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Jetfire February 7 2011 08:39 PM

THE CAPE(NBC) *Spoilers!*
Since NBC has limited THE CAPE to just 10 eps...there is no point to do a weekly thread with voting.

But we can keep talking about it and stuff here.

THE CAPE is New tonight! 9PM on NBC.

The Cape Episode #6 “Goggles and Hicks” Official Description

A TEAM OF TECH SAVVY ASSASSINS DISCOVER THE CAPE’S IDENTITY–Badly bruised and exhausted, The Cape (David Lyons) heeds advice from Max (Keith David) to take some time off to recover. Determined to finally kill The Cape, Peter Fleming (James Frain) hires a tech-savvy team, including Goggles (guest star Pruitt Taylor Vince) and Hicks (guest star Chad Lindberg), to track and destroy The Cape. Meanwhile, Orwell (Summer Glau) faces digital challenges against the teams’ strong expertise and Dana (Jennifer Ferrin) becomes more involved in uncovering the truth about Vince’s case.
Also starring: Ryan Wynott (Trip), Vinnie Jones (Scales), Martin Klebba (Rollo), Dorian Missick (Marty), Anil Kumar (Ruvi) and Izabella Miko (Raia)


Jetfire February 8 2011 04:09 AM

Re: THE CAPE(NBC) *Spoilers!*
Great ep.
Very interesting...this show keeps getting better too bad NBC is pulling the plug. :(
Dana, Raia & Orwell are all lovely ladies. :drool:
Orwell opening up about her father was nice...too bad Fleming isn't. :lol:

I just hate they had another dopey kid in this ep.

Next week looks great too. :bolian:

Temis the Vorta February 8 2011 04:20 AM

Re: THE CAPE(NBC) *Spoilers!*

Orwell opening up about her father was nice...too bad Fleming isn't.
They established that Fleming isn't her father? Or did you mean something else?

Still an hour forty till it airs here in Cali, don't worry about spoilers on my account, I might watch anyway based on whether there are worthwhile things in it.

Jetfire February 8 2011 04:22 AM

Re: THE CAPE(NBC) *Spoilers!*
I meant that Fleming isn't nice...sorry. :lol:

Temis the Vorta February 8 2011 04:26 AM

Re: THE CAPE(NBC) *Spoilers!*
Oh okay. :D If those two ever have a scene together, I might watch the episode. They better hurry...

Mr. Adventure February 8 2011 04:30 AM

Re: THE CAPE(NBC) *Spoilers!*
Cousin Oliver lives!

This show has to have the most laid-back hero/villain dynamic since Reeves Superman. When the villains fail to kill The Cape, Fleming is just like oh well, you're fired, see ya.

Jetfire February 8 2011 05:33 PM

Re: THE CAPE(NBC) *Spoilers!*
I am glad they don't take things too seems to be good where it needs to be...but a shame it is going to end so soon. :(

[edit] The Cape dropped 13% to a 1.3 rating. NBC The Cape 1.3/3 4.56


trekkiebaggio February 8 2011 07:04 PM

Re: THE CAPE(NBC) *Spoilers!*
Really enjoyed this ep. I really liked Goggles and Hick, it's good that there's been different types of villains. It makes it more interesting if the rogues gallery is full of people with different skills.

Sometimes child actors can be really annoying but I didn't mind Trip and Jerry too much. If they're used in small doses it should be okay, and it's quite sweet that Trip has a friend.

The show doesn't take itself too seriously and I'm enjoying the campy elements. When I first heard of the show I expected it to be all gritty, but I'm glad it's bucking that trend.

Shame there's only four episodes left. If it does get cancelled it would be nice to get a graphic novel to wrap things up. Having an actual Cape comic would be quite cool.

Tom February 8 2011 08:29 PM

Re: THE CAPE(NBC) *Spoilers!*
Question is, will the last four be shown..the low rating make it tough to say. This series would actually fit better on the syfy channel as the expectations in ratings are less.

DarKush February 8 2011 09:11 PM

Re: THE CAPE(NBC) *Spoilers!*
Last night's episode didn't hold my attention. Didn't care about Hicks and Goggles. Didn't find them threatening and I didn't much attention to the rest.

Hyperspace05 February 9 2011 08:10 AM

Re: THE CAPE(NBC) *Spoilers!*
This last episode (the hicks one) was great, probably the best one yet. Such an bizarre and entertaining show at its best, like in this episode.

Tom February 15 2011 07:12 PM

Re: THE CAPE(NBC) *Spoilers!*
last nights episode was kinda interesting. Suprised the cops did not pull off the capes mask right when they cought him..thats super hero fantasy for you.

trekkiebaggio February 15 2011 07:21 PM

Re: THE CAPE(NBC) *Spoilers!*
^Yeah I was thinking that. Just one of those things you have to accept I guess.

Very interesting though. The Lich seems like he'll be a pretty intriguing villain.

Guy Gardener February 15 2011 11:11 PM

Re: THE CAPE(NBC) *Spoilers!*

He's not a billionth as interesting as the character the same guy played on Dirty Sexy Money. Now THAT was interesting supervillainry.

10 episodes you say?

How could "they" not know the show sucked?

DarKush February 15 2011 11:16 PM

Re: THE CAPE(NBC) *Spoilers!*
The Lich episode really got interesting in the last 5-10 minutes for me. I do agree that Lich might wind up being an intriguing villain. I also was curious about why the cops just didn't unmask Cape when he was captured. Or why his friend can't recognize that its Vince under the mask. Vince isn't even trying to disguise his voice and I'm sure his profile might at least have his friend wondering.

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