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JirinPanthosa February 14 2013 12:54 AM

Why no Maquis flashbacks?
Why is it that in the entire history of Voyager, we never once had a flashback to any Maquis operations?

The only reference to anything any character did during their time in the Maquis I can think of is Torres in Dreadnought. But no flashbacks to exchanging fire with a Cardassian ship, or hiding from Federation search parties, or the Cardassian attacks on the Maquis colony.

You can pretty much watch all of Voyager and if you hadn't seen DS9, not know anything about the Maquis except that they were Federation citizens who rebelled.

It seems the writers all seized on one thing about every character and made every episode about that one thing. Every Tuvok episode is about him learning how to control his emotions, or losing his ability to. Every Doctor episode is about being a hologram, every Seven episode is about having been a Borg.

Why does it seem DS9 stole all the good TNG writers and Voyager only got Braga + the leftovers?

JanewayRulz! February 14 2013 01:19 AM

Re: Why no Maquis flashbacks?
In a way, they really tried not to do much in the way of flashbacks for either the Starfleeters or the Maquis... but there were some.

Season 2's Dreadnought, as you point out, (One of my favs) is a whole episode based on a maquis mission.

We also hear more about the Maquis's prehistory during the whole Jonas spy/Seska traitor arc in season 2.

Voyager conspiracy in season 4 talks about Seven's interpretation of the initial Maquis foray into the Delta Quadrant.

Extreme Risk in season 5 talks about B'Elanna's depression over the deaths of her Maquis friends.

Season 7's "Repression" at least gives us Tuvok's Maquis flashbacks.

teacock February 14 2013 02:06 AM

Re: Why no Maquis flashbacks?
Did Trek ever do flashbacks?? The only one I can remember is the beginning of Emissary with Sisko losing his wife.

JirinPanthosa February 14 2013 02:39 AM

Re: Why no Maquis flashbacks?
Trek does literal flashbacks. You literally go back in time, or hallucinate being back in time. DS9 showed several glimpses of the Cardassian occupation, though they didn't actually show Kira participate in terrorist attacks, they referred to several specific incidences.

But, Tuvok had a flashback to the time he got that zen master logic help. Seven had a flashback to when she was a child and got assimilated. Kes went back in time to her Ocampan days. It's like after the first episode they wanted to play down the fact that Chakotay and B'elana ever did unlikable things. Only, those unlikable things are the only things that could have made them interesting.

The Green Monster February 14 2013 05:00 AM

Re: Why no Maquis flashbacks?
One would realize those Maquis were on Voyager longer than they were fighting for the Maquis. After a while, I'd imagine that it was just a brief chapter in their lives. Some of them were doing things like that already, fighting Cardassians, being merchants or something like that.

Many Maquis was in it just to fight, rather than principles like Chakotay

Guy Gardener February 14 2013 05:25 AM

Re: Why no Maquis flashbacks?
Janeway never pardoned anyone.

Never had them work off their debt to society or face trial to become vindicated or pay the price.

Admiral Hayes from Life Line assumed she locked them all in their rooms at night.

As soon as they the cross the Border into Federative space, Janeway gets proper relief and the Maquis are deposited onto the nearest penal colony because they are still accountable for all their cirmes.

If the Maquis assume different, they're kidding themselves.

JirinPanthosa February 15 2013 03:27 AM

Re: Why no Maquis flashbacks?
This is the Federation we're talking about. They'll forgive anything so long as you're being nice now.

Plus politically Admiral Paris could never explain to the press how he condemned the Maquis but pardoned his own son. Janeway has too many friends in high places not to get her way about the Maquis.

Guy Gardener February 15 2013 03:53 AM

Re: Why no Maquis flashbacks?
Tom had a special deal that we saw being made on camera. The last 6 months of his prison term was commuted in exchange for leading Janeway to Chakotay through the badlands... Tom lived up to his side of the deal, so unless kathryn welched, he was good.

George Steinbrenner February 15 2013 03:55 AM

Re: Why no Maquis flashbacks?

JirinPanthosa wrote: (Post 7680862)
Why is it that in the entire history of Voyager, we never once had a flashback to any Maquis operations?

I'm not complaining. Revolutionary jargon gets old REAL quick.

Ensign_Redshirt February 15 2013 08:55 AM

Re: Why no Maquis flashbacks?

teacake wrote: (Post 7681180)
Did Trek ever do flashbacks?? The only one I can remember is the beginning of Emissary with Sisko losing his wife.

Necessary Evil, DS9.

Straight flashback episode.

Lance February 15 2013 10:58 AM

Re: Why no Maquis flashbacks?
The reason there were no Maquis flashbacks is because they're the most boring terrorists ever. They're like those guys who petition for a rally to march through the streets and protest something-or-other, but when the day comes for the march they just go "ey, who can be bothered already?". Hence Chakotay. He's no terrorist: he's the kind of guy who'd rather be sitting in Starbucks sipping a Frappuccino.

Eddington is literally the only guy among the whole lot of them who actually had the balls to go the extra mile, and even then it's only because he's a fucking nut-job psycho. He'd have to have been the kind of man who picked the wings off flies as a kid.

Guy Gardener February 15 2013 11:04 AM

Re: Why no Maquis flashbacks?
I remember Kira telling Tom Riker how smalls his balls were.

That was funny.

Lance February 15 2013 11:14 AM

Re: Why no Maquis flashbacks?
It's a fact: terrorists are judged by testicle size. And in real-life, too.

teacock February 15 2013 11:17 AM

Re: Why no Maquis flashbacks?
Time to pull the pin.

Guy Gardener February 15 2013 12:19 PM

Re: Why no Maquis flashbacks?
Bender: Claire? Want to see a picture of a guy with elephantiasis of the nuts? It's pretty tasty.
Claire: No, thank you.
Bender: How do you think he rides a bike? Oh, Claire? Would you consider dating a guy like this?
Claire: Can't you just leave me alone?
Bender: I mean, if he had a great personality was a good dancer and had a cool car? Although, you'd probably have to ride in the backseat because his nuts would ride shotgun.

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