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ClassicTVMan81 June 22 2011 08:57 AM

Music Episode List
Could anyone please name all of the episodes of ST:TNG where one or more of the lead characters "play" certain musical instruments (e.g. Data on violin; Capt. Picard on the Ressikan Flute)? For starters, there's "Lessons," "The Inner Light," "Ensigns of Command" and "11001001."

Did Lt. Tasha Yar (Denise Crosby; we all know her father was famous as a musician) ever play a musical instrument on an ST:TNG episode before being written off after the end of the 2nd season? I also want to know if there were any rough drafts in any of the storylines that involved the character of Lt. Yar playing a musical instrument, before ultimately being changed to their final, well-known versions.

And how many of the lead characters "playing" their instruments actually have some training in other musical instruments?

~Ben (ClassicTVMan81)

Art Vandelay June 22 2011 09:09 AM

Re: Music Episode List
I have to give it to you, this is one random Tasha question.

For the record, she left near the end of the first season, not the second.

I'm not 100% sure that there never was a scene written in which she played a musical instrument - I'm only 99.89% sure. She was more of a fighter than an artist, and I don't see her on Turkana IV - taking a break from all that running away from rape gangs by having piano lessons.

To answer your other question, Picard also played the flute in A Fistful of Datas, and Riker played the Trombone in Second Chances.

Eddie Roth July 2 2011 03:47 PM

Re: Music Episode List
As I recall, Tasha never played an instrument.

And there was a scene early in The Ensigns of Command (Season 3) where O'Brien plays... the violin (?) in Ten Forward with Data and some other crewmembers.

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