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Guy Gardener October 2 2012 10:35 PM

Emily Owens MD
Meryl Streep's daughter as a Doctor again, although on Off The Map she played a Bitchmonster from Hell, here she's somewhat of a possum caught in the headlights, ripping off early Grey's Anatomy quite well... The unusual difference is that the preachy thought bubble from the beginning of Greys Anatomy just keeps running though out the show, except it's Emily being neurotic about how the world is against her or everything is a trick or a threat... Which it most likely is. There are at least three bitch monsters from hell circling her sniffing for blood.

There's a misdirect on the love story which was fun, which is just going to make her bitter as her one true love, Smallvilles Green Arrow runs off with a bitch Monster (This is a line from Buffy which her psych professor Walsh used to describe herself.) from hell... Which leaves our little heartlorne on her sleave blonde girl a few options that she can't even quite recognize as yet...

The medicine was fantastic. Greys gave up on medicine years ago. It's all about sex, but here, just the act of resuscitating a patience going through the steps of a code seemed exciting because it was all explained by the numbers, while Emily was trying not to pull out her hair... I'm amazed that she could intubate on her first try since every other medical show I've seen makes clear that that procedure (sticking an air pipe down a throat) isn't taught till the first day and it's a little impossible.

I'm also amazed that they still use pagers.


I suppose it would cost billions to upgrade and change the procedure for the new millennium which isn't so fan dangled new any more.

Strong defined characters, subplots left hanging that are going to explode down the line, and Denver... That place snows all year round. Which means that costuming is going to be 8 layers on every actress and actor so that there's no obvious exploitation of the audience ambient sex, but truly I think we've all seen Justin Hartly take his shirt off enough for one life time.

Not bad for a girl drama.

Locutus of Bored October 3 2012 01:05 AM

Re: Emily Owens MD

Guy Gardener wrote: (Post 7046491)
I'm also amazed that they still use pagers.


I suppose it would cost billions to upgrade and change the procedure for the new millennium which isn't so fan dangled new any more.

Despite most doctors carrying smartphones too, they still primarily use pagers for their emergency messages. Not because it would cost more to upgrade the system and procedures, but because paging networks are more reliable for emergency messages and during emergencies that can disable cell service, have a more powerful signal, and reach everyone being paged simultaneously.

Tom Hendricks October 3 2012 07:02 PM

Re: Emily Owens MD
^ I was going to say the same thing. The hospital where my wife works issued all physicians Blackberrys and took back everyones beepers. My wife didn't turn in her beeper and still uses it. However less then a year after issuing the Blackberrys they dropped them from service. They had very poor reception in the hospital, especially the deeper parts of it. My wife's office is in the basement, next to the morgue and she gets absolutely no cell reception down there. However she always gets her pages and can respond accordingly. So the hospital installed a Vocera system, which works way better but is still not 100%, but the system sure is fun.

the G-man October 3 2012 09:10 PM

Re: Emily Owens MD
I was going to say the same thing, re: the pagers.

On a side note, it always bugged me a little on shows like "the X-files" that no matter where they were (especially for a show set primarily in the 90s), Mulder and Scully always had a cell phone signal when they needed.

Locutus of Bored October 4 2012 02:04 AM

Re: Emily Owens MD
Yeah, I think it became most apparent in that first episode after the filming switched to California, where Mulder was driving that guy whose head was pounding from the SONAR signal across the Southwest desert and staying on the phone with Scully (who was traveling to remote areas herself) much of the time. Back then that would have been pretty dubious, IIRC.

Guy Gardener October 4 2012 02:16 AM

Re: Emily Owens MD
Cell towers, or the tech behind cell towers were built by aliens in the X-files reality.

Am I the only person who saw this pilot?

Locutus of Bored October 4 2012 02:23 AM

Re: Emily Owens MD
Probably. :lol:

I chose The Mob Doctor as the one medical show I'm allowed to watch per season, because, well, it involves the mob. I'd rather have it be about external drama right from the start rather than crashing a plane or helicopter on the doctors or having bombs and mass shootings happening at the hospital every season like other medical shows.

Guy Gardener October 4 2012 02:31 AM

Re: Emily Owens MD
I'm finding mob doctor contrived and difficult.

She works for the mob badly.

They can't break her fingers for behaving unprofessionally, but they can break her toes.

How many little piggies can that woman afford to lose before blondie gets with the program?

But the grace with which she fleets between the dive bars or disused warehouses and the hospital is implausible. Even with preferential parking it should take 2 hours to exit the parking lot that is at least 4 miles from where her patients are.

Although if she had a magic carpet?

Locutus of Bored October 4 2012 02:40 AM

Re: Emily Owens MD
Oh, don't get me wrong, it's completely ridiculous. She would have been busted by the rest of the hospital staff in about five minutes with all her short cuts, falsified charts, and constantly ducking out during her shifts.

Guy Gardener October 4 2012 02:44 AM

Re: Emily Owens MD
And what's with that nurse letting her get away with it?

Is she expecting a kick back from some insurance scam down the road?

Although if the mom garottes the mob boss on their honey moon with a string of pearls and takes over his syndicate...

I could get behind that.

"Mommy, mommy you saved me! I don't have to work for the mob any more!"

Mother slaps the girl doctor in the face hard.

"Don't be a putz. I raised my children not to Welch. You give me any more lip and I'll put you over my knee. Get to work."

Locutus of Bored October 4 2012 02:48 AM

Re: Emily Owens MD
Yeah, I don't get that nurse's angle at all. She's crossed the boundary of what a (normal) friend would do for another friend a long time ago.

Guy Gardener October 4 2012 04:24 AM

Re: Emily Owens MD
You say "normal" but we're already thinking lovelornelesbian.

Unless she's a mobnurse already being paid off to cover up after the clumsy mobdoctor?

I mean one measly doctor is shit.

if you have Boardwalk it's only sensible to double down with Park Place.

the G-man October 5 2012 01:28 AM

Re: Emily Owens MD
From what I've seen, "Mob Doctor" looks like something that 30 Rock or the Simpsons would cook up as a parody of a bad TV show.

"But, Marge, it's time for 'Mob Doctor,' the doctor who's in the mob."

Locutus of Bored October 5 2012 04:08 AM

Re: Emily Owens MD
^ Yeah, unless something changes I'm probably gonna drop it after next episode.

Guy Gardener October 5 2012 04:15 AM

Re: Emily Owens MD
Giving you an spare unfulfilled hour a week to freshly devote to Emily Owens MD?


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