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Distorted Humor September 11 2012 04:16 AM

Yet Another Rewatch Thread...
Ok...I decided to re watch my fave Star Trek, Deep Space Nine. There are a few episodes I have not seen, and a few episodes I really can't remember. However, I figured a Rewatch thread might be fun, and this thread will have spoilers, as I may reference episodes I remember that might have some reference to the current episode.

It was the dawn of the third age of Star Trek, little did we know that this might be high point of Space Opera on TV, and paramount launched one of the most delightful blocks of storytelling ...Deep Space Nine....


This opening episode still holds up after almost 20 years of time (Yikes, I am OLD)...

The opening sequence still has some punch, as you see the Saratoga get steamrolled by the Borg. War is hell...

First off, while not perfect, it is nice to see the conflict between Sisko and Picard. I mean, the venom is almost tasty. The personal conflict (while still striving for the standards of starfleet) is still some of the best trek, and you see this in that opening bark...

Poor Nana Visitor, Stuck with a character that comes off as a well, to be nicely, a Witch (i hate the B version of the word), you forget how rough she is at the start. I always happened to like her, but she is unlikable in this episode.

The actress who plays Jennifer is a underrated beauty, and does well enough for her bit part. And it always surprises me what they did with Kai Opaka<sp> as she was a good character.

Our Good doctor bashir was also fun to see, I forgot how young he was, so green. However he does take over when the time for him to treat injuries.

8.5 out of 10

The next episode I remember had neo-IRA terrorist and our fave Klingon sisters...

Distorted Humor September 11 2012 07:42 PM

Re: Yet Another Rewatch Thread...
"Past Prologue"

Look, its Garak :bolian:

this is a solid, if just "ok" episode. While I like that the siters made a appearance, I like them to stay as TNG villains, and not DS9 villains. Though I remember that the Duras sisters consume was very surprising back in the day. These days they are tame.

It is fun to see the Doctor and Garak of course, even if they are destined to have much greater adventures. And I will give the writers credit. While I might not agree with his goals, the terrorist is logical in his thinking. And it does lead to good action sequences...for Star Trek at least.

Overall, 6 out of 10.

"A Man Alone"


Ok, the Jake Nog bits are nice for future reference. And the idea "is it murder if you kill your own clone" should be up my ally (I love cloning stories like most people like time travel stories.) but this one looks flat. Even the Wild-west Posse trying to start a riot in the station seems so...forced. Thankfully some of the themes (Odo and his role in the occupation) is explored later in a much better episode.

Rating 3 out of 10.


Not a bad episode, but not great. The best parts is O'Brian trying to fix the station in the opening bit, and Dax and Kira walking down and before quark invites them to the celebration. I generally like this episode, but it is ....well..Boring...or perhaps it that I have seen it too many times.

And I am sure the actors had fun talking nonsense.

5 out of ten.

R. Star September 11 2012 08:27 PM

Re: Yet Another Rewatch Thread...
There can never be too many rewatch threads! And you've been busy today!

Emissary was without a doubt the best opener of any Trek series. It grabs you right away with the Wolf 359 sequence, which was an epic one for it's time. Seeing Locutus and the Borg's victims from another perspective really puts an interesting twist to the norm of things. You even see the tension in the air as Picard and Sisko meet years later.

Emisarry really did what it was supposed to do. Introduced us to the characters, Bajor's backstory, the bad guy in Gul Dukat however minor his role was, and the unforgetable character of Kai Opaka. I wish she was around more, because she was really convincing and powerful in her role as the religous zealot.

Past Prologue... the problem here is they tried to do too much. Backstory on the Bajorian terrorists. Bajor not being unified, Cardassians hunting down rogue terrorists, the Duras Sisters somewhere in there, and Garak all in a jumble. Garak is epic. No more needs saying there. The Duras sisters were nice to see(Klingon Kleavage or not) but really didn't add anything to the story beyond a blatant attempt to bring some TNG fans over. The Kohn-ma were very compelling and interesting. So naturally we never see or hear from them again. It's a good episode, but nothing special. Clearly the DS9 table is still being set in this one.

A Man Alone... clearly this was an attempt to introduce Odo's character and flesh him out a bit, but the story really did fall flat as a lot of DS9 season 1 did. Thankfully they did bet better as you said. Jake and Nog's antics on the station when they were kids, I actually enjoyed... young people being young instead of annoying twerps like Wesley.

Babel was just silly. Babel, babble? Nicely named I'll admit. Other than that it was your generic save the day before everyone dies episode. Not great, but not terribly inspiring.

Sykonee September 12 2012 01:46 AM

Re: Yet Another Rewatch Thread...
Wow, plowing through these, eh? We should take bets on how soon and at what episodes you'll overtake GodBen's, Michelle's (at Trek Today), AV Club's, and Nerys Ghemor's threads (I think she's still technically doing hers).

Distorted Humor September 12 2012 01:56 AM

Re: Yet Another Rewatch Thread...

Sykonee wrote: (Post 6946885)
Wow, plowing through these, eh? We should take bets on how soon and at what episodes you'll overtake GodBen's, Michelle's (at Trek Today), AV Club's, and Nerys Ghemor's threads (I think she's still technically doing hers).

Plowing though them as later epsiodes will hold up even if I am not dedicated.. the first season has more then one stinker, while later seasons generally only have one bad episode.

Distorted Humor September 13 2012 09:43 PM

Re: Yet Another Rewatch Thread...
Ok, home sick (Bad back) so the best thing for me to do is lay down and relax. So...I have watched a LOT of DS9

"Captive Pursuit"

This is a fan fave, and I can see why, unlike some other episodes from season one, this one just WORKS. Tosk is very alien, the makeup does not look awful, and O'brian episodes are generally good.

This is a just a enjoyable episode, even if I saw it a bazillion times. It really noteworthy as it really does not have a B-plot that I can ID, it is just Tosk and the hunters. And I enjoy how the actor used odd twitches to carry a sense that its not a human.

7.5 out of 10


Vash and Q shows up, and Sisko Punches Q And there is a auction, and I really want this to stop.

4 out of 10


First off, this does have modern relevancy as these days, grabbing folks and getting them across borders is standard operating procedure. It is a bit of a whodunit, but I can still enjoy it for Gregory Martin Itzin. Wonderful actor, and it meanders a bit before the big reveal. This is a good first time watch, but rewatching leaves it flat.

A lot of the first season has good ideas, but for whatever reason, just never truely takes off. However very little of it is dire, which is much better then TNG or VOY first seasons. That...and it bittersweet with the widow hoping Jazdia has a long life.

5 out of 10

"The Passenger"

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to some of the worst acting in all of ..of...startrek...

So Bashir is a jerk, they find a ship blowing up, the alien puts his mind into our good doctor, who attempts a hijacking, and the end of the day, everything is eliminated.

Yawn... and the guest star looks good under all that makeup. And we had the starfleet security guy who up. Kinda like a flat soda...just blaaa...

3 out of 10

"Move Along Home"

Everyone HATES this episode, but it far from the worse, it is just ...silly. The plot line is silly, but not bad, Quark is playing a game, and some of the crew are playing it for real. Not the most exciting episode, but I liked it a lot better then the previous episode.

4 out of 10

"The Nagus"

The Ferengi episodes where popular at the time, and really, and the grand Negas is not THAT bad. And it really sweet to see Jake Teaching Nog to read. It is actually a strong episode for Season 1 standards, as it works. And it gets some points for the godfather references. I happen to find it funny still, and this was supposed to be a funny episode.

6 out of 10


Ok, my memory was that this was a Meh episode, but it was quite good. It is nice to have space combat and Odo using non-traditional tactics to beat them. And it has a ...sweet feel to the end.

6 out of 10

"Battle Lines"

I am still wonder how DS9 would of changed without shunting off the Kai who was a really cool character. However it does have a nice TOS feel to it, two parties at endless battles with no chance to win. It not great, but it not bad. And it shows that the writers are willing to make radical changes if they felt the plot needed it.

6.5 out of 10

"The Storyteller"

The episode reminds me of of a early TNG episode. namely, its a bad epsiode with a young cute costar (the dauphin is the TNG episode)

The main plot line of the storyteller with the story-beast. Is freaking bad. I mean, Meridian bad. But the Nog/Jake/Guest star role was better then it should. which saves it from complete failure.

2.5 out of 10


if you ignore a major plot hole (why would they ruin a M class moon for enough energy that a simple replicated reactor could provide) I mean, if they said "Stripped mined to repair bajor" i could buy it a lot more.

However, Kira meets a cranky old man, who does not want to leave, and you have good acting. What is NOT to like?

7 out of 10

"If Wishes Were Horses"

Deep inside this episode is a decent episode. However it never appeared. It was MIA. Though seeing Bashir's want of Jazdia is silly in a juvenile way.

But...Rumpelstiltskin. Let me barf.

3 out of 10

"The Forsaken"

This episode always kinda reminds me of a Babylon 5 episode, which has a alien probe causing problems, though admittedly, I like the Babylon 5 idea better.

And we have Troi's mom. I always remembered I could not stand this episode. But it was better then I remembered. It not bad, and there are some stinkers in Season 1, so this is a good season 1 episode, but a poor DS9 episode.

5 out of 10

"Dramatis Personae"

ok, this is a fun episode, seems like every trek wants to have a episode where everyone acts nuts. Thankfully, DS9 put it near the end of the first season, and not like TNG, which had it as one of the first episodes.

I must admit, the Clock thingy that Ben builds is nicely odd. Sadly it one of those episodes where you know first off what kinda happening, and you watch it unfold.

5.5 out of ten.

Two more episodes (and good ones) and I will finish season 1...

BruntFCA September 13 2012 11:05 PM

Re: Yet Another Rewatch Thread...
The thing about Q less is that it isn't really a Q episode, it's a Vash episode with Q just king of hanging out.

Distorted Humor September 13 2012 11:16 PM

Re: Yet Another Rewatch Thread...

BruntFCA wrote: (Post 6957199)
The thing about Q less is that it isn't really a Q episode, it's a Vash episode with Q just king of hanging out.

A good way at looking at it, but Vash without Picard feels somehow empty.

Spock/Uhura Fan September 14 2012 12:14 AM

Re: Yet Another Rewatch Thread...
^ I'm glad you're doing this. I don't hate The Nagus; I liked it. And while I agree that Move Along Home seemed a little silly on the surface, the concept was interesting. You really can learn a lot about a different culture of people by how they "play the game" so to speak. It's was also interesting that the visiting culture of people were so wrapped up in games, but then they were visiting and were interested in recreation. I wonder what they were really like. Following up on them might have been a missed opportunity, but then if people didn't like the episode, I guess that's why it didn't happen. And if only the series had been Q-Less...

Distorted Humor September 14 2012 01:55 AM

Re: Yet Another Rewatch Thread...
Finished Season 1.... (Dum Dum Dum)


This episode still has a lot of kick to it. I think it one of those episodes that just "worked" in the sense of Acting, Writing, concept, even the little things (having Neela have a small role) just makes you sit back and enjoy the hour of TV.

Amazing, top episode of DS9, and perhaps of Trek....

10 out of 10

"In the Hands of the Prophets"

A fine conclusion to a uneven first season. A surprisingly open minded episode. (TNG would of followed the Jake line of reasoning.) with a slowly dawning realization that something dark is going on, along with that the cute bajorian (ok, in all seriousness, there is a no lack of cute bajorian women, I know where I would move...) Aide to O'brian is the bad girl.

I adore the repostes between Obrian and his wife, where his wife warns him of being too friendly to Neela, and then him have a moment of gulping as she starts to express her like of him.

And the Sydney Opera house Hat makes it grand arrival. And Winn is such a great villain. Not as strong as Duet, but close.

9 out of 10.

Season avg of 5.75 if i did my math correctly (I counted the first episode twice due to it being two hours.)

Use of Time September 14 2012 12:35 PM

Re: Yet Another Rewatch Thread...
"Duet" to me is one of the best Star Trek episodes of all time. Words can't describe the power of that scene where Maritza breaks down during his rant and starts crying. The whole episode is essentially Kira and Maritza and it just works so well.

R. Star September 14 2012 08:06 PM

Re: Yet Another Rewatch Thread...
Really the only good thing I can say about getting rid of Opaka is that it paves the way for Winn to be the terribly wonderful villain you love to hate.

Duet, is one of the most powerful episodes of Trek ever. I mean Maritza really sells his role and it touches upon a grand moral theme while setting the backstory of Bajor and Cardassia for those who are still confused about it.

Distorted Humor September 15 2012 07:09 PM

Re: Yet Another Rewatch Thread...
I agree with all the good things said about Duet - it is flat out one of the best of all of Star Trek. I could wax long on duet...but there more episodes to watch.

"The Homecoming"

I think the crew and the cast have there feet more firmly planted now in season 2, and it gets good quickly. Though it is funny, the purple haired trader woman who gives the Ear-ring to Quark, I thought she was hot stuff back in the day. Now she looks like a transvestite.

As for the more serious notes, This is a very strong start to the second season. Li is a unique character as he does not want to be the hero. And him telling the REAL story is fun to hear.

And suddenly, you wonder, is Kira being written off?

6.5 out of 10

"The Circle"

the writing of DS9 is much stronger, and this shows with the interaction in Kira quarters as people are coming in, followed by our fave Bajorian Holy man.

then the rest of the episode is stuff falling apart, and Kira orb moment. "What type of blasphemy is this" is cute, as it is used later. Also you can see that the military has little support for the current government.

7.5 out of ten

"The Siege"

Finishing off the triple Bajorian episodes, and a lot of things are going on. Most likely rushed by Star Trek Standards, and "normal" for today's TV. I still laugh at the "Spider" bit on the moon. And Winn steals the show as a wonderfully "love to hate" person. But you have the crew leaving the station, a battle for DS9, Kira and Dax's adventure in old flying technology, and so on. Lots of fun stuff, and then one of the better (so far) guest stars is killed off.

8.5 out of 10.

"Circle Trilogy"

The first three part of DS9 (And i thnk of Trek) it is one of the strongest Bajorian storylines they created. I happen to think of it as a very good if slightly forgotten storytelling of DS9, as it gets overshadowed by later concepts.

"Invasive Procedures"

Another Dax Episode, and its not the strongest. Though it is fun that the "alien girl" still keeps her eyebrows, which helps her looks for sure. That and she beats Kira with a one on one fight, which is rare. The other Trill in his unjoined state is a bit annoying. Though the actor gets to show his chops once he is Dax.

Still, its not a super-strong episode, but its not a bad episode.

5.5 out of 10

Distorted Humor September 17 2012 02:49 AM

Re: Yet Another Rewatch Thread...

Garak :techman:

"I was in the Underground"

"Oh, Perhaps we have met"


I happen to like this as a political mystery, One of the nice things about DS9 is that the stories are varied, you have political stories, you have war stories, you have personal stories, you have crime stories, and you have humor episodes among many others.

One good test for a political plot is "does everyone make choices up to their intelligence level. This is a very smart story of a long drawn out political chess game, with our fave tailor outwitting one of the better antagonists (and to a point of his development, the best antagonist in star trek)

That and the child actor does very well, it must be dreadful trying to cast teenage and young actors, as a crappy performance can ruin a episode.

Also, It is almost shocking what the writers actually put in the chiefs mouth. Not that is wrong for the Chief, but just surprising that it made it to the script.

7 out of 10


A little ode to disabled people, but it still not good. I understand that it had a very rough birth from concept to creation. By the time Melora gets the stick out of her rear, I really don't care for her. Though I do like the idea of the Klingon restaurant as a fun change from the normal Klingon setup. At Bashir gets a girl for once.

The "B" Plot was much more fun, and saves the episode from falling in the realm of Bad Star Trek Episodes.

5 of 10

"Rules of Acquisition"

This episode has a major problem.

It not funny enough to be a liked as a humor episode. It lacks drama to be a dramatic episode. Also, the Alien make up is Bad.

And much of the humor is just bad. Its almost impossible to do a farce for part of the episode, then switch to a semi-serious drama.

Though Zek and Kira stuff was ALMOST funny.

Ok, it really wasn't.

3 out of 10

"Necessary Evil"

This starts off as a decent episode, some humor with Rom half wanting Quark dead for the bar, and Rom showing he actually rather smart. then a gate opens up.

And I am blown away as you walk into the occupation.

Then its a decent little whodunit with a surprising twist at the end. Not a jaw dropping surprise, but a "REALLY, cool wow"

Rene blew it out of the water with his acting.

It not QUITE as good as Duet. but it is almost as good.

9.5 out of 10

"Second Sight"

This is not a bad episode, but it does have a major weakness.

its boring as heck.

I don't mind that the guest star is a jerk, I just don't CARE. which is worse then being annoying. You feel nothing as he commits suicide.

3 out of 10


This isn't a good episode, though it does have a few episodes that save it from complete ruin. Though I must say this.

The Guest star of the son is annoying as hell. and outside of the Main guest star, the aliens are just annoying. (but they are not boring at least...

There a few moments that save this episode from complete ruin. The language issues, then Kira buying the dress, and it somewhat saved by the downbeat ending. Which breaks the "TNG feel" to the episode. However I do not want to go out and watch this episode anytime soon.

4.5 out of 10


Ok, I remember that I did not like this episode when it aired. As in hating it.

Its actually quite good. Guess as i get older, a Con Man playing his games and being conned himself is fun to watch, and the growing friendship of the Doctor and chief.

And I laughed out loud when the poor guy "Won" and then its like "Officer, you have a dead man in here"

Very entertaining. Which is kinda funny as I always disliked this episode.

6 out of 10

"The Alternate"

This should be a good episode, and Odo's "Dad" is likeable. But it just does not work for whatever reason. I cannot pinpoint what I do not like about the episode.

4 out of 10

Distorted Humor September 18 2012 06:44 PM

Re: Yet Another Rewatch Thread...
"Armageddon Game"

This is a episode that works well enough, as two races decide to go all South Africa and eliminate a WMD, but then decide to eliminate the knowledge as well.

Bashir and O'Brian do have a nice Bromance going, and there is some humor from previous episodes about military rations. Anyways, the federation figures out that the deaths where faked, and go and rescue the pair just in time.

Though the reveal that O'Brian does drink coffee in the afternoon is worth a chuckle.

5.5 out of 10


This is a VERY good episode of season two, and its amazing what people will do to give someone a surprise birthday party...

Ok, I am joking.

The Paranoia the first time I watched it was wonderful, though on a re-watch, it looses some of its bite as its a long, almost plodding reveal. Still a excellent episode and gives a taste of what DS9 can throw out that is not the usual. Star Trek DOES do some good paranoia episodes, and this is the best of the bunch. The cast does very well in giving some of the performances.

7 out of 10
Now that I am out of a job, I can work though some of these episodes.

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