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Worf2DS9 February 13 2013 06:30 PM

UNDERWORLD: new Sonya flashbacks?
Does anyone know if the new edit of Underworld with the original Sonya flashbacks being replaced with corresponding footage from Rise of the Lycans is out yet? In the ROTL audio commentary, it was mentioned this was going to happen and, IIRC, was actually underway at that time. I did some online research and couldn't find anything, though I did notice there was a blu-ray box set with all 4 movies that came out last year -- maybe it's on there?

Chemahkuu February 13 2013 09:00 PM

Re: UNDERWORLD: new Sonya flashbacks?
As far as anyone knows, Sony is working to create a new 'Definitive Set' for bluray.

The original film will be rescanned for HD properly instead of upscaled, using the Extended edition print. It's cleaner, clearer, has less of the blue filter and much improved audio over the theatrical already.

They'll be removing more of the blue filter and returning more of the film to original colour, cleaning up the visual and audio distortions, making digital edits to the Lycans in limited scenes to improve the old CGI and remixing some of the original OST and songs.

They want to use the Rise of the Lycans footage for flashbacks to make it more consistant, there are rumours of new credits and added snippets of scenes and songs missing from the original.

Evolution will be getting the same clean up, colour restoration and HD print, but that's probably as much as they'll do.

Rise of the Lycans won't be touched and a couple of rumours of Awakening getting an extended 102 minute cut over the 95 or so current one.

Worf2DS9 February 15 2013 01:57 AM

Re: UNDERWORLD: new Sonya flashbacks?
Sounds like a great edition of Underworld! Wish we had an estimated release date for that. Seems like we've been waiting for it forever! :D

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