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V September 14 2012 02:19 AM "Th Enterprise Incident" not working
I've been introducing a friend to the show, and after "Balance of Terror" we were going to skip ahead to the only other Romulan episode, "The Enterprise Incident".

However, there seems to be some problem with's video player, which works fine for other episodes but can't load this one.

Is anyone else having this problem?

Green Shirt September 14 2012 03:10 PM

Re: "Th Enterprise Incident" not working
I had this problem, but it was for another ep (don't remember which one).

Grey September 14 2012 07:39 PM

Re: "Th Enterprise Incident" not working
I had this problem with a number of episodes. I wasn't sure if it was the time of day I was watching or load strain or what. But sometimes they'd play fine and sometimes they wouldn't. I finally gave up and started watching the rest of the episodes on netflix...

Tom September 14 2012 08:01 PM

Re: "Th Enterprise Incident" not working ? or

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