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auntiehill January 9 2013 06:33 AM

Justified, Season 4
After the awesomeness of last season's Neal McDonough, I wasn't sure season 4 could offer up anything to match it.

And they did, in the surprising form of..... Patton Oswalt???!! :guffaw:

OK, I did NOT expect to see him in the "Justified" universe, but I'm glad he's there.

Anyone else watching?

sidious618 January 9 2013 08:01 AM

Re: Justified, Season 4
Patton Oswalt was phenomenal. "Lights goin' on!" I hope that character becomes a regular. The episode itself was one of their best, I thought. There's a change in tone which is good as last season, I felt, was pushing the "big bad" formula to the limit. I'm very excited to see where this goes.

sojourner January 9 2013 05:12 PM

Re: Justified, Season 4
I'm actually hoping for more "one off" episodes this season.

Roshi January 9 2013 05:52 PM

Re: Justified, Season 4
I love it when a season opener starts with AC/DC!

Loved the episode and the new characters introduced so far. That part with Boyd's friend (the army sarge) was fantastic!

davejames January 9 2013 11:25 PM

Re: Justified, Season 4
Yeah I loved it as well. My favorite part of the show is always when we see Raylan in a showdown with someone, and there were two great ones in this episode.

And it's always fun watching him deal with complete amateurs as well, like the two kids in this ep.

3chordboy January 10 2013 01:09 AM

Re: Justified, Season 4
really liked it. there was a sense of fun to it that was missing at the end of series 3. i haven't watched any Justified since last April...had forgotten how fucked up Arlo is :eek:

Next episode is called "Who's Waldo?" so we've got our first story arc :)

auntiehill January 10 2013 07:25 AM

Re: Justified, Season 4
^And I'm sure that's perfectly legal, too. Bye.

sojourner January 10 2013 08:08 AM

Re: Justified, Season 4
Oh look, a spam bot, how quaint.

Icemizer January 10 2013 01:17 PM

Re: Justified, Season 4
Well I really enjoyed this first episode. Updated all the major players for the season and gave us a mystery to solve right off the bat. I expect some CIA and drug lords to make an appearance. Of course that would be borrowing just a bit to much from Sons of Anarchy but I could live with that.

sojourner January 10 2013 07:24 PM

Re: Justified, Season 4
CIA? They only operate within U.S. borders on Covert Affairs.;)

auntiehill January 10 2013 09:06 PM

Re: Justified, Season 4
I'm thinking that Raylan Gibbons may not actually be a "Gibbons" after all. Arlo (obviously not even his real name) may be an even bigger criminal from way back--the one responsible for pushing the unfortunate man out of the plane back in the Reagan days.

I'm also curious to see what the snake-handling minister's real motives are, what scheme he has running. This is Justified, after all. Everyone has a scheme. :lol:

Oh, and I just LOVE how Constable Bob's police car is a Pinto!

sojourner January 10 2013 10:01 PM

Re: Justified, Season 4
That was an AMC Gremlin.

I think the Minister's motive may be what all of those traveling Minister types are. Scam money.

auntiehill January 10 2013 10:16 PM

Re: Justified, Season 4
Ah. Still funny, though.

I think the minister may be up to more than that; they seem to be building him up to be a major player, somehow.

3chordboy January 11 2013 12:00 AM

Re: Justified, Season 4

auntiehill wrote: (Post 7513882)
^And I'm sure that's perfectly legal, too. Bye.


sojourner wrote: (Post 7513987)
Oh look, a spam bot, how quaint.

are you both referring to me with these comments? am i not allowed to be involved in your clique or something? :wtf:

Australis January 11 2013 12:35 AM

Re: Justified, Season 4
3chord, I don't think they were referring to you.

And Auntie, it's Givens, not Gibbons.

Mmm, didn't realise how much I missed this until I saw it. And Arlo just gets nastier as time goes on, twisted and hard.

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