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Mars September 4 2012 03:45 AM

Star Trek/Supergirl
"I'm detecting a warp signature captain, but its traveling at one tenth impulse," said Data.
"Put it on screen lieutenant," said Captain Picard.
A white spaceship appeared on screen, it had a jagged crystaline appearance as if the ship was grown instead of built.

"It measures 15 meters by 20 meters, I am registering two distinct power sources and a warp signature coming from with the ship," announced Data, "The ship however is adrift."
"Are there any life forms aboard?"
"Hard to tell captain, the surface of the ship blocks all active sensor reading except for gravitational, but two places on board the ship register heat signatures, one apparently is the engine, but another more diffuse signature comes from within the ship, our active sensors are blocked by the surface of the ship. Gravitational sensors register a high mass. Of approximately 300,000 metric tons,” said Data.
“Seems quite a bit for such a small ship.” Picard commented.
“I am unable to ascertain the exact hull composition, but the high density would certainly account for the inability of active sensors to penetrate the hull.
“Open all hailing frequencies.”
“Hailing frequencies open sir.”
“Attention unidentified ship, You are entering Federation Space please identify yourself.”
The lights flickered.
“We are being scanned, announced Data, somehow it has managed to access the ship’s main computer!” said Data.
“See if you can lock it out!”
“I’m trying captain!”

Wesley Crusher walked down the curved corridor on deck ten after leaving the turbolift, when he noticed the light flicker. Having just completed his studies for the entrance examination to Starfleet Academy, he was ready for some R&R., he approached the holodeck entrance, a program was running on it, but no one was inside, strange Wesley thought, perhaps the power outage had something to do with it. The doors to the Holodeck opened, a bloated red sun illuminated the scene from a very dark blue sky, almost purple. Wesley stepped through, the doors closed and the arch disappeared. Wesley looked up at the star, the grass was a very dark green, almost black, he saw dark leafed trees in the distance, he felt the Sun’s heat on his face, but it wasn’t as painful to look at as his own sun on Earth. In the distance he saw some buildings made of crystal, that had a glassy white grown appearance.

After taking time off to observe his surroundings, he noticed a blue-eyed blonde haired girl watching him, she was wearing a short white dress that seemed to glow under the Sun’s pale red light, a blanket was spread over the dark green grass and a picnic basket was placed down on it. “Hello,” she said with an odd accent, “my name is Kara, what’s yours?”
“My name is Wesley that is Wesley Crusher. Pleased to meet you, he stuck out his hand. Kara bowed formally and then took his hand.”
“Ah yes, I’ve studied your world, a hand shake is a form of Earth greeting.”
Wesley looked up at the Sun, ”Interesting planet you have here, do you normally have picnics under a red sun?”
“That is the sun Rao of my home world, my father thinks its going to go supernova, but he’s not believed by his colleagues, except for his brother.”
“A class-M World around a red supergiant, how does that happen?”
“My father says that Krypton is not our original home world, and that originally our people came from somewhere else.” she said.
“Krypton, it means “hidden” I think, it is also a noble gas I believe.”
“I believe the former definition is most apt in your language.” Kara said.
“I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of your world before, is it a Federation Member?” asked Wesley.
“I don’t know what your Federation is, but I’m sure Krypton is not a member of it, our world does not have much contact with outsiders. My father sent me out on this space ship because he feels Rao is about to blow up.”
“You mean the Enterprise?”
“No,” she said, her imaged flickered for a bit, “You must come aboard my ship I …” The holodeck program suddenly ended. Wesley Crusher stood in a black square gridded room, he headed for the exit, the doors opened and he left.

Captain Picard was in his ready room, “Can we tractor the ship into the hangar deck?” he asked.
“I believe so Captain,” Data said, “the inertial mass seems to be significantly less than the gravitational mass, that is the gravity it emits, so our initial estimates of its mass may have been off.”
“Ok then do so.”

Wesley Crusher stood in the Main shuttle bay, on Deck four, as the crystalline ship was tractored through the air retaining force field. Riker, Geordi LaForge, Data, Tasha Yar and his mom Beverly Crusher were there. Wesley approached the group. “Wes, shouldn’t you be in school?” asked Riker The crystal ship was lowered onto the landing platform. “I have to be there, she is expecting me!” said Wesley. “Who?” said La Forge. “The alien within the ship, she contacted me through the holodeck computer.” said Wesley.
Riker said, “Be careful Wes.” Wesley approached the ship, the crystals retracted as he approached revealing an entrance. Wesley looked carefully inside while staying at the threshold, the crystals glowed an eerie blue radiance, but the steps seemed scaled to human legs and feet. Geordi LaForge extended his tricorder, “Be careful Wes,” he said, “if those doors close we can’t beam you out of there.“ The others followed Wesley into the ship when he signaled the all clear. There was a girl with bluish white skin on a crystal platform as the crystals retracted to expose her to the air. Her hair was pale, and her eyes were closed and she was deathly still. Wesley reached out to touch her Dr Crusher shouted, “Wes no!” There was a hiss as he touched her on the arm, his hand stuck fast is his skin froze to her. “Ow!” Wesley screamed as he tried to pull his hand off. Dr Crusher rushed over to him. “Wait Mom,” Wesley spoke up, “look!” He pointed at the girl as her skin grew pink and her skin chest began to rise with her breathing. Wesley’s palm unstuck, his palm and fingers were blackened with frostbite the girl’s eyes fluttered open. “Wesley,” she said. “Kara is that you?” Wesley asked. “Yes, Wesley it is me, I remember you.” She said. Dr Crusher moved next to her son and tapped her com badge, “Transporter room, two to beam to the sick bay.” Wesley and Beverly Crusher disappeared. “Hey, where did Wesley go?” Kara demanded. “He was beamed to sick bay because of the frost bite he got from touching your arm while you were frozen.” Geordi explained. “But he just disintegrated right before my eyes!” Kara said in an exasperated voice, she stood naked, “excuse me gents while I get dressed.”

Kara emerged later from her ship wearing a pair of red boots, a red skirt, and blue mid drift shirt with a gold ‘S’ on her chest and a red cape. Tasha Yar, Geordi, Riker, and Data stood around while Kara scanned the walls, floor and ceiling of the shuttle bay seemingly looking past them. Kara pushed past them. “Wait, hold it right there, your not authorized to go there!” Tasha yelled, threatening with her phaser set on stun. Kara ignored her and continued on. Tasha fired the phaser into her back, it having no effect, Riker yelled, “Wait stop!” Kara continued towards an access shaft, Riker fired his phaser, it too having no effect on her, then Kara did a strange thing, she simply flew down through the access shaft in the floor without touching the ladder. Tasha, Geordi, Riker and Data ran up to the ladder. Riker tapped his com badge, Riker to Bridge, we have an intruder moving towards the sick bay.
A pair of security guards stood in her way, they fired phasers at her to no effect, Kara simply bowled them aside as she moved past. Kara pushed the doors open to the sick bay with her fingertips, some smoke issued from the sides of the doors as she did so. “Kara, you shouldn’t have followed me here,” Wesley cried, “People here get a little touchy about unauthorized aliens moving about the ship.”
“I’m sorry Wes, I just found it a little disconcerting watching you disappear right before my eyes.” Kara admitted. “Its okay, its just that frostbite needs to be treated right away in order for there to be full recovery, see?” Wesley held up his right hand wrapped in a bandage, My mom says with growth factor my skin and tendons should heal themselves in a day or two. The security officers caught up with her, Kara stared at them, and they backed off.

Mars September 6 2012 09:52 PM

Re: Star Trek/Supergirl
Now that I got her, what do I do with her?
Any Ideas?

sojourner September 8 2012 04:31 AM

Re: Star Trek/Supergirl
Put her back?

Mars September 9 2012 12:25 AM

Re: Star Trek/Supergirl
Put her back where? Perhaps the Crew of the Enterprise can find a way to get her back in her proper Universe, later analysis indicates there is a continual warp field around her body, it allows her to fly at warp speeds through space or simply hover, though when not flying she walks around with a simulated mass of around 50 kg, her actual mass is greater than this, something like 50,000 metric tons, and she has the gravity field of a human sized 50,000 metric ton object, though her enertial mass is that of 50 kg unless she wants it to be greater, or is hit by bullets phasers or anything else that she was not expecting. She has something like 1,000,000 times the molecular density of a human, though her personal warp envelope hides all this. Kara can also fly through space at speeds as high as warp 9.9, she has heat vision which is like twin ray guns. One thing it the transporter doesn't work on her, she can't dematerialize so she can't be "transported".

Mars September 12 2012 04:32 AM

Re: Star Trek/Supergirl
Picard paced the Ready Room as Wesley and Kara sat at the conference table. "So you wish to remain aboard the Enterprise?" Picard asked.
"I do, I showed you where my homeworld was, its been destroyed by the supernova, I have nowhere to go, my parents intended to send me to Earth." Kara pleaded.
"So you say," Picard admitted, "the thing that makes me hesitant is that you do not even appear to belong in our Universe. Dr Crusher and Geordi La Forge did an analysis, your molecular density approaches that of a white dwarf, the atoms that make up your body are much smaller than our atoms, about one hundreth scale in fact, the warp field around your body seems to delineate different laws of physics from our universe, you are not of our Universe yet here you are. Can you explain that?"
Kara bit her lip, "I can't sir, my father had some theories, he said there were some gravitational anomalies in the Kryptonian system, most Kryptonians have not traveled in space for millenia."
Picard looked at Kara for a moment, "this goes against my better judgement, but since we have no place to send you, for the time being you can stay aboard this ship."
"Thank you captain, you won't regret it, I promise," she added.

Mars September 13 2012 05:02 AM

Re: Star Trek/Supergirl
Wesley Crusher was reading a data pad as Kara Zor-El stood by holding her breath, "I can't believe you can hold your breath for so long," he commented, "You've been at it for over an hour."
Kara took in some air and said, "It amazing, I don't actually need to breathe, breathing is a reflex for me, but if I concentrate I can hold my breath indefinitely."
"and you broke a few steak knives trying to stab yourself in the hand." Wesley replied.
"I don't need to eat, I don't get hungry, I don't know what's sustaining me," she complained, "I feel so ... so weird."
"You seem to be good at blocking cosmic rays and neutrinos as well, yet watch this." Wesley went up to Kara bent down so he could place his left arm under Kara's knees, and with his right, he supported her back and picked her up. "I am now lifting 50,000 tons, but you don't feel over 50 kilos, but the gravitational sensors say your mass should be 50,000 tons." Wesley put Kara down on the floor.
"Well that's not surprising when I can do this." Kara hovered off of the floor.
"You mean your flying all the time?" Wesley asked.
"I guess I am, but I don't think about it, if I want to go up I simply fly up, its hard to explain, and I'm not sure how I do it myself, I basically just will my self to fly." Kara lowered herself back down to the floor.
"Can you pick me up?" Wesley asked.
"I think I can," Kara put her two hands under Wesley's shoulders and lifted him off the ground without any apparent visible effort, "It like you don't weigh a thing!" Kara said sounding amazed, she put him down. Wesley wrapped his arms around her, Kara did the same to him, their lips met. Wesley backed off, "Sorry, I don't know what came over me, its just I don't know, I wanted to do that." Kara smiled, "there's nothing to apologize for, If I didn't want you to kiss me, I wouldn't have let you, its as simple as that." Wesley sat down on the chair absorbing the enormity of what he'd just done. Kara put an arm around him, "it ok Wes, I like you a lot, I had a boyfriend on Krypton, but that's over now. I found you remember?"

Mars September 14 2012 05:05 AM

Re: Star Trek/Supergirl
Wesley left her mother's quarters with Kara in arm, the automatic door closed behind them as they entered the corridor. This particular part was a junction 6 meters by 6 meters with a 2 meter wide where one 2-meter wide corridor joined near wall of the junction from the left while another 2-meter wide corridor joined the far wall they were facing from the right. The walls were light orange in color. A sliding door was on the right wall of the junction. Wesley led Kara through the right corridor. "I thought I'd give you a tour of the ship since you'll be living here for a while. We are currently on Deck 8, which is part of the saucer section of this ship."
Kara said, "My what a lot of sliding doors you have here."
"Takes some getting used to, Wesley admitted, this is the first assignment my mom's had aboard a starship since my dad died."
"How'd your Dad die?" Kara asked.
"Its a long story, suffice to say he died in service of the Federation. But now is not the time, to the left is a door leading to a storage area, My mom has some spare furniture in there lots of boxes and things. Up ahead past that is the turbolift, a kind of elevator that can move up and down and sideways throughout the ship it has its own shafts, I been in them a few times when the turbo lift has under repair." Wesley admitted.

Silvercrest September 14 2012 06:04 AM

Re: Star Trek/Supergirl
How did she get from sickbay (Deck 12) to the ready room (Deck 1) and then to Deck 8 without ever seeing a turbolift?

Mars September 14 2012 12:51 PM

Re: Star Trek/Supergirl
Maybe the Turbolift was under repair and they had to use hatches and ladders.

sojourner September 14 2012 09:53 PM

Re: Star Trek/Supergirl
Why do we need to know the exact measurements of the intersection?

Silvercrest September 14 2012 10:53 PM

Re: Star Trek/Supergirl
I decided not to ask about that one.

When she discovers she has heat vision, can we have Wesley standing in the line of fire?

Mars September 15 2012 01:55 PM

Re: Star Trek/Supergirl
Why not describe how big the corridors are, this helps you to form a better picture of them.

sojourner September 17 2012 07:04 AM

Re: Star Trek/Supergirl
Its unnecessary and distracting to the story.

The main corridor had two smaller side corridors branching off it at right angles.

There. clear. concise. less confusing.

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