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AJBlue98 October 22 2011 06:20 PM

Fan recast disappears?
There was a website, once upon a time, that proposed a re-casting of the original Star Trek, and if you guys could help me locate it, I’d love you all forever!

It was back before J.J. Abrams’ relaunch and included Photoshopped pictures of several well-known actors cast as Kirk, Spock, and McCoy (and I think James Marsters might have been one of them).

What I remember most clearly is that the person who did the website made a video of the opening sequence where she used (I’m pretty sure it was Fiona Apple’s cover of) “Across the Universe” by The Beatles as a theme song.

Again, if you can help me find it, you would make my day!



Admiral Buzzkill October 23 2011 05:08 PM

Re: Fan recast disappears?
It was "Star Trek (Reborn)." It doesn't seem to be online any more but it's described here:

Here's the Internet Archive index of the site:

AJBlue98 October 30 2011 06:36 AM

Re: Fan recast disappears?
Thanks for the lead, man! I'd love to know if there's any place to find that intro video.


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