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SiskoFreak February 14 2013 05:34 AM

Appealing for help from my fellow Trekkies!
My 12-year-old daughter desperately needs braces...she's entering that tender age when outward appearances are all-important. Unfortunately, our dental insurance will not cover her orthodontia and we cannot afford braces on our own.

I've entered her into a Facebook contest to win free braces from a local dentist's office but it's one of those contests where you have to get the most votes to win. She's in 4th place but the leading contender has more than 20 times the votes that she has.

I'm appealing to my fellow Trekkies for help...the Star Trek fanbase has a long history of helping one another out. I'm begging you, please go to this page on Facebook, find my name (Barry Rice) and click "Vote". You can vote once per day but even if you vote just once, you'll be helping us immensely. If you can share the link on your profile and help spread the word on other sites/forums, it would be most appreciated:

Thank you very, very much and, of course, live long and prosper! :vulcan:

sojourner February 14 2013 06:32 AM

Re: Appealing for help from my fellow Trekkies!
Yep, your first and only post on the forums. I'm convinced.

SiskoFreak February 14 2013 06:37 AM

Re: Appealing for help from my fellow Trekkies!
Sorry...not a big forum poster. I mainly use my account to post the occasional comment on a TrekWeb article but I thought it wouldn't hurt to appeal for help from the fan community.

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