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sojourner August 16 2012 02:18 AM

Grimm, season 2 thread.
So, was I the only one to catch the new episode?

What's up with the new intro? It reminds me of the monologue from the old Highlander series. I liked the fast pace although some characters got short changed (Hank). They definitely dumped a lot of exposition on us.

Guy Gardener August 16 2012 02:23 AM

Re: Grimm, season 2 thread.
The show has certainly been retooled.

Idiot proofed credits, are to welcome idiots.

Mum is proud though. :)

Enterprise is Great August 16 2012 08:01 AM

Re: Grimm, season 2 thread.
The new I'm just not a big fan of intros that explain the whole premise of the series except for the TOS/TNG opening which is just so well done visually and musically and is written well that I don't mind it.

Lots of info much so I can't remember most of it.

Temis the Vorta August 16 2012 06:18 PM

Re: Grimm, season 2 thread.
I like the fact that the show has a credits intro now of any sort. What they had before was pathetic.

Doesnt look like NBC's big pr push during the olympics has paid off, the show came back to ratings pretty much in line with last season - good but not a big improvement.

JD August 16 2012 06:48 PM

Re: Grimm, season 2 thread.
I thought it was a pretty good season premier. Lots of very interesting info revealed. I watched a video the other day that said we will be dealing a lot more with the mythology this season, so I wasn't to surprised by all of the exposition in the episode.

sojourner August 16 2012 07:06 PM

Re: Grimm, season 2 thread.
I was actually surprised by the early beginning for season 2. Wasn't expecting it for a couple more weeks. That and it's move to very crowded Monday nights, (Alphas, WH13, Perception, Topgear my DVR has limits you stupid networks) may have something to do with the lackluster ratings. People have to find the show again.

Rhaven August 16 2012 07:14 PM

Re: Grimm, season 2 thread.
I thought the season opener was a good one. There certainly is a lot going on with Juliet's memories being erased and another Grimm in the mix.

Anyone else think that Hank will have to be clued in on what lies beneath the skin of some?

sojourner August 16 2012 08:26 PM

Re: Grimm, season 2 thread.
I'm wondering if Juliet will be written off the show.

Temis the Vorta August 16 2012 11:28 PM

Re: Grimm, season 2 thread.
Knowing that NBC was going to pump up Grimm in the Olympics, I was expecting a lot of action and not too much backstory, to hook new viewers. If those new viewers had shown up, I wonder how they would have reacted to the very backstory intensive episode we got instead?

sojourner August 17 2012 12:20 AM

Re: Grimm, season 2 thread.
The episode also did a pretty good job of filling in what happened last season, so as a new viewer I would have had no problem with it.

Snowlilly August 17 2012 07:49 AM

Re: Grimm, season 2 thread.
although I like the show overall, am I the only one that really is not a fan of the character portrayal of mommy dearest?

hadd001 August 17 2012 10:02 PM

Re: Grimm, season 2 thread.
I personally loved this first episode ... looks like the things are going to be building in some great ways.

sojourner August 21 2012 07:51 AM

Re: Grimm, season 2 thread.
A pretty good episode tonight. They seriously need to ditch that new intro though. It's B movie lame.

The dialog this week was very "Whedon-ish" in spots.

Oh, did anyone else have broadcast problems? For parts of the episode I kept getting some kind of narration. I am guessing it was some kind of service for blind people.

Enterprise is Great August 21 2012 08:05 AM

Re: Grimm, season 2 thread.
Yeah, the intro sucks. I think that they put it in there for potential new viewers but I think it would drive them away and not intrigue them.

So Capt. Renard is definitely a Wessen. There was some debate about that last season but it seems to be confirmed here finally.

Ok, I just read an interview with Sasha Roiz and he said that Renard is...

At the end when Nick's mom was leaving at first I thought that she was going to meet up with someone bad but no...she was just stealing a car.

Guy Gardener August 21 2012 08:30 AM

Re: Grimm, season 2 thread.
So Nick says "There's this movie we should watch called "the Vow" and you're going to keep watching it until you fall in love with me again."

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