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Ln X January 18 2013 09:15 PM

VOY Caption this 99; Duel and Duality
The weekend begins here with the latest caption contest!!! We're almost at the 100th caption contest and I have a little special something planned which will involve a different way of captioning, but I'll explain come the next contest.

Anyway, the winners are...

jespah wrote: (Post 7524781)

That's the last time we recruit a Triffid commander.


hux wrote: (Post 7532602)

Kazon: i've literally just met you.....and i'm already irritated


Triskelion wrote: (Post 7532362)

You might be interested to know that Lieutenant Vorik shouted out your name during Pon Farr - before he burst out crying.

Janeway: I still got it.


T'Girl wrote: (Post 7529854)

Janeway: "A considerable amount of ship's resources went into building this thing, what's it supposed to do again?"

Seven: "According to Mr. Paris, if I stand in front of these ultraviolet rays for several minutes per day, in no time I will take on the appearance of something that is referred to as a California girl"


Bry_Sinclair wrote: (Post 7528069)
Drone: We are the Zombie Borg. We will eat your brains. Resistance is futile.




The captionated award has briefly been decommissioned but it will be back, especially for contests with high number of responses, but in its place we have...

And now introducing our 'Thematically Pleasing Award' the theme from the last contest being 'con and conditionallity'.


The Laughing Vulcan wrote: (Post 7524733)

EMH: "He's attempting to learn yogic flying. I'll then give him a treatise on homeopathic medicine. I then intend to introduce him to the Church of Scientology. I want to see how much new age bullshit he takes seriously before he realises..."
Janeway: "And you're doing this why?"
EMH: "It's a bit of a laugh, really."

Sometimes this will be the only special award given, or sometimes the captionated award will make an appearance, or they both will if you guys go ham!




Our theme is duel and duality, characters at conflict, two-sided characters, and so forth... And the pictures destined for this contest are...

Our next caption contest, the 100th no less, is on the 25th of January!

Until then have fun!

Ln X January 18 2013 09:26 PM

Re: VOY Caption this 99; Duel and Duality
Janeway: Quick! Let's make holes in the roof to defeat these alien intruders!
Doctor: If you don't lay still Carrey, you may not have a nose remaining when I'm done...
Tom: Now Harry don't be cheeky, surely your alien girlfriend's you-know-what can't stretch that much...
Janeway: If this is heaven, where is the coffee-dispenser machine?
Seven: Today's lunch time topic is Cardassian torture techniques, discuss...
Naomi: Does Flotter torture people?
Seven: Only adults...

hux January 18 2013 10:01 PM

Re: VOY Caption this 99; Duel and Duality

This is the worst disco i've ever been to

You may never walk again
It was worth sex ever!

To use an analogy, Voyager's success was 10 miles long
If that's true then this is how much i contributed to that success

Is that Neelix drowning on the right.....yup, just keep looking to the left

Those things on your forehead make you look like a complete tool

R. Star January 18 2013 10:15 PM

Re: VOY Caption this 99; Duel and Duality

Fire your phasers at the aliens we're trying to establish peaceful contact with and apologize for our fellow humans killing!

Torres will never backtalk me again, I showed her who's boss and that I wasn't going to put up with that.
Chakotay: Actually, Captain Janeway promoted her to Chief Engineer. You'll be reporting to her now.
Carey: Damn her to hell!
Doctor: Torres or the Captain?
Carey: Yes!

Then she was like BAM! And I was like WHAM!
Paris: Didn't I tell you, you'd have a great time at that brothel?

This crap is why Chakotay gets high all the time? Vision quests are boring! There's no one to torture!

Bitch! How am I supposed to get a guy to notice me with you flaunting yourself around in that catsuit?
Seven: Your figure is irrelevant. Adapt or be assimilated by no one.

Nerys Myk January 19 2013 05:07 AM

Re: VOY Caption this 99; Duel and Duality

JANEWAY: Computer, freeze program. Now advance, one quarter speed.

JirinPanthosa January 19 2013 05:59 AM

Re: VOY Caption this 99; Duel and Duality

KIM: Captain, there are strange anomalies appearing all over the place!
JANEWAY: Must be a Braga episode.

O'BRIEN: Where am I? What is this?
DOCTOR: Relax Miles. You're home. On Voyager.
O'BRIEN: No, this isn't right. I'm not on Voyager, I'm Chief of Operations on DS9!
DOCTOR: We just rescued you from an alternate universe where you were stationed on Deep Space Nine. You may be a little bit disoriented.

KIM: The Delaney sisters actually still believe we're brothers!
PARIS: I told you, go after the blue shirts. Big brains, no common sense.

SEVEN: So that's what happened. The real Naomi is dead, and you were brought over from an alternate version of Voyager.

Nerys Myk January 19 2013 06:50 AM

Re: VOY Caption this 99; Duel and Duality

CHAKOTAY: Is that Lt. Carey?

EMH: Apparently he's been in here since the middle of Season One.

jespah January 19 2013 01:05 PM

Re: VOY Caption this 99; Duel and Duality
Thanks for the win!

Paris - Yeah, right it's that big. In metric, maybe.

T'Girl January 20 2013 08:24 AM

Re: VOY Caption this 99; Duel and Duality
Paris: "Then what happen?"

Kim: "Just as she was leading me into the bedroom, and unzipped her dress ... I suddenly changed direction, ran down the stairs, and out the back door."

Paris: "Did she chase after you?"

Kim: "Yeah, but with that evening dress down around her ankles ..."

Triskelion January 20 2013 01:10 PM

Re: VOY Caption this 99; Duel and Duality

Paris: Captain, I'm not sure Whack-a-Moles are supposed to shriek bloody murder.

Just keep playing! I'm not spending my Friday night on paperwork!

All I did was ask B'Elanna to help me scrub out some grass stains.
EMH: Why should she attack you for that?
Carey: With her forehead.
Chakotay: Oh, snap!
Tuvok: Lieutenant Torres does not respond well to verbal antagonism.

Then I showed her how I would spank her from behind.

And she went home with you?

No. But she didn't knee me in the groin!

You're making progress, Champ!

By the time you are eighteen and I am forty, I will have every male on this ship so rotten with STD's you'll think you're in a documentary about a cheese factory.

Sheesh, all I said was how they hanging.

The Laughing Vulcan January 20 2013 03:37 PM

Re: VOY Caption this 99; Duel and Duality
Thanks for the Thematically Pleasing!

on intercom: "Neelix to Bridge. I forgot to ask you Captain. What did you think of the special mood lighting I installed up there? It's supposed to reduce stress and increase efficiency. It cost me three weeks of replicator rations... Um, Captain? What's that sound?"

Carey: "I had the strangest dream. I went to this magical world and had these amazing adventures. And you were all there. You were this cowardly lion, Mr Tuvok, you were this scarecrow, Doctor..."
Chakotay: "I suppose I was a Tin Woodman..."
Carey: "Nah, you were the tree he was cutting down."

Kim: "So what happens when Ln X runs out of Blackadder the Third titles?"
Tom: "Duh! Blackadder Goes Forth."

Janeway: "Janeway to Paris... Tom, have you been using my Fair Haven holoprogram again?"
Paris on intercom: "Yes Captain. It is open to the crew."
Janeway: "Just put it back the way you found it Tom. I don't appreciate the surfing ninja turtle yelling 'Cowabunga' in the beach subroutine."

Naomi Wildman would be even more unimpressed with Seven of Nine's impersonation of a zit.

Triskelion January 20 2013 06:25 PM

Re: VOY Caption this 99; Duel and Duality

Computer, are there "plenty of fish in the sea?"

Affirmative; there are thousands of holographic species in this simulation.

I was talking about men.


Smellincoffee January 20 2013 07:59 PM

Re: VOY Caption this 99; Duel and Duality
Naomi: How are you so strong? Is it those metal things on your hand?
Seven: No. It is because I ate my spinach, like a good sailor.
Chakotay: Did you seriously pinch Torres on the behind?
Tuvok: Ordinarily I would issue charges, but in light of your various sundry dislocations, I believe the matter has been duly...addressed.

Triskelion January 20 2013 10:30 PM

Re: VOY Caption this 99; Duel and Duality

Seven: Naomi Wildman. Please refrain from knifing through orange peels with your horns.

Naomi: Why?

Seven: After countless weekends alone, you will learn that men find such ruthless efficiency...disconcerting. They will hide their oranges from you.

Triskelion January 21 2013 10:09 PM

Re: VOY Caption this 99; Duel and Duality

Tuvok: Check his underwear, Doctor.
Chakotay: I have to report their state of cleanliness.
Carey: Noooo! Not today of all days!

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