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MadaBidyoni September 10 2012 03:56 PM

Christopher mentioned mythBusteres in another thread here, so...
if someone here saw all the episodes - could you list all the episodes there that deal with space?

Christopher September 10 2012 05:03 PM

Re: mythBusters
Mythbusters isn't really a show that deals with space much, since it's about doing experiments to test myths and urban legends and see if they're plausible or not. Since they can't actually go into space, they don't do a lot of space myths. The only really space-centric episode they did was "NASA Moon Landing," which debunked a number of the crazy conspiracy theories about the Moon landing being faked.

Although they've done at least one myth about an ancient attempt at spaceflight, the classic "Ming Dynasty Astronaut" episode.

MadaBidyoni September 10 2012 07:17 PM

Re: mythBusters
oh i thought they had some scifi myths about space...
ok thanks

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