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Linnear September 24 2012 06:02 PM

Star Trek: Axanar

Well, here we go.

"Axanar" is the story of Garth if Izar and the Battle of Axanar, which takes place 20 years before TOS.

I have been working on "Axanar" now for almost two years, slowly writing the script with John Muenchrath and now Dave Galanter. James Cawley has been supporting this project and commited Phase II sets to the project.

It was James who got the ball rolling when he asked me to portray Captain Garth in "The Protracted Man" in a great scene where Garth and the Admiral are watching young Kirk blow up the Kobayashi Maru. The Admiral thinks Kirk is trouble, but Garth sees potential.

That lead to me writing a treatment, which Marco Plamieri, the former Star Trek editor at Pocket Books, reviewed and gave feedback on. Before writing the script, I took a Robert McKee seminar (the godfather of screenplay writing) with Doc John, read McKee's book and the script is now almost done. Dave Galanter and I have been working it for 6 months now.

This past summer I played a restored Captain Garth in the "Going Boldly" vignette, and that story, of how Garth comes back to Starfleet, will be featured in our first vingette, which is a bumper story, set on the Enterprise just after "Whom Gods Destroy". In the vignette, titled "Heroes", Kirk and the Enterprise pick up Captain Garth from Elba II and bring him back to Starfleet, and we see Garth dealing with what has happened.

"Axanar" is a one-shot feature and will be about 75 minutes long. It will be shot both at the Phase II sets, and here in L.A. at my warehouse, which we are emptying out for use as a sound stage.

It has a rather large budget for a fan film, all funded by me, and being based in L.A., we hope to be able to attract a lot of talented people. Christian Gossett, who created "The Red Star" graphic novel, which is in development at Warner Brothers, will be directing.

So, here are a few things for you. The Facebook page will be up shortly, but thought you all deserved first look at the USS Ares, Garth of Izar's ship.

USS Intrepid September 24 2012 07:02 PM

Re: Star Trek: Axanar
Love that ship!

FredH September 24 2012 08:33 PM

Re: Star Trek: Axanar
Very nice class! (Though perhaps the glowing deflector dish feels a little too latter-day, but that's a judgment call.) More to the point, I'll look forward to this film.

skree September 24 2012 08:52 PM

Re: Star Trek: Axanar
Could you post the dimensions (Length, Width, and Height) as well as, commissioning date, offensive and defensive systems and crew complement please?

Titan Designer September 24 2012 08:54 PM

Re: Star Trek: Axanar
I can finally talk about this. I have been brought on as one of the concept artists. I designed the 2D schematics of the Ares for Tobias Richer to work from. I have also been busy designing the costumes and logo. I will also help with other designs when asked. this looks to be a great film and I am honored to be a part of it. I will post images when Alec allows.

Linnear September 24 2012 09:36 PM

Re: Star Trek: Axanar
Sean is actually THE lead concept artist. And Sean, you can post anything I post on the public Facebook page. I will get to that later today. And feel free to talk about the process and your work.

Skree, haven't even done this work yet. So you will have to stay tuned. Most of those things are not important to the story and where as you would want to have built back stories for characters, you don't need to do that for a ship. However, it is always fun. And I love that stuff. But maybe Sean wants to take a crack at dimensions.

I will tell you that the Ares is a warship, pure and simple, and built during the Four Years War.


USS Intrepid September 24 2012 09:39 PM

Re: Star Trek: Axanar
Four Years War? Glad there are others who remember the FASA material. Or was that John M. Ford? I forget where it cropped up first, but nice to see it mentioned.

MikeH92467 September 24 2012 09:51 PM

Re: Star Trek: Axanar
This sounds very promising! Best of luck!

Danlav05 September 24 2012 09:53 PM

Re: Star Trek: Axanar
So a TOS spin-off tied directly into Phase II, sounds good!

MikeH92467 September 24 2012 10:01 PM

Re: Star Trek: Axanar
Will you be posting a casting call?

E-DUB September 24 2012 10:12 PM

Re: Star Trek: Axanar
I like the ship too. Looks like a "retro" Centaur. Wish you'd gone with a TOS-style deflector, though.

Titan Designer September 24 2012 10:59 PM

Re: Star Trek: Axanar

E-DUB wrote: (Post 7008832)
I like the ship too. Looks like a "retro" Centaur. Wish you'd gone with a TOS-style deflector, though.

In my 2d Schematics the Deflector was a TOS deflector. As for the Centaur it was given to me as inspiration along with the Luna in nacelle config. Still think the 3d model turned out great.

Linnear September 24 2012 11:06 PM

Re: Star Trek: Axanar
Nick: I loved the old FASA stuff, and so we have some nods to it. The Four Years war is the big one.

Mike: Yes we will. You need to be in L.A. We will be shooting the vingette at Phase II in November, and there is one scene that we will need a lot of people. Details to follow.

Danlav05: Yes. I work on Phase II and James is a good friend who has been gracious enough to make Garth a part of the Phase II universe.

E-Dub: Good eye. I LOVE the Centaur and that was the inspiration.

MikeH92467 September 24 2012 11:13 PM

Re: Star Trek: Axanar
Thank you! I have someone in mind (Not me) who might be interested and has the acting chops to be awesome...I'll be watching with great interest!

All the best!

Linnear September 24 2012 11:49 PM

Re: Star Trek: Axanar
The first USS Ares video:

Tobias Richter is the man.


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