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LeadHead January 8 2013 03:54 AM

DS9 Caption Contest #67: The End of an Era
Hello everyone, before I get to the winners, I have an announcement to make.

This is going to be my final time running this Caption Contest. Now, before you ask, No, this contest isn't ending. Ln X will be picking up the baton and taking this contest over.

Nearly 4 years ago now, I wanted very much to get more involved with the Caption Contests here on the TrekBBS and saw that there was a series very near and dear to me that had no Caption Contest and hadn't for quite some time. I started one, not knowing if anyone would pay much attention to it or even post, although I grant you that I had high hopes. :)

What happened? You, the members of the TrekBBS came out in strong support, taking the contest from being an experiment to a normal and expected part of the TrekBBS. Before I go any further, I want to say Thank You for that. I have been humbled and honored for the last 4 years by the continued humor, good wishes and participation by those who post in this contest.

As time has gone on, the demands on my time have gotten greater, making it tougher to maintain a set schedule for starting and ending contests. For me, there's not a lot of ways to cut down the time required, because it would mean not giving the judging and photo selection the proper amount of thought and time it needs and I simply won't do that.

A generous offer was extended to me by Ln X, and after thinking about it over the last couple of weeks, I decided to accept. It's tough for me, as the DS9 contest was the first contest I ever ran on this forum, and now I'm handing it off to another. It's also a little weird because I'll be leaving the one contest I run that I started from day one, I inherited TNG and Movies I-X.

It's good for the caption contests to be in the hands of multiple people and between the DS9, TNG and Movies I-X contests, I've had a bit of a monopoly on them. Change is good and can make it so that there's more room for different views and different types of humor to get their time and wins.

Now, before you start to wonder as I'm sure you are, Is this the Beginning of the end for LeadHead? I say, no way. I've been a member of the TrekBBS for 12 years now, I'm here to stay. In fact, I think very strongly that giving this contest to a new person will give it some new energy and make it easier for me to stay consistent on my other contests.

So, here's how the switch will take place, I've judged the winners of the last contest and selected the next photos. After that, it'll be Ln X's contest.

Lets start off with the Winners, Shall we?

First up to the plate, we have the "Foolish Wager" Award, going to:


JirinPanthosa wrote: (Post 7439638)

DUKAT: Weyoun, don't bet the station on the next spin, it's a trick...
WEYOUN: Quiet! I'm on a winning streak!
DUKAT: *sigh* Your orders, Commander Quark?

Next, we have the "Minor Mix-up" Award, going to:


AdmiralGarak wrote: (Post 7469332)
Bashir: "Sorry about the mix-up Quark. I'll exchange this chocolate milk with the orphanage that got your shipment of Klingon Whiskey. I only pray I can make it to Bajor before lunchtime."

Next, we have the "So much for that Cover ID" Award, going to:


Nerys Myk wrote: (Post 7453765)

SISKO: Our name is "Sisko", Dad. Not "Cartwright".

JOSEPH: Tired of living a lie, son!!!!

GOLDSHIRT: Gonna have to arrest him, sir.

Next, we have the "Threesome Denied" Award, going to:


R. Star wrote: (Post 7448917)

Kira: I can't believe I let you talk me into this.
Dax: I just wanted to see how obsessed with this tablet he was.
Kira: You're right, but don't you think offering him a threesome is going too far? What if he said yes?
Dax: That would be fun.
Sisko: Shhh... I'm trying to figure this out.

Next, we have the "Crowded Room" Award, going to:


Triskelion wrote: (Post 7440685)

Wrong room. Sorry, Constable. Major. Commander. Doctor. Chief. Cadet. And -



Our Photoshop Award, goes to:


Nerys Myk wrote: (Post 7458688)

DAX: What Sisko looking at?

KIRA: It's painting by Data, he got it as a Christmas present.

DAX: Christmas was days ago.

KIRA: Yeah, he's been trying to figure out what it is, ever since.

And for the final time...


Deranged Nasat wrote: (Post 7463863)

Bashir: "Quark! When I bought these "exotic liquors" from you, I paid good money. And just as I was going to try one, what do I find? One of my own medical labels fixed to the bottles. This is my missing supply of laxatives!"

Quark: "No refunds!"

Okay, Now the pictures.

Computer Transfer Command Codes to Fleet Captain Ln X, Authorization Code: ROTFLAMO!

The Ship is yours, Ln X. Be good to her!

All right, people. Let's Caption!

LeadHead January 8 2013 03:57 AM

Re: DS9 Caption Contest #67: The End of an Era

Ezri: Why have we NEVER used this door before now?!

Worf: It's just been revoked.

Garak: Uh, Regent. He really didn't set you up for that line.

Worf: Worf to Sisko. We beat up Bashir.

Sisko: (over comm) Good work. Now beam him to the Infirmary so he can treat his own injuries.

Worf: Look, I'm sorry I beat up Doctor Bashir, it was the Captain's order!

O'Brien: Is the couple upstairs....?

Dax: Bigtime!

Nerys Myk January 8 2013 04:14 AM

Re: DS9 Caption Contest #67: The End of an Era

EZRI: Leadhead is leaving? Sorry, I don't like it. Replacements never work out.

WORF: That's how we roll on Gault, bitches.

KIRA: Augment my ass. I thought he said he could hold his liquor.

WORF: Stop blowing in my ear, Garak!

DAX: A hole in the roof is a bad thing, right?

R. Star January 8 2013 04:20 AM

Re: DS9 Caption Contest #67: The End of an Era
Thanks for the win LeadHead! I'm honored to be one of your last wins! I've really enjoyed these contests of yours for awhile now, they're good fun!

Sisko: This is my pimp hand. If you don't stop whining about space sickness, your head really will be spinning.

Worf: Find me a new anger management therapist!

Kira: He's faking it.
Worf: How can you tell?
Kira: Give him mouth to mouth Commander, that's an order.
Worf: (why does this always happen to me?)
Bashir: I'm better, ack! Stay away!

Garak: I'm looking forward to this trip Mr Worf. Both of us being exiles from our respective homeworlds, I'm thinking that we have SO much on common.
Worf: Kill me now.
Garak: Haven't lost the touch.

O'brien: What the hell is that stain on the ceiling?
Dax: I don't know. Who had the runabout last?
O'brien: You and Worf....
Dax: Uh... it's not what it looks like!

Antni January 8 2013 04:33 AM

Re: DS9 Caption Contest #67: The End of an Era

Sisko: I'm sorry ma'am we've taken away your quarters you haven't been keeping up with your payments.
Ezri: but noo..

Martok: it's called Klingon planking.

Worf: Worf to Odo, we've caught another one urinating on the promenade on his way home from the bar. Prepare another cell.
Kira: you think it's clever what you've just done?
Bashir: ..but the plant needed watering officer *hic*

Garak: have you had an injury that wasn't you're fault?

Dax: we best call Garak back sounds like worf's just had an injury.

Tosk January 8 2013 04:41 AM

Re: DS9 Caption Contest #67: The End of an Era

Garak: "I can't see your ears."
Worf: "No one ever has."

Miles: "What in blazes are those two doing?"
Jadzia: "Huh? Oh, that. Trust me, you don't want to know." [Whispers] "Worf has a weird thing about his ears."

shivkala January 8 2013 05:00 AM

Re: DS9 Caption Contest #67: The End of an Era
Thanks for running these Leadhead, I now dedicate these captions in your honor. Qapla'!

Ezri: Leadhead is resigning? This is a disaster, this is a catastrophe, a...a...

Sisko: Another Ezri overreaction?

Ezri: Sometimes, I think I'm the only one around here who cares about these things!

Worf: Oh, crap, I killed Leadhead! Ln X, if you help me dispose of the body, I'll back you for taking over the caption threads!

That's not Bashir, that's Leadhead after managing all of these caption contests!

Garak: I hope Ln X appreciates my sense of humor, it may not be as "out there" as say, Quark's, but I am not afraid to admit I've been compared to the Human comic Carlin.

Worf: George Carlin?

Garak: Uh, no, I'm afraid not. Max Carlin, the existentialist comic...

O'Brien: Was that last caption funny? I can't tell from this angle!

Dax: It looks, funny-ish, I guess. Where's Leadhead when you need him to judge these things?

Good luck, Ln X!

Triskelion January 8 2013 06:28 AM

Re: DS9 Caption Contest #67: The End of an Era
Thanks for all your work, Leadhead! Place won't be the same without you! I think I can speak for others when I say hope you still cap! Thanks again for all your great screencaps and hours and hours of entertainments.

TFTW too!

Good luck in your RL adventures. As the Bajorans say, "A legend never dies!"

Sisko: Leadhead is just giving up this contest. He will still be running the other contests.

Ezri: So - he isn't being carted off by the authorities?

Sisko: No, that's still happening.

Let this be your last battlefield!
<Boo! Derivative!>
Assimilate this!
<Heard it!>
Enough dialogue! Now work on your back story!

Kira: And then he said the attackers jumped him and rubbed against his leg.
Worf: Quiet! Do you hear that? Sounds like...mewling!
Kira: Garak's cat?
Worf: I have you now, Legate Yum Yum!

Thank you for your efforts at returning my cat, Worf.
It is all in a day's work.
Still - did you have to set your phaser to fricassee?

O'Brien: What is that on the ceiling?

Dax: We think it's a combination of the Sistine Chapel mural "Creation Of Adam" with the Ghost Rider.

O'Brien: Is that the one with the flaming motorcycle and the leather jacket that says "Leadhead?"

Dax: The Prophets work in mysterious ways, Chief.

JirinPanthosa January 8 2013 06:41 AM

Re: DS9 Caption Contest #67: The End of an Era

Sisko "By the way, old man. I have a question about Klingons only you can answer."
Ezri "This big!"

Martok realizes Worf has no sense of humor about his wife's age.

GARAK: Sisko just got back from the alternate universe again.
WORF: He'll be looking at us funny for days.
GARAK: Will you warn Major Kira or should I?

O'BRIEN: Is that what I think it is?
DAX: An advertisement for Quark's, on the bottom of the station.
O'BRIEN: Screw it. Let's leave it there.

Deranged Nasat January 8 2013 12:19 PM

Re: DS9 Caption Contest #67: The End of an Era
Thanks for the new runabout :)

And thank you for handling the caption contest for so long, LeadHead. It's been great.

Finn January 9 2013 03:36 AM

Re: DS9 Caption Contest #67: The End of an Era

Ezri: I can't believe Leadhead won't be doing the DS9 Caption contests anymore

Sisko: Don't worry, Ln X will be taking over!

Ezri: *sob!* Thanks for reminding me! I still miss Yeoman Rand from the Voyager Caption Contests!

Herkimer Jitty January 10 2013 05:06 AM

Re: DS9 Caption Contest #67: The End of an Era

Sisko: "Get that identity crisis shit outta my office. This is a swagger-only zone."

Martok: "Ugh, I can't believe I showered for this."

[He dies]

Worf: "Action-packed my ass. I'm going back to the Enterprise."

Garak: "Let's not get drive-through. It's ever so banal."

Jadzia: "Uh, chief. What's that flashing light?"

O'Brien: "Oh, that's the problem light. It flashes when there's a problem."

Jadzia: "Right. So what's the problem?"

O'Brien: "The problem is there's a problem. That's why the bloody problem light's on! Weren't you paying attention?"

Mistral January 10 2013 10:31 PM

Re: DS9 Caption Contest #67: The End of an Era

Finn wrote: (Post 7507651)

Ezri: "Look, Benjamin, Jadzia might have liked the irony but I am just SICK of that 'Old Man' crap, ok?!?"

Triskelion January 11 2013 08:43 AM

Re: DS9 Caption Contest #67: The End of an Era

Ezri: Let me see if I've got this straight. Admiral Cartwright is not Lorne Greene?
Sisko: No. Lorne Greene played an Admiral and a character named Cartwright on a different series.
Ezri: And your father...?
Sisko: Is played by the actor who also played Admiral Cartwright; but he is not Admiral Cartwright.
Ezri: But you just said he is Admiral Cartwright.
Sisko: He was, yes. But now he is my father.
Ezri: And who are the Cylons again? Shapeshifters?
Sisko: Cylons are space robots that attacked the other Admiral played by Lorne Greene, who also played a cowboy named Cartwright and a different space admiral named Adama, once played by Cartwright, I mean Greene, and someone named Almos. Like Shapeshifters, Cylons take on our appearance for deception and intrigue.
Ezri: But is Almos human?
Sisko: They are almost human, yes.
Ezri: Like your father, Admiral Cartwright?
Sisko: My father, yes. Admiral Cartwright, yes, but not any more.
Ezri: And you don't find these similiarities confusing?
Sisko: No, Ivanova, why do you ask?

Worf: Well, well, well - look what the targ dragged in. Are you dead or just hungover?

Even in Stovokor, you have Feklar breath.

Honorable Ensign January 12 2013 03:53 AM

Re: DS9 Caption Contest #67: The End of an Era
Ezri: Ooo, that Dukat makes me so mad! Like flames, flames on the side of my face...
Garak: Lower.

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