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Lead-Nosed Reindeer September 22 2012 06:59 PM

TNG Caption This! 284: Happy 25th Anniversary TNG!
Hello and welcome to this Caption Contest!

First up to the plate, we have the "Further explanation needed" Award, going to:


shivkala wrote: (Post 6976453)

Data: I do not understand. Commander Riker told me I needed to cock block you, so I developed a method for identifying and terminating roosters while they were still in the egg. I am afraid I must report my failure to the commander. He will be most displeased.

Next, we have the "Double check the safety protocols first" Award, going to:


Finn wrote: (Post 6973747)

Data: *thinking* I'd love to push someone off this ship.

Next, we have the "Dangerous wager" Award, going to:


Holdfast wrote: (Post 6974518)

RIKER: I raise you an awkward relationship arc with Deanna Troi.
WORF: Call.

Next, we have the "It ain't pretty but Picard's gotta make somebody do it!" award, going to:


Mojochi wrote: (Post 6974413)

Carpet cleaning required exact coordinates & a precise transporter signal lock

Next, we have the "Don't Mess with The Picard" Award, going to:


Cmdr.Druss wrote: (Post 6994066)
Picard: "Oh you dont like my new look, that's a shame. I call it 'I'm the Captain so shut the hell up!' "


inflatabledalek wrote: (Post 6975037)

Worf: The good news is, Spot didn't soil your carpet.

Picard: Great. What's the bad news?

Worf: Geordi did.

Great contest this week! Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to our winners!

So starting next week, we'll have start a 2 week event of special contests! What is it, you ask? A tribute. People have said many nice things about me for running this contest for 100+ contests, but that doesn't matter without you. The people captioning week after week. So PM's went out this morning to 10 people who have been here with me, captioning since the very beginning of my time running this contest.

Each of the 10 will get to submit a blu-ray tng picture to be captioned in one of the next 2 contests and judge the picture. (Temporarily rescuing all of you from my evil schemes! :devil:)

Most of all, I'd like to say, Thank you to everyone for coming back week after week, and Happy 25th Birthday TNG!


Lead-Nosed Reindeer September 22 2012 07:06 PM

Re: TNG Caption This! 284: Happy 25th Anniversary TNG!

Data: Can Geordi and I switch chairs?

Picard: No.

La Forge: But-

Picard: No.

Riker: Captain-

Picard: No.

Yar: What if I never wear this skirt again?

Picard: Maybe next episode.

Riker: (thinking) Geez, this guy is boring. I'm starting to wish I took that job on the Drake instead.

Picard: Oh, no! Another ship just appeared in front of us! Prepare to fire, Lieutenant Yar!

Yar: Captain, that's the Saucer Section!

La Forge: Whoa! That's a racy text message!

Picard: Analysis.

Data: Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Fire!

Merry Christmas September 22 2012 07:32 PM

Re: TNG Caption This! 284: Happy 25th Anniversary TNG!

Stewart: "If I might offer another suggestion?"

Director (sigh): "Of course Patrick, what do you think?"

Stewart: "Perhaps "Riker" could sit with his knees together, and Troi" could sit with her knees ..."

Sirtis: "Give it up Patrick, we already went with the me wearing no panties thing."

Stewart: "Rating are important, you know."

Picard: "Signal our surrender."

Yar: "Excuse me Captain, while I slap some sense into you."

Picard: What do you think Data?"

Data: "I think Worf and I still need to exchange chairs."

Picard: "I meant about the mysterious object."

Data: "I would be better able to provide a concise answer if I were not seated at the helm."

Worf: "Captain, ops sensor show that ..."

Picard: "I didn't ask you helmsman."

Worf: "I'm at ops actually."

Picard: "Shut up, both of you."


Jonas Grumby September 22 2012 07:45 PM

Re: TNG Caption This! 284: Happy 25th Anniversary TNG!

Picard: "Counselor Troi, would you pull up a tactical display on your monitor?"
Troi: "I can't, Captain. The network Standards and Practices Department insists I keep my hands like this when the camera is shooting from that angle."

Yar: "Lieutenant, I don't mind a bit of informality from my officers, but 'Hiya, Cap'n!' is a bit much."

Data: "Sir, the library computer has identified the object as--I kid you not--'the mother of all soap bubbles.'"

inflatabledalek September 22 2012 07:59 PM

Re: TNG Caption This! 284: Happy 25th Anniversary TNG!
Thanks for the belly laugh!

Riker: "Most will be much more interesting"?!?!

Picard: Yeah, I went there. I ended the pilot by telling the viewers how dull the last two hours of their life were. And then looked smug about it. I'm a bad ass.

Zorn: I resent you bringing a Betazoid to this meeting Captain!

Troi: I'm getting an overwhelming sense of... "Yo Joe!"?

Zorn: My secret shame...

Crosby: Lo, what light through yonder window breaks...

Stewart: Yeah... yeah I'm sure you'd make it at the RSC. Best Shakespeare I've seen since Arnie's Hamlet.

Worf: I'm just so glad I'm being given chance to prove myself as a helmsman rather than being put in one of those stereotypical Klingon roles.

Geordi: Like security?

Worf: Exactly!

Right, so Nimoy said doing another Trek show would be like trying to catch lighting in a bottle a second time? Well here's the bottle and lighting... all in one!

Santa Kang September 23 2012 12:48 AM

Re: TNG Caption This! 284: Happy 25th Anniversary TNG!

The seconds after Troi realized she should wear pants when on the bridge.

R. Star September 23 2012 01:00 AM

Re: TNG Caption This! 284: Happy 25th Anniversary TNG!

There are 23 continuity errors in this picture. See if you can spot them all!

Picard: As a bonus, if you sign this treaty with the Federation I shall loan you the services of my secretary, Deanna Troi. She takes excellent dictation.

Picard: Are you going to do something with that hand or are you just a tease like Troi?

LaForge: A friend request from Duras?
Worf: My first Klingon friend on spacebook. I am so happy... he wants my family data records concerning Khitomer.

Worf: Cheesey 80's graphic on collision course. Brace for impact!

Holdfast September 23 2012 01:18 AM

Re: TNG Caption This! 284: Happy 25th Anniversary TNG!

PICARD: This is the perfect sitting position, Number One. Whenever the Counsellor moves, I'm going to get a great upskirt reflected in the viewscreen.

RIKER (thinking): Farpoint Station really is magical. I was just thinking it would be cool if there was a Pirelli calendar on the wall, and it appeared!

TASHA: Like this Captain?
PICARD: Yes, that's right. Then you shake it all about and do the hokey-cokey.

WORF: We're lost. I don't understand how the navigation system could go so wrong.
GEORDI: They installed Apple Maps during the last refit.

DATA: If you look really closely, you can see a miniature St Elsewhere in the middle of the snowglobe.

Rķu rķu, chķu September 23 2012 01:21 AM

Re: TNG Caption This! 284: Happy 25th Anniversary TNG!

Picard: Lieutenant, you have a way to go before you master the ancient Earth art of Jazz Hands.

Merry Christmas September 23 2012 02:34 AM

Re: TNG Caption This! 284: Happy 25th Anniversary TNG!

Picard: "What is it Mister Data?"

Data: "It is a Borg Cube Captain, cleverly disguised as a delightful Christmas scene."


shivkala September 23 2012 04:24 AM

Re: TNG Caption This! 284: Happy 25th Anniversary TNG!
TFTW, Leadhead. You keep the pictures coming, I'll keep the captions coming.
Riker: *to himself* Is he going to end every adventure with a pithy speech? If so, I am out of here!

Picard: You've redecorated this cave, haven't you? I don't like it.

Yar: This is my pimp hand, want to know why?

Geordi: Even a blind man can see, you have no idea what you're doing here, do you?

Data: I have sent your query sir, and the reply was, "Concentrate and ask again."

Finngle Bells September 23 2012 04:27 AM

Re: TNG Caption This! 284: Happy 25th Anniversary TNG!
Thanks for the win!

Data: *thinking* I think I might want to swap seats with Geordi. I am not too fond with the idea of Riker sitting right behind me with his crotch visible like that.

Ln X September 23 2012 01:48 PM

Re: TNG Caption This! 284: Happy 25th Anniversary TNG!
Picard: Let history never the forget the name of... captain Picard! To battlestations!
Picard: You've been working for the Klingons!
Zorn: I've done no such thing!
Picard: Oh drop your lies! There's a message right on your laptop screen... In Klingon!
Tasha: Weapons are gone, shields are down and we're stuck to only impulse! What should we do captain?
Picard: Let's play dead for a while...
Worf: Here are the tribute messages for LeadHead.
La Forge: Gee that's a lot! He must be the most loved guy on this ship!
Picard (o/s): I'll be in my ready room should you need me.

Ln X September 23 2012 01:51 PM

Re: TNG Caption This! 284: Happy 25th Anniversary TNG!
Riker: Sir is it just me or do these new uniforms really highlight ones moobs?
Picard: Number One, dedication to Starfleet means adorning yourself with whatever uniforms they give you, no matter how revealing or body-clinging. It could be worse for if they gave us men merely a thong to wear, we would still have to comply with the dress code even if we became the laughing stock of the galaxy!

inflatabledalek September 23 2012 01:56 PM

Re: TNG Caption This! 284: Happy 25th Anniversary TNG!

Riker picked the wrong place to start thinking of an anal but plug.

Yar: Sir, my eyes are up here.

Worf: Why the hell haven't Amazon shipped my Bond 50 set yet?

Geordi: I told you to get it from HMV, mine came on Saturday.

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