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jespah December 30 2012 07:12 PM

The Trek United Adult Trek Anthology is Out!
It’s been a labor of love as well as a bit of lust. The Trek United Adult Trek Anthology is finally out! Travel with us, From Quadrant to Quadrant and Person to Person, and prepare to be seduced by Star Trek.

With 315 pages of content, punctuated with beautiful sketches and gorgeous screen captures, not to mention a breathtaking photo manipulated cover, the Anthology is a feast for the eyes and can put you, the reader, right into the action.

Let’s look at the individual contributions from here on the Trek BBS.

One Night on Terok Nor
Rush Limborg follows Garak as he and Ezri Dax work through some difficult memories and, along the way, a state of grace is achieved.

A Drone's New Life
When 7 of 9 and the rest of the crew of Voyager make it to Earth, life changes. And, for her, as writer Laura McBride shows, those changes are for the better.

You Make Me Want to Scream
Who's got a secret powerhouse lover at home? jespah reminds us that sometimes our expectations are unfounded.

When a hybrid child is pushed to the limit, a careless mistake, made in a fit of rage, changes his and his tormentor's lives forever. jespah brings the ugliness of bullying to the Trek universe.

Scotty's got a date. And, according to jespah, it's going really, really well.

Other Contributions
We’ve got works from DS9, VOY, TOS and ENT, showing off our writers’ creative chops. Look inside and find out what’s in store.

Fantastic artwork graces the Anthology. Bluetiger has captured the true essence of characters, from T'Pol to Scotty. Madison has added a number of promotional materials which have helped to round out this issue and create even more visual appeal.

And then there's the cover ENTAllat's lovely photo manipulated cover brings together disparate elements and conveys the overall theme of the Anthology.

We are writers and we are artists and we do it all for your feedback. Did we succeed in our mission? Is there something we missed? We would love to hear from you! Feel free to comment here, or on Issuu itself.

Looking to the Future
Will we do it again? I don't know. A lot of that will depend upon the reception that this, the first edition, garners. But if we do, would you like to write for us? Take a look at our selection criteria. If you'd like to try for a spot – and inclusion is not guaranteed – follow our submission guide. Plus I can be reached here if you have any questions.

Onward, to the stars, and the stars in your eyes, from quadrant to quadrant, and person to person!

Sandoval January 1 2013 10:31 PM

Re: The Trek United Adult Trek Anthology is Out!
A sort of amateurish, soft-porn version of Strange New Worlds?


Angry Fanboy January 6 2013 04:57 PM

Angry Fanboy
Why do you need to sign up in order to view it?

You're limiting your audience a little by requiring people to register I think - I'd imagine that most people (certainly in the case of myself) click the link you provided in order to have a skim through but aren't really bothered enough to spend time signing up.

Just my opinion. :)

jespah January 6 2013 06:40 PM

Re: The Trek United Adult Trek Anthology is Out!
That's an Issuu thing. But Issuu can be opened up via Facebook. Hit log in and then select Facebook connect. It won't put anything on your FB timeline (I've done the FB connect thing and can attest to this).

The sign up part is because it's over 18 - you need to click OK when that comes up and then you can read. Sorry for the hoops but it's because of images, and a bit of language, that are MA.

jespah December 27 2013 01:53 AM

Re: The Trek United Adult Trek Anthology is Out!
We are leading up to the second one ....

First blog post -

Timewalker December 27 2013 03:42 PM

Re: The Trek United Adult Trek Anthology is Out!
It's a godawful irritating site to navigate if you can't get the mouse to cooperate just so. What was wrong with just having a normal site and having to state that you're over 18?

jespah December 27 2013 04:46 PM

Re: The Trek United Adult Trek Anthology is Out!
I don't know why Issuu does that. We're moving away from Issuu - they have a lovely look to online books, but their site navigation is appallingly bad.

Relayer1 December 27 2013 04:51 PM

Re: The Trek United Adult Trek Anthology is Out!

Timewalker wrote: (Post 9056746)
It's a godawful irritating site to navigate

Understatement ! I couldn't even register.

1 reader lost...

jespah December 27 2013 04:55 PM

Re: The Trek United Adult Trek Anthology is Out!
Actually, we also have posted here. No registration required.

No more Issuu!

Kirok_of_LStok December 28 2013 12:45 PM

Re: The Trek United Adult Trek Anthology is Out!
Allow me to be of some assistance.

Correcting an error from last year, I recently created a webpage on the TrekUnited Publishing website for our first adult anthology, so ably editted by Jespah in December last year. I have felt the need to produce one more Twelve Trek Days of Christmas before becoming a footnote to Trek fanon (why? see here) and have used From Quadrant to Quadrant and Person to Person 1 as my keynote example as a Trek fan anthology. Clicking on the graphic on this page will take you to the TrekUnited Publishing release page which links directly to the dropbox download of the pdf. You can't miss it.

I totally agree about Issuu. It has changed from a free pdf publishing platform with a paid option to a commercial site with a lobotomised free option. It was always a bit of a pain to jump through the hoops for the download - this was why we moved to the additional Dropbox download option - but it had a nifty 'flipbook' browser that could be embedded in blogs, websites and facebook etc, so we persevered. I've recently found that they have now got a 25 download cap on the free option so I've stopped using it altogether.

I'm currently on the last day of a three day trip to Risa with the Lady of L'Stok so I'm sneaking my fan activities in when I get the chance. I'll have From Quadrant to Quadrant and Person to Person 2 online within 24 hours and hopefully complete The Twelve Trek Days of Christmas for 2013 before Twelfth Night. Wish me luck!

Kirok of L'Stok
Fan Production Curmudgeon

PS With regards to the adult tag, if your tastes run to Gen check out our other anthologies on the Day 1 page. I'll be linking to other noteworthy fan produced media as I go along as well.- K

jespah December 29 2013 10:20 PM

Re: The Trek United Adult Trek Anthology is Out!
The Second Adult Trek Anthology is out!

Featuring work by TrekBBS members Rush Limborg and Angry Fanboy!

Angry Fanboy December 30 2013 05:05 PM

Angry Fanboy
Goodness me! I'm in 'print'! :lol:

jespah December 30 2013 09:24 PM

Re: The Trek United Adult Trek Anthology is Out!
Yes, you are!! And lookin' mighty fine!

Kirok_of_LStok December 31 2013 05:52 AM

Re: The Trek United Adult Trek Anthology is Out!
There was a lot of good work put into the graphics for this edition. Check out the promotional video at...
and the Pinterest and deviantArt boards.

Kirok of L'Stok

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