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DredZed April 5 2012 08:46 AM

USS Bowman
Since several people expressed interest in this ship from my last thread about my movie era Romulan Warbird, I figured I'd make a separate thread just for this.

Early sketch image:

Upper saucer detail:

And here's an angled shot, and some orthos, with the mostly fleshed out saucer (other than the Bridge and lower sections, as well as windows), and the rest still in early sketch form:

And lastly, some recent work I've been getting done on the warp nacelles:

Obviously, it shares a lot of design elements of the Constitution Refit, but is a bit more compact and "sporty". Here's a quick scale study to illustrate the relative sizes:

Please let me know what you think, any comments or suggestions for improvement are always welcome. This is my first serious attempt at doing a Starfleet ship, so I'm learning a lot as I go.

sojourner April 5 2012 08:56 AM

Re: USS Bowman
Nice design. A simple take on the Constitution form without trying to over think it.

Watch out on the lower bit of the primary hull, build it up too much and it will block the main dish.

Patrickivan April 5 2012 02:15 PM

Re: USS Bowman
I don't know- I think the design philosophy borrows too much from Voyager...

From an unbiased POV, it looks fine none-the-less. I do agree with Sojourner, however LOS dishes and Star Trek seem to be less then synonymous with one another. heh

Starship April 6 2012 04:03 PM

Re: USS Bowman
I like her! :techman: Go ahead!

SPEKTRE76 April 7 2012 02:54 AM

Re: USS Bowman
Looking good man, I'm working on a star ship myself. It's going to take some minimal design cues from the F-22 Raptor much like Lamborghini's Siesto Elemento.

publiusr April 7 2012 06:38 PM

Re: USS Bowman
Very aggressive. A starfleet K'Teremny

DredZed April 12 2012 05:14 AM

Re: USS Bowman
Thanks for the comments guys. I haven't gotten much done, getting married in just over two weeks, so that's taking up a lot of my time obviously, lol.

Here's the latest:

Like I said, not a whole lot done, got the front on the nacelles, but still have to cut out the Bussard collector areas and add in the front grilles and such. I'm pretty happy with the overall look of the whole thing coming together.

I agree that it does seem to have a bit of a Voyager feel to the general shape and size choices, but the funny thing is I never (consiously) thought of that as I was working on coming up with the design. I just liked the idea of a more compact ship, that could be focused on more speed and maneuverability without having to worry as much about being a Jack-of-all-Trades like the Constitution always seemed to be.

This would be the sort of ship that would be patrolling along the borders, keeping an eye out for problems (hence the Romulan ship I'm working on in my other thread to go along with it). She'd be big and strong enough to deal with anything that might come along, but didn't have to be the best at everything, and could skip out in a hurry if the need arose.

And as for the lower saucer, I've been concerned about that myself, but if I absolutely have to I could bring the lower saucer in a little bit more to fit in the lower dome and such down there. I'll be seeing how that works out soon.

B.J. April 12 2012 06:00 PM

Re: USS Bowman
Nice design! :techman: It's kind of similar to a design I did years ago (USS Leonov), right down to the relative size and even the step in the upper saucer surface. (I'm not accusing you of stealing anything, just saying that great minds think alike! :D ) I remember having the same issue with the lower saucer, but my solution was to come up with a unique (for TOS era) dish design, which you can see in the link above.

publiusr April 13 2012 09:05 PM

Re: USS Bowman
Great progress--this is becoming a favorite.

Only natural--take a look at this threads number

Kaiser April 13 2012 09:31 PM

Re: USS Bowman

publiusr wrote: (Post 6176542)
Great progress--this is becoming a favorite.

Only natural--take a look at this threads number

Awesome Number :techman:

DredZed April 14 2012 05:26 AM

Re: USS Bowman
A little more work done on the warp nacelles:

And now I feel like I have to step up my game to live up to the thread number, lol.

Kaiser April 14 2012 06:02 AM

Re: USS Bowman
Nice Nacelles this design is coming along well :) :techman:

DredZed April 14 2012 06:32 PM

Re: USS Bowman
Tweaked the front end of the bussard collectors:

Removed the protruding ridge from the "Inlet Flow Sensor" as it's marked on the TMP blueprints of the refit Constitution. So that helped to streamline that bit down a little.

I also tried my hand at adding in some detailing inside the bussard grille, not that it would normally be visible at all, but here it is:

DredZed April 15 2012 09:24 AM

Re: USS Bowman
Taking a break from the nacelles for a bit, to work on the details around the rim of the saucer. Just added the windows:

Bernard Guignard April 15 2012 11:44 AM

Re: USS Bowman
looking very nice

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