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Mark_Nguyen December 8 2012 12:06 AM

"Flashpoint" (TV Series) Finale Episodes
We've had a few Flashpoint TV threads on over the years, btu now that the series is going out (on a creative and ratings high, I might add) Iw as wondering if anyone was still watching it after CBS passed and ION picked it up with CTV for this fifth and final season.

I dunno if it was the "Canadian-ness" factor that kept me watching over the years, but as formulaic cop procedurals go this was always entertaining to take in. I found it at least as realistic as the average, even though that realism had ebbed as time went on (you KNOW it's Hollywood that made the team suddenly stop wearing helmets after the first season, just like on Stargate SG-1). It had a really good ensemble cast though, and seeing them face the consequences of having to take care of such violent crimes on a regular basis was always endearing to me.

Also, I have always enjoyed seeing a series shot in Toronto without having to disguise it as New York or Chicago or whatever just to placate the American networks. This season however was the first to actually SAY that they are in Toronto IN DIALOGUE, as if to say - what, you gonna cancel us now? As if all the establishing shots of the CN Tower and street name dropping wasn't good enough. :P

The finale is airing this week and next, and while they decided to end it on a crazy bomber style plot (to make it "big", of course), it still goes a way to showcase the cast doing what they do best. I'll be tuning in to these last episodes knowing that we AND the showrunners knew it would be the last, and for the show to go out kicking and screaming, since that's what it's about. :)


Agent Richard07 December 8 2012 12:13 AM

Re: "Flashpoint" (TV Series) Finale Episodes
I watch the show sporadically and missed the first part of the finale. I'll have to watch both parts next week On Demand. Hope I remember.

Christopher December 8 2012 12:15 AM

Re: "Flashpoint" (TV Series) Finale Episodes
I started watching it mainly for Amy Jo Johnson (who always impressed me back on Power Rangers for her acting talent and charisma as much as her spectacular beauty, and who's an even better actress and no less gorgeous now), and to a lesser extent for Enrico Colantoni, but I've really enjoyed the writing and the mature approach to police work and the use of force. I love the way the team uses its wits, technology, negotiating skills, and compassion to prevent violence whenever possible, which is a refreshing change from your usual shoot-'em-up cop show. I agree, however, that it's been getting more melodramatic and over-the-top in the past season or so. I wasn't aware it was on its way out, though.

I think there have been indications of the show's Canadian setting before, in the terminology they use for government or judicial roles, regions or subdivisions of the country, things like that. I remember a mention of the Crown in some context last year.

I'm watching the show on Ion, and I don't think we're up to the finale yet, so please box spoilers. Thank you.

Brikar99 December 9 2012 12:12 AM

Re: "Flashpoint" (TV Series) Finale Episodes
I usually wait until the seasons end up on Netflix, but it's a show I've enjoyed. It has a formula that it sticks to, but it's still very solid. And as Christopher said, it's nice to see a show that's a little more oriented toward not having violence solve the problem.

Don't they wear patches on their arms identifying them as Toronto police? Or at least Canadian?

Danny99 December 19 2012 09:49 PM

Re: "Flashpoint" (TV Series) Finale Episodes
I finally got to watch the finale. Except for the final scene, it was a great finale.

I missed a few episodes though, what happened to Raf?

Mark_Nguyen December 19 2012 11:39 PM

Re: "Flashpoint" (TV Series) Finale Episodes
Dunno if this qualifies as a spoiler, so:

And regarding the finale itself:

Prior to the finale CTV aired a retrospective with the cast, and it was intriguing to see how personal this show was to them. They really were a family offscreen and on, and it showed. Enrico Colantoni mentions that the effect the show has had on police is immense - he'd be having coffee somewhere, and cops just walk up and flash their badge, simply saying "Thank you" - and that's great. Episodic as it is, this show does go a long way to show the consequences of police having to witness incredible acts of violence on a regular basis and how it affects them and their families. Bravo to 'em, Flashpoint will be missed.


Star Wolf December 20 2012 03:49 AM

Re: "Flashpoint" (TV Series) Finale Episodes

Christopher wrote: (Post 7364098)

I think there have been indications of the show's Canadian setting before, in the terminology they use for government or judicial roles, regions or subdivisions of the country, things like that. I remember a mention of the Crown in some context last year.

There was never any doubt that the show was Canadian from the pilot shown in America as a Canadian vet back from Afghanistan was joining the unit. I gave up after the first season because of truth in advertising. On the CBS ads when it came on a spring replacement they must have pulled every second of the team running and pointing their weapons from the episode to use in the promo

Mark_Nguyen December 21 2012 12:17 AM

Re: "Flashpoint" (TV Series) Finale Episodes
To be fair, they DO run and point guns a lot. They're basically a SWAT team, with negotiating capacity built in. I'm going through the series from the start right now (halfway through the second season now - at the episode where... Lew... *choke*) and this really was a fun, very Canadian show to watch. Only without much of the passive-aggressive attitude, politeness, or self-deprecating humor we're known for.

However, while they don't explicitly hide the fact they were in Canada, in the first few years they never draw attention to it. Aside from the fact the CN Tower is prominently seen in most establishing shots for most episodes, for the most part you barely glimpse the little maple leaf flags on their uniforms, and the crown or other judicial giveaways are almost never mentioned. Sam was from JTF2, our military counter-terrorism unit, which was explicitly mentioned in the pilot. However unless you KNEW what JTF2 was, anyone could mistake it for some American unit. Likewise, Lethbridge, Red Deer or other Canadian city names they dropped could be mistaken for Anytown USA. They even send someone to a "Timmies" in one episode, which any Canadian will know, but it's phrased such that it could be any coffee shop.

In the third season onwards they really relaxed their policies and allowed more Canadianisms into the show. Maple leaf flags were now larger, and in red and white (instead of tiny and grey); the police cruisers became the ACTUAL ones they use in Toronto (albeit with the word "Toronto" above "POLICE" painted over), etc. AFAIK, it's only in the final season that they explicitly mention IN DIALOGUE that they were in fact based in Toronto.

And dang, they really had fun with the police gadgets in the early seasons! There were explosive entry devices, rolling camera balls, and epoxy-shooting guns for guys holding grenades! They even featured an Isreali-built "cornershot" weapon in one episode that mounted a Glock pistol in an articulating frame, which in concert with a mini video on the frame could shoot around corners. In later seasons they used fewer gadgets but high-tech crimefighting stuff was always a fun part of the show.


Danny99 December 27 2012 05:29 PM

Re: "Flashpoint" (TV Series) Finale Episodes
The final scene's time jump was what got me. It was like they needed it to be that long just to show Jules and Sam's baby, which really wasn't that big of a payoff for me. It may be something small, but it really irked me.

Christopher January 23 2013 04:31 PM

Re: "Flashpoint" (TV Series) Finale Episodes
The finale aired in the US last night. I'm afraid I found it rather underwhelming. The plot was just too over-the-top, and the emphasis was on big action and danger and plot stuff rather than the more thoughtful and emotional stuff. Most of the character arcs just seemed to get glossed over or ignored in favor of bang-boom. After Ed's character arc this season about dealing with the consequences of taking lives, it seemed superficial to have the villain be such a lost cause and have Ed just shoot him down without a thought. It's like they were saying, "Aw, heck, forget all that angst, Ed's suddenly over it all and it doesn't matter anymore." And we didn't get any resolution for Dean or Clark, who mostly disappeared in part 2. I guess you could say most of that got wrapped up in previous episodes, but that left so little to deal with here, and the action focus felt superficial and unsatisfying in comparison. It also felt like an anticlimax for Greg. He had his finest hour in Part 1, with the speech he gave to the city, a perfect encapsulation of who he is and what makes him a great cop and a good man. And then here in the climax they stick him into a shoot-em-up situation with no negotiation possible, and it's a generic scenario that doesn't serve his character at all, that any action lead could've been plugged into. They blew all the good stuff before the finale, and that made the finale feel empty.

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