at our mission, it’s listed on the net."

"See if you can convince him what is in his best interest and to have him give me a call.”

“I’ll notify the Bajoran Embassy about what we are suggesting."

"You did give me a few ideas about the contract for their services. Thank you for your interest in our mission, sir.”

“You are welcome Chief. I wish you good luck, and I’m glad I’m not going with you."

"As soon as our Captain Kluge sobers up in his holding cell, I’ll explain his alternatives and have him call you within twenty four hours. This is Hayes out.”

Blazes; I really had to do some smart thinking now.

I called the base lodging office where Og, and the Dabos, were staying to see if they were settled in, they were.

I then called their rooms to see if they wanted some dinner. They said yes, but it would have to be on me because they had no credits.

I was then asked when could Mr. Og start getting paid.

I told them that was task number 22 of my 100 task list in the preparations for the mission to Bajor.

“As for now. lets go eat”.

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Re: ST C.O.E. Mission to Bajor, Book One, The Monarch
Book One - Chapter Five

Introduction to a day dream.

My next morning work load felt as long as last night’s run around.

After reporting to the Bajoran Embassy and asking them to contact Captain Hayes, at Luna port; I gave them my recommendations about the Klingon freighter and its crew.

I also updated them on my slow progress of recruitment for the Grayson team advisory crewmembers.

It seemed that I had just got to sleep, when it was time to head back to my office.

After about two cups of coffee, and a bagel, in my office, I was ready to start handling all the messages that were flashing on my terminal.

One was from Don Murdoch to say that he, and Pete Murray, and nine more people would be reporting in within a day or two.

They would then be able to start assisting with ground preparations for the Grayson’s refit, and stocking.

I expected a lot of the shuttles, and equipment, we needed has been sitting here at the depot for a couple of years.

They all needed to be inspected and repaired as required.

Don reminded me that we needed more help, than just the advisory crew, to do all the work that he thought needed to be done.

I replied that when I contact the Bajoran Embassy with my daily status report.

I would inform them that they should start rounding up their returning Bajorans, and send them to the Depot for some kind of processing.

That way we could see what they could actually do besides lifting, and hauling, in assisting us in getting the Grayson’s equipment up and ready.

Another message was from Ron Thornton.

He told me almost the same thing about getting additional salvage and recovery personnel.

He had no additional volunteers to date.

I replied, and asked him to contact Engineer headquarters and ask Commander Turner for permission to recruit personnel from the Star Fleet separation station at San Francisco, and if need be the disciplinary barracks section, as long as they were minor offenses, such as base AWOL, and unable to cope with military discipline.

Maybe even some personnel with minor physical problem, that wouldn’t allow them stay on active duty, would be eligible.

Ron later replied that he would give Commander Turner a call to try to get as many able bodies as he could and get back to me.

He also suggested that someone else will have to give the new hires, the more through psyche testing, than he would be able to do.

The rest of the message mail was from personnel in the various sections at the Depot, all wanting to know who the hell Mr. Og was, and what was he doing ordering and requisitioning all sorts of things.

I replied to all queries that Mr. Og was my acting Supply Officer, and that he was only supposed to be checking his requirements list with base availability and serviceability.

They were told not to issue anything to him without a request with my signature on it, which would probably mean, not until the Grayson is in orbit.

Any further questions about Mr. Og they were to give me a call.

I reasoned that if anything was to be issued to Og beforehand it would probably end up on the black market some place, because he was in debt up to his eyeballs.

I was starting to get another head ache.

I was beginning to feel like a one legged man at a polka party.

My agreement to be a technical advisor was turning into a large management problem.

I was pondering the wonders of my universe on the room ceiling, when I had a knock on my office door.

That was strange because everybody else just barged in.

I yelled, “Come in”.

Boy was I in for a surprise. In walked a long legged beauty, wearing a red dress and a small jacket that didn’t hide her figure one bit.

She had on a pair of sunglasses and a small brief case.

I thought it was a bill collector from Vegas looking for Mr. Og; I was wrong.

It was Be’nen Tash, a member of the Vulcan Embassy Public Relations staff.

I’ve seen her off and on for about twenty years on the video, on the net and in magazines and what newsprint we had today.

She was a leading spokes person on just about any subject the Vulcans cared to share with Earth and the rest of the Federation council.

She had been on more talk shows that I could really remember.

For an old gal, she was at least as old as I was, she was in great shape.

Her photos didn’t do her justice.

What I wouldn’t give to have seen her in a bikini, she was that great.

That would never happen with most Vulcans.

All things aside though, if there was a woman that got a man’s’ juices flowing it was her.

I was really impressed.

She first asked if I was Captain Thomas of the Grayson/Bajoran project.

I manage to say that I was Michael Thomas, technical advisor for the Bajoran salvage and recovery project.

The Grayson’s captain would be a Bajoran, and that I wasn’t sure who that was at the moment.

“Can I help you, ma'am,” I asked?

“Yes sir. My name is Be’nen Tash,” and she shook my hand as she introduced herself

“I would like to submit my application for a position on the Grayson.”

I must have goggled.

“You what; I’m sure I don’t understand, could you please explain what this is all about?”

To say that I was a little taken aback was to say the least.

I had to sit down.

“You better have a seat Ms. Tash and tell me what this is all about”, I asked.

“There are certain times when a person needs to make changes, Mr. Thomas. For me this is one of them. Please review my resume."

"I have seen that you are trying to fill positions on the Grayson."

"I am sure I can qualify for several positions that you have listed”.

She then handed me her PADD, sat down in the chair in front of my desk, crossed her legs beautifully, placed her elbow on the arm of the chair and with her hand under her chin she displayed fully her amused smile that she was so famous for.

She was not called the smiling Vulcan for nothing.

You just could never catch a Vulcan smiling. Yet there she was looking like Mona Lisa.

I picked up her PADD.

Her resume was as impressive as I expected.

A Vulcan Academy graduate with degrees in Interplanetary Relations and psychology, a licensed interplanetary shuttle pilot, a Lieutenant Commander in the Vulcan Militia, member of the Vulcan representative to the United Federation of Planets, public relations staff.

She also studied linguistics at University of California at San Francisco.

She obviously had been a very busy Vulcan.

I took another long look at her and said, “I’m afraid I can’t help you”.

“First of all Ms. Tash this is a Bajoran mission, The Grayson is a Bajoran ship and I am only their technical advisor."

"All the ships regular officers will be Bajoran and I personally think they will not want to hire a Vulcan for what is essentially a trash collection mission”.

“You are probably more qualified than their mission Captain would be, Ms. Tash. It would be an obvious conflict of personality’s right from the beginning."

"I’m sorry but I can’t recommend that I forward your request to the Bajoran embassy. I’m positive it would be rejected.”

The smile on her face disappeared for a moment. She then cocked an eyebrow, reset her smile and said sweetly; “Are you sure you couldn’t find any place for me to serve, Captain? It would mean,” she hesitated, “such an opportunity for change for me.”

She then leaned forward over the desk and smiled sweetly to me and said; “I would appreciate any of your efforts in my behalf.”

“I’m sorry Ms. Tash. I’m only hiring engineering advisory staff that will act as a skeleton crew to get the Grayson to Bajor."

"The only way I could see you being allowed on board now is if you were married to one of the crew members.”

“And what does that mean Sir!” she asked.

“Well I am allowing married couples on board for the three year mission."

"Spouses will be given positions that they can reasonably fill, or be trained for. Jobs like service techs, med techs and yeoman duties; it’s nothing special in that, I assure you.”

“I see,” she said. “A very interesting proposition if I had ever heard one”.

“Well Captain, thank you for your time and your consideration in this matter,” she said as she stood up and came around my desk and picked up her PADD.

She then took me by surprise.

She leaned against the desk and looked down at me with an intense expression on her face; then leaned down, looked me in the eyes as if to be looking for something.

She then placed her right hand against my cheek and said; “I have a question for you Mr. Michael Thomas about being “married to one of the crew”, would that include you too, sir?”

I stammered, “I guess so, but aren’t you sort of out of my league?”

The smile came back on. “Thank you Mr. Thomas, and good day to you too, sir.”

She then picked up her briefcase and walked to the door.

I hurried to the door behind her and expressed how sorry I was I couldn’t help her out, and I how I hoped she would find what she was looking for.

She waved goodbye without turning back and got into her new Vulcan runabout.

Blazes, I thought, and she had a new car too and I didn’t even get an autograph.

* * * * * * * * * * *
Ms. Be’nen Tash was not only disappointed when she drove back to her hotel in Las Vegas, she was furious.

She had to make a special effort to put her emotions under control.

She needed to think more clearly and being half Romulan sometimes made that extremely difficult.

She didn’t expect to be completely rejected by that human Mr. Thomas. It just never happened to her before.

Her un-Vulcan like amiability and attractiveness to humans, especially the males, had always allowed her to achieve what she required in her professional and personal life.

It was a big blow to her ego.

Unlike a true Vulcan her emotions were closer to the surface, well hidden but subject to explosions.

She was about to have one now.

At her hotel where she stayed with her daughter, Staunn Tehk, she was in a slow boil and needed to talk.

“I can’t believe he rejected me Staunn, he said I was over qualified. An old retired Star Fleet Engineer, starting on a mission with a worn out ship, with no crew as yet and he reject me. It escapes even my logic.”

"What is he like", her daughter asked?

"He is around fifty I guess, according to the net he retired a few years ago, after twenty five years in Star Fleet."

"A Chief Warrant Officer no less, not even a fully commissioned officer."

"He was probably jealous of my out ranking him, humans are like that you know.”

“You didn’t sense he was attracted to you", asked Staunn?”

“Now that I can verify,” she answered. “He wasn’t just a little attracted; I think he pictured me naked."

"You know I told you how messy human males can be with their emotions”.

“Do you think he would like me too?”

"Yes, positively Staunn, but what are we going to do?"

"He said I was to overqualified to be acceptable, and I’m not married to a crewmember that would be qualified”.

“What did you say mother? Did I hear you right, that he would take you if you were married to a qualified crew member?”

“Yes. Are you suggesting I find a qualified crew member and marry him?"

"I don’t think we have enough time Staunn."

"That recall notice is back at my office in San Francisco, I know it."

"We can’t go back to Vulcan, Staunn; it’s not healthy for us, not now.”

“Not just any crew member mother; the boss, Mr. Thomas. We’ll seduce him, and then marry the man. He’s single isn’t he?"

“Divorced for three years I gather.”

“He’s a prime customer then mom."

"If you don’t want to, let me try; maybe I can try and use a little of my magic on him."

"Then when we get married I’ll tell him he has to take his mother-in-law, or I won’t be happy."

"People here on earth do it all the time.”

“Oh yea, Stauun, that settles your problem with Pon Farr, but what about me?"

"We’re both due now and it will be a three year mission we will be on”.

“Then we’ll both plan to marry him.”

“Are you sure you want to share, he is a human you know."

"He may not be up to a Vulcan let alone a half Ferengi like you.”

“What does he look like mother; he’s not in his dotage is he?”

“You can see his profile on the net if you want to, for a human he looks well set up.”

They both went over to their com terminal and looked up Mr. Michael Thomas, Retired Star Fleet Chief Warrant Officer.

“He looks okay to me mom, better than most that that old fart Admiral Broderick used to assign us.”

“Come to think of it maybe we can get the old fart to pull some strings for us. I figure he owes us.”

“If we get sent back to Vulcan we're done doing those little side jobs we were doing for him. What do you say mom, let’s do this?"

"We work together, marry this guy and ship off to Bajor and live happily ever after.”

“Okay Staunn if you can live with it, I can too."

"Just remember Dr. Tehk, our Mr. Thomas must come to no harm, I don’t want him dying from a heart attack trying to satisfy two females that are under the influence of Pon Farr.”

“Don’t worry mom, I know my business that’s what you paid for my medical education for isn’t it."

"Besides that mom I’m not getting any younger, maybe you can have children until you are a hundred years old, but I can’t.”

“Maybe with a little luck we can settle on Bajor and I can have a family; I’m ready mom.”

“Yes Staunn, I know well enough, you are always ready, and that’s always been a problem since you were fifteen.”

Staunn laughed a little, but didn’t comment.

“I’ll make that call to Admiral Broderick now and see where we can go from there”.

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Re: ST C.O.E. Mission to Bajor, Book One, The Monarch
Book One - Chapter Six

Crew call, do you speak Klingon?

Day Five

After Ms. Tash left my office, I just sulked around trying to think of what I needed to do next.

I didn’t want things to get out of hand.

Completing an assigned mission with all the required tools was one thing, but starting from scratch was another.

I began to worry about getting the required crew for the Grayson.

The Bajorans were depending on me to get things done, and I was starting to feel the need for a good stiff drink, or at least to have somebody around to have a drink with.

I was really feeling sorry for myself when my console terminal started to flicker; it was a caller from Luna port.

On the monitor screen was about one of the meanest and ugliest people I’d ever seen.

It was, I supposed, “Captain Kluge”, the Klingon captain of the freighter stuck on the lunar base.

I introduced myself.

“Are you the Batak (the universal translator could not give me a definition of what that meant) that would dare to hire a Klingon fighting vessel to move your miserable freight," was the first words out of his mouth?

I had never met, much less talked to a Klingon before, but I knew their temperament by reputation.

Especially after having to assist in rescue missions from klingon raiders, I figured this was an opening to a contract negotiation.

“Yes, I am the miserable officer that would even consider the hiring of such a dilapidated vessel for such an important mission."

"What’s your problem, do you need a blood sacrifice before you can sign a contract?”

“You are impertinent; if you were here before me I would tear off your head and use it for blood wine."

"You are talking to a Klingon warrior of long and terrible lineage, with plenty of family to backup my actions, Batak.”

“I see. I’m glad I’m here then."

"I wouldn’t want you shot as a common criminal before you signed a contract with the Bajorans. Although I could order that your vessel be confiscated, and held for investigation as to its true owner’s identity."

"Would you prefer that I do that, Captain Kluge?”

“You insult me, and seek to pressure me into a contract, that is unseemly, and unprofitable, to one of the Klingon Empire’s trading companies,” he replied.

“You think me to be so at a disadvantage to accept such a menial task."

"You insult me, and my family, with such trivial rewards for the pride of the Klingon fleet. We demand much more in compensation than you and the Bajoran Embassy offered.”

Commander Hayes must have given him a sample copy of a contract proposal.

“I see. What would your terms be”? I asked.

“A renewable contract every ninety days, to take any and all Klingon vessel parts as we need, and no salvage work."

"The release of all my personnel presently in confinement on this miserable base, refit at your expense, and resupply so we can get off this miserable moon."

"Anything less I would not consider.”

“I’m very sorry Captain Kluge, but you will have to take what Bajorans offer and like it."

"My guess it’s your only chance to get you, your family, and your ship back in business.”

“The way I look at it is that you are a minor family clan that is on the outs with the empire."

"The ship you now have is probably a prize that they left you after they confiscated your raiding vessel."

"It was probably a war bird class ship, indicated by the size of your freighter’s crew.”

“The Empire probably confiscated it to participate in their last fight with the Dominion, near Cardasia; so I don’t think they trusted your warrior skills, take the deal.”

“You insult me further, how dare you, better death than the dishonor you would place me in, never, unless my conditions are met, you Batak.”

“Now that would be interesting to watch, Captain Kluge, if that is your real name."

"You would probably lose your life in combat with the local police, very honorable for a tradesman like yourself."

"Your death would then leave your family to rot on a foreign base; how favorable for them.”

“Where would your family honor be then, my friend?"

"Will your name then be remembered with honor, or as a failure?"

"Are you willing to face the disgrace of being unable to enter Solvocore?”

Captain Kluge was so enraged he could not even speak, so I put out the carrot.

“Look Captain I never saw myself as a warrior, but I’ve seen war and its aftermath."

"Personally I could care less what happens to Klingons. I’ve seen the havoc you Klingon raiders have done and as far as I’m concerned if it wasn’t for your ship, you would be toast”.

“This mission is to our mutual benefit, I get the use of your ship, and you get employment."

"You get the refit you need, plus the supplies you require, but not for free."

"The credits required to get you moving are on your bill. That includes getting that space debris you’re flying up to Federation standards.”

“You’ll be getting additional crew from the Bajorans, so you won’t have to have your children standing watch."

"You will be far away from Klingon authorities."

"Later on if you haven’t reneged on your contract, you can act as an agent for Klingon ships spare parts”.

“I think I can let you have a priority on a Klingon warship, if you want to trade in your freighter."

"Three years can be enough time to change circumstances for you on the home world.”

“I think it in your best interest to enter into a leasing contract with the Bajorans.”

“Captain Thomas you drive a hard bargain. Can you get my people be released from the base brig?”

“When you sign the contract Captain, I will inform Commander Hayes, and I am sure he will be willing to set their parole."

"Besides that I’m not the Captain; I am the mission project officer. You can call me Mister or Chief, I’ll answer to both. Do we have a deal?”

“Yes sir, and I ask that a copy of the contract be forwarded to Commander Hayes so he can see to my refit and to the release of my personnel.”

“It will be done immediately, welcome aboard, sir.”

“I assure you Mr. or Chief Thomas, I will not forget what was said today, my word and my honor are bound. I still do not like it.”

“Thank you Captain, and if you are thinking of skipping out, remember that the Federation and The Klingon Empire are now allies and your warp signature will be known throughout the quadrant."

"Good day Captain.”

"He said something that sounded like “bah” and clicked off.

Well so much for that nut roll. I haven’t used language like that since I was an enlisted tech.

I immediately informed the Bajoran embassy and my contact at Starfleet headquarters, plus Commander Hayes at Moon Base Alpha, of what had just transpired."

"I also informed them that if they wanted to hear the record of our conversation, just to let me know, and I would send it.

That would sure curl their ears.

Boy was I beat; office work was never my best area of expertise.

It was time to head for the officers mess.

Maybe my supply officer would be there with his two assistants.

I really hated to watch the Ferengi eat though, but it would be nice to see the Dabo girls cooing and awing over almost everything we discussed.

I had to admit Og was cataloging all that we needed as if it was his own property.

Seeing as I had no reports from the base security of anything be stolen, or smuggled, I considered it a good thing.

I listened to his report on his findings during dinner, and received a complete description of his activities from the two Dabo girls.

We then went to the Officer’s club for a few drinks.

Og kept mooching money of me so he could play the club’s slot machines; so at about 2100HRS I called it a night and headed for my quarters.

Before I hit the rack, I sat there thinking; I was trying to sort out all the things I still had to do.

It seemed like I only had about two hundred and sixty six more tasks to go ‘til we get to Bajor.

I decided then to have a confab with my crew and made a conference call.

Good grief!

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Re: ST C.O.E. Mission to Bajor, Book One, The Monarch
Book One - Chapter Seven

Who needs who and what?

Day Six

Returning to my office the next morning I was still a little blurry eyed from a troubled sleep.

After the dinner last night with Mr. Og, and company, I had a conference call with my crew to discuss all that was happening.

Like trying to get my personnel to the depot ASAP; I told them I wanted them all here by tomorrow, so we could get a large shuttle or runabout, serviceable and ready, to go to Luna port.

I informed them that I needed them to be prepared to make a certain Klingon freighter serviceable enough to get it into Earth orbit, so we can start loading personnel, and equipment, for the Grayson.

They all let out a howl about the working with Klingons.

A lot of them hated the bastards.

I told them we would all have to cooperate with Commander Hayes, of Luna port, in this matter.

He had assured me that he would make sure the Klingons cooperated with us quietly, or they would all go back to the brig.

I promised the crew that I would see if Commander Hayes could get us additional security to make sure there was no trouble.

I emphasized that he wanted them off his base soonest and he would do what he promised.

Most of the crew was still skeptical.

I told them, “Look people you know this is a shoe string operation. That freighter will save us a lot of grief."

"She can act as a tug and it will be a lot safer than trying to handle all the parts and pieces with shuttle craft."

"She has the mass to do the job”.

“This way we can separate the Grayson’s’ repair section, and use it as home base for our shuttle craft and collection point, while the Grayson main section helps collect the damaged ships”.

They were still grumbling, but nobody quit.

“I told them that the refit was on the Klingons credit sheet, and that I wanted to keep them around a long time paying off their debts”.

“You hear that Mr. Og,” I emphasized?”

“Yes sir, I hear,” was his reply.

“This is an opportunity to make our jobs a little easier people”, I continued.

“It’ll be stinky, but I want us to travel to Utopia Plantia, on Mars, in that heap with as much supplies and people as we can carry.”

“I also don’t want you to worry about the additional help, just leave that to me."

"I’ll have to start some fires around here to get what we need by the time that freighter is ready, and in Earth’s orbit.”

They were all still grumbling but said “Okay”; they also said they would be in by the close of the day tomorrow, and signed off.

Then there was another hour and a half hashing out the details with Mr. Og.

He seemed to be in Og heaven with the idea of billing the Klingons.

I had to make sure he was billing, and not bilking, them. If he made them too angry, they would break his scrawny neck before I could stop them when we met.

I made sure he was to find the current Star Fleet refitting specs for a Monarch class freighter.

He also had to make sure she had adequate food packs, and crew comforts, regardless of species, on his list.

I didn’t know what the Klingons ate, but he would have to do his best with the information that Luna port had on them.

I knew one thing the Klingons never stole food stuffs from their prey.

I then decided that Tea was to assist Og in his supply doings, and Sunbeam was to stay in my office to help me with the logistics coordination here at the depot; that upset everyone concerned, but I needed the help in the office.

Og informed me that he heard that there was a serviceable Type-9B Cargo shuttle available that we could use. It was a recent turn in.

He didn’t know if we would be able to keep it, but we could sign for it temporarily, and use it until the Monarch was up and running.

I told him to get right on it with depot supply, and then send some of our people over as soon as they arrived, to claim it before anyone changed their minds.

I then rejected the proposition of Sunbeams full body massage to relieve my obvious tension.

I escorted them all out of my door, and found a drink.

After I had reported my actions to the Bajoran embassy, and Star Fleet headquarters, my second drink was in my hand when I fell asleep at about three in the morning.

So by seven o’clock when the alarm went off, I awoke and stared at the ceiling wondering when the next hammer would fall.

I didn’t have to wait too long.

Day Seven

I was sitting at my desk alone with my feet up in the air when in came two interstellar beauties.

One was my old acquaintance Be’nen Tash, and with her was a pixie type female with a fairly large head that couldn’t have been over five feet tall.

Compared to Ms. Tash’s six foot plus in heels they made quite a pair.

Ms. Tash was dressed in what looked like a retro costume of a Star Fleet uniform of about fifty years ago.

You know the type with the real short blouse/skirt that showed a lot of leg, which she seemed to have plenty of.

I must have been really ogling her, because the material for her uniform was almost transparent.

Her partner was dressed up in a cute little maid type dress.

Again, in the presence of Ms. Tash I was a little dumb founded.

I am no prude but I felt that somebody just delivered the biggest strawberry short cake I’ve ever seen.

“Welcome ladies, what can I do for you?”

“Won’t you please have a seat and tell me what’s on your mind. If I had known you were coming I would have swept this place up a little better.”

“Would you like some of my coffee, its fresh from the mess hall?”

Ms. Tash, and her companion, both sat down sat down, smiled demurely, like she was preparing for a TV spot, and said;
“I have some orders for you Mr. Thomas, direct from Admiral Broderick. I am sure you have heard of him.”

I asked, “Who the hell is Admiral Broderick? Let me see those orders”.

She handed me the PADD she was holding, making sure I had a perfect view of what she was wearing.

Gee, I felt like a great big sucker, but she was right, she had a Star Fleet order, assigning her to the Grayson as a Yeoman first class!

I was incredulous; “What the hell is going on here I asked?"

"No way would you normally take an assignment like this."

"It has to be some kind of a joke, and who the hell is this Admiral Broderick?”

I didn’t wait for an answer. I shouted to the computer for an online profile of Star Fleet Admiral Mathew J. Broderick.

It didn’t take long for an answer.

Admiral of the Fleet; Mathew J. Broderick was the chief the intelligence branch of Star Fleet Security Services, with about five pages of stats on medals awards, and service positions.

I had to think seriously about this.

I asked Ms. Tash how she was acquainted with the Admiral.

She told me; “Well I did perform a few favors for him as an associate in the Vulcan embassy public relations department. He is just returning a favor to me on this.”

Favors my ass I thought, she is probably up to here eyeballs in espionage and has been compromised somehow. Not my problem.

‘What do we do now with a lady in distress,’ I asked myself?

‘Why we take advantage of it, of course!’

I put on my best smile, and said; “What is it with the young lady here, does she need an assignment too?”

“We were hoping so,” replied Tash, “This is my personnel assistant Stunn Tehk."

"Please Stunn give him your resume.”

Ms. Staunn handed me her PADD with a shy smile. Then something hit me, her smile.

I had seen something similar, like Og’s, a Ferengi smile, it was the teeth.

I took a closer look at Ms. Staunn and noticed the Vulcan type ears, with the fairly large head and guessed, she was a hybrid.

A tiny beautiful blond Vulcan-Ferengi, if it was at all possible.

Ms. Staunns resume was almost the same as Be’nen’s, except most of her education was here on Earth.

Ms. Staunn Tehk had degrees in linguistics, psychology, public relations, plus a degree in medicine.

She was a Doctor!

'What is she doing working as a personal assistant to Be’nen Tash’, I thought?

‘Except as a partner in crime. They were a Vulcan Intel team. Dam me’!

“Well, well, well,” I said. “Am I glad you two showed up, just what I needed; two over qualified pencil pushers?”

“I beg your pardon,” Be’nen asked, “is there something wrong with the orders, I’m sure if you call Admiral Broderick, everything will be made correct to your liking.”

“I’m sure he would Ms. Tash, but I’m not calling him."

"This is my bailiwick Ms. Tash."

"I say who gets hired for the crew, we're not a Star Fleet operation; we are Bajoran. I told you that."

"If you want on my advisory team so bad, it will be on my terms, not Star Fleets’.

“If I accept these orders you would be as a member of Star Fleet, and on your next order you would be working for Admiral Broderick, under his orders."

"I want personnel who are committed to this mission, sorry as it is. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“Yes Sir. What are you proposing? We are prepared to join your mission, and assist you in any capacity you deem fit, if you please.”

“First of all Ms. Tash I need an administrative assistant, not a Yeoman First class."

"I need an assistant who can speak and interpret, Klingon, Ferengi, Bajoran and maybe Cardassian, without a voice translator, maybe an assistant with diplomatic immunity.”

”If you accept the position, I want you to apply for an Ambassadorial level Administrative Assistant position, on my team, through the Earth Federation Embassy, at San Francisco."

"If you need help with that, get Admiral Broderick to give you a hand, I’m sure he would be very willing to assist you."

"Do you accept those terms?

“Yes Sir,” she replied, “and what about my assistant.”

“Well, Miss Tehk,” I asked; “what position should you fill in this glorious mission?”

Miss Tehk wouldn’t take her eyes off the floor, so I rose out of my chair walked around my desk and leaned against the front.

I then reached down and lifted her chin so I could look into her face and asked her again.

She seemed to be in a slight panic and I had to figure out why.

“Miss Tehk do you really want to go on this mission,” I asked? “You don’t have to if you don’t want to, you know.”

“Yes sir, I want to. I prefer to serve with Ms. Tash, if that is permitted,” she replied.

I dropped my hand from her chin, leaned back and folded my arms and looked straight at her.

“If I take you aboard Miss Tehk, you will work for me, not Ms. Tash; she won’t need a personal assistant, to be my assistant.”

That brought about a good exchange of looks between the two of them.

“You are a Medical Doctor are you not?” I asked.

“Oh, yes sir, you saw my resume.” She replied.

“Are you a licensed practitioner, Miss. Tehk,” I asked?

“No sir, I never went into private practice, I only served Ms. Tash’s needs,” was her answer.

“I see, you know you can be a very valuable asset to me if you feel up to it Miss Tehk."

"It will be as valuable a tasking as Ms. Tash’s. Are you interested; do you feel up to it?”

“Most defiantly sir, anything you and Ms. Tash would like me to do, I can do it.”

I circled my desk and sat down and began my spiel.

“Miss Tehk, I want you to be our ships doctor, or at least the assistant to the doctor that the Bajoran assign to the Grayson.”

“Really sir, but you know I’ve never been in private practice, is that logical?”

“Hear me out Miss Tehk, then you can judge if it’s logical, or not."

"I can’t appoint you an officer of the Grayson, that’s up to the Bajorans. You will have to apply for the position, if and when, you become qualified to do so.”

“Yes sir.”

“What I can do is appoint you as my civilian staff medical technician."

"You will assume all medical duties as assigned by me until you are accepted as a physician by the Bajoran government."

"Are you willing to accept these hiring conditions?”

There was another quick exchange of glances between my two ladies.

Ms. Tash had somehow now lost her whimsical smile, and had a genuine look of concern.

A surprising confident reply from Miss Tehk was, “Yes sir Captain I will do my best.”

“Okay then you will work with Ms. Tash to get you a license to practice; I don’t care where it’s from as long it is acceptable to Star Fleet."

"You will probably have to intern with a Bajoran Doctor.”

“Ms. Tash your first task is to see that Miss Tehk fills out the proper application as a medical technician, grade 5, and enter her on the rolls and see that she is to be properly paid."

"In fact you will have to contact the Bajoran Embassy and find out how we all are to be paid; I’m not even sure myself.”

I sat down at my desk then and looked around the room;

“We will need a bigger office."

"In fact you need to go and check in with base lodging and get your selves into quarters commensurate with your rank."

"That means living separately, Ms. Tash.”

“Yes sir.”

“I have to go now, and check out a Type-9B Cargo shuttle that Mr. Og, who is a Ferengi, if that matters to you Ms. Tehk, was talking about last night."

"I want you both to be prepared to move into it as soon as I acquire it, and can get an authorized ground feed to it."

"We will work out of it there if possible."

"It’s been almost ten years since I’ve been in a ship of my own and I need to get the feel of things again.”

“Miss Tehk once you get settled into your quarters, I want you to report to the base clinic and get their assistance any way you can about getting the things you will need for an updated dispensary for a Grayson class repair tender, and also a Monarch class freighter, that some Klingons own, that is now orbiting the moon."

"The shuttle I mentioned will probably need supplies too."

"Start collecting data chips for all races we will be dealing with, and don’t forget your own personal medical kit."

"Remember you’re the Doctor until we get to Bajor.”

“Ms. Tash I would also like you to see if you can find the last manning chart for the Grayson on line, so we can figure out who will go where and what their proper pay grades should be.”

“Yes Sir, is there anything else, Captain?”

I got up out of my chair, went around the desk to Ms. Tash, took another real good look at her and offered her my hand.

“Just this, Miss Tash;” I said, “Welcome aboard, to the both of you. You couldn’t have come aboard at a better time.”

I was still holding her hand as she rose, and I continued with a grin; “I really like your outfit Ms. Tash, but I don’t need half of the male population of the base following you around in it. It would just slow things down.”

“I suggest that you investigate what they wear at the Star Fleet Ambassadors Office, Something in a pinstripe suit I should imagine.”

"I don’t really want you to throw this thing away. Just keep it, so maybe one day I can see you in it privately.”

“Yes sir, I will change immediately.”

I turned to Miss Tehk to shake her hand too, but she surprised me and gave me a great big hug.

I wondered what that was all about.

Ms. Tash said; “She can be very affectionate at times. Are you ready Staunn?”

“Yes ma’am,” she replied and she seemed to be actually beaming, “I am ready!”

“Excuse me Captain before we leave, would you like to have dinner with us tonight, at say around seven, and we can give you our status report then,” asked Ms. Tash?

I said, “I’d be glad to, Ms. Tash, and if you have any further questions you know where you can find me. Until then, I’ll see you later tonight.”

When they left I went to my desk, and laid my head down on it, and hoped they won’t tell Admiral Broderick what I said about this mission being mine alone.

Any trouble with admirals can get you fired.

I took a short break.

When I woke up later from my cat nap I called Og, and his Dabo crew, and told him I wanted to see the warp shuttle as soon as possible.

I wanted to see if it was in good enough shape to get us to Luna port before the Klingons had a change of mind about their freighter.

He came by in a ground vehicle that he had “signed for”; God bless supply officers.

We then made a quick trip to the base space landing pad, and there she was.

The shuttle had only just arrived and the base maintenance crew was just completing their pre inventory inspection, it was a beauty.

The chief inspector said it was a “cherry” and I believed him.

It was a Type-9B Cargo shuttlecraft in great shape.

The inspector told us that he thought it was only turned because it was an obsolete model for active Fleet courier service, and had been used only by headquarters staff for ferrying around big time admirals, and high ranking politicos.

It was all spit and polish, and I knew if we didn’t snag it right away, it would be sold on the civilian market to be used either as a private yacht, or converted to a Type-9A model for local freight hauling.

I was almost drooling when I looked at the bridge and engineering section.

She still had the Star Fleet headquarters plaque mounted on her entrance hatch.

She was originally a troop transporter that was designed to carry up to forty troops with equipment, but was converted to something like a private yacht.

Along with her three crewman seats, she had two small sleeping areas, a tiny galley, a head, a small sonic shower, two table areas that could double as bunks, and four sleeper seats.

Evidently the previous owner liked to bring along his family, or staff, on his treks.

I told Og to go to Central Supply and get right to work acquiring this craft.

I then wanted him to immediately move into it, and take charge of it, to prevent anyone else putting a claim on it.

Og just gave me his toothy grin and rubbed his hands together like a pack rat with a new bauble.

“I’ll get right on it sir. I knew you’d like it sir, if you weren’t going to acquire her I was thinking of trying to buy her myself."

"I’ll be back sir. Come on girls, we have some work to do.”

He then made a beeline to the hanger office, and then got into his car and sped off.

I told the inspector that I was staying right here at the landing pad until they had to kick me off, if he didn’t mind of course.

The inspector Ralph, just laughed and said, “Dream on Chief. You can make yourself at home here until five o’clock, or when I see a signed requisition, whichever comes first."

"But I warn you Chief, these babies don’t last long around here when they are in this good shape, I don’t care how old she is.”

Ralph then asked me; “You are licensed to fly this thing aren’t you. I heard about you and your mission; and that Mr. Og character has been bugging everybody on the base about one thing or another.”

I told him that if my license didn’t meet the bill then I’m sure there would be at least three others who would fit the bill.

I’d have them all checked out when they arrived here.

While Ralph was standing there, I called Be’nen and asked her to check the validation on all the crew’s licenses, for all the craft we would be using, including the Grayson.

She said she would.

Ralph just laughed, excused himself to complete his inspection, and told me to make myself comfortable, at least until five o’clock.

I used the on board computer to make report calls to the Bajoran embassy, and to Commander Turner, on what I was trying to do with the shuttle.

I explained to them it was a verified surplus turn in, and it was to our advantage of using it to get to Luna port quicker, to assist the Kilingons with getting the Monarch moving.

They both agreed that it was a needed shuttle craft, and the Grayson needed eighteen just to operate as a beacon tender, so go for it.

I told them I was keeping my fingers crossed.

After the calls I read some of the ships logs and maintenance schedules, and took the grand tour.

When I found the VIP quarters I sat down on the cot and thought, how could this old gal be obsolete, it was like a shiny new penny to me.

All the service craft I served in, and those moon shuttle freighters never looked like this. If it wasn’t for the Grayson, I could live in this baby.

‘Yea sure,’ I thought. ‘Like Ralph said, dream on, but I promised myself that I wouldn’t scratch the paint if we owned her’.

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Re: ST C.O.E. Mission to Bajor, Book One, The Monarch
Book One - Chapter Eight

The loves of my life: Tehk, Tash, and a Type 9B Cargo Shuttle.

Day Seven

When Mr. Og, and crew, finally showed up with the paperwork to sign the shuttle over to the Bajoran government, I was elated.

I told Og to pack his suit cases, along with his whole entourage, and move on board the shuttle right away.
He was to then stow all their personal stuff in the cargo hatches.

He could take one of the passenger compartments, and the Dabo girls would occupy the other cabin, at least until the whole crew had joined to sort things out.

I put Og on pre launch notice because as soon as my advisor crew was on board, we were leaving for the moon.

As I wanted to carry as many spare parts for the Monarch as we could carry, according to the required refit list Commander Hayes gave us; he was also to check into an over head cargo carrier, because I thought we were going to need it.

I asked him to make sure to have an on board dedicated supply terminal set up so we could keep in constant touch with his supply contacts at the depot here while we were parked.

I had a feeling there would be more day to day changes before we reach the Grayson.

I also informed Og that I would be setting up my office in the shuttle tomorrow.

He was to get us a ground power feed so I could use all the shuttle facilities, and communicate with the base without having to use shipboard power.

“The crew should be arriving on base tomorrow, and if I can, I want them packed on board as soon as they get here,” I directed.

If my crew has any questions, tell them you are our unit supply specialist an dyour just relaying my instructions. If there are any problems give me a call.

“Get you and your assistants some food packs from base supply, and be sure to keep one person on the ship at all times. Guard it well because it will probably be our new office here on the base until we get on board the Monarch, at the moon.”

They were to call me if anything came up, then I changed it to; Call my new administrative assistant, Ms. Ba’nen Tash. Let her call me, if she can’t handle it.

As I walked out of my office it was; “Good night, see you tomorrow morning bright and early Mr. Og. I’ve got a date for dinner with two lovely ladies and I don’t want to be late.”

· * * * * * * * * * * * *
When Be’nen Tash, and Staun Tehk, left Mr. Thomas’ office and reached their runabout after they were hired, Be’nen was mortified.

It was not the same with Staunn, she was almost bursting with excitement.

“We did it mother we are on our way.” announced Staunn; “did you see the way he looked at me momma; I think he really likes me?”

“I shouldn’t have worn this dress,” answered Be’nen. “It was too presumptuous of me.”

“He looked at me like I was some cheap tarte.”

“Nonsense,” replied Staunn. “He’s in love with you, momma. I’ve seen that look in too many humans male eyes to doubt it; he can’t help himself,” she laughed.

“I don’t know Staunn, he hired us as crew. You know ships officers aren’t supposed to fraternize with the crew, its’ bad business.”

“That’s just the point mother; he didn’t have to hire us.”

“I think in a way he felt sorry for us.”

“He must have sensed something was up when we appeared at his door step all dolled up, and with a letter from the Admiral.”

“I think he knows we are in a tight spot, but not for all the reasons he thinks; I am so happy momma.”

“You still want us to try and get him to marry us", Be'nen asked?

“You might succeed, you’re a little sexpot, but me I’m too much of a Vulcan.”

“Humans may date us, some even have sex with us, but we live twice as long as they do. There would be too many problems; humans and Vulcan’s just don’t relate that well.”

“Mother quit stalling; you’ve charmed the pants off many males; that’s how we made our living when we worked for the Admiral.”

“You can do this momma, be the actor that I know you can be; I’ll furnish all the loving this man will need, in spades. I really like him momma.”

“I want to do this, Momma; it’s our time to make the break.”

“Alright Staunn we’ll handle this just like we’ve done before; but I must warn you this will not be like the others.”

“I won’t just be imprinting on our subject that he had a good time. I will be suggesting that he care enough to marry us, and if I connect mentally, and we are mated, it will change everything.”

“We may feel each others’ thoughts and emotions; then I won’t be able to lie to him, ever.”

“Don’t worry about it mother I’ll put the right amount of happy juice in his drinks tonight he’ll be ready marry an ugly step sister. Trust me I’m a doctor you know.”

Be’nen just looked at her daughter and thought, ‘Yes, I will do this for you my beautiful daughter, and come what may I will stand by you, even if my logic failed me again.”

· * * * * * * * * * * * *
My getting to Ms. Tash’s, on post temporary residence, turned out to be an adventure in itself.

My own room was in the base bachelors’ officers’ quarters, so I assumed Ms. Tash was in the same building. When I called down to the front desk to ask for her room number, the desk clerk told me she wasn’t living there.

I had to call the post locator, and ask where my administrative assistant was.

I then found out that Ms. Tash rated very high in the residential rankings.

I had to take the post shuttle to reach her place, because I couldn’t walk clear across the base to the VIP housing to make my dinner date on time; so much for my protocol skills.

When I saw the residence she was put up in, I thought maybe I should ask for a raise in pay. She had her own house!

I knocked on the door, and Miss. Tehk answered the door with a big smile dressed in one of those cute little maid outfits.

I asked what she was doing acting as Ms.Tash’s servant again. She just kind of laughed, in a huffing kind of way, must be I set off her Ferengi sense of humor.

“I wanted very much to be here to honor your visit with us for dinner,” she said. “I hope to give you a very satisfactory report on my progress, and I will gladly assist Ms. Tosh in making your dinner enjoyable.”

“This is something that I have done for many distinguished guest, Captain Thomas, as part of my duties in assisting my mother; but tonight I am enjoying myself in making sure you have an enjoyable evening as our guest.”

“By the way I do have my own quarters at the enlisted lodging, which I hear we may be vacating shortly.”

“Yes, I have just acquired a shuttle that will take us to Luna port, on the moon, where a Klingon freighter is orbiting. I want to leave here as soon as possible.

Ms. Tosh then appeared in a blue pinstripe business style dress suit, very fashionable, and looking very attractive and efficient. I was really impressed. It made me feel a little out classed in my sport coat with no tie.

“Come in Captain and welcome, the table is already set so please come in and set down.” she announced.

“The meal is completely catered and all Staunn had to do is place the main courses so we can serve ourselves family style, if that is acceptable.”

“Yes, quite acceptable; you have really done wonders in so short a time” I remarked.

They both smiled at my lame attempt to flatter her.

We then walked in to the dining area and sat at the table.

The meal was a little different than I was used to, mostly vegetarian.

There was a tossed salad, a rice dish, a tomato like soup with vegetables.

There was no meat, but there was popcorn shrimp that I ate with a cocktail sauce, and which Miss Tehk put in just about everything.

She had a side dish that she kept eating her shrimp out of. I guess for her it was a food staple, that and a plate of what looked like candied grasshoppers.

Staunn saw me watching her eat the grasshoppers and offered me some.

I said, “Sure why not.”

I had heard that people ate them in Africa, so I gave it a try. They tasted something like candied pretzel sticks.

“Not bad,” I commented.

She then said that she; “loved them, and cooks them into all her recipes that she prepares for herself.”

Ms. Tash ate only vegetables, and drank only water. It is no wonder she had such a great figure.

The conversation at the table centered around my update on the warp shuttle status. The need to get the Klingon’s Monarch freighter refitted. The task of forming of our new crew roster list; plus getting the required licenses for them. Scheduling the shuttle’s flight plan and assigning a pilot. Included were other topics of discussion for a general crew meeting to be held before we boarded the warp shuttle, for the Moon.

I also had to ask how she got the lodgings she was in.

Ms. Tash informed me, that based on my recommendation, she was approved as an Ambassadorial Level, Administrative Assistant, it was only a few grades lower than her last posting with the Vulcan Embassy, as a Public Relations Specialist.

Of course there had to be adjustments to my own Chief Advisory position, as they didn’t want the assistant out ranking the Chief Advisor.

“You mean I could have had a house like this too?” I asked.

“Yes Sir,” she replied, “but I understand you requested a BOQ assignment when you signed in. They just gave you what you asked for. You could have had a bigger office too, if you had requested it. I am sorry sir.”

Miss Tehk then piped up and said that she will be a licensed doctor in two weeks. She was to be licensed by the Cayman Islands Medical Association. She was also very happy that Ms. Tosh had obtained results so quickly.

So was I.

She had also completed her application for the Medical technician position and she would be ready to serve with the Bajoran ships’ doctor as an intern, when we get to Bajor.

She reported that Ms Tash had also purchased a new complete personal medical kit for her; that included her own personal medical computer, with the latest up dates for Human, Bajoran, Cardasian, Klingon and Ferengi medical physiology.

If I was to be sick she would definitely take good care of me.

I thanked her very much and told her to be prepared to scan the crew before they board the warp shuttle.

She would also need to coordinate with Luna port medical facilities when we get there, and be prepared to assist with the physical screening of the Klingons.

I mentioned that I suspected that they were all exposed to onboard ships’ radiation, because some of the Monarchs were notorious for radiation leaks if they weren’t up to current Federation standards.

Ms. Tash brought up the fact that both she, and Miss Tehk, were qualified shuttle pilots, and assured me that Mr. Og was also up to date in his licenses. Piloting for the shuttle should be no problem.

I thanked her for informing me, and complemented her on her efficiency, and especially her business like appearance. I added that really admired her taste; and that she looked great. They both did.

“Why Thank you captain, Ms. Tash replied. “Staunn now has proper medical apparel, and in our research, we had found out that there was a sort of uniform for the crew, as Star Fleet civilians, it was a brick red coverall”.

“I informed Mr. Og, so that he could order them for issue. I’m afraid that if you want alternate authorized civilian attire, you will have to authorize it, and all have to buy their own”.

Mr. Og can also take orders for that too. There is also civilian attire for more formal occasions; shall I have him order you a few suits jackets, and slacks sir, I just need your sizes?”

“Sure why not, just remember I’m kind of a sport jacket type anyway,” I said.

“I wear a size 42 regular jacket and size 34x30 slacks, old school measurements.”

“What can we do with our old uniforms, trash them or store them", I asked?

“Well sir, according to Admiral Broderick’s office we are a technical advisory group under the auspices’ of Star Fleet Assistance and Advisory Group (SFAAG)”.

“Our insignia will be on your comm. badge”.

“Identification cards with civilian pay status will also be worn and that’s all there is to it. It will be up to you if they can wear their regulation Star Fleet uniforms, less active duty rank of course.” was her answer.

“Ms. Tash, you positively amaze me; please inform the crew that I authorized the wearing of their old regulation uniforms, if they want to. In fact I strongly recommend that they do so; we don’t want to further confuse our Bajoran, and Klingon friends, do we.”

“Yes sir, I will post it immediately,” she replied. “Now would you care for an after dinner drink, some wine maybe? I have some that’s an excellent vintage, it was a going away gift and I don’t want to see it go to waste.”

“I’d be happy to; can I assist you in clearing the table?”

“No, that will not be necessary; Staunn will do it for us.” She replied.

“Please captain; just be seated on our couch while I change into something less formal”.

“Staunn when you get our Captain a glass of wine, I would like to have a glass of mineral water too, please.”

“Yes ma'am,” Staunn replied, and then to me, ‘I’ll be right back Captain.”

Staunn bustled out to the kitchen while Ms. Tash went into a side room, and I went into the living room that had a giant video screen, and sat down on a couch that was almost as big as my BOQ.

I sat there patting myself on the back for acquiring the services of Ms. Tash and Dr. Tehk. They were wonderful examples of beauty, and brains.

Beauty wasn’t the right word to describe Be’nen when she came back into the room, dazzling was more like it.

She was wearing her skimpy retro uniform again, and with her little smile, she always seemed to have on; I thought she really knows how to dress informal.

She came over and sat real close to me and leaned in to say, “I think we are private enough for me to wear it now Captain, wouldn’t you agree?”

I must have still goggled when I said,” Yes.”

Then Staunn came in with the two wine glasses. She too had changed her clothes too, by taking most of them off.

She was wearing a big smile, and a nice frilly apron, and nothing else. She handed each of us our drinks and then left the room; with her shapely little buttocks on display.

I had to ask Be’nen, “Didn’t you notice that Ms. Tehk had no clothes on, except for that little apron?”

Be’nen smiled benignly; “It is not unusual for us Captain. She is like that all the while around our house, and she is Ferengi you know. If it bothers you I’ll tell her to stay in the kitchen.”

Being the gallant that I am I replied, “No, I was just a little startled that’s all, first date and all.”

I then took a big drink of the wine in front of me. Be’nen was right it was delicious, I finished it off.

It was really delicious wine and downright relaxing.

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Re: ST C.O.E. Mission to Bajor, Book One, The Monarch
Book One - Chapter Nine

Being pleased with myself.

Day Seven

I was a happy man, a very happy man.

Sitting next to me was a gorgeous woman, with a very cute little servant to bring me drinks; I just could not help but smile.

In fact I couldn’t stop smiling, and Be’nen Tash seemed to glow in my presence, and I was very relaxed and in love with the world. It was the best tasting wine that I could ever remember drinking.

Be’nen then leaned over to me, twirled my hair a little and gave me a little kiss. After the kiss her usual smile seemed to fade a little. She started to speak to me and I could not help but hang on to every word she said.

“Captain, I am pleased you find us so attractive, because we are under the influence of Pon Farr and we are in need of your assistance.” She stated.

“For you Ms. Tash I would do anything you ask.” I replied, with a grin on my face that I couldn’t stop. That got me another kiss.

Miss Tehk then entered the room, still with her little apron on, and sat down right next to me, the opposite of Ms. Tash.

She then put her arms around my neck and whispered into my ear; “I love you Captain.”

I was getting really relaxed now and really enjoying the moment; I told her that I loved her too.

Staunn gave me a big hug and said to Be’nen, “See mother I told you he loved us.”

“Yes I love you both,” I repeated. I was in such wonderful spirits.

“I wish I could love you as much as Staunn does Captain,” Be’nen purred; “but I do think that you really should marry us after we are mated.”

“Mated, we?” I asked, happily confused. “You mean you, and me and Staunn”?

“I think I will have to ask my mother about that, she was a little upset about my losing my last two wives”

Staunn started laughing in her Ferengi; huff, huff, sounding way. She was practically in my lap hugging and kissing me.

“I think he is getting ready mother, can you see it too?” she asked.

I seemed to be engrossed in Be’nens’ smiling face when she leaned against me with her see through retro uniform on, showing her beautiful breast.

I tried to embrace her, but the only thing that seem to react, was what Gayle used to say, “her little ‘tom tom’ was rising”.

I felt like a superman, with very strong urge to breed; I wanted them both

Both women gave me some more kisses and with Be’nen’s verification, she said, “Yes Staunn I think he is ready; help me get him into the bed room. I don’t want him to hurt himself.”

I mentioned to her that it was very considerate of her, but I didn’t feel like sleeping right now.

Staunn started huffing again, and told me that she loves me, again.

I told her the feeling was mutual, and that I’ve never been carried into a bed room by two women before in my whole life.

When I got to the bed they gently stripped off my clothes, Staunn being a little frantic and Be’nen being quiet and methodical.

I was thinking that I must had died and gone to heaven, sex heaven or a sex romper room because I knew that I was in for a good time, and I could even start to move my hands a little.

Staunn had dropped her apron and hopped in bed beside me; she had a great little body for a doctor.

Be’nen removed her retro uniform and I could only just admire her beauty. My intense desire and need for both women kind of startled me.

Be’nen then lay down beside me and held me like a little boy.

I was surrounded with soft, warm and beautiful, flesh.

As she held me, Be’nen spoke to me; “I told you captain we were in pon farr.”

“We,” I asked?

“Yes, Captain, Staunn and I,” She continued;”we chose you because we feel you will marry us, but we need you now.”

I was confused to say the least.

“Marry, us, I don’t remember saying that. Does this include Staunn too?” I asked. “What if I don’t really love you Be’nen?”

“Oh believe me captain I know how you feel.” She seemed to purr again.

“You know that many Vulcans are telepathic, well I’m not completely Vulcan, but I can sense perfectly what you have been thinking, and I certainly know what you are thinking now.”

“Oh yeah and what is that?” trying to get my wits together. (It seemed like a strange question with my penis feeling like a baseball bat).

“I sensed that you were in love with me when you told us that if we were married some one of the crew you would find a place for us to be on this mission”.

“I then asked you if the crew included you, and you said yes, remember.”

“I am sure this is what you wanted for yourself Captain.”

“I can tell that you do find me and my daughter very attractive.”

“Even Staunn knows you like her and she loves you for it, she can be very affectionate you know.”

“I also can be a very good wife for you, Captain I can sense your true desires.”

“Yes but what will my mother say,” I whimpered?
“When she finds out that I’m a love slave to a pair of Vulcans, especially at my age she may worry. She liked my ex-wife Gayle you know.”

Staunn started laughing again, and Be’nen just smiled and told me; “You have a singular sense of humor Captain, but you cannot lie to your mother or to me for that matter.”

“We do need you to cooperate, Michael, I can call you that now can’t I?”

“I really think that you also need us now, will you kiss me now?”

“Yes Be’nen, and I do want both of you,” I sighed; “but will you both respect me in the morning, love?”

Be’nen kissed me, and then followed a night of sexual romp that changed all our lives

Be’nen did not smile while she worked our conjugal joining; she performed like a detached soul of a courtesan.

She had tremendous strength. When she started gripping my shoulders really tight I was getting a little worried.

She then she dropped down to her elbows, and put her hands on both sides of my head and kept staring into my eyes.

She started saying; “Staunn help me. Staunn help me. I am not ready yet.”

Be’nen then started to blush coppery red, and started to weep; I heard that Vulcans never cry!

I was then being flooded with thoughts, and emotions, strange to me. Flashes of images seemed to explode in my head, loves, hates, longing, loneliness and fear.

Be’nen the Vulcan was losing control of her emotions, and was squeezing my head like a melon.

Be’nen was now sobbing and crying out; “M’aith, M’aith, oh Staunn help me, help me.”

Staun started to keen.

I was feeling their overwhelming needs under pon farr.

My urge to protect, and love them, was also being intensified by whatever drug they gave me.

I wanted Be’nen so much to love me. I wanted so much to love, and protect them both.

With an effort I reached out and embraced them both. I asked myself, can a Vulcan really love? I want to love you both, but can that love be returned?

Be’nens’ expression changed again. She looked like Staunn, wanting needing, and something else remembering.

Then she stared into my eyes again and spoke, “Michael we are mating, we are mating, Staunn release him; we are mating.”

I thought I had latched on to a tornado; as she bounced me around like a beach ball for about sixty seconds while we both climaxed. Never had I had a lover drain me as she did.
Holding on to her as she collapsed, she started to hum like she just completed a chocolate desert. She moved to my left side, gave me another kiss and informed me that: “We are mated now Michael, you must marry us.”

Now it was Staunn’s time to try and make love to me.

Like a child she cried; “I love you too, Michael. Make love me too Michael, I want you to marry me too.”

She seemed to be a little frantic in her efforts, but she had help.

Before I could figure what I was going to do with Staunn, Be’nen clasp me to her breast and then reached down and, connected with some nerve, and all of a sudden I was very much in love with Staunn too.

Staunn was laughing with her Ferengi laugh, kissing me and telling me how much she loved me.

I was amazed how much I could pay attention to Staunn in our love making.

I was superman again.

Her hips were locked into over drive. She wasn’t as complicated lover as Be’nen, but she was just as serious.

Her need, and my drug induced affection for her, seemed to grow with her sexual heat.

When she started keening and started calling; “Maith, Maith, Maith,” I held her as close as I could as we strove to a conclusion.

Be’nen then wrapped her arms around both of us while Staunn kept saying: “He loves me too mama, I knew it mamma, he loves me too.”

I think I was in some kind of shock; I know I felt physically spent.

Both women were clinging to me and all sorts of thoughts and emotions were running through my mind.

Somehow I didn’t feel happy. I turned to Be’nen and asked: “Are you sure we’re in love now, Be’nen?”

Be’nen reached over and placed my face to her breast, kissed my forehead and said: “Yes Michael, we are mated now Michael, I truly think now you will marry us.”

Then the lights went out.

Sometime in the middle of the night I woke up and I felt like the peanut butter in a love sandwich.

I was snuggled up tight against Be’nens’ breast and Staunn seemed to be wrapped around me like paint.

It felt real nice.

Be'nen stirred a little bit and whispered to me: “You cooperated so well, Michael, I am pleased that you find us so attractive. Do you need me?”

I don’t know if it was a residual effect of the drugs or what, but I was ready to go again.

She must have known that my attitude was towards them was changing, I felt I was falling in love with her, because this time it was me that wanted to initiate the lovemaking.

As I was clinging to her she whispered in my ear: “See, Michael I can be a good mate for you, you must marry me.”

Talk about a complicated relationship.

Later on Staunn wanted attention. I wasn’t so sure I could perform another act, but she was persistent, and was hard to resist, after all she was the doctor.

Making love to Staunn was like getting into a body suit. She had her arms and legs around me like an octopus.

Her excited huff, huff, huffing, seemed to make me really excited. She was so tiny I thought I would break her.

When she hiccupped a few times then started to keen, she then started wiggling like a worm on a hook, and took us both to climax.

As I felt my eye balls return back into their normal position, she started laughing in her Ferengi way and sang out; “Oh Michael you are wonderful lover for me, I do, do love you.”

Superman was feeling real fine then. I was collapsed between my two lovers when I heard Staunn saying; “See mother I told you he could love us both.”

Then it was good night with another nerve pinch for me; the lights went out.
· * * * * * * * * * * * *
Day Eight

When I woke up the next morning I was looking into the smiling pixy faced Staunn.

She was all decked out in a medical Tech uniform, comm. badge and all; even I didn’t have a badge yet.

“Wake up sleepy head,” she said, “You have to get moving. You wanted us all down to the shuttle craft this morning so let’s get started”.

“Be’nen is going to feed you breakfast and I have to get down to base dispensary to get some supplies, so I will see you later.”

She then gave me a big hug along with a huge kiss and said: “See you later lover, make sure you drink my restorative I left for you, it’ll make feel better; bye.”

I was still groaning trying to get out of bed when Be’nen came into the room dressed in a bath robe, grabbed my hand and pulled me out of bed.

“Let’s get you showered and dressed Michael,” she directed. “We don’t want to be late for the shuttle launch do we?”

I grumbled something that she ignored, and pointed me to the shower.

No worry about my clothes, because I didn’t have any on, and when she dropped her bath robe I noticed she didn’t have any on either. It was all very efficient, two showers for the price of one.

She scrubbed me all over like a bath my mother used to give me, but I made sure that she had all her important parts washed down too.

I really didn’t want to miss any of her parts.

When I got a little too interested in her, she gave me a flick with her hand and told me gently; “Later Michael, be nice.”

I tried my best.

After I was dressed and sitting down at the breakfast table with toast and coffee and my ‘restorative’, I asked Be’nen: “About what happened last night; we have to talk.”

“Yes Michael, I explained to you that we were under the influence of Pon Farr. We needed to mate with someone; we selected you. We just seduced you last night to make sure it happened in a controlled environment.”

“Seduced me, is that what you call it? I exclaimed. “I think I was drugged to the eyeballs, and by the way how did Staunn get caught up in this”?

“I think you knew a little how I felt about you, but to get caught up into this Vulcan style mating process is going way over my head”.

“I need an explanation and I need it fast or we aren’t going anywhere together.”

“I am sorry Michael; will you please listen to our story?”

“Explain away sweets, before we get a divorce, before we even get engaged.”

“You know by now Michael,” Be’nen started, “Staunn is my daughter.”

“Yes I gathered that when you came in together the first time we met. You seemed to me to be too close to each other for an employer and employee relationship.”

“Very astute of you Michael; not too many people tend to notice Staunn at all.”

“I guess that explains her strong reaction to you, I think she fell in love with you the minute you offered her a mission”.

“A mission, and employment, completely separate from mine, no one has ever asked her to do anything except through me. She loves you for it.”

“I find that hard to believe that Be’nen, I replied, “she’s a beautiful grownup woman.”

“Yes, I think so too Captain, but some people would consider us both freaks of nature.”

“You see Captain I am not a true Vulcan, I am half Romulan. I was born of a Vulcan mother in a Romulan prison encampment; don’t ask me where, I don’t know.”

“I have no idea who my Romulan father is, and until last night; I couldn’t even remember what my mothers’ name was.”

I didn’t know what to say, I only thought, what in Hades is happening here?

She continued: “When I was about ten years old I was sold to a Ferengi trader.”

“I was kept on his ship until I was, I think, around fifteen. Most of my child hood memories are gone.”

“I was mostly just little more than a worker companion, although the master did like me to stroke his ears. Then I started showing my maturity.”

“Being Vulcan I could never respond to his sexual advances because it just didn’t relate to me. So he drugged me. The aphrodisiac we gave you last night is similar to what he gave me, only his was much stronger. High dosages make you susceptible to mental manipulation.”

“So I was being brainwashed while being seduced?” I asked.

“No Michael, we gave you only enough to enhance your libido”.

“Your true sexual desire was as wide open as a book. Your sexual desires stimulated my breeding instincts and we being together seemed to drive Staunn frantic.”

“Remember you did say you loved us; we are now attuned to each other, but I digress.”

“Staunn’s father drugged me, and sent me into an artificial Pon Farr cycle. In effect I was raped under the influence”.

“Unfortunately somehow the dosage affected me mentally, and I think genetically as well. I became pregnant with Staunn.”

“My mood changes shied him away from any further attempts to get intimate with me again”.

“He later began to fear me when I broke his arm, while in the troughs of my birth pains, while delivering Staunn.”

“Jesus I’m sorry Be’nen,” I mumbled.

She continued; “I think he really decided to get rid of both of us is when he saw my beautiful Staunn. She didn’t look enough like a Ferengi to him.”

“You can see her face and ears; plus she had hair, lots of beautiful blond hair; the Ferengi are bald. I still don’t know where she got that gene from; maybe from my long lost Romulan father.”

“I sensed he was trying to get rid of us, maybe sell us. I sensed the messages were getting clearer after the time I had Staunn”.

I do not think I am fully telepathic like some Vulcans, at least I haven’t tried to be, but I am very empathic, and so is Staunn. We are in some ways connected.”

“Staunn’s father took us down to a planet to do some trading”.

“While in orbit I noticed a Vulcan trading vessel”.

“I don’t think he realized what he was doing; he must have had a big deal set up for us when we were to land, but when he wanted us to disembark, I refused.”

“I would not be sold, or have my daughter sold”.

“He then drew his hand phaser and threatened to shoot me through my daughter who was strapped to my breast”.

“Even my reactions surprised me. I swatted the phaser out of his hand, twisted his arm out of his socket and while he was screaming, I threw him bodily out of the shuttle door.
He landed on his head; that was smashed like a melon, and was killed.”

“I then flew the shuttle into orbit as close to the Vulcan ship as I could get without them firing on me, and asked for asylum, in Ferengi of course”.

“The only Vulcan word I could remember was M’aith, mother”

“Believe me Be’nen”, I interrupted, “I would never do anything to hurt you, or Staunn, even after all that happened last night; I would even let you win at cards.”

“Don’t you think I know that Captain,” she replied, “besides you couldn’t beat me at cards any way, remember I can almost read your mind, but that is not the last of my story”.

“If we are to be married I want you to know all about us, and why we are all now connected.”

“When Staunn and I were rehabilitated to Vulcan, we never really fit in.”

“I was fifteen years late for Vulcan logic training, and Staunn was almost impossible to teach”.

“You’ll notice my degrees were not in the high sciences that the Vulcans excel at, but in public relations.”

“Staunn barely made it through, what on Earth is called a middle school, not because she was stupid, but because she was a social outcast”.

“We had no family, my mental block that held my childhood and my mother’s name could not be undone. Do you know what the pre marriage arrangements are for Vulcans?”

“I can’t say as I do”, I replied.

“Well neither do I. No Vulcan wants to marry a clan-less, property-less, and in their minds witless woman, especially not a true Vulcan, but a half-breed Romulan. And what of my daughter, we had no future on Vulcan except struggle and pain.”

“The assignment to Earth was a godsend for us; I was accepted, and even acclaimed, by many here on Earth”.

“I could sense all your desires and pettiness. I could anticipate, and in many circumstances manipulate people, to accomplish my task as a public relations official. I was very satisfied.”

“Staunn continued her education, and excelled”.

“She was just one of many off-worlders who come here to Earth just to experience your culture, your acceptance, your blending in. Staunn for once was happy”.

“Then I went into a regular cycle of pon’farr, our connection made Staunn frantic, she went into pon farr also”.

“To her it was like nymphomania. I realized then that we were more closely linked than I thought possible”.

“She was only a teenager, when I had to take her out of school”.

“We were on suppression medicine for six months, furnished by the Vulcan embassy staff, and lived in virtual isolation”.

“It was a terrible experience for Staunn. I was Vulcan enough to control my emotions after pon’farr, but Staunn was not, it was not an easy time”.

“She is older now and understands what can happen to her, when her mother and daughter are under the influence of pon’farr.”

“I am in pon’farr now. It will last about six months. It is race mechanism to ensure pregnancy. Don’t worry Michael you will not be a father yet, we are not genetically compatible.”

“With Staunns’ maturity it would prove to be an embarrassment to the Vulcan embassy, and we would have been recalled to Vulcan; and to her misery, and my pain”.

“Acceptance on your mission would be a way to isolate us and try to control ourselves in private”.

"Things changed when I met you.”

“I chose you for two reasons”.

“Number one; you said I would be allowed to join if I was married to one of the crew. Believe me Michael many men have desired me, I know because many a time I considered it a males vulnerability in my business relations, but no man has ever asked me to marry them, only you”.

“Number two; Staunn really likes you, I guess you might say she loves you, and she agreed with the decision to mate, and marry you.”

“That’s just great Be’nen, now that we are supposedly mated, I’m supposed to marry the both of you,” I exclaimed!

“One woman is a Vulcan with the emotional level of a door knob, when she is not in pon’farr every seven years, and the other is her nymphomaniac daughter who I probably should be a father figure to,” I continued.

“Jeez Be’nen, that’s one hell of a position to put me in. I can’t seem to keep one wife happy at a time let alone two. What do you expect me to do?”

“Marry us as soon as you can. We are mated.” She said emphatically. “We are connected. Staunn loves you”.

“I am half Romulan, maybe I can learn to love you the same as Staunn, we are connected. I can be a good wife too. I am not unaware of the human male’s needs, and desires.”

“I suppose you studied the Kama Sutra too,” I replied sarcastically.

“I am aware of the Kama Sutra, Michael.” She continued. “If you feel physically fit I’m sure Staunn, and I, will be obliging.”

“You’re not being helpful in this situation Be’nen”.

“I can’t be thinking of marriage now, I have a mission to complete, a three year mission. Besides I don’t think you and Staunn are thinking right about this under the influence of pon’farr”.

“In six months it will probably just blow over and you will be back to your normal efficient thinking Vulcan, Freeing, Romulo person, whatever.”

“No captain we are joined, mated and connected.” she lectured, “You have freed Staunn’s love and affection, and through the both of you, I no longer have the mental block that was given to me as a slave. I can remember things now. I know my mother’s name.”

Be’nen’s face started to screw up, it look as if she was going to cry.

The moment was so emotional for her that it was plain to see that she was struggling for control.

I reached over the table and grabbed her hand and pulled her over to me and sat her on my lap and held her.

Be’nen got her composure back, got her little amused grin back and asked me: “Are you going to remove us from the mission?”

“Certainly not,” I said. “We’re in too deep now sweetheart. You know how I feel about you and Staunn, but I’m not getting married now no matter what you think”.

“You are a part of this mission. I need both of your help, Be’nen, you know that too”.

“You will have to resign if you want off this project. It would probably break my heart, but that’s the way it’ll have to be.”

“About our personal relationship, you’re going to have to talk to my parents about this.”

“Your parents,” she asked?

“Yes when you are done with pon’farr. I explained. “You will just have to think of us as pre-engaged, dating you might say.”

“Dating on a star ship?” She asked; really grinning this time.

“Yes dear and you can ask me to dinner any time you feel like it. Just don’t gang up on me”.

“Once the word gets around I’ll probably be laughed out of Star Fleet anyway, marrying two women”.

“Cripes in twenty years you would probably have to push me around in a wheel chair and pre chew my food for me.”

Her face really became a little screwed up for a second. I think she was trying not to laugh in my face, but she didn’t.

“Yes Michael, we will do as you say.” She exclaimed. “We will all be perfectly professional”.

“Staunn, and I, both know many recipes that you may need to try at dinner”.

“In six months we can talk to your parents. Staunn would like that too, to be part of a family”.

“I am pleased you are so human and agreeable.”

“Thank you my dear, now give us a kiss and let’s get moving over to the launch pad and get in to the shuttle before all the good seats are gone."

Big Tom March 20 2013 05:02 PM

Re: ST C.O.E. Mission to Bajor, Book One, The Monarch
Book One - Chapter Ten

Old friends and a false start.

Day Eight

When Be’nen and I arrived at the depot launch area, I knew I was in trouble.

Og had the shuttle in hand, and a shuttle load of supplies sitting next to it waiting to be loaded.

I knew then that all of it would not fit into the shuttle, along with the twenty five crew personnel that showed up.

I greeted Ron, Pete and Don, and told them how glad I was to see them as I made my way up to the shuttles’ cargo ramp.

I said good morning to Mr. Og, and the two Dabo girls, and introduced Be’nen to everyone there.

“You did a good job Mr. Og, but I’m afraid we are going to need another shuttle,” I decried.

“It looks like most of my advisor group showed up for duty”.

“I need to see if you can get another Type 9 cargo shuttle for us”.

“Better make it a 9B troop transport if you can. We can always fold up the seats to get this cargo inside it, and still have seating room for some of our salvage team”.

“Yes sir,” Og replied. “Will we have to move our stuff now too? Who is going to help us load all this stuff? Who will pilot this one if I have to pilot the other one”?

“My new administrative assistant, Ms. Tash, and our new medical tech, Dr. Tehk, can pilot for me in this shuttle.”

“We can have the Recovery and Salvage teams travel with you. We will all help you load. You get started on the supply comm. looking for one, and I’ll get this party started here.”

“I started welcoming, and introducing my teams, when Staunn arrived in a base taxi, with what looked like two storage lockers full of medical equipment.

I went over to help her lug them to the shuttle. I then asked her to set up shop in one of the berths at the rear of the shuttle, and get prepared for crew screening.

Back at the ramp I formally welcomed all members to the Star Fleet Advisor and Assistance Group (SFAAG) – CIV to the Bajor Provisional Government, Bajoran Ministry of Commerce, Salvage and Recovery Operations.

“I know that you have probably met each other, but I want to introduce my team leaders and the crew roster as I see it now”.

“I also would like the team leaders to assemble their crew together as I read off the list. If there needs to be any changes, get to me when we get to Moon base”.

“This crew list will be our working roster for now”.

I read out my list, it is as follows:

Command and Operations

Michael Thomas CWO (Ret) Chief Advisor
Civ SF 14 Chief Engineer
Ben’en Tash Civ SF 14 Admin Asst
Stunn Tehk, MD Civ SF 5 Med Tech
Mr. Og Civ SF 6 Supply Tech
Sunbeam Dabo Civ SF 3 Supply Clerk
Teacup Dabo Civ SF 3 Supply Clerk
John Hirst Civ SF 5 Steward
James Mathys Civ SF5 Steward

Flight Engineers

Peter Murray CPO (Ret) Flight Engr
Civ SF 9 Maintenance
Donald Murdoch CPO (Ret) Flight Engr
Civ SF 9 Maintenance
Dwane Barkley Civ SF 5 Engr tech
Mona Freeman Civ SF 5 Engr tech
Larry Comet LtJG (Ret) Conn Tech
Civ SF 6
Nichelle Bushong Civ SF 6 Computer Spec
Alesia Campbell Civ SF 5 Computer Tech
Mrs. Diane Murray Civ SF 5 Computer Tech

Recovery Team

Ronald Thornton CPO (Ret) Salvage Tech
Civ SF 9
Dwane Barkley Civ SF 5 Engr tech
Mrs. Jenny Thornton Civ SF 5 Engr Bee Opr
Mrs. Carol Murdoch Civ SF 5 Engr Bee Opr
James West Civ SF 5 Recovery Spec
Joshua Bopp Civ SF 5 Recovery Spec
David. Thomas Civ SF 5 Demo/UXB Sp
Reed Dunn Civ SF 5 Demo/UXB Sp
David Jeffers Civ SF5 Armorer
Robert Good Civ SF5 Decon Spec

I then re-introduced Ms. Be’nen Tash as my admin assistant, and Dr. Staunn Tehk, as our med tech, which got me a big hug from Staunn, and cat calls from the crowd.

I also announced that she was Be’nen’s daughter, and yes she was a real doctor and that she can only hug me, and her mother, and no other members of the crew.

That got a skeptical chuckle form the crowd.

I pointed out that Mr. Og, our supply specialist, with his two assistants, the Dabo girls, would try and find us another Type-9 shuttle to load all this extra equipment in.

I explained the reason for all the rush was that we had a Monarch class merchantman, owned by Klingons; that I really wanted to get my hands on to use in our mission, before they changed their minds.

I warned my team that they were probably ex-pirates and to be on their guard, even if they are supposed to be our allies and co-workers.

If anyone had a real problem with it, now is the time to let me know now, because we are going to Luna port to assist them getting refitted enough to meet Federation safety standards, and you will be partnering with Klingons to get the job done.

There were a few grumblings from the team; Klingons weren’t popular

I also said that the recovery section would fly in the other shuttle that Mr. Og procures for us.

“Right now I want all of you to in-process with Ms. Tash and Dr. Tehk”.

“It’s to make sure you are entered properly in our team roster, and recorded in our mission computer log”.

“I do want to see my old friend Larry Comet and Com-Spec Nichelle Bushong as soon as they finish in-processing.”

I asked Be’nen to start the in-processing on her portable comp link through the shuttles computer, at one of the dining tables.

I would setup on the other table, in case anyone asks a question, like, where is my bunk?

We were all going to be packed in like sardines until we got aboard the Monarch.

I then went, and helped Staunn reshuffle her medical equipment around in one of the sleeping berths.

The berths were set up with a sliding door for privacy and contained a berth similar to the seating booth with table setup, in the main passenger area.

To make a bed, the table was lowered to fit between the two seats. Then the seat cushions were reshuffled to be made up as a bunk, just like and road bound RV.

I asked her if everything is going to be ‘okay’.

“No problem Michael,” she replied. “I’ve got all the prelaunch medical requirements from the Post Dispensary; , they were most helpful.”

“I will give all personnel, a baseline medical scan, including you. I have the latest medical tricorder, scanner, and portable medical terminal, so I am all set”.

“Please don’t go anywhere, because you are my first patient. Would you please help me plug in all this stuff where it needs to go?”

She said: “Thank you,” after I crawled around the berth searching for electrical outlets.

After we got her set up, she wanted me to take all my clothes off so she could give me a “complete physical”.

I said: “No Staunn, we don’t want to scare the crew. Just scan me with the tricorder and enter my data from my Public Health data chit, like everyone else.”

“Anyways after last night, if I had any physical defects, you would have already pointed them out to me.”

She laughed and quipped that I, “never let her have any fun”.

After my scan I exited fast and went to see how Be’nen was doing and to see if I could help.

Be’nen was doing okay, then asked me where my pers-comp was.

I said it was in my luggage somewhere.

She recommended that dig it out because until we get on the Monarch, the shuttles’ on board computer may have trouble handling all the demands of the crew; especially when we may be have to work with a Klingon computer, that may not be fully compatible with Star Fleet issue.

An issue we would all be working on when we got to the moon.

Shortly after that, Staunn came forward to where we were sitting and announced that all the exams were done, except for her mother, and Mr. Og and his crew.

I said, “Thank you Doctor, would you please sit in the pilots’ seat and start our pre flight checklist and file a flight plan with Base Operations. Include a second shuttle in the flight plan for Mr. Og and the Recovery Section.”

She then reached over and put her arm around my shoulder and said; “Yes sir, I’ll do it right away, sir.”

Then she smiled, patted the top of my head and sashayed forward to the pilots’ seat.

That bought out more hoots from the people lounging in the shuttle, like: “boy, are you a special patient or what!”

I looked at Be’nen and she wasn’t smiling. I guessed she didn’t get a chance to talk to Staunn yet.

“Alright you people don’t you have things to do? Get some of your gear stowed and dig out your pers-comps.”

“You need to start down loading info on that Monarch Class Merchantman.”

“She is a lot larger than the J-Class, that you all are probably familiar with; this baby is almost twice as big, and really old.”

“It’s like a super freighter that is almost as large as the Grayson tender, and you aren’t going to be on it that long before you have to start training Bajorans. So try to get up to speed on it as soon as possible.”

“The same goes for the Grayson tender.”

“Remember they have to relieve us after our temporary duty on that thing. You can just down load the material that you need to do your own job.”

About that time Og called in and Staunn put it on the speaker.

“Captain, I found you a shuttle. It has been sitting for awhile and I need a power assist module to get her running.
If you have one there I’ll have to return to the landing field to get it. Also my Dabo girls say it smells funny.”

“Og", I answered, "there is a power assist module in this shuttle that I do have here available."

"Bring your car back here and pick it up.”

“When you return to the new shuttle, take the Recovery Section, or at least Mr. Thornton, with some helpers, to help you get it over here to the launch area."

"We'll continue to work on it here.”

“Okay Captain, I’ll be right over."

I called Ron over and told him about the shuttle situation, and that Og was coming over to pick up this shuttle’s power assist module.”

He could go back with Og and take as many of his crew that he felt he needed to help him to get the shuttle running, and bring it back here for servicing.

Ron confirmed my request with an “okay”, and relayed the info to his team, then selected three people to assist him.

I summoned my two newly joined stewards that had showed up, Hirst and Mathys.

I wanted them to check the shuttle’s food packs, and to verify any additional dietary requirements for Ms. Tash, Dr. Tehk, Mr. Og and the Dabo girls.

I also wanted them to secure field rations for the second shuttle, when it was ready, and to check out what they could secure for liquid refreshments that were probably needed for the second shuttle.

It would be lucky if the new found shuttle had a liquid coffee dispenser.

They said they would get right on it, and both went directly to Be’nen to submit purchases from base supply, well it was a start. I then returned to my post in the shuttle.

When I sat down at my table Larry Comet came over and sat down. With him was The Computer Specialist, Nichelle Bushong.

Nichelle was a bean pole of a woman. She looked to be flat chested, blond haired, with a severe banged, helmet style hair cut.

She had an expression on her face that looked like she had just sucked on a sour pickle. She also seemed to me to be wrapped up real tight, and was wearing a uniform that I didn’t recognize right off. It looked like a flight attendants uniform.

I shook hands with both of them, and welcomed them aboard.

“Long time no see Larry. The last time I saw you, was when you took a commission assignment, on a bridge crew somewhere.”

“Yea I did Mike. One of the bigger mistakes in my life, it almost got me killed.”

“How was that Larry? I didn’t know you were in any action.”

“I wasn’t,” Larry replied. “When I took the commission they took me off the engineer and tactical ships, and put me into transportation and supply vessels”.

“Talk about boring, I had more underlings than I knew what to do with. All it seemed I had to do was check my rosters daily to see if everyone was still alive”.

“All the work was done for me, I became a supervisor; how’s that?”

“It would seem like that would get you far enough away from any action, and not get you killed.”

“That’s all well and good under normal circumstances, Mikey, but being raided by pirates kind of changes your perspective.”

“Pirates! They weren’t Klingon were they?”

“Hell I don’t know for sure Mike. I was asleep at the time the alarm went off”.

“They blew out a bulkhead before I could get to my station and I was buried under debris, out cold as a mackerel”.

“When I came to all the women were gone, except for Nichelle here”.

“Six men were dead, about the same badly injured, and except for my bump on the head (a mild concussion), I was okay, but the ship had a couple of holes in it big enough to drive a work bee through them, and was venting atmosphere”.

“If it wasn’t for the emergency bulk heads activating, we would have all been killed.”

“I didn’t find Nichelle for about six hours. I still don’t know how she crawled underneath her com station”.

“There is maybe just enough room for a child in there. She was really jammed in there,” Larry chucked.

“It wasn’t funny, Larry,” Nichelle spoke up, “and at least I’m still here.”

“I can only tell you Mike, that it was a Klingon ship, a Bird of Prey type. A big one too, it had to be, to haul away the cargo that we were hauling”.

“If they were Klingons inside of those suits, no one left alive was going to open the cargo bay extension doors, to take a closer look. It just sawed off the tug lead, and flew it away with a tractor beam.”

The only record we had left was an outside visual.

“Nichelle had to work like a dog to get us a rescue signal together.”

“After that I quit Star Fleet, and just took commercial short hauls. I’m all alone now, and have just been coasting from one job to another, like I heard what you were doing before this project came up.”

“I saw your name, and called Nichelle to let her know where I was going, because we kept in touch, and low and behold, here she is too.”

“This isn’t just an ash and trash job, Larry,” I explained. “We’re going to salvage what we can out there and let the Bajorans put humpty dumpty back together again”.

“Nichelle, you didn’t quit your job for this one did you?”

“No Sir, I was sort of semi retired. I too quit Star Fleet after the incident; only I took a position with the colony fleet service."

"I thought Star Fleet was a little screwed up, try shepherding about a thousand colonists.”

“No sir I was ready to move on. Larry just planted a little seed in my head. I’ll probably regret it though, I took an awfully big pay cut to take this job;” and she was chuckling over that remark (?).

“Well welcome aboard anyways, to the both of you.”

“Larry you used to be the go to guy to get things done ‘special’, are you still the same?

“I don’t know Mike, try me.”

“Well Larry we got us a Klingon Monarch Merchantman for hire at Luna port. That ship normally has a crew of sixty one personnel and they almost flat landed it on the moon, with about twenty five people to run it. I think it’s a prize ship.”

“What do you want us to do?”

“When we get on board I want you to find out its history Larry, without them knowing about it. Can you do it?”

“Gee Mike why don’t you just let me call a few people I know, and we can steal the whole thing for you.”

I thought it was funny, but Nichelle just glared at him.

Maybe she knew something that I didn’t know.

“No Larry, remember were back in Star Fleet now, you have to play by the rules.”

“I can get any information you need Mr. Thomas,” spoke Nichelle. “Getting it is the easy part but getting it off the ship is the hard part. A unsecured transmission would be detected.”

“Not if we had the ships command codes Nichelle,” said Larry, “or better yet if we implanted federation command codes, we could then link in, and it would be as if we were just another terminal on the Monarch. Think you can do that without anyone guessing, Nichelle?”

“Let me think on it Larry.”

She then asked me; “Do you plan to park the shuttles in the Monarchs shuttle bay?

I told her yes, and that I plan to use the converted shuttle as my command post, and onboard residence, until we reach the Grayson.

“Very good, sir,” was her reply.

“Larry, we will have to modify the auxiliary power cable; that would be the easiest way. It would be impossible to trace a transmission signal through a power coupling. Of course you would have to establish the com link Larry.”

“Yes Nichelle.”

“Don’t you worry Mikey, by the time we are thru, you will have a secondary bridge set up in this shuttle enough to fly that Monarch yourself, if you had to”.

“I learned a few tricks in my time. I think it would take a Vulcan security officer to find out what we are doing, and as I don’t think they would have one aboard, they probably will never find out what we are doing.”

I felt a couple sets of eyes staring at the back of my head, but I didn’t say anything. Instead I told Larry, and Nichelle, that we were on the same sheet of music, and thanks.

I then asked Be’nen how things were going,

She said, “Very well sir. I do have to go to base personnel to pickup our new ID badges as there are no facilities to produce them on board. I would also like to pick up a supply of civilian com badges; badges enough even for the Klingons”.

She would use Og’s car when he returned, I suggested.

“Maybe Mr. Comet would care to assist me when the time comes,” she asked?

I could take a hint, and asked Larry if he would help Be’nen; he agreed.

Staunn notified me from her pilot’s seat, that Og finally got the shuttle up and running and they were on their way back to the launch area now.

I said thanks and went out on deck to wait for them.

When the shuttle landed the first thing you noticed was all the grime on it. It must have sat out there for years.

When Og, and Ron, came out they both looked a little grim.

“She needs a good cleaning and airing out Mike,” said Ron.

“Come over here and take a closer look.”

The girls were right it did smell funny.

Inside the shuttle’ cargo bay; , where the fold down passenger seats were positioned; Ron pointed to two big areas where new repair patches were at one time sealed in, one on each side. It had been hit clear through it, and hit hard.

“It looks like one of those salvaged shuttles from Wolf 359, after the battle with the Borg.” Ron explained.

“It must have been used as an escape vehicle when it was hit in the cross fire. I think that’s why she smells so gamey.

It was probably filled with people and when it got hit like that, it probably spread everyone all over the inside of this thing like a coat of paint.”

“They rebuilt her of course, and cleaned her up, but it takes awhile to get the smell of all that disinfectant out. That’s probably why she sat out there so long, and then they forgot about it.”

“Og found it stored out behind the old Type-7 shuttles. You still want her?”

“Yeah Ron I do. Please take it over to the wash rack and clean her up, then get it serviced”.

“She’s going to be your work platform when we get to the Grayson, so take a few women along to make sure it’s fumigated enough to meet their standards.”

“You don’t need to tell them what we think happened to her. She’ll do, after all, this is salvage and recovery operation isn’t it.”

“Sure boss,” replied Ron. “I’ll get right on it. If you don’t mind I’ll take the whole crew.”

“You do that Ron”

The Dabo girls drove Og’s car up to the shuttle, and came out still holding their noses.

“Mr. Thomas we need a shower. That shuttle really stinks and we feel really icky.”

“Okay girls wait a second.”

I called out for Be’nen, and Larry, that their ride was here and asked if they would also take the girls some place to take a shower.

“Yes sir,” Be’nen answered, “I can do that, and by the way I have contacted transit housing and made overnight accommodations for everyone. It is now almost four PM and none of the crew has had any lunch, and that galley, on board this shuttle, is little more than a snack bar.”

“The people here are falling all over their selves, sir. If I may I also suggest we inform the launch terminal that we will have a twenty four hour delay, so we can get all this equipment loaded and get a fresh start tomorrow.”

“You know that second shuttle is not really ready to travel, and I think you need some place to have a group meeting in a little more favorable setting.”

“You‘re right Be’nen,” I replied, “and I apologize too. I’m in too much of a hurry. Make it so Be’nen.”

“I’ll inform Staunn, and the rest of the crew. See you when you get back.”

I returned to the shuttle and made the announcement and it seemed like they were all cheering.

I felt like a dope.

I told Staunn to inform the terminal of the delay and told everyone that I wanted all that equipment on the deck to be loaded on shuttle number two before we quit for the day, and where were my two stewards Hirst, and Mathys?

They had disappeared looking for rations.

When I sat down at my table Staunn came over and sat next to me and asked me if I was going to have dinner with them tonight.

I said we would have to wait and ask her mother when she got back.

Staunn started put on a glum face, so I said that if there was no problem with her mother I would be glad to have dinner with all of us, in the mess hall.

Staunn just kind of looked at me and then started to laugh in her huff, huff way.

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