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FatherRob December 7 2012 05:05 PM

Modeling Updates: Refit, Classic, and D7
Just wanted to share some model progress. I have been working on three models... none of them are 100 percent finished for various reasons, but still... new photos are better than none, right?

Anyway, all of these are for rotation on my bookcase at home and my office desk at work.

First up, my 1:1000 Refit, taken a different direction, and labeled as the USS Achernar.

The larger upper-saucer nav lights (as well as the nacelle aft nav lights) on the Fed ships are from some tiny scrapbooking jewels that I painted and attached with super glue.

Some issues I am running into are the nacelles not being even, and the torpedo bay piece has gone missing and is presumed lost. Any guidance on creative ways to fill this in? I was thinking of puttying it, filing it down, and then making some dimples to represent torp tubes.

Finishing details yet to be determined include what to do with the indented portion of the superstructure (B/C deck area where the officer's lounge windows are), what to do with the rec deck windows, and if I will use the black decals that are in the supplemental refit decal kit to do the remaining windows. Any thoughts?

Second, my 1:1000 Klingon Battlecruiser in olive green:

I am thinking of highlighting the grilles on the front of the engineering hull, the torp tube, and elements on the S2 Graf Units with copper paint.

Finally, progress on my 1:1000 TOS Enterprise, decked out as the Endeavour.

I am running into severe nacelle issues on this one. The paint on the inner ribbed dome seems too thick on both nacelles, and I cannot get the outer domes over the inner ones and seated on the nacelle body.

Any suggestions or thoughts are welcome!

Wingsley December 8 2012 06:37 AM

Re: Modeling Updates: Refit, Classic, and D7
FatherRob, I want to thank you for publishing these photos in this forum. For years, I wanted to see what it would look like if someone took the TOS-era hull lettering and Starfleet "boomerang" pennant and put them onto a TMP-style starship configuration. The only thing missing here are pennants for the nacelles.

FatherRob December 9 2012 02:49 AM

Re: Modeling Updates: Refit, Classic, and D7
Thanks, Wingsley...

This project took the turn it did quite unintentionally. I had planned to do both Fed ships in TMP style - white hull, with pearlescent effects, TMP lettering, etc. The decal maker I wanted to go with was overwhelmed, and, being impatient, I just wanted the darned thing done. So, I grabbed my JTDecals kitbasher sheet, and figured out which ones were suitable. I reasoned the high number as the initial test article for the upgraded Constitution class.

I had actually painted my 1:350 refit in gray as well, but am totally unimpressed with it. I plan to strip, re-prime, and return to white.

I have an AMT 18 incher that I also am unhappy with, so I plan to strip it, re-prime it, and go white on it, with the goal to create the USS Republic NCC-1371 as it may have appeared when active as a training ship, per Ships of the Star Fleet, Volume 1.


Kaiser December 9 2012 03:08 AM

Re: Modeling Updates: Refit, Classic, and D7
what company made that Refit model?

FatherRob December 9 2012 03:23 AM

Re: Modeling Updates: Refit, Classic, and D7
That is the Round 2 / Polar Lights 1:1000 refit.

Kaiser December 9 2012 06:58 AM

Re: Modeling Updates: Refit, Classic, and D7
Ahh ok Thanks it alot more detailed and accurate over the AMT/ETRL one :)

FatherRob December 10 2012 04:46 PM

Re: Modeling Updates: Refit, Classic, and D7
Yes, it is also a very easy to assemble kit... the nacelle pylons have an extremely sturdy bracing, so no drooping is anticipated. Of course, this model took me way too long to assemble, so I now have the problem that I think I sat it at awkward angle during storage and permanently misalgined at least one of the pylons. I may need to use rubber bands to try to coax the nacelles back into trim.

I also ran into a bit of a setback on my TOS model yesterday. I had to remove some uneven paint, so I soaked the part in paint thinner. The nacelle caps wound up with an unremovable cloudiness, which would have been great, except it was uneven. Also, all the tabs on the underside of the nacelle cap fell off while they were in the paint thinner. As a result, though it isn't what I really wanted to do, I wound up painting the nacelle caps a straight red. Mainly, I just want to be done with the kit. I started the two Federation models in August, so I am ready for them to be on display.

So, perhaps as early as tomorrow, I should have some images of the completed Endeavour model.

I also took to filling my missing torp tube on the refit with putty, will dab it with base coat tonight, and will use some window decals I have leftover to make the appearance of torp tubes. I also plan to get out a drill and put a tiny hole in the center of the deflector, where I can slip in a spike to complete the look.


FatherRob December 11 2012 02:47 PM

Re: Modeling Updates: Refit, Classic, and D7
Finished last night with major assembly on my TOS kit. Ran into a serious problem with one of the nacelles. The support was bending back so far that I thought it was going to break, so I elected to cut off some of the outer pylon. That was a major mistake. I super glued the nacelle and the cut-off-piece back in, will have to do a quick gap fill, sand, and touch up of base color, but the damage is done. One nacelle is off kilter permanently, though the only way I think it is noticeable is if you look at it from the back. If anyone has any suggestions on how to straighten this out, let me know.

I am particularly proud of the inboard nacelle details on this one. It's the best detail work I have ever done on a kit. I have noticed some of the decals have started to flake, and will have to address that issue as well.

Some final touches will be added... nav lights on the nacelles, perhaps a single pinstripe down the top of each nacelle too. Then paint touch-ups, clear coating, and a shot of dull coat.

Now, on to the pics.


Kaiser December 11 2012 08:27 PM

Re: Modeling Updates: Refit, Classic, and D7
Awesome :)

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