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JES June 7 2011 10:37 PM

JES's Miscellaneous Artwork Design Thread
This is where I'm going to put stuff that isn't worthy of it's own thread, doesn't have a class name, or otherwise doesn't seem likely to illicit over a pages worth of discussion on their own. Chances has it that designs that do get a class name will later be transferred into their own thread.

Any how, to start, I'm posing this concept sketch work I had for an alternative Excelsior shuttlebay for archival purposes:

I will probably use design elements of the shuttlebay later on for something else.

Next is some sketch work of some ideas I had for Ihlecreation's Cetea class:

My idea behind this one was to make both sections look good while separated. Instead of mounting the ring by it's top, I wanted to mount it more by the center. This sort of draws a little inspiration from Vulcan ships and their ring-shaped warp drives. The idea is that the two sections separate by sliding off one another, similar to how a ring slips off a finger. The engineering section is supposed to have concealed structures underneath, similar to most ships that separate, and the ring is supposed to blend in seamlessly with the hull and deflector grid when docked.

Finally, my vision of what the replacement for the Steamrunner might have looked like, if not for the Zephyr class taking that role.

The design draws a little bit of inspiration from the Ferrus class, and the nacelle caps are based a little off of the Century and Perception, since that is the time frame I imagined for this class.

I have to go for now, so chances has it that I'll come back and edit this post with further commentary, and also post my concepts for the Cetea class in the Design the Next Enterprise thread. For now, feel free to look and comment!:)

jerriecan June 7 2011 11:22 PM

Re: JES's Miscellaneous Artwork Design Thread
Really like the Excelsior stuff - like giving the ship a stinger. :) Nice work!

JES June 8 2011 12:53 AM

Re: JES's Miscellaneous Artwork Design Thread
I never really thought about that before, but now that I think of it, I sort of see the resemblance.:)

JES August 1 2011 02:15 AM

No, this is not an entry for the current contest...
Though I wish it were, however, when I first saw what this month's contest was, it was already past the 10th, and well, I'm not very skilled at Illustrator, so I figured I probably wouldn't make the deadline anyhow. However, as the entries rolled in, I was inspired to at least further develop this design I've had in my head for a while, if only for the purpose of some sort of "commemoration", or simply finally getting the darn thing posted.

Anyhow, the basic idea started with basing a shuttle design on the Starfleet insignia.

This one, I came up with quite a while ago. I'm not satisfied with how the pylons look as they sweep down, so if/when I develop this design further as a shuttlepod, I will either sweep the pylons upwards, or even think about integrating them outright.
This one, I also started a while ago, but she is less compact than the first. The top image I did a while ago, while everything below, I started recently. After a while, I got tired of making measurements to try to make all of the views match up, so this page is a WIP. I might just simply do the complex version in Illustrator (eventually, though I honestly want to finish the Valkyrie first, and that is going to take a while...), so I decided to do something more sketchy.
Hence what we have here. It is easy to see the Starfleet insignia inspiration, and the nacelles are based off of the Odyssey class's. I'm not quite done with this series of sketches, but it will do for now.

And yes, the nacelles are supposed to stow away when not in use.

publiusr August 5 2011 04:15 PM

Re: JES's Miscellaneous Artwork Design Thread
Great mix of flowing lines. The busy aft fantail of the Excelsior and the multi-layered support on the insignia shaped scout are impressive.

JES August 6 2011 07:01 PM

Re: JES's Miscellaneous Artwork Design Thread
Thank you. I'm glad you like the way the lines flow, since aesthetic appeal is certainly one of the things I think about when designing this sort of stuff. :)

The insignia-shaped craft on top is supposed to be a shuttlepod, and the two pages towards the bottom are meant to be a shuttlecraft, to be precise, though I don't believe that using shuttles as scouts is unheard of.

JES May 13 2012 10:17 PM

Re: JES's Miscellaneous Artwork Design Thread
A Fast Frigate introduced in the early-mid 2380's based on the Ianar class.

I envision these as about as heavily armed as the Defiant class, but not to the point that they feel as though they might fall apart. They could be considered as heavily armed as a Defiant class if not for having less torpedo launchers, though they do have more phasers for defensive combat and ship-to-ship.

I suppose you could think of them as being a little like classes like the Defiant and Avenger class, but without the compact nacelles and less spartan. They are among the ships that usually stay on patrol so that the more dedicated warships can leave for the front lines, but during times of peace, these can usually be seen with Defiant and Avenger class vessels on patrol inside Federation star systems.

I think one of the very important things I need to do for this is come up with a good class name. Any Suggestions? And the less obvious or popular, the better, since I like to avoid using class names that have already been used.

JES November 17 2012 09:24 PM

Re: JES's Miscellaneous Artwork Design Thread
The Sparrow class isn't the only design I've been working on. The image below however is one that I think I started over a year ago.

The next on is much more recent, and IMHO takes it further, and refines her. At this point, I have started to think of calling her the Gypsy.

The Gypsy's origins started when I was looking at one of Atolm's designs, which I have been unable to find during a recent attempt to find it, though I remember the story behind her: though I can't remember the name she carried, I do remember it was one of the names of one of the Constitution class vessels lost during the TOS era. She was overall the same as a standard Constitution class vessel, with the exception that the engineering hull was completely redesigned to have the nacelles integrated, akin to the much later Defiant class, but still quite different in appearance. During her trial run, she was accompanied by the Enterprise, which she warped ahead of at significant speed. I remember the term "like a bat out of hell" in particular being used to describe her as she took off at high warp. By the time the Enterprise caught up with her, this vessel has torn itself apart; apparently, the Federation wasn't advanced enough to take full advantage of this type of design configuration, and attempting to do so had lethal consequences.

After a dream the following night where I glimpsed the rear of an engine design, I knew I had to sketch it out, and try to make a whole design out of it. You can see what I remember seeing towards the middle of the first series of sketches. This idea soon turned into a possible replacement for the Intrepid class.

As you can see in the more detailed set of sketches, she is well equipped with defensive weaponry as a result of the many relatively recent conflicts: retractable point defense phasers to shooting down projectiles and small craft, retractable phased energy turrets for anti-fighter defense, and banks of multiple phasers, which was inspired by the multiple phaser banks used by Starfleet vessels in the TOS and TMP eras. If one section of the hull is heavily damaged, the other nearby phaser arrays can still function in circumstances where long phaser strips wouldn't. I used color pencils on the impulse drives, weapon warning strip marks, and the warp grilles to liven things up.
The main deflector was inspired by ST Renaissances's Phoenix class.

Both hull sections are capable of quantum slipstream and standard warp, as well as landing, which the wings are meant to assist. I place the Gypsy around 2425, when I predict that the conflicts with the Klingons and Undine will have run it's course, and by then, Starfleet will have begun getting back towards exploring.

In my vision of the ST Universe, Atolm's design that the Gypsy was inspired by only remained a concept, due to further analysis revealing that the design was unsafe, relatively soon before the Federation Council approved of her construction, and the name that was going to be used was instead used in the next Constitution class construction run. The plans for this design were found again by a designer browsing through the starship design archive, became an inspiration for a new design. That is not to say that there isn't a timeline where both were constructed though...

Whether or not the Gypsy will become a true successor of the Intrepid and her kin will remain to be seen...

Comments as always are welcome.:)

Now then, I see I have some catching up to do...

JES December 17 2014 08:13 PM

Re: JES's Miscellaneous Artwork Design Thread
While Ascension has been airing at night, during the day, I've been taking a break from playing my Alpha Sapphire Version, and been designing my own starship, based on the configuration of the Belknap class, which also had her own little variation called the U.S.S. Ascension (which I guess, no matter how Ascension ends tonight, I get the feeling that the Starfleet vessel to share that name will have had a far better service life).
This is the result of the past two days, and several hours of sketching:

I know that much of the sketches looks uneven, and this not particularly impressive. I need to remember to start of using 2H pencils when I start sketching.

Thus far I have plans for two designs for the Strike Cruiser lineage: this design, and a Slipstream pocket version of the Vesta class. I might also make a Pre-TOS design too, if this subject should prove popular enough for constant commentary. I don't plan to make a TLE design, since I consider the Mesopotamia class to fulfill that role, what with her nacelle pylons having an almost identical configuration. One less design for me to concoct.

Design-wise, I drew quite a bit from Andrew Probert's organic feel for the Galaxy class, but this one is actually contemporary to designs such as the New Orleans and Steamrunner class, served in the Cardassian-Federation Border Wars along with them, and has a registry somewhere around NCC-52500. Think of her as a mini-me of the Galaxy class, but predecessor style. I've also been contemplating giving her hull-seperation abilities, just like the Galaxy class, and could very well have tested them, albeit on a smaller scale, though this might be too soon, since this is around the late 2340s to early 2350s. I'd have to describe her around the same size as the New Orleans class, minus the neck, but with slightly heavier weaponry, especially in the phaser department. I've also been thinking of doing an alternate design, based more on the angular design elements of the First Contact designs done by Alex Jaeger. Maybe it is a little too soon for the full-on organic look, but I'll let you all decide if I should try that direction.

For the most part, the saucer section and nacelles are mostly supposed to be mostly unmodified modules shared by the New Orleans class (not sure about the nacelles though), with the exception of where the yacht or main sensors would be in the center of the ventral hull (not that the New Orleans has anything there, seeing as that is where the saucer section and neck connects). My idea is that there is a twin torpedo launcher mounted there (like the Constitution class, which also has torpedo tubes in that general area). The Light Dreadnaught variant would have a triple torpedo launcher in that area.
I'd have to say that although the secondary shares many design elements with the other Galaxy-based designs, it is also pretty unique. I have been considering adding a second shuttlebay to the secondary hull, which would probably share some design characteristics with Probert's Ambassador class, but the Belknap class only has one, and the New Orleans class has one, and maybe one is enough for a ship this size.

I also did some thumbnails to come up with an idea of what the Light Dreadnaught variant might look like, but my focus is on the base Strike Cruiser designs.

As always C&C is more than welcome. ;)

Kaiser December 18 2014 02:12 AM

Re: JES's Miscellaneous Artwork Design Thread
Awesome hand drawn designs :)

I have several i did on my drop box in a rar file and on my Photobucket :)

JES December 19 2014 08:47 PM

Re: JES's Miscellaneous Artwork Design Thread
Thanks! :)

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