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DigificWriter January 9 2013 06:11 AM

Question about the Fringe comics
Hi, all. I recently got back into Fringe after initially watching the pilot and a few other episodes back when the series was brand-new, and decided to attempt to create my own 'definitive' guide to the series, incorporating every piece of material - confirmed canon or otherwise - related to the series, and had a question concerning the comic books. I was wondering what the most likely chronological placement would be of the following comic stories:
The Prisoner [Fringe #1]
Strangers on a Train [Fringe #2]
Run Away [Fringe #3]
Space Cowboy [Fringe #4]
Hard Copy [Fringe #5]
Tomorrow [Tales from the Fringe #1]
Lost Time [Tales from the Fringe #1]
The One That Got Away [Tales from the Fringe #2]
Nonfiction [Tales from the Fringe #2]
The Calling [Tales from the Fringe #3]
The Weapon [Tales from the Fringe #3]
Plan B [Tales from the Fringe #4]
Knock Knock [Tales from the Fringe #4]
Gene's Dream [Tales form the Fringe #5]
The Perfect Woman [Tales from the Fringe #5]
War Games [Tales from the Fringe #6]
Sacrifice [Tales form the Fringe #6]
The "A" story from Beyond the Fringe #5
The "A" story from Beyond the Fringe #6

Note: I did an Internet search to try and find information on where the above stories would take place chronologically and couldn't find anything on the subject, so turning to you guys - my fellow posters - is my last resort.

Eduardo January 9 2013 11:53 AM

Re: Question about the Fringe comics
I don't have my copies near to check the timeline, but you should add Fringe #0 to the list, a little before the pilot I guess.

DigificWriter January 10 2013 02:18 PM

Re: Question about the Fringe comics
Come on, someone's got to be able to answer my question.

jayceee January 10 2013 03:11 PM

Re: Question about the Fringe comics
IIRC, the bonus comic book which came with the exclusive season 4 dvd (or bluray) set, is suppose to happen after Peter disappeared at the end of season 3 and before he reappeared in the flesh in episode 4 of season 4.

DigificWriter January 10 2013 03:16 PM

Re: Question about the Fringe comics
I already know where some of the comics take place chronologically. The ones listed here are the ones whose placement I couldn't work out myself or find any info on on the Internet.

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