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The Castellan September 11 2012 07:34 AM

Another reason I hate the TSA.

Makes me feel really nice when ya got a bunch of folks reminsicent of goose stepping morons with nothing better to.

I don't know about you folks, but I do not feel any safer....and it's not a few angry Arabs I am referring to, I'm not afraid of overrated, overemphasized boogey men, which is what so-called 'terrorists''s like the Communists of the 20th century, just a Boogeyman to keep folks scared. It's the folks running things I'm concerned about, not the well as these flunkies in the TSA, who's in there because they can't get a job anywhere else.

And this shows how great it is, having these failures at life either groaping or fondeling your friends and family, or the cancer cubicles, with all this:

Send any hateful or cheesy PM's you wanna send to me. :bolian:

If you'll excuse me, I gotta practise my goose step.

Gov Kodos September 11 2012 09:31 AM

Re: Another reason I hate the TSA.
At that rate, they should make it part of a free health care screening. Get something useful out of it, at any rate.

macloudt September 11 2012 12:15 PM

Re: Another reason I hate the TSA.

Drago-Kazov September 12 2012 11:17 AM

Re: Another reason I hate the TSA.
The War on Terror is a bubble that reminds americans to invest big money into the military.

Maple Dog September 12 2012 02:37 PM

Re: Another reason I hate the TSA.
Everything you want to know about TSA hiring tactics.

Starbreaker September 12 2012 06:08 PM

Re: Another reason I hate the TSA.
So, she deliberately tried to 'stick it to the man' by not letting them test her water. Whatever.

propita September 14 2012 12:43 AM

Re: Another reason I hate the TSA.
I have a brother-in-law in the TSA. He says there's a lot of favoritism, nepotism, and other problems with personnel. He can't get a promotion because he's not "in" with the boss. Typical problems of many jobs, I suppose, but these people have some sayso over our actions.

Maurice September 14 2012 01:27 AM

Re: Another reason I hate the TSA.
My video response to the TSA from 2010:


SmoothieX September 15 2012 09:46 AM

Re: Another reason I hate the TSA.
My problem with the TSA is not the security screaning, it's the fact they have zero law enforcement background and are essentially glorified rent-a-cops.

I've realized after the fact I carried on a pocket knife or razor, but got stopped and searched a few weeks back because I had nail clippers in my backpack. Got stopped on the way back going through the fancy new x-ray scanner because my shorts were kinda baggy and they couldn't tell if I was clear or not. Isn't that why you invented the new machines? I mean anyone can grab my ass, I just prefer it's not a 50 year old man I've never met at a random airport who supposedly just scanned me.

I also once forgot to empty my water bottle before passing security. They seemed dismayed at what to do about it. While they were having a high level emergency meeting about it, I poured it out into a nearby potted plant. Problem solved. If anyone is wondering, the plant didn't explode.

The Borg Queen September 15 2012 10:35 AM

Re: Another reason I hate the TSA.

Maurice wrote: (Post 6957916)
My video response to the TSA from 2010:



Best. Parody. Ever.

Mutai Sho-Rin September 15 2012 04:32 PM

Re: Another reason I hate the TSA.
I travel >100k miles each year for business and have virtually zero difficulty with TSA. Is it a nuisance, yes, compared to before 9/11, but their overal professionalism and job focus is comparable to any other business I experience. You do realize that the list the OP posted is pure satire, right?

Know the rules, be prepared (shoes, laptop, empty bottle, etc.) and go through with a sense of humor and WHOOSH, you're on the other side and on to the airplane. All this anti-government, anti-TSA screeching is in the same league as birtherism. Most of it comes from people who don't even fly.

Mr. Laser Beam September 15 2012 04:37 PM

Re: Another reason I hate the TSA.
^ This.

The TSA has never given me any shit. When I travel with my parents, they need separate screening (my dad's hip replacement, my stepmom's pacemaker) and the TSA are always total professionals with that.

As for the groping? People should just go through the damn scanners. You get less radiation from those than simply BEING ON THE PLANE IN FLIGHT!

propita September 16 2012 04:42 AM

Re: Another reason I hate the TSA.
I've flown more in the last year than in the 30 years before--3 cross-country trips. Not a lot compared to some (Hiya, the Sho-Rin!), but enough for me to get prepared, including having Hubby empty his pockets and put everything into my purse.

bluedana September 19 2012 01:24 AM

Re: Another reason I hate the TSA.
We flew for the first time as a family (two adults, three kids) this summer. I was a paranoid wreck. On the trip out, my 10 year old's ticket was randomly chosen, but since they don't second-level-check kids, they just swabbed my hands. Easy peasy. They were sweet and nice and professional. I had expected so much more hassle, but it was very smooth.

Mr. Laser Beam September 19 2012 01:40 AM

Re: Another reason I hate the TSA.
Side note: Has anyone here run into difficulty with the TSA regarding those online check-in apps?

I mean, when you go through with your paper boarding pass, they look at it, scribble a few things, then wave you on your way. What do they do if you have an airline app, or a boarding pass that they have emailed to you, on your smartphone? Are most TSA checkpoints equipped to deal with them?

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