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Kelthaz August 13 2012 02:53 AM

Welcome to Ouya
And another player enters the video game console industry. Ouya is a cheap ($99) video game console running on Android's Ice Cream Sandwich OS that gives independent (and a few professional developers like Namco and Square) a dedicated console for games. Ouya just finished a Kickstarter campaign that raised $8.5 million dollars, so there's definitely interest in it. The console is due to be released in April 2013.

Ouya Advertisement wrote:
We love console games.
There's something about a big HD TV and digital surround sound that fills up a living room. Shooters, platformers, sports games, arcade classics and experimental indie games just feel bigger on a TV screen. It's how most of us grew up gaming.

But maybe people are missing out.
We get it – smartphones and tablets are getting all the new titles – they're "what's hot.” The console market is pushing developers away. We’ve seen a brain drain: some of the best, most creative gamemakers are focused on mobile and social games because those platforms are more developer-friendly. And the ones who remain focused on console games can’t be as creative as they’d like.

Deep down, you know your best gaming memories happened in the living room.
You busted your ass just to find out the princess was "in another castle." You fought bosses that told you repeatedly how much "you suck." You taped a blanket to half of your screen so your friend couldn't see where you were. You traded the best players onto your team just so you could have the perfect season. And you did it all on the TV.

I'm not entirely convinced, but this could be a fantastic way for independent games to finally hit the mainstream. I'm cautiously optimistic. Check them out here.

timmy84 August 13 2012 07:03 AM

Re: Welcome to Ouya
I'm wondering about if this will be any good. I get the premise, and I guess all the games are supposed to be freemium games, but are they gonna get original games or is it just gonna be a bunch of cell phone and tablet games adapted to a controller.


Robert Maxwell August 13 2012 08:03 PM

Re: Welcome to Ouya
It just sounds like they are going to use an existing free platform so they don't have to develop one from scratch, which seems like a good idea to me.

Given that most phone/tablet games rely on touchscreens, I'm not sure how well you could adapt them to a controller. I would expect mostly new games, perhaps ports of (for instance) indie PC games.

It's really going to depend on what APIs they choose to be compatible with.

bullethead August 13 2012 08:58 PM

Re: Welcome to Ouya
I wonder if Namco Bandai's support will pay off in Ouya getting some ports of PSP games sold in Japan, because I honestly don't know why they'd be so willing to support a new console so early in the game. I see why their interested in it, because it would be cheap to develop for compared to HD consoles, but what they're bringing to the table is still vague, even if they're willing to listen to fan input on titles to bring to the Ouya.

Kelthaz February 26 2013 10:49 PM

Re: Welcome to Ouya
Ouya is now available for pre-order on Amazon for $99.

Well, it's actually happening. I have to admit that I had my doubts. I'm not sure if I'll get one, but I am very curious to see how this competes with the upcoming generation. Obviously it's not going to outsell the PS4, but will it carve out a niche for itself with quality games like Super Meat Boy and Minecraft or will it get buried by endless shovelware?

CorporalClegg February 26 2013 11:07 PM

Re: Welcome to Ouya
Wasn't there a documentary made about this thing some time ago, or am I thinking of something else?

In any case, it's a new console I might actually consider buying.

AlphaMan February 27 2013 05:43 AM

Re: Welcome to Ouya
I wish Apple would get over themselves and make a controller for iOS games and make them playable with Apple TV. I'm an iPhone guy and it would be cool to get to play a game on the go, come home and continue to play on the TV. Ouyaa mkes this possible for Android users.

B.J. February 27 2013 03:53 PM

Re: Welcome to Ouya
^ Er, not quite. (Unfortunately.) From their FAQ:

Can I play my OUYA games on my other Android devices?
Not at this time.

Can I play Android games purchased from Google Play on OUYA?

The Mirrorball Man February 27 2013 04:27 PM

Re: Welcome to Ouya

Ouya wrote:
Deep down, you know your best gaming memories happened in the living room.

I have no memory of ever playing video games in the living room.

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