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SR71ALPHA September 27 2011 11:23 AM

I watched the series of StarTrek TNG that contains a Constellation class crusier. And I keep thinking of what if there was a prototype version in the TOS era. So I came up with this basic design...

The USS VALKYRIE NCC-2590 was in a refit state but in Starfleet data base of starships there wasn't a ship before it's creation or before it and here it is as I imagine it would be. Remember this is only a Prototype of the Constellation Class crusier.

Design and Photoshopped (c) SR71ALPHA

Kaiser September 27 2011 05:40 PM

Looks good to me :) :techman:

Albertese September 27 2011 08:26 PM

My suggestions:

The lower side of the saucer section of the canon Constellation made use of the upper half of the refit connie rather than the bottom half, so I might make that structure more symmetrical on your version as well. In other words, the "B-C" command gondola from the top could be repeated on the lower half of the saucer as well.

Also, the impulse units utilization of the "impulse crystal" is very much a TMP refit thing, so I would suggest some other feature here, such as the "linear accelerator" on top of the TOS impulse deck. Of something more along those lines anyhow.

Besides those little technical hiccups, I think the illustration is well done.


SonicRanger September 28 2011 01:01 AM

The nacelles looked scaled a bit wrong -- remember that the Constellation model had truncated nacelles, so don't just match their lengths pixel-for-pixel. Make them look beefier.

Also the nacelle struts would look more TOS with the black grill squares from the TOS Ent on the strut interiors -- you can barely seen them here:

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