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Lyon_Wonder November 30 2012 03:11 AM

Futurama "Law and Oracle" BSG reference
I watched the Futurama episode "Law and Oracle" where Fry quits Planet Express and gets a job with the New New York City police and a couple things in this episode are reminiscent of BSG. Fry's assigned to the NNYPD's future crimes division. The future crimes division's room housing the future predicting "oracle" Pickles looks a bit like the control center in a Cylon basestar, and Pickles is actually a robotic cyborg with a brain who sits in a tub.

Christopher November 30 2012 04:00 AM

Re: Futurama "Law and Oracle" BSG reference
^Uhh, the whole plot of "Law and Oracle" is a pastiche of the movie Minority Report. In that movie, the PreCrime division used psychics who floated in a tub of liquid. The reference is to that, not BSG.

That Weirdo In The Corner December 2 2012 11:11 PM

Re: Futurama "Law and Oracle" BSG reference
Cylon and Garfunkel from Bendin' in the Wind always makes me laugh.

Wereghost December 2 2012 11:31 PM

Re: Futurama "Law and Oracle" BSG reference
^ On a slightly tangential note...

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