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Jetfire January 16 2012 04:16 AM

Alcatraz (FOX) "Pilot" & "Ernest Cobb" *Spoilers!*
Alcatraz premieres Monday night on FOX at 8PM EDT. (2 Hours)



Alcatraz is an American television series starring Sam Neill, Sarah Jones and Jorge Garcia airing on Fox. Bad Robot Productions produced the pilot episode, which is based on a screenplay by Elizabeth Sarnoff, Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt.[1] The series was officially picked up by Fox on May 10, 2011.[2] On December 2, 2011, Fox announced that the series would air as a midseason replacement starting January 16, 2012. The series will air on Monday evenings, premiering with a 2-hour episode at 8:00 ET, before assuming its regular timeslot at 9:00 ET starting January 23, 2012.[3] The series is filmed principally in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Sam Neill as Emerson Hauser, an enigmatic, knows-everything-but-tells-nothing government agent.
Sarah Jones as Rebecca Madsen, a San Francisco Police Department homicide detective.
Jorge Garcia as Dr. Diego “Doc” Soto, an Alcatraz expert and comic book enthusiast.
Robert Forster as Ray Archer, Det. Madsen's surrogate uncle.
Jeffrey Pierce as Jack Sylvane, a former Alcatraz inmate who supposedly died decades ago.
Parminder Nagra as Lucy Banerjee, Agent Hauser's technician.
Jonny Coyne as Edwin James, the iron-fisted warden of Alcatraz.
Jason Butler Harner as Elijah Bailey "E.B." Tiller, the merciless associate warden.

I wasn't too interested when this was announced but I will be checking it out Monday. :)

This is of course produced by J. J. Abrams. ;)

Snick27 January 16 2012 04:26 AM

Re: Alcatraz (FOX) "Pilot" & "Ernest Cobb" *Spoilers!*
Saddly this has to flop so i can get another season of Terra Nova :evil:.

Cool that Jeffrey Pierce is on this though, so might have to watch.

Pierce is Charlie Jade for those whom dont remember him.

Jetfire January 16 2012 04:31 AM

Re: Alcatraz (FOX) "Pilot" & "Ernest Cobb" *Spoilers!*
I stopped watching Terra Nova. :p

Jorge Garcia will be fun to watch again and Sam Neill is always good. :techman:

Temis the Vorta January 16 2012 04:42 AM

Re: Alcatraz (FOX) "Pilot" & "Ernest Cobb" *Spoilers!*
If this turns out to be as bad as Terra Nova, FOX should shoot itself. :wtf:

StarTrek1701 January 16 2012 06:59 AM

Re: Alcatraz (FOX) "Pilot" & "Ernest Cobb" *Spoilers!*

Temis the Vorta wrote: (Post 5608036)
If this turns out to be as bad as Terra Nova, FOX should shoot itself. :wtf:

Nothing personal but I dont understand why is everyone ragging on Terra Nova? Granted it isn't as good as a show it could be, but come on! People have been complaining the better part of the last decade that nobody takes risks in regular airwaves anymore. But when they do like in Terra Nova and such, nobody gives the show a chance. Its still entertaining and different, with a very ambitious concept.

Enterprise is Great January 16 2012 11:11 AM

Re: Alcatraz (FOX) "Pilot" & "Ernest Cobb" *Spoilers!*
I like Terra Nova a lot but Alcatraz is going to be way better. And since I'm sure Fringe will be gone after this season so I'm hoping Alcatraz does well because I'll need some more JJ Abrams style sci-fi for next season.

Klaus January 16 2012 02:20 PM

Re: Alcatraz (FOX) "Pilot" & "Ernest Cobb" *Spoilers!*
Looking forward to this, as I'm not watching anything regularly now... won't be able to watch it live due to work but I'll get it as soon as I can.

Saga January 16 2012 03:22 PM

Re: Alcatraz (FOX) "Pilot" & "Ernest Cobb" *Spoilers!*
also looking forward to this. still haven't got around to giving Terra Nova a try though.

24thcenstfan January 16 2012 05:14 PM

Re: Alcatraz (FOX) "Pilot" & "Ernest Cobb" *Spoilers!*
I'll definitely be watching the Pilot.

auntiehill January 16 2012 08:10 PM

Re: Alcatraz (FOX) "Pilot" & "Ernest Cobb" *Spoilers!*
Must remember to record this.

Professor Zoom January 16 2012 08:20 PM

Re: Alcatraz (FOX) "Pilot" & "Ernest Cobb" *Spoilers!*
I saw the pilot a few months ago. I think the idea would've been better suited for a movie. It smelled like Lost--ooo, mysterious things happening!, ooo, unexplainable things!, ooo, conspiracy! And I bet they don't have it planned out....again.

Is it going to be prisoner of the week? Boring.

Not tuning in.

Procutus January 17 2012 12:05 AM

Re: Alcatraz (FOX) "Pilot" & "Ernest Cobb" *Spoilers!*
I'll be here as well. I remember seeing the first promos for this back in what? Late November, maybe? Thought it looked intriguing, and as Jet pointed out, it's got Sam Neill.

Also for the record, I liked Terra Nova as well, though it took quite a while to grew on me. I hope it comes back. The final scene of the finale left me wanting to see what would happen next.


marillion January 17 2012 12:46 AM

Re: Alcatraz (FOX) "Pilot" & "Ernest Cobb" *Spoilers!*
I actually remembered to set the DVR for this... Gonna be watching Being Human in real time.

I like the concept and I love Sam Neil, so I'm in for at least the pilot!

Jetfire January 17 2012 02:00 AM

Re: Alcatraz (FOX) "Pilot" & "Ernest Cobb" *Spoilers!*
So it is about to come on...hope this is good. :techman:

[edit] I think I'd be a little freaked out if I woke up way in the future. :lol:

Procutus January 17 2012 02:15 AM

Re: Alcatraz (FOX) "Pilot" & "Ernest Cobb" *Spoilers!*

Jetfire wrote: (Post 5614453)
I think I'd be a little freaked out if I woke up way in the future. :lol:

So would I, if it was a future envisioned by J.J.!


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