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lvsxy808 October 10 2011 01:30 PM

DS9 Season 10, ep 10x08 - "Property Values"
Hi all!

In case you're wondering why I'm starting at episode 8, all the previous episodes are available in the original DS9 Season 10 thread, here:

The thread features links to downloadable PDFs. The direct links to all the PDFs so far are as follows:

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I am also in the process of uploading the stories as on-screen text to the Ad Astra forums, where the link to my series is:

So now I've decided to upload the text of the stories here in the same fashion. You can still download the PDf if you choose. The link for episode 8 is here:

10x08 - "Property Values"

Enjoy! And please continue to let me know what you think. I do appreciate the feedback.


lvsxy808 October 10 2011 01:42 PM

Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x08 - "Property Values"



A couple of shuttles dotted about. Just the usual moment to bring us in...


Beginning close on Orion dabo girl TREIR, who is furious...

What is your problem now?

QUARK is equally furious, giving as good as he gets. The two of them are hissing at each other across the bar – Quark behind, Treir in front – while trying to keep their voices down for appearance’s sake. No-one is fooled. Extras and familiar faces keep their heads down and get on with their business for the lunch-time rush.

You are! When are you going to
learn that I am in charge here?

When are you going to learn
that I have twice your body
strength and could kick your
ass with my eyes closed?

Oh, that’s real smart, Treir.
Threaten your employer. That’s
solid grounds for a firing right there.

What are you getting so twisted
up about? All I said was that
you should consider giving
Hetik a raise.

No, what you did was tell Hetik
I was giving him a raise.

I said you might.

Yeah, well it doesn’t take much
for “he might” to become “he
will,” then “he promised” and
then I’ve got people demanding
the more money I never promised
them in the first place!

He deserves it. We all do, for
putting up with you if nothing else.

You know, Treir, for someone who
claims to be so clever, you have
a real hard time remembering who
hands out the latinum around here.

The customers do. And you
wouldn’t have half as many of
them if not for me and Hetik
actually showing them a good time
instead of scaring them away
with stupid macho posturing.

Exactly. I’m getting everything
I need out of the both of you
as it is. So why should I give
you more money to do what you
were doing already?

Do I really have to explain the
concept of “a happy employee is
a productive employee” to you?
I thought you were supposed to
be a good businessman.

“Employees are the rungs on
the ladder to success – don’t
hesitate to step on them.”

Yeah yeah, Rule of Acquisition
two-hundred-and-eleven. We’ll
see how good that works for you
when you’ve got no employees.

Where are you gonna go? He’s an
orphan and you were a slave.
You know perfectly well you’ve
got a better life here with me
then you would have anywhere
else. If you’d only get this
insane idea out of your head
that you have any kind of say
in what goes on around here.

Just because I’m an employee
doesn’t mean I’m not entitled
to my own opinions, Quark.

Absolutely you are. It’s this
idea that the rest of us are
entitled to your opinions as
well that’s the problem. Just
shut your mouth and look pretty.
That’s all females will ever
be good for.

Wow, that was really harsh. Treir stares at him, amazed.

You disgust me.

She turns on the spot and stalks out of the room. Quark yells after her...

“Everyone loves the bartender!”
Rule number one-forty-seven!

Still furious, he turns back to work. But as Treir ignores him and continues to walk out of the bar, we notice that RO LAREN has been standing by the small section of bar that leads directly out onto the Promenade.

Quark hasn’t noticed her, but she heard the whole argument. Off Ro’s annoyed, worried face...


Treir stomps along the corridor, still seething.

Goddess, I hate that bigoted
little son of a slorg. I swear
one of these days I’m gonna
tear his ugly ears right off
his fat head.

She turns a corner and comes face to face with a new person – the small and gnarly Orion merchant prince MALIC (last seen 8x12 “Demons of Air and Darkness”). Treir’s previous slave-master. He’s clearly been waiting for her.

Bad day, Treir?

She jerks to a stop, shocked and scared to see him here. She starts subtly stepping backwards, away from him.

(voice shaking)
Malic... what are you doing here?

Oh, just some...
(nasty grin)
...unfinished business.

Treir keeps backing away. Malic advances slowly, taking his time. No need to rush this. His voice is smooth, seductive.

I was very sad when you left my
service, Treir.

That wasn’t my fault. I was
taken hostage.

You could have come back.

Did you really expect me to?

Still slowly stalking forwards...

A woman’s place is to serve her
man, Treir. You know that. It’s
what you were born to. But no...
you had to run away...
(w/ disgust)
...with another female... and
a Ferengi who obviously bought
whatever junk she sold him.

They did me a favour, both of them.

Not really. All they did was
bring the wrath of the Orion
Syndicate down on themselves.
Because you are my property,
Treir, and if there’s one
thing the Syndicate protects,
it’s their property.

Treir backs up one more step, and as she does, two pairs of big green hands come from behind and quickly pull a cloth sack over her head. She struggles against them, but the two huge, hulking and muscled Orion THUGS grab her roughly and hold her tight. She starts to scream, but they pull the sack tight over her face, strangling the breath out of her.

Malic continues to smile.

There’s no point struggling,
Treir. Just relax, and I’ll
soon get you back home...
where you belong.

As Treir continues to struggle against the thugs...




lvsxy808 October 10 2011 02:08 PM

Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x08 - "Property Values"




Right where we left it, as Treir struggles against the big Orion thugs, her head thrashing about desperately in the sack. She’s going nowhere – they’re far too strong for her. Malic watches, a little sad. He sighs dramatically.

I should have known you’d put
up a fight, Treir. I wish you
wouldn’t – I prefer my slaves
not to be covered in bruises.
But in the circumstances I’d
be willing to put up with it
this once.

He nods to the thugs, and they start to drag her away...

RO (o.s.)

Malic turns and sees that Ro has appeared at the next intersection down the corridor. She sees them, and she is pissed. She pelts towards them at full speed... Malic steps back, unconcerned.


Thug 1 takes a tighter hold on Treir, while Thug 2 lets go and advances to face Ro... As Ro reaches them, Thug 2 aims a punch. Ro swiftly ducks it before it gets anywhere near her, and aims a sharp jab right at his plexus.

He staggers back a bit, but it doesn’t put him out. He comes back with another punch. Ro’s too fast again – she dodges it. The thug ends up punching a big dent in the bulkhead. Ro moves fast – before Thug 2 can set up for another punch, she pops him straight in the nose.

Malic is starting to get a little concerned now. Treir struggles harder than ever...

(to Thug 1)
Give her to me.

He moves to take hold of Treir himself, so that Thug 1 can join the fight against Ro... but in the moment of distraction, Treir breaks free and spins on the spot. With the sack still on her head, she knees Thug 1 right in the groin, and when he bends over in pain, she elbows him in the face.

Ro launches a karate high-kick at Thug 2’s face (revealing that she’s still wearing the anti-grav anklets). He goes down to his knees, and she delivers a hard thump to the back of his neck, sending him unconscious to the deck.

Thug 1 crumples too, still conscious but groaning at his battered groin... until Ro kicks him hard in the face, and he bonks against the bulkhead, knocked unconscious.

Treir tears the sack from her head, shakes her hair loose. She and Ro turn to look at Malic, who has backed away to safety. He glares at Ro, seething.


Ro smiles back, smugly. She recognises him.


And Treir knocks him unconscious with a single punch. Ro slumps against the bulkhead, catching her breath... Treir rushes to her...

Laren! Are you okay?

I’ve been better...

Oh Goddess, Laren, thank you so
much. I’m lucky you were here...

I just followed you to try and
apologise for Quark being such
an ass. I wasn’t expecting to
have to take out three Orions.

She tests her leg and back. Her eyes flare with the pain.

Oh... wow...

Treir moves to help her...

No no, I’ll be fine. Thanks though.
You did pretty well yourself there.

You think I never had to put
a man in his place before?

Upright at last, they look down at the three Orion men unconscious on the deck...


The image on the screen shows the high angle of the security cells area. Malic sits on the cot in the middle cell, with his two thugs occupying the smaller cells to either side of him.

CENN (o.s.)
So... who is this guy again?

WIDEN to reveal...


KIRA sits at the head of the table, with VAUGHN on one side and Ro on the other. Quark and Treir are also there, and they haven’t exactly made up for the earlier fight. Also present is Major CENN, the Bajoran liaison officer.

They’re all turned to look at the screen on the Wardroom wall, showing the view of the security cells...

Malic was an Orion Merchant
Prince – a high-up figure in
the Orion Syndicate, which is
an organised crime outfit that’s
been a periodic thorn in Star-
fleet’s side since before there
was a Starfleet. They’ve run
operations with just about
every shady character from here
to Kronos. The Maquis had some
dealings with them – weapons
deals and so forth. I think
even the Dominion used their
services at one point.
(re screen)
About two years ago, Malic was
approached by some aliens called
the Petraw, who were trying to
run a scam by selling the Iconian
Gateways to the highest bidder.
Malic hired Quark to be his
negotiator... and Quark very
wisely took me along as under-
cover security.

Not under much cover.

Ro gives him a glare. He’s already in her bad books.

Anyway – after it all went
inevitably wrong, we needed
to escape. To help us do that,
I took Treir as a hostage.

So Treir was one of his crew?

She was one of his slaves. Orions
as a culture are even more sexist
than Ferengi...
(bitter glance
at Quark)
...their women are little more
than property of the men. Used
as sexual playthings and then
stored until they’re needed again.

Cenn listens to this, disquieted. Treir has kept her head down and her eyes averted – she doesn’t particularly enjoy having her past rehashed in front of all these people. But now she raises her head and looks them all in the eye. She’s not ashamed or cowed – she’s going to own it.

I was the best at what I did.
I worked my way up the ranks...

I’m sure the ranks were very grateful.

(glower at Quark)
...and I lived in luxury. I
had everything I could want.
The best food, the best furs,
the best jewels...

Just not your freedom. But
you’re right – you were one of
Malic’s prized possessions.

And now he’s decided he wants
her back. What took him so long?

He only just got out of jail.
With all the dirt I got on him
during the Petraw scam, Starfleet
should have been able to lock
him up for a good long time.

Then why is he out now?

I don’t know. But I can guess.
He’ll have pulled in favours
from across the quadrant. Made
deals and greased wheels every
chance he got. If there’s any
body who can figure out how to
gild his own cage, it’s Malic.
And he didn’t escape – he was
officially released.

So what do we do with him now
that he’s here?

There’s not much we can do.
Malic has managed to find and
exploit a unique and very
inconvenient legal loophole.
Because the fact is, Treir has
no legal status on this station.

How can that be? She’s been
living here for two years.

I’d really appreciate it if
you all stopped talking about
me like I wasn’t here.

I’m sorry, Treir – you’re right.
But the thing is, when I took
you hostage from Malic’s ship
and brought you here, I did so
against Orion law, obviously.
Even after you started working
for Quark, you never officially
applied for citizenship. With
all the upheaval of Bajor
joining the Federation, and
setting up the bar as the
Ferengi embassy, you just kind
of slipped through the cracks.

So she’s what they used to
call an undocumented worker.

I’m afraid so. And none of us
ever thought to question it.
Which unfortunately leads us to
Malic. What he’s done – coming
after a runaway slave – is
completely legal, even expected
by Orion law. And since Treir
has no legal status with us,
the Federation has no legal
grounds to interfere. It’s an
internal Orion matter. The
Prime Directive applies.

So we just have to let him
take her?

That’s the letter of the law,
yes. But I’ll be damned if I’m
going to let the letter of the
law defeat the spirit of it.
(turns to Treir)
Orion law may not give you the
right to decide what happens
in your own life, Treir, but
we do. We’ll help, I promise.

Assuming that’s what you want.

You’re damn right I want. What
are my options?

They all sit back to ponder for a moment.

You could apply for asylum in
the Federation.

That’ll take forever to process.

And what’s to stop Malic from
just kidnapping me again in
the meantime? He’s not going
to care if it’s legal or not.

She’s right. And it’s not going
to be practical to have security
tailing her twenty-six-seven.

Then what?

I can only think of one thing.

Vaughn turns and looks meaningfully at Quark. Getting the message, the rest of the room also turns to look at Quark.


Treir can apply for asylum with
the Ferengi Alliance. You are
the Ferengi ambassador to Bajor,
are you not, Quark? You could
ensure Treir’s legal status
in a matter of minutes.

Hold on a minute – you want me
to become a Ferengi? They’re
as bad as the Orions, you just
said so yourself.

You might not have a choice.

And who said I wanted her?
She’s been nothing but trouble
since the day I hired her.

(to Treir;
ignoring Quark)
Malic may be allowed to move
around freely on the station
because it’s Federation space,
but the bar is sovereign
Ferengi territory. As long as
you stay inside the walls of
the embassy, he can’t get you.

So I have to live in the bar?

Just until your legal status
is settled. We can’t protect
you otherwise.

Hey – I said no.

(still ignoring Quark)
The bar is a finite space, it’ll
be easy to post security at the
entrances so Malic doesn’t get in.

(resigned sigh)
Alright – I guess you’re right,
I don’t have a choice.

Is no-one listening to me? I do
not agree to this.

Quark, if you don’t, you’re
sending Treir back to a life
of slavery.

Quark pulls a face like “I don’t care.”

RO (cont)
But if you insist on pretending
to be a heartless son of a slorg,
then think of this in terms of
business. If you lose Treir, you
lose the best dabo girl you’ve
ever had. Your customers might
just decide not to bother coming
to the bar anymore. Is that
what you want?

Quark grits his teeth, annoyed.




lvsxy808 October 10 2011 02:17 PM

Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x08 - "Property Values"



The storage room of Quark’s bar, briefly seen in 7x24 “The Dogs of War.” Crates and bottles and buckets and unused furniture are strewn everywhere in a chaotic mess. Treir stands with a small travelling bag over her shoulder, looking around the room in horror. Quark stands behind her.

You seriously expect me to
sleep in here?

It’s here or nowhere.

Fine – as long as you don’t
mind me working the dabo
wheel stinking like rotting
fruit and old synthehol.

Everybody’s got their fetish.

Where am I supposed to wash?

You know where the public
bathrooms are.

She turns to him, her jaw set.

Nuh-uh. No way.

You have a better idea?

I always have a better idea.


VIC FONTAINE approaches Quark with arms wide in greeting. The lounge is middling-busy – an afternoon crowd, not full show time. Vic is in shirt-sleeves, casual but still smart.

Quark, you old degenerate. Good
to see you, buddy.

Hey Vic. I need to ask a favour.

Anything I can do, I’m happy
to help.

Quark turns and indicates Treir stood nearby.

Does this hotel of yours have
a spare room for a few nights?

Vic gapes at Treir for the tiniest moment before recovering his cool. Staring is crass, but there’s no denying he’s impressed. Treir slinks towards him seductively, her hand out like a lady. Vic takes it gently and brings it to his lips for a chaste and gentlemanly kiss.

Mister Fontaine, I don’t believe
we’ve been properly introduced.
My name is Treir, and I would be
very... very... grateful for any
help you could provide.

(nervous gulp)
Absolutely. Umm...
(shouts out)

Vic’s cocktail waitress GINGER (10x03 “Steppin’ Out”) quickly attends from where she was working the crowd.

What’s up, Vic?

Ginger, sweetheart, would you
please escort this young lady
to my suite? She’s going to be
staying with me for a few days.

Sure, Vic. Come on, honey.

With a seductive smile of thanks for Vic, Treir allows Ginger to lead her away. Vic calls after them...

Oh, and while you’re at it...
set up the couch for me.
(back to Quark)
Guess I got some bad backs
coming my way.
So, spill. What’s got your
teeth a-gnashing?

Euch. You don’t wanna know.
Thanks, Vic.

Suddenly light applause ripples through the crowd. Quark and Vic both look to the stage, where NOG is walking up to take pride of place. He’s a bit nervous, and he’s carrying a box, which he places on a stool before facing front.

What’s going on?

Your talented young nephew is
about to put on a show.


With the audience paying rapt attention, Nog reaches into his box and brings out an old-fashioned velvet top hat. Nog twists the hat this way and that for the audience’s benefit, revealing that it’s solid and empty. He places it on his head, which it of course nowhere near fits.

After I did that big show out
on the Promenade, business has
started to pick up in here again.
I wanna make sure I don’t lose
it, so I came up with the idea
of a support act. You know,
someone to warm up the crowd
and give the people more bang
for their bucks. I’ve been
trying out some auditions on
the afternoon crowd.

Nog reaches into the hat and pulls out a bunch of flowers. There’s distinctly unenthusiastic “oohs” of excitement from the crowd, and half-hearted applause. One of the more enthusiastic applauders is PRYNN, sat on the front row. She’s being as encouraging as she can for Nog’s sake, because nobody else is.

He’s doing great so far, don’t
you think?

Quark scoffs and rolls his eyes, and turns and walks away.

On stage, Nog puts the hat away and pulls out an isolinear rod and a handkerchief. Placing the box on the floor, he places the rod on the top of the stool, and then drapes the handkerchief over the rod. He waves his hands freely over the handkerchief, and with a final “Abracadabra!” flourish, the rod begins to levitate off the stool, pulling the handkerchief with it.

Prynn cheers and claps harder. The rest of the audience are just being polite, unimpressed. Vic smiles tensely and claps lightly. This isn’t going especially well.


The Security office doors open and Malic emerges, followed by his two thugs. They are escorted by both Ro and Vaughn.

Malic has a smug smirk, like he knows perfectly well there’s nothing they can do to him.

You should really consider
upgrading your accommodations,
Lieutenant. It was almost
like a prison in there.

Ro only has a glare for the likes of him. With a superior smirk, Malic beckons his thugs and walks away.

As they pass the door to Quark’s, Malic takes note of Major Cenn and Lieutenant BOWERS standing on either side of the door. They both have their arms folded, phasers at their hips, and a glare that says, “Just try it.”

Malic rolls his eyes and moves along, undeterred. As he goes, Quark appears in the doorway and watches him go.
Outside security, Vaughn nods “carry on” to Ro, and then walks away too. Ro looks over to the bar, sees Quark, and decides to wander over.


Quark heads back to his bar. Ro follows.

(he turns to her)
I guess I should thank you...
for doing the right thing.

Don’t. I couldn’t care less
about her legal rights. I just
want those Orion pheromones
working for me and not Malic.

Ro snaps, frustrated and exasperated with Quark.

Quark, you really are the most
stubborn, inflexible, sexist
ingrate I’ve ever met.

I’ll take that as a compliment.

I must have said it wrong.

Why should I be grateful to
that infuriating know-it-all?

To acknowledge all the good
things she’s done for you.
Every one of her ideas, you’ve
ended up using, and they’ve
all worked out great.

“You paid for it, it’s your idea.”

You respect her. You know you
do. You just refuse to admit
it because she’s a female.

I admit I respect you, don’t I?

A strong woman with a weapon,
who can beat up Orions? That
just feeds your sordid little
fantasies. But a woman who’s
as good at business as you?
That you could never handle.

Quark seems genuinely hurt and surprised.

Do you really think that’s all
I see in you? A fantasy?

Have you given me any reason
to think otherwise?

Shaking her head with annoyance, Ro turns and walks back out of the bar.


A little later. Nog’s magic show is over. Prynn stands at the bar, ordering a drink from one of Vic’s bartenders. The bartender brings the drink, and Prynn hands over some American money, without really having any idea what it is.

She turns back around, sipping at the drink through a straw, and is surprised to see SHAR standing there. He’s awkward as always, as if plucking up the courage to speak.


Hello, Prynn.

I didn’t realise you were here.

I came to support Nog, as you did.

I didn’t see you.

I stood at the back. I wasn’t
sure you would wish to see me.

That makes her sad. She softens and steps closer.

Shar... I’m so sorry. I know I
left things really uncomfortable
between us. And I guess I have
been kind of avoiding you. That
was unfair of me. I’m sorry.

I understand. You feel a
relationship with me would be

An intimate relationship, yes.
But that’s not the only kind of
relationship two people can have.
I understand if you don’t want
to, after all the things I said.
But I’d like it if we could find
a way to still be friends.

How do we do that?

Well... we just... talk. Tell
me about what you’re working
on at the moment.

She directs him to a nearby table. They both move to sit. And they drift off into conversation...

It is quite a complex research
project, suggested to me by members
of the Bajoran Science Ministry...


The glamorous and opulent ’60s-styled décor of the Dunes Hotel’s finest suite, befitting its headlining star. The door opens, and Vic gingerly pokes his head in.

Treir? You decent?

Treir enters from the bedroom, dressed very un-dabo. She’s wearing something like a baby’s all-in-one furry snuggie, her hair rolled up in a towel, and waddling on feet whose toes are separated to allow nail-polish to dry. She’s blowing on the nails of one hand, drying the polish there.

I guess that depends on your definition.

Smiling politely, Vic moves to look into the bedroom.


It’s a disaster. Treir has thrown clothes everywhere, left wet towels on the floor, makeup on the counters, the works. Vic gazes at the mess, bemused and slightly appalled.

I see you’ve been settling in.

Oh. Yeah. Sorry. I’ll clean it
up. You’ll never know I was
here, I promise.

Treir... it’s not that I mind
the company, believe me. There
are a lot worse things in the
world than sharing your space
with a beautiful lady. But I
get the feeling this isn’t a
social call. What’s going on?

Treir sighs sadly. Can’t really not tell him.

It’s one of those worse things
you mentioned.

Let me guess. Some idiot who
won’t take no for an answer?

Pretty much.

Always gotta be a few bad apples
spoiling it for the rest of us.

(fake cheery)
Don’t worry about me. I’m a
chameleon. I’ll find a way to
make it work, whatever happens.

Well, I just gotta pick up a
couple of things for the show
tonight, and then I’ll get out
of your hair.

He moves around the room, grabbing a few bits and pieces – a freshly dry-cleaned tuxedo, a bottle of cologne, etc. Treir watches him as he does.

Vic... I really am grateful to
you for letting me stay. And
you know, you really don’t have
to sleep on the couch tonight.

He gets her meaning, but he smiles warmly.

This ain’t that kind of rodeo,
sweetheart. You don’t owe me a
thing. Besides, a real gentleman
doesn’t take advantage of a lady
in need. That just ain’t how I
was raised. Now you relax, get
some rest, and I’ll be back
after the show, okay?

He’s got everything he needs now, so he nods a courteous goodbye and leaves the suite, closing the door behind him. Treir is surprised – a man actually turned her down? But it’s a nice surprise. She smiles, quite touched. What a rarity – a man who actually respects her.




lvsxy808 October 10 2011 02:34 PM

Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x08 - "Property Values"



Focusing on one particular shuttle craft sat on the docking ring...


Looking from the crossover bridge down to the main door of Quark’s, we can see two security still standing sentry. At the upper level entrances, more security bodies stand guard, including Vulcan crewman SEVAK. Kira and Ro nod their acknowledgments as they approach.

Any problems, crewman?

Negative, Lieutenant.

Kira and Ro walk past and enter the bar, passing through a FORCE FIELD over the doorway as they go.


Walking along the upper corridor towards the holosuites...

Any idea what this big surprise is?

No idea at all. Vic’s message
went out to the whole station.
He just said everyone should
come for the lunch time show.

He’s still doing those tryouts?

I guess so.

They reach the holosuites. Kira checks the panel of one...

Hmm... Taran’atar’s using that
Vulcan meditation program again.
I guess he’s taking Counsellor
Matthias’s advice to heart.

(nod to the door)
Maybe we should get Sevak to
give him some pointers.
(taps her
own ear)
Get it? Pointers?

Groaning at the terrible joke, Kira moves to the next holosuite and presses the button to open the door.


Kira and Ro enter, and blink in surprise to see a packed crowd. The bar is doing a roaring trade, and officers and civilians alike are milling about excitedly.

Must be good, whatever it is.

Vic emerges from out of the crowd, and approaches them.

Captain! Lieutenant! You’re
just in time.

For what?

You’ll see in...
(checks watch)
...thirty seconds.

And then he disappears back towards the stage. Nonplussed, Kira and Ro perch on stools at the bar. Having pushed through the crowd, Vic finally makes it to the stage. He takes the mic, and shushes the crowd.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you
all for coming. I have a very
special treat for you today. I
know you’ve all laughed your
guts out at his side-splitting
stories. You’ve all chatted the
night away with him over drinks.
Now, get ready for the hilarious
stand-up comedy stylings of my
friend and yours – Morn!

Thunderous applause from the crowd. The lumpen barfly himself - MORN – strolls onto the stage, and with a welcome pat on the shoulder from Vic, takes over the mic.

Surprised and thrilled, Kira and Ro clap enthusiastically.

Oh, this should be good.

Morn stands at the mic, gazing out at the crowd. Saying nothing. He stands and stares. And stares.

Vic stands by the side of the stage, urging Morn on. Go on then – what are you waiting for?

The crowd is wondering what’s going on. Why isn’t he saying anything?

Ro and Kira glance to each other, worried and confused.


From up on stage, looking down at the waiting faces, gazing hopefully up at him, starting to get restless...


His mouth drops open and hangs loosely, his eyes wide and terrified. And then he turns and runs clean off stage.

Unhappy buzz starts to spread through the crowd. Vamping for all he’s worth, Vic quickly steps back up to the mic.

Umm... ladies and gentlemen...
we’re having some technical
difficulties. Please enjoy the
lounge, order a drink... I’m
sure everything will be back
on track in just a minute.

Vic dashes off stage after Morn.

Wow. Of all the people to get
struck by stage fright... who’d
have thought it would be Morn?

On Ro and Kira’s bemused faces...


Last seen in 8x21 “Lesser Evil.” The door opens, and Major Cenn pokes his head around the corner, his raised phaser leading the way. His eyes scan the room...


He walks fully into the room, as Treir follows him. Another Starfleet security officer waits outside in the corridor. Treir moves into the room – which is in just as appalling a state as Vic’s bedroom – and starts yanking clothes out of drawers and jamming them into her travelling bag.

I don’t normally need an armed escort
just to pick out clean underwear.

I’m happy to do it. We never
really get a chance to talk
while you’re working.

Yes, I noticed you didn’t raise
too much of a protest to this
particular assignment.
Almost as if you had an
ulterior motive...

Cenn blushes furiously, embarrassed. He’s crushing on her hard, and she knows it full well.

Umm... I... I... well...

She takes pity, and comes close, giving him an affectionate caress of the cheek. It’s almost instinctive to flirt.

Don’t worry about it, Desca,
sweetie. Now come on – give a
girl a hand with her luggage.

He breathes in her pheromones, and he’s completely at her mercy. He takes her travelling bag... but he hesitates.

(voice shaking)
Treir, I was wondering...
after all this is over... if
you’d consider having dinner
with me one night?

She smiles, gives him the perfect gentle brush off without breaking his heart. She gets this every day.

Oh, sweetie. I have no idea
when this’ll be over, if ever.
I tell you what... why don’t
we wait a few days, see how
things go, and then we’ll see.

Cenn nods wholeheartedly, thrilled to grasp the tiny sliver of hope she’s dangling. That done, Cenn moves to exit, with phaser in one hand and Treir’s travelling bag in the other.


Normal afternoon crowd. Quark is behind his bar, turned to face the comm-screen in the back wall. We don’t necessarily need to see who he’s talking to.

(to screen)
Thanks. I owe you one.

He signs off, then turns back to face the room, pleased with himself. Nog is standing at the bar, waiting to speak.

If you’re about to make a slorg appear
out of thin air, I’m not interested.

No. I just wanted to talk to you.

What about?

About Treir.

Stop right there. I’ve already
had an earful from Ro.

Uncle, let me tell you a story.
You remember last year, when we
went home to Ferenginar? And I
went to visit my moogie? I mean
my real mother, not Leeta.

Of course I remember. You don’t
forget a cluster-frinx like that.

I didn’t really remember much
about her – I was so young when
we left home. And when I met her
again... I couldn’t believe it.
She was naked... she offered to
chew tube grubs for me... she
said she shouldn’t even be
talking to me because I was a
stranger to her.

Sounds like the perfect Ferengi
woman to me.

Exactly. And I couldn’t handle
it. Growing up on this station,
surrounded by independent,
powerful women like Kira, Dax,
Mrs O’Brien, Kasidy Yates... I
got used to having strong women
in my life. The Ferengi ideal
of the submissive, housebound
slave just seemed wrong. And I
think you feel the same way.

Quark turns away, not interested in hearing this.

Now you’re being ridiculous.

Am I? You’ve lived here longer
than I have. And who are the
women you’ve been closest to
in that time? A Cardassian. A
Klingon. And now a Bajoran.
None of those are particularly
known for their passive and
subservient females.

Nog is making good points, and Quark doesn’t like it.

That’s different. That’s fun.
But the Rules are clear –
females and finances don’t mix.

I bet you think females and
engineering don’t mix either. But
more than half my department
heads are females.

That’s your problem. Treir is
my problem, and I don’t believe
in equality for females.

I think you do. But you think
you shouldn’t. That’s why you
give her such a hard time.

It’s a Rule, Nog. When you live
by a set of Rules, you don’t
just get to pick and choose
which ones you stick to.

Of course you do! If one of
those rules doesn’t make sense
anymore, and getting rid of it
would actually help you, then
that’s what you do. It’s just
a matter of making the best
use of the resources you’ve
got. Father realized that. The
whole rest of Ferenginar has
realized it. So why can’t you?

Quark hates this. He knows Nog is right, but he’s fighting against it with everything he has. He turns and walks away, round the end of the bar and onto the main floor. Then he won’t have to listen anymore.


On one of the benches periodically dotted along the length the Promenade – specifically the one closest to Quark’s – sits Malic. Casual, relaxed, legs crossed, just enjoying the fact that no-one can touch him.

Further down the Promenade, Treir approaches, escorted by Cenn (still carrying her bag) and the other officer. Treir and Cenn tense as they notice Malic sitting there.

Ignore him. Nothing he can do.

They keep walking, keeping a wary eye on Malic. They approach the door to Quark’s, where two more security still stand. But just before they pass through the door...


calmly lifts his wrist to his mouth, and with a smug smile, speaks into a comm device.


There’s a twinkling sound in the air as a transporter signal begins to form...


reacts instantly. He drops the bag and shoves Treir hard, pushing her through the doorway into Quark’s.


passes through the force field, which fritzes across the door. One of the other security joins her and stands in front of her, keeps her safe.


is now standing right where Treir was, where the transport signal is forming. He begins to dematerialize...


on Cenn’s wrist – he’s wearing a metallic cuff separate from his uniform. Lights on the cuff flash...

...and the transporter signal gets distorted, interference getting in the way...

...and the transport finally gives up, Cenn resolidifying. The buzzing sound in the air is replaced with a small sonic boom as the transporter signal fails. Malic’s grin drops – he’s foiled.

Treir pants, recovering from the shock and fear. Cenn and the other security stand firm, staring Malic down. Quark has seen the whole thing. He walks up to just inside the door of the bar, and shakes his head, gloating.

Oh, Malic. Do you really think
we’re that naïve?

Malic stands, trying to make himself look taller.

See that little trinket on Major
Cenn’s wrist? That’s a transport
inhibitor. Blocks any signal that
isn’t pre-approved by station
command. All the security folks
wear them. One of Lieutenant
Ro’s inventions.
You remember Lieutenant Ro. The
woman who sent you to prison,
and beat both of your enforcers

Malic glares back. Quark reaches up and taps mid-air, making the force field fritz again.

And this... this is a force field,
so there’s no way to transport
Treir from inside the bar either.
And don’t bother trying to track
the frequency - they change it
every hour. In fact, I gotta
say, this was a pretty weak
effort all round, Malic.

Still refusing to say a word, Malic just turns and begins to walk away. But Quark isn’t finished yet.

Oh Malic...

Gritting his teeth, Malic turns back...

QUARK (cont)
...Just in case you do try
and violate sovereign Ferengi
territory anyway, you should
probably know that I just got
off the comm with my brother...
...the Grand Nagus. He’s sending
three heavily armed Ferengi
Marauders to the station to...
protect his interests in this
matter. And Malic... I really
don’t think you want to be
here when they arrive.

Furious but trying not to show it, Malic turns and walks away. He’s going to get Quark for this.

On Quark’s smug, victorious expression...




lvsxy808 October 10 2011 02:44 PM

Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x08 - "Property Values"



The station at rest, but there are three D’Kora-class Ferengi Marauders positioned in a triangle around it (the large, crab-like Ferengi ships as seen in TNG). The smaller shuttle from earlier is still there too.

RO (o.s.)
This is getting out of hand.


Kira sits behind her desk, Ro in front of it.

I never even knew the Ferengi
had a military.

Strictly speaking, they don’t.
It’s more of a Merchant Navy.
But that doesn’t mean we should
underestimate them.

How bad can it be? How are the
Ferengi in any way threatening?

You don’t know how far a DaiMon
will go to protect his profits. And
those ships can do serious damage
if someone says it’s what the
Nagus wants.

And what about Malic?

Hasn’t set foot off his shuttle
in three days.

Why doesn’t he just give up and
go home?

And lose face like that? No.
He’s squatting in there, trying
to figure out how much risk
he’s willing to take over this.

And the moment he does, Quark
gives the order and we’ve got
a shooting war.

We need another plan.

They both sit back to think...



EZRI DAX appears on the comm screen set into the wall. She’s sat in her commander’s uniform on a generic Starfleet background, and is very cheerful and enthusiastic. Kira and Ro stand at the panel, chatting amiably.

DAX (screen)
Nerys! Great to hear from you.
How’s the station?

Ah, you know how it is. Always
something. How’s the Luna?

DAX (screen)
Amazing. The kind of people
they’ve got working here,
Nerys... you wouldn’t believe
it. My chief science officer
is a Sulamid! All those eyes
and tentacles everywhere...

Yikes. And I thought a Gallamite
was bad enough.

DAX (screen)
There’s even supposed to be
some Pakhwa-thanh signing on.
Can you imagine?

I’d love to have one of those
on my security team. You see
that barrelling down the corridor
at you, you’ll never even dream
of committing a crime again.

DAX (screen)
The tech is incredible too. Best
sensors I’ve ever seen. I heard
a rumour they’re working on
adapting the engines to work
with the quantum slipstream
drive Voyager brought back.

That’ll take years to be ready.

DAX (screen)
Don’t be so sure. Doctor Xin
Ra-Havreii himself designed
the prototype. He’s supposed
to be a genius.

So he tells everybody.

DAX (screen)
So what can I do for you? I’m
guessing you didn’t just call
to gossip.

Kira’s friendly grin falls. Down to business.

I’m afraid not. Is this is a
secure line?

That surprises Dax. What’s going on? She taps a few keys on the panels in front of her.

DAX (screen)
It is now.

I need to ask you a favour, Dax.
And I’ll understand if you want
to say no.

DAX (screen)
(worried now)
Nerys, what is it?

Your family, back on New Sydney.
Do they still have connections...
to the Orion Syndicate?

Dax blinks, genuinely shocked at the question.


Quark is likewise talking to someone on the screens behind his bar – an angry Ferengi DaiMon, GROB.

GROB (screen)
Ambassador! How much longer are
we expected to sit here doing
nothing? Time is money!

As long as the Nagus requires
you to, DaiMon Grob. But I can
assure you, the Nagus is very
grateful to all the crew of the
Flibb’s Folly for their help. He
won’t forget your name.

That’s enough to get Grob dreaming of vast profits.

GROB (screen)
Of course, of course! Whatever
the Nagus needs!

Now Grob leers lasciviously, licks his lips and strokes his lobe with his finger. It’s kinda gross.

GROB (screen)
So... where is this Orion slave
girl we’re here to protect?
I’ve always wanted to see one.

She’s... otherwise occupied.

Quark grins at Grob, and wiggles his eyebrows suggestively. Grob chuckles along, assuming it’s something dirty. But...


DARKNESS... until a single spotlight appears, illuminating Treir alone at the microphone. She looks fabulous – elegant cocktail dress, sexy, confident, in total control. She begins to sing in a throaty, bluesy soul voice – the Peggy Lee classic, “Why Don’t You Do Right.”

You had plenty money, 1922
You let other women
make a fool of you
Why don’t you do right,
like some other men do?
Get out of here
And get me some money too

Looking at the crowd, they’re absolutely spellbound. Gazing up at Treir, the men are falling in love on the spot. But even the women are drawn in by the powerful woman on stage.

You’re sittin’ down and wonderin’
what it’s all about
You ain’t got no money,
They will put you out
Why don’t you do right,
like some other men do?
Get out of here
and get me some money too

At the bar, more customers paying rapt attention. There’s Vic too, and he’s gazing up at her with just as much admiration as everyone else.

If you had prepared
twenty years ago
You wouldn’t be a-wanderin’
from door to door
Why don’t you do right,
like some other men do?
Get out of here
and get me some money too

Nog sidles up to Vic, also loving the show. Vic looks down at him, shakes his head in amazement.

I fell for your jivin’
and I took you in
Now all you got to offer me’s
a drink of gin that stage.
Why don’t you do right,
like some other men do?
Get out of here
and get me some money too

Kid, that magic show of
yours was just fine.
(re Treir)
But that... that’s real
magic right there on I
think I found my support act.

Treir winds up to the end of her song, and as she does, she looks out into the crowd, making direct, unblinking eye contact with Vic. Vic can’t help but fall into her eyes.

Why don’t you do right,
like some other men do?
Like some other men do.

The song ends, and the crowd goes wild with applause and cheers. But Treir only has eyes for Vic, and vice versa.


Dark, seductive lighting, late night. The door opens and Vic holds it open, allowing Treir to sweep into the room. She’s wearing a fur stole over her cocktail dress, and she is buzzing with excitement.

That was so much fun! I don’t
remember the last time I had
that much fun. If ever.

Vic closes the door, and then gentlemanly takes the stole from her. She allows it, with a flirtatious glance over her shoulder at him. He catches it and gulps with nervousness.

Treir heads straight to the minibar while Vic hangs the stole on a coat rack. Treir grabs a champagne bottle and pops the cork. They both laugh as the bubbles overflow – Vic quickly grabs two glasses and catches the spill.

Whoa! Watch the carpet! What
are we celebratin’?

A magical night... that’s only
just begun.

She clinks her glass to his and takes a sip. He does too, a bit shell-shocked.

You are one knockout up on
that stage, sweetheart. You
sure you never sung before?

No, never. It must be your...
(smile) tutelage.

Smiling seductively, Treir begins to lead into the bedroom. She sits coquettishly on the edge of the bed, and turns to look at him. But it’s not the usual over-played seduction of a dabo girl. This is genuine, even a little nervous. Vic comes to the doorway into the bedroom. No further. He sees what she’s trying to do, but he won’t give in.

I’ll grab the spare sheets and
pillows, and set up the couch.

He turns away, but Treir plaintively calls after him.

Vic... don’t go.

(sad smile)
Treir, sweetheart... much as I
appreciate the offer, I told
you, I ain’t that kind of guy.

He turns away again.

Vic, please... just sit with
me. That’s all.

After a moment’s pause, he relents and comes and sits with her on the bed. No physical contact. She takes a deep breath and plucks up her nerves.

Vic... I am grateful to you.
For taking me in... for putting
me on that stage tonight... for
being the kind of man who won’t
take advantage of a lady in
need. I haven’t met many of
those in my time.
But I’m not doing this because
I’m grateful. I’m not doing
this because I think I have to.
I know that with you, I don’t
have to. But I want to.

She looks at him, makes a genuine connection. She’s being completely honest here... and he’s responding to it.

Every man on this station wants
me. That’s not me being proud or
conceited. It’s pure chemistry,
Orion pheromones. They can’t
help themselves.
Well, okay, not every man. But
you know what I mean.
But with you... it’s different.
The pheromones have no effect.

Because I’m just a hologram.

Don’t say it like that. It’s a
wonderful thing. Because you’re
more real to me than any of the
others out there. And I’m real
to you. When you look at me...
like that... I know that you
mean it. And that’s...

She can’t really explain how it makes her feel. Special. She puts her feelings into action. She reaches out gently, tentatively... and kisses him. He doesn’t pull away.

The kiss grows, becoming more passionate...

and we slowly ZOOM IN...

and simultaneously DISSOLVE INTO...


Later – night. The room is dark, only the flashing lights of the hotel’s neon signs outside, coming through gently wafting lace curtains.

Vic and Treir lie in bed together, tastefully naked. He’s fast asleep. She’s awake, propped up on one elbow, and watching him sleep with a warm, wistful smile. After a while, she gently and carefully manoeuvres herself out from under the covers (making sure that we don’t see anything).

She steps across the room and grabs a negligee from a nearby hook, pulls it on. In the dim light, she turns and gazes at Vic’s sleeping form with genuine affection. She’s relaxed and truly happy.

Then in a sudden shocking rush of photons, the entire scene dissolves around her as the holosuite switches off...


...leaving her standing alone in her negligee on the bare holosuite grid. Before she has any chance to register her surprise and fear...

...two pairs of heavy green hands yank a cloth sack over her head and grab her hard. She SCREAMS...




lvsxy808 October 10 2011 02:56 PM

Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x08 - "Property Values"



Dim lighting – it’s after hours and the bar is closed. Muffled voices coming down the stairs precede Malic, leading his two thugs, who are manhandling the struggling Treir. She’s still in her negligee, with the sack over her head, pulled tight enough to stifle her terrified protests.

Come on! The power tap won’t
hold for long. We need to be
on the ship and away before
they discover it.

The two thugs drag Treir on. They approach the front door of Quark’s, nearly away scot free...

...And suddenly all the lights come up. Malic jumps in surprise and looks around... see that Quark is standing behind him, in the centre of the bar.

Too late.

The thugs drop Treir in surprise, and she desperately staggers out of their way. She runs into Ro, who is just emerging from hiding behind one of the spiral staircases. Ro helps her, takes the sack off her head.

Kira emerges from hiding too. Then Prynn. Then ETANA, RICHTER, MATTHIAS, AYLAM and any other female crew member we regularly see. Nog and Shar appear from near the door, where they’d been operating the lighting controls. Cenn is there too. Bowers. Hetik. Hell, let’s even throw Morn in for a laugh. They all join Quark in the middle of the room, making a line, confronting Malic.

Malic panics. He turns to make a run for the door...

...when TARAN’ATAR unshrouds right in his path. Malic whimper-shrieks in fear, and retreats behind his two thugs. Even the thugs stare up at the Jem’Hadar in terror... and Taran’atar reaches out and calmly grabs both thugs’ heads, and bonks them together. They slump to the ground, out cold. Now Malic is alone.

Alright! You got me! But you’ll
never make it stick and you
know it. I’ve got a finger in
every pie in the quadrant.

We don’t need to make it stick,
Malic. We’ll always be here to
stop you, whatever you do. Me...
(gestures around)
...and all these females.

If you ask me, it looks like
they know their place - letting
their man speak for them.

They don’t need anyone to speak
for them, least of all me. They
set up this trap, and idiot that
you are, you walked right in.

Quark parades up and down in front of the line of people, pointing out each person as he refers to them.

Taran’atar tailed you from the
moment you left your shuttle.
We knew exactly what you were
up to. Nog and Shar found the
power tap you installed, and
faked the power cut so you’d
think your plan had worked.
Cenn, Bowers... took a break at
exactly the right time to make
it look like your way was clear.
And they did it all under the
orders of these females, because
they know that these females are
the equal of any male... and a
lot better than some.

Never! Females will never be
the equal of males! You’re a
Ferengi, Quark! I know you
agree with me!

Actually, no I don’t.

He walks up to Treir, and looks up into her face. Doesn’t even check out the negligee.

This woman is intelligent,
powerful, and brave. She knew
what was going to happen, and
she put herself at risk to
make sure you were stopped.

Treir smiles shyly, a bit flattered. Quark turns back to Malic...

QUARK (cont)
She’s also as good at business
as any male I’ve ever met. And
I’m prepared to say it out loud,
because I’m good at business
too. I know how to make the
best use of my resources, and
that means acknowledging when
I’ve got good employees.

Malic tries to muster as much indignant rage as he can.

Treir is not your employee,
Quark! She’s my property!

No, she’s not. She’s nobody’s property.

Quark pauses, seeming to come to a decision with himself.

In fact, as of... oh let’s say
ten minutes ago, I officially
accepted Treir as a citizen of
the Ferengi Alliance, and you
know what that means. According
to current Ferengi law, females
are equal to males in all things.

Treir smiles victoriously at Malic. Quark enjoys Malic’s growl of frustration.

It also means that you tried to
kidnap a Ferengi citizen from
sovereign Ferengi ground. That
is a major diplomatic offense
against the Ferengi Alliance,
Malic. I’d be fully justified in
ordering those three Marauders
out there to open fire on your
shuttle right now.

Kira and Ro exchange a worried glance – exactly what they didn’t want. The tension is growing.

You won’t fire. You’d never
risk damaging this precious
station of yours.

Not a problem. They’ve had your
engines and weapons targeted
since they got here. And right
now they’re manoeuvring into
the perfect position to take
you out without so much as a
scratch to the station.

Malic can’t take any more. He explodes with righteous anger and frustration.

And then they’ll send an army
to blow you all to pieces! You
shouldn’t make an enemy of the
Orion Syndicate, Quark. Don’t
you know who I am?

A pause, a moment of silence. Tense stand off.

Then Quark bursts into gales of laughter, huge belly-laughs. Malic is surprised and confused, and not a little embarrassed at being laughed at in public. Gradually, Quark pulls himself under control.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It’s just
– did you actually just say,
“Do you know who I am?”

Quark laughs some more at the sheer absurdity.

QUARK (cont)
You’re nobody, Malic! The Orion
Syndicate isn’t your personal
revenge machine. Think about it.
Why aren’t they here right now
backing you up? Because they
don’t want anything to do with
you! You let yourself get sent
to prison, you practically
handed over vital Syndicate
information to Starfleet...
and you lost Treir. You’re an
embarrassment to them, Malic.
You’re nobody.

Malic is quite shaken by this. He’s trying to maintain his hard edge, but he’s very aware that everyone is watching him. He tries one last attack.

I’m nobody? Who are you?

Quark straightens, puffs up like a peacock.

I’m the Ambassador.
Now get out of my bar and off
my station, before I bring down
the might of some extremely
impatient DaiMons on your cute
little shuttle.

As far as Quark is concerned, it’s over. He turns away. Malic is beneath his notice. Kira steps forward.

Taran’atar... would you please
escort Mister Malic back to
his shuttle. Just to make sure
he doesn’t lose his way.

Certainly, Captain.

Taran’atar reaches down, grabs the two unconscious Orion thugs by their collars and hoists them up as if they weighed nothing. Malic is duly impressed and terrified.

After you.

Malic stumbles forward and out of the bar. Taran’atar follows, carrying the thugs with ease.

The tension in the bar starts to release. The gathered people split up and go their way. Treir walks up to Quark and throws her arms around him in a big grateful hug.

Thank you, Quark. Genuinely.

Quark is quite happy with how things turned out. But of course he won’t say so.

Go on. Get some sleep.

She nods, and starts to head back up the stairs towards the holosuites. But Quark calls after her.

And don’t think just because
you were up late you can get
away with being late for your
shift in the morning.

Treir smiles – she knows it’s just Quark being Quark.

I won’t be. Night, Quark.

And she heads off upstairs.


Malic walks down the corridor, followed by his two thugs (who are now awake again), and finally by Taran’atar. Malic is scared of Taran’atar, and embarrassed by the events with Quark. But he’s trying his best to cover it with bravado. The thugs are just throwing nervous glances at Taran’atar.

They turn the corner, and come to the airlock to the shuttle. Malic pauses, looks back at Taran’atar.

We can take it from here.

Taran’atar doesn’t have to say a word to make his thoughts on that clear. Frustrated and annoyed, Malic enters the airlock. Taran’atar stays out in the corridor.


Malic mutters to his thugs as they traverse the airlock...

Say a word to anyone about any
of this, and I’ll have you both
killed in an instant.

The thugs nervously nod their agreement. The three of them enter their ship...


An average, non-descript shuttle’s control centre. The door opens at the rear of the bridge, the thugs lead the way... and immediately find themselves faced with the barrels of two large and threatening phaser rifles. They jerk to a halt, Malic walks into the back of them...

Oof! What are you doing, you
brainless idiots...

Then he sees the guns. And the large random aliens holding them. He gapes with amazement.

The elaborate captain’s chair is facing away from them... It slowly turns, revealing...

BOKAR, the FARIAN Orion Syndicate agent from 7x11 “Prodigal Daughter.” He sits firmly in the captain’s chair.

Bad day, Malic?

Malic is surprised and worried to see Bokar here. He steps forward, attempting to look brave and confident.

Bokar... what are you doing here?

Oh, just some... unfinished business.

Bokar stands from the chair, and strides calm and confident towards Malic. Bokar’s enforcers make sure to keep their weapons trained on Malic’s thugs.

A former client of ours on
New Sydney was kind enough
to inform us that you were
out of prison, and making a
nuisance of yourself here on
Deep Space Nine. Consequently,
I have been tasked by the
Syndicate with...
(searches for
the word)
...“reconnecting” with you.

It wasn’t my fault, Bokar. I
was tricked by those aliens, by
those damned Ferengi, by that
damned female...

(waves it away)
The Syndicate isn’t interested
in your issues with women, Malic.
What the Syndicate is interested
in, is failure. If there’s one
thing the Syndicate disapproves
of, Malic... it’s failure.

Bokar feigns nakedly insincere concern for Malic, who tries his best to hide the shudder of fear...


The excitement is over, most of the people have gone. As the last few leave, Ro steps up to Quark. He looks up at her, wondering what horrors she’s about to send his way...

What is the problem now?

After a pause, she leans down and places a soft, tender kiss on his brow. Then she turns and walks to the door, leaving him a bit confused.


She turns back to him.

I didn’t do this to impress you.

I know. And that’s what makes
it even more impressive.

With a smile, she turns and leaves.

Ending on Quark’s bemused but happy face...




Gul Re'jal October 10 2011 04:00 PM

Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x08 - "Property Values"

Hell, let’s even throw Morn in for a laugh.

But Taran'atar, suddenly unshrouding, can scare everyone to death ;)

That was an interesting episode. Seeing the Ferengi and the Orion Syndicate almost going to war over an Orian dabo girl...even if it's inaccurate description, it sound's...fascinating ;)

I'm a little disappointed that Vic got bedded by Treir in the end.

But it was refreshing to see Ferengi "military" again; even with that gross DaiMon :lol: Their navy seemed to be forgotten in DS9.

lvsxy808 October 10 2011 04:11 PM

Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x08 - "Property Values"
Disappointed? Why? I thought that was rather sweet.


Gul Re'jal October 10 2011 04:54 PM

Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x08 - "Property Values"
Because in the end even Vic got under her spell and turned out not to be so gentlemanly he'd appeared to be. He did not abuse her or anything, but he became just like those hordes of guys all over the station who were drunk with her pheromones. I thought he was better than that.

I thought that his resisting till the end would be something different in the light of literally everyone else falling for her. Everyone wants her, but she doesn't want them. And she can't have the one she wants. Ha! Know how it feels! ;) But it didn't happen; Vic likes green too.

Sandoval October 10 2011 07:05 PM

Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x08 - "Property Values"
I've never really understood the point of writing stript-based fanfiction such as this. It seems to me that a script is simply a means to an end, an intermediate step that allows a story to be transferred to the screen.

Writing scripts that will obviously never be used as such (actors reading the lines in front of an audience or cameras) seems a bit pointless.

I can understand that it is far simpler to write a story in script form rather than writing an actual piece of prose, but somehow writing scripts that will never be filmed has an air of futility about it.

lvsxy808 October 10 2011 08:12 PM

Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x08 - "Property Values"

Gul Spook wrote: (Post 5280285)
Because in the end even Vic got under her spell and turned out not to be so gentlemanly he'd appeared to be. He did not abuse her or anything, but he became just like those hordes of guys all over the station who were drunk with her pheromones. I thought he was better than that.

Well, that's certainly not how I intended it. To me, he was holding off because, even though he was interested, he was afraid she was only hitting on him because she thought it was expected of her, as a kind of payment for letting her stay over. Once he had confirmation that she really was as interested in him as he was in her, why wouldn't he go for it? Whatever else may be true, she's still a beautiful woman. And the fact that he thought so without any influence by "OMG alien sex hormones!!!1!!eleven" made it all the more real.

The point was supposed to be that he's specifically not like all the other guys drunk on her pheromones, and that's why she goes for him. They're both the fantasy figures of other people, and that's part of why they fall for each other.


Sandoval wrote: (Post 5280617)
I've never really understood the point of writing stript-based fanfiction such as this. It seems to me that a script is simply a means to an end, an intermediate step that allows a story to be transferred to the screen.

Writing scripts that will obviously never be used as such (actors reading the lines in front of an audience or cameras) seems a bit pointless.

I can understand that it is far simpler to write a story in script form rather than writing an actual piece of prose, but somehow writing scripts that will never be filmed has an air of futility about it.

The reason I started on scripts is that it began as adapting the DS9-R books. To learn the form, and entertain myself, and imagine that they were indeed new episodes. This is just a continuation of that, now that the DS9-R seems to have fizzled out.


Wally October 15 2011 08:44 PM

Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x08 - "Property Values"
Didn't even think about Vic being a 'gentleman' angle. I was more entertained that this slick guy who always knew exactly what do in in everyone else's relationship and how to deal with women, was himself caught flat-footed with one.
Also quite interesting that Vic is getting so much 'screentime' these days, when he had been virtually ignored in the DS9-R.

It's also nice that Quark finally was able to do something with his ambassadorship.

I do enjoy the stand-alones, but can't help wondering when the Ascendant storyline might be taken off. I probably would be more patient if the DS9-R hadn't teased it for YEARS before finally, apparently, dropping it and just skipping ahead to the Destinyverse.

Gul Re'jal October 16 2011 03:11 AM

Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x08 - "Property Values"
I hope I manage to finish "Millennium" before the Ascendants appear here not to get any spoilers. I'm finishing Book 2.

lvsxy808 October 16 2011 12:18 PM

Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x08 - "Property Values"

Wally wrote: (Post 5291160)
It's also nice that Quark finally was able to do something with his ambassadorship.

That's exactly the reason I came up with this episode. I wanted a Quark story, and I thought, "So he's been the Ambassador for a year now... what does he actually do? We haven't seen him doing anything Ambassadorial." He offered "diplomatic services" to someone one time, but without specifying what those services are. So I wanted an episode about that, and what I came up with was "give someone asylum for some reason." Everything else flowed from that.

And I just love the gag about Morn still not saying anything on screen because he gets stage fright. That had been built in from the start. Ro's lame joke about "pointers" just came to me as I was writing it.


Wally wrote: (Post 5291160)
I do enjoy the stand-alones, but can't help wondering when the Ascendant storyline might be taken off.

I'm getting there, I'm getting there! In fact, I've been laying some seeds for things that will come to flower later and play into the Ascendant storyline when it arrives.

Which it will.


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