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Jetfire April 1 2011 12:40 AM

World Of Warcraft?
I haven't played since Jan...but I notice some comments on various sites that the game graphics are showing their age and in general people are tired and moving on to things like 'Rift' and I am sure when the Star Wars MMO comes out more people will leave WOW.

I have generally enjoyed the game and when I can play(pay for a month) make the most of it...I enjoy the races and the question is; Should Blizzard rebuild WOW from the ground up as a new game? Instead of just adding expansions on top of expansions. I don't know what the future of WOW is so forgive if there is news and info making this thread irrelevant. :rommie:

[edit] I should add...I do think the graphics should be updated a bit and I really wish the character creation was expanded...I mean there are free MMOs that have more options.

Davros April 1 2011 01:00 AM

Re: World Of Warcraft?
It was just never as much fun as City Of Heroes/Villains. But I don't see a restart of WoW as that much of a great Idea. Better to go with World Of Starcraft.

Owain Taggart April 1 2011 01:23 AM

Re: World Of Warcraft?
Well, they are working on another MMO, so it remains to be seen whether people go with that.

Bishop76 April 1 2011 03:43 AM

Re: World Of Warcraft?
They didn't do a COMPLETE rebuild, but they did redo all of the 1-60 content that was in the original game. Some of it's the same, but most of it has been changed. So in a way, they did do a rebuild. I'm not sure why people are migrating to Rift because it's basically the same damn game with some minor differences and an inferior look... Maybe those minor differences are enough, I don't know.

I do think there's some definite WoW burnout going on though. I think TOR is really going to get a lot of players who are just looking for something new and not necessarily in a fantasy setting. I know I wish Star Trek Online had been more fun, but alas, it wasn't. I'm MMO-less right now after cancelling my WoW account a couple months ago and I know I want something, but Rift just ain't it.

Edit: Oh, and they have stated time and again that their new MMO is NOT World of Starcraft. It'll be interesting to see if that holds true or not, but I don't think they'll go that route personally.

FordSVT April 1 2011 05:10 AM

Re: World Of Warcraft?
The new MMO is estimated to be a FPS, likely with a futuristic setting, but not related to Starcraft. They have said in the past it's a new IP.

People have said that WoW looked "out of date" since about five years ago. The creativity and the style of the art keeps it looking good to my eyes. If it looked a lot better, fewer people would be able to enjoy it due to hardware limitations. It also looks a lot better since Cata than it used to, they've upgraded the engine in a lot of ways over the years.

WoW has 12 million subs, Rift has a few hundred thousand at the moment. It seems to be doing just fine, and the more the merrier, IMO. They've certainly had a better, more complete and stable launch than most MMORPGs do. I don't think many people have cancelled their WoW account to try Rift though. I also don't think many people who've played WoW for years are going to think Rift is fresh or different enough to jump ship for and play long term, it's certainly not that different.

My prediction is that SWTOR will top out at about a million subs, Rifts will be lucky to hit a million, and WoW will stay at 10 million + for the next expansion or two.

Jetfire April 1 2011 05:11 AM

Re: World Of Warcraft?
From what I have seen(videos), Rift looks pretty good...the character creation looks great...but the lack of more unique races is a bit disappointing.

Unless I was really bored and actually had money to blow on doesn't really excite me.


FordSVT wrote: (Post 4854065)
If it looked a lot better, fewer people would be able to enjoy it due to hardware limitations.

True. I play Allods Online and it looks better than WoW to me in alot of ways and it's free...but in many ways it is still inferior to WoW with it's graphics and game play.

Bishop76 April 1 2011 05:32 AM

Re: World Of Warcraft?

Jetfire wrote: (Post 4854066)
From what I have seen(videos), Rift looks pretty good...the character creation looks great...but the lack of more unique races is a bit disappointing.

I played the beta for a bit and the character creation isn't very spectacular. At least I wasn't impressed with it any moreso than I was with WoW. There are a few improvements, but everyone kind of ends up looking the same. If only more companies would go with the Cryptic character design. Cryptic doesn't do much right, but they're very good at character creation.

The stylized "cartoony" world of WoW looks tons better than the "photorealistic" look of Rift, in my opinion. Rift may be technically superior, but I still think WoW looks better.

Jetfire April 1 2011 05:41 AM

Re: World Of Warcraft?
Yeah I personally never had a problem with the "cartoony" look of WoW. My biggest gripe and it really isn't a deal breaker because I do play WoW when I the character creation...I just wish it was more expansive and I am sure there are alot of people who feel the same way. I am not sure how hard it would be for Blizzard to upgrade the character creation to have more options...but if anything that would be a BIG me any way.

Bishop76 April 1 2011 05:44 AM

Re: World Of Warcraft?
I was hoping when they redid the world with Cata that they'd add at least a few more options to the character generation, but alas...

I do think FordSVT is crazy though for thinking TOR will only hit 1 million subs. It may not have staying power and it may not unseat WoW, but I'm guessing that it has a huge subscriber base at least for those first few months. If it's good enough, it'll only grow from there.

Jetfire April 1 2011 05:47 AM

Re: World Of Warcraft?
I wanted to give STO a try...but much like brother has it and says it really isn't much fun to him...he's been meaning to give me his copy of the game...still waiting on that. :lol:

Bishop76 April 1 2011 05:49 AM

Re: World Of Warcraft?
Yeah, it's really really mediocre. There's some fun with the ship stuff and maybe even the ground stuff for the first 5 or so levels but then it gets REALLY boring. Not a lot of variety.

Character creation is great, though!

Jetfire April 1 2011 05:54 AM

Re: World Of Warcraft?
I know some people want more classes and races in the next WoW expansion...but I do think expanding character customization is the way to go...I really don't see a need for more races and classes seem fine right now...I am sure there is room for improvement on that front though...but I can't really think of anything off hand.

Bishop76 April 1 2011 06:06 AM

Re: World Of Warcraft?
I think they need more high level content with the next one. I know they redid the whole of old Azeroth, but I really got tired of the new stuff extra fast this time. Though that's in part because doing heroics was a nightmare as a DPS... I cancelled a few months ago and don't really miss it yet. I'm sure by the end of the year or by the next expansion I'll re-up, but I'm just MMO'd out now.

Itisnotlogical April 1 2011 09:16 AM

Re: World Of Warcraft?
I think WOW's fine just the way it is. Anybody who complains about the graphics is too picky; it makes it easy for older computers to play the game without an upgrade every time there's a patch or expansion.

Showdown April 2 2011 08:07 PM

Re: World Of Warcraft?
Here's a picture of all the playable races in Booty Bay.

It's a fake. A couple of friends, my brother, and I took shots of a couple of us at a time, then combine them all together.

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