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Green Lantern September 2 2012 05:15 PM

Will there ever be a Lego battles III?
(Ninjaco the videogame was battles II)
So, Lego battles I is my favourate game ever and I'm hoping or a sequel (didn't buy #2: ninjaco though). Will it ever happen, what will it be like?

Itisnotlogical September 4 2012 07:43 PM

Re: Will there ever be a Lego battles III?
It'll probably never happen, most notable Lego games have just been tie-ins for a while now. It's really sad because I remember when even the flash games on Lego's website were awesome. Remember that Mindstorms game where you were on Mars and had to customize your robot to fit different mission profiles? Or that Bionicle point-and-click adventure game, way back when Bionicle was still on it's first series?

(by the way if anybody has those games cached/backed up/etc. it'd be lovely if you shared)

Green Lantern September 5 2012 12:07 AM

Re: Will there ever be a Lego battles III?
I renember ages ago when I was a kid that I loved the JackStone games on the website. Shame they don't do Jack Stone Lego anymore, I wouldn't buy it, but if I ever had kids, I'd buy them Jackstone. Then again, I have most of the old sets anyway......

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