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Bry_Sinclair February 10 2013 10:51 PM

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Team
Here is one team made up of the women of Star Trek:

Alynna Nechayev as team leader. In order to survive a zombie apocalypse, you need a hard-ass to take charge, make the tough choices no one wants to make for the greater good, then be willing to stand by those choices. I know there a re those who don't like Nechayev, branding her a 'bitch', but to me she was a great leader, deserving of her rank and status, so she had to lead my crack team. [Why not Janeway? She was far too unstable. With different writers going off in odd tangents she had no consistancy, and in a situation like this you need a level head]

Kira Nerys as the brawler. There is no better fighter in Trek than Kira (IMO), used to going up against impossible odds with next to nothing and taking on far bigger opponents. She was tough, feisty and always up for a good fight.

B'Elanna Torres as weapons expert. She mastered Dreadnought, and proved more handy with a phaser than just about any other engineer (except maybe O'Brien). Plus with her Klingon half, she has the endurance and stamina to keep going no matter what.

Jadzia Dax as the brains. Eight life times, including an engineer, pilot and scientist, what more could you want. If she can't think up a solution to a problem, then its likely there isn't a solution. [Why not Seven or T'Pol? Both characters were alright, but too much emphasis was placed on their looks and chests. Ialways found Jadzia a far more interesting character all round]

Selar as medic. I loved Suzie Plakson in any Trek role, but Selar holds a special place in my appreciation. The only episode she appears in she had more life to her than Pulaski did in a whole season. With her emotional detatchment, she can treat any wound or injury without losing her head and stay focused on what needs to be done. [Why not Crusher or Pulaski? Pulaski was just terrible, I almost made her the one who died. As for Crusher, I do like her, but for this scenario I'd rather have a Vulcan treating the injured]

Natasha Yar as speed fighter. I have no idea what the title is about, it was just used on all the examples I found. I chose Yar, because in Encounter at Farpoint she proves quick and nimble beating up one of Q's guards. I always did see her being a fighter who uses speed rather than strength, plus it gets her back doing what she was meant to.

Guinan as mascot. She may be the mascot, but she isn't to be underestimated (Q is afraid of her for some reason). I see her as being the one who surprises everyone in the end and saves the day.

Nu-Uhura as the one who dies first. I loved the original. Nichelle Nichols brought a warm, kind and likeable character to our screens (who was of course very underused). So what do they do for the reboot? Make her abrasive, snooty and cold, with the only new aspect of character development being that she shags her professor and then uses that as blackmail to get a better assignment. In short, she was just awful. [Why not Pulaski? At least with her, you could see what the PTB were doing, creating a McCoy-esque character as a foil to Picard. She had a few moments where she averaged out to be ok]

Kaiser February 11 2013 12:14 AM

Re: Zombie Apocalypse Survival Team
Good list :)

Bry_Sinclair February 11 2013 10:12 AM

Re: Zombie Apocalypse Survival Team
Thank you :)

Kaiser February 11 2013 05:55 PM

Re: Zombie Apocalypse Survival Team
Your Welcome :)

Captain Picard. February 11 2013 05:58 PM

Re: Zombie Apocalypse Survival Team
You zombies better be scared! Nice work!:)

JES February 16 2013 01:24 AM

Re: Zombie Apocalypse Survival Team
Admiral Nechayev? After the debacle with the "no using transphasic torpedoes against the Borg", are you kidding me? And the Borg practically are cybernetic zombies for all intents and purposes! Well, at least until they started going all "you will be annihilated".

Albeit, she was valid in her fears that the Borg would eventually adapt, but that I'm sure is small comfort to those who lost their lives because transphasic torpedoes weren't used when they could have made a difference, and specifically the vessels that had to use suicide tactics because there was no other alternative, such as the Gibraltar and Ranger.

I'll hold my reservations for the rest of the team, and finish reading.

Bry_Sinclair February 16 2013 07:44 AM

Re: Zombie Apocalypse Survival Team
Transphasic torpedoes? Suicide runs?

Also finish reading what?

Bry_Sinclair February 16 2013 11:08 AM

Re: Zombie Apocalypse Survival Team
That was the ladies, now its the gents turn:

Bry_Sinclair February 16 2013 11:12 AM

Re: Zombie Apocalypse Survival Team
I'm thinking of a bigger list. How do these positions sound:

- Team Leader
- Brawler
- Weapons Expert
- Brains
- Medic
- Speed Fighter
- Child Who Somehow Manages to Survive
- Techie / Fixer
- Betrayer / Double Agent
- Getaway Driver
- Hot Chick in Tanktop
- Hot Guy Who Gets Shirt Ripped Off
- Mascot
- One Who Dies First

Bry_Sinclair February 19 2013 11:45 PM

Re: Zombie Apocalypse Survival Team
I've had both male and female only teams, now I'm combining the two and adding several others to the mix as well, just to be different.

Team Leader - Benjamin Sisko - Loyal, brave and a bad-ass fighter, you know he'd do whatever he needed to in order to get his people through.

Betrayer - Winn Adami - She'd go along with things for a while until a situation arose she could use to her own advantage and screw the others over at the same time.

Brains - Jadzia Dax - 300+ years and eight lifetimes worth of knowledge and experience, add to that her scientific mind and how she handles a bat'leth and its not hard to see why she has to be on the team.

Brawler - Kira Nerys - Trek's best fighter (IMO), taking on several security guards when heavily pregnant and beating up Klingons with a knight in her side, not much will stop her.

Child Who Somehow Survives - Naomi Wildman - There always seems to be that one kid who makes it through when many adults don't, seeing as how children in Trek can be quite annoying (Wesley), she was the one that stuck in my mind.

Coward - Reginald Barclay - The one who runs away at the first sign of danger, which sees him survive far longer than most. It had to be Reg.

Dies First - Nu-Uhura - This was tricky, Neelix or Nu-Uhura? Fortunately Neelix is in the past and can't do any more damage, Nu-Uhura is unfortunately here to stay, so she has to be the one who gets killed off early.

Fixer - Miles O'Brien - He'll get anything and everything working to keep them going just that little bit longer. Since the team will face a lot of hardships and general crap, it had to be O'Brien.

Getaway Driver - Hikaru Sulu - He can pilot just about anything, a handy skill when they finally manage to find a way out and need to get going quickly.

Mascot - Morn - What's not to like about him?

Medic - Selar - With Vulcan calm and detachment, she can handle any injury or crisis they face in a dispassionate and practical way, which will ensure that those who can make it through will get through.

Rookie - Kes - The wild-eyed and awe-struck newbie on the team, inexperienced but willing to get through it. Plus when things get really bad, they have her serious mental powers to fall back on.

Shirtless Guy - Charles Tucker III - Hot, buff eye-candy. Nuff said.

Speed Fighter - Data - With Android speed, dexterity, strength and agility there wouldn't be much he couldn't handle, plus zombies wouldn't be after an artificial life-form.

Tanktop Girl - B'Elanna Torres - There is always that one woman who always goes around in little more than a vest and no one really fills one out better than Ms Torres (IMO).

Weapons Expert - Tuvok - What he doesn't know about weapons and combat isn't worth knowing. He also understands the logical use of violence and can apply it whenever and wherever needed.

JES February 28 2013 10:08 PM

Re: Zombie Apocalypse Survival Team

Bry_Sinclair wrote: (Post 7690129)
Transphasic torpedoes? Suicide runs?

Also finish reading what?

I was referring to the Borg Invasion of 2381.

And at the time I posted the earlier post, I hadn't yet read the other bios.

Bry_Sinclair March 1 2013 05:52 PM

Re: Zombie Apocalypse Survival Team
Never read them and nothing I've heard about them has peaked my interest to pick up a copy.

I have always liked Nechayev, which was why she led the female-only team.

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