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Ar-Pharazon August 28 2012 12:07 AM

DVD vs. blu-ray
Has anyone owned both DVD & blu-ray version of SGA?

I ask because I own seasons 1-3 on DVD and plan to get 4 & 5 soon.

Now I have to decide if I just want to get those 2 seasons on DVD, or get the series' set on blu-ray.

Are the bu-rays significantly better or just slightly better (ala Farscape)?

Harvey August 28 2012 12:17 AM

Re: DVD vs. blu-ray
I don't own the series on Blu-Ray (The DVDs will suffice), but this review suggest the picture is -- for the most part -- excellent in HD. There seem to be some minor problems related to visual effects (some were not rendered in HD), but they're a minor blemish.

It certainly won't have the problems of the Farscape Blu-Rays, since unlike that series (which was upconverted from PAL, I believe), Stargate Atlantis had HD masters.

Ar-Pharazon August 28 2012 12:41 AM

Re: DVD vs. blu-ray
^ That's the important thing, HD masters, or at least done on film initially where it could be remastered.

MacLeod August 28 2012 01:08 AM

Re: DVD vs. blu-ray
I got the first two season of SG:A on DVD, but then decided to wait till the BR came down to a reasoanble price. I think I ended up paying something like 40 for the complete set.

Ar-Pharazon August 28 2012 03:22 AM

Re: DVD vs. blu-ray
^ Did you notice a major improvement?

Starbreaker August 29 2012 12:44 AM

Re: DVD vs. blu-ray
SGA was filmed in HD. It's going to look much better than a DVD.

Cap.T September 5 2012 08:30 AM

Re: DVD vs. blu-ray
I've got all five seasons on Blu-Ray and the picture improvement is impressive. The only problematic thing about the picture quality are the effects shots.
Must of them were done in a lower resolution when the show was produced and it shows sometimes in the first two seasons. It's not so noticeable after that but still obvious sometimes, especially when it comes to establishing shots of Atlantis. Those are soft during all 5 seasons.

But that really shouldn't keep you from getting the Blu-Rays. The overall quality is leaps and bounds better then that off the DVDs. The DTS HD Master Audio Tracks are also quiet good for a TV-Release.

Methos September 5 2012 08:45 AM

Re: DVD vs. blu-ray
like Cap.T, I've got the 5 season collection on Blu-Ray... and i love it :D

definitely worth the cash


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