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Can December 27 2010 08:29 PM

My Farscape reviews (SPOILERS)
Since I am unemployed right now I have lots of time to spare....So I decided to review my favorite ( and best ) sci-fi series of all time : FARSCAPE. I wonder if I can convert anyone to be "scapers"

I am inspired from PschoPere's thread. My reviews for first two episodes ( 1x01 "Premiere" , 1x02 "I , E.T." ) are in his thread :

Check them out if you want to. but I did not want to make there overcrowded and confusing.

Note : Since English is not my native language there might be mistakes in my writing and grammar....In fact for me one reason to write these reviews is to practise my English....


1x03 Exodus from Genesis : In his room Rygel is painting...well a portrait of himself. With this latest hobby of himself revealed should I mention that Rygel began to remind me Winston Churchill ? ( no offense , I am also writing an essay about Churchill ) Both of them were leaders of large empires. Both of them like earthly pleasures ( Churchill drinking , Rygel eating ) both of them like painting..Well until Zhaan comes in and makes a much better of portraying Rygel with her "spiritual painting" , some noble version on portrait. A reminder of Rygel's ancestor , Rygel I.

Meanwhile Crichton is having a lively arguement against Dargo. The problem ? Using small worms called dentics to clean his teeth. Dargo accusses him being childish and shoves the worm to his mouth. "It is kinda minty" says Crichton. Maybe he is not aware but with small steps like using alive dental cleaning worms or learning to use levers he is adapting to Uncharted Territories better than everyone else realized...He is getting there. But of course neither Dargo nor Aeryn appreciete this development. Hell..they don't even care....He is a nuisance for them , nothing more than a representative of an under developed species. Nothing to offer or contribute to their struggle to survive. When later Crichton complains Zhaan that "for them everything is a test" Zhaan , a mother figure for all now , replies to him "they are soldiers. Win their respect by actions" Crichton shall get this chance soon...

Moya comes to debris field. Aeryn declares that there is another craft at the other side of field. A Marauder , a Peacekeeper attack shuttle with five man commando crew , scanning the field. When it fails to detect Moya it moves away. But at the same time no one realizes that "debris" clusters around Moya and enters the ship. They are actually bugs , alive and unwanted visitors....

Crichton and Aeryn are in hangar bay working...Crichton still a newcomer to Uncharted Territories and trying to reach someone alike tries to have a converstaion. "You are not in this alone. We are stuck together. As long as we are we can be..." Aeryn mockingly interrupts "What ? Family ? Friends ? I want neither" Crichton claims one of them will be there when she needs them "No offence human but what can I possibly need from you ?" she arrogantly asks..Don't be so sure Aeryn. You are already softening up bit by bit , adapting to this new circumstanses just like this Earpling. You just have to. Crichton just makes his finishing touch "Manners , personality , stock tips":)

While they are about to leave one of the bugs ( as large as DRD's they are now ) stings Aeryn and takes a sample of her blood. Same with Dargo. Meanwhile Aeryn complains that air is too hot. We later learn that Sabecceans lack heat glands to regulate their body temperature. They are sensitive to high temperatues , when their bodies are overheated heat delirium starts , they lose their memory , consciousness , fall into coma...a state called "living death" They are not Super Aryans they claim to be after all. Even Dargo claims later that he does not find this state of Sabecceans enjoyable. Although Crichton is sceptic about Dargo's claim that Aeryn is a ship comrade I sense that when Aeryn is concerned Dargo is pragmatic. He considers her a warrior , from a race he dislikes a lot but someone useful. Unlike Crichton. There is blockage in venting systems The Pilot says. The temperature inside Moya is rising....Not good for Aeryn.

When Crichton returns to his quartes he comes face to face with these DRD like bugs. His first instant response is to be a cat and jump to nearest high place. Who can blame him ? Then he captures one and kills it. Zhaan examining bugs body comes with a conclusion : "It is Crichton's DNA"

Meanwhile bugs are sealing and blocking controls , vents and doors with a mucus like blue gunk. Then Crichton encounters with Zhaan on passageway. She kicks his ass. When Crichton goes to controls he comes to Aeryn. She also tries to kick his ass but Crichton kills "Aeryn" or bug who mimics her by ripping her arm. Space bugs are creating actual copies or replicants of Moya's crew. When Dargo proposes to cut the tips of their small fingers for identification , Crichton as sensible human declares that he can not stand sight of blood and sprays backs of their hands with red paint for identification instead...

Then Rygel is sent ( not voluntarily ) to venting ducts to find bugs hiding place. When he finds a nest and a queen bug like out of James Cameron's "Aliens" he wisely decides to hide especially when bugs corner him. But Aeryn is getting worse due to rising heat. In Pilot's den her hands shaking she declares she can not even handle a weapon. Then there is a quite touching scene between Aeryn and Pilot. Just when Aeryn is passing out Pilot gently holds her.."It is strange to be so close to a Peacekeeper and not to fear" Well even Pilot is changing , adapting to this rag-tag bunch. A team is forming from this most unlike group. Aeryn might have seen Pilot as a servant before. She is at his mercy now. Pilot opens outer hangar bay doors to lower the temperature. Moya is vulnerable now..

But their troubles are just starting. When one of the bugs sting Zhaan and put somekind of nail to her throat Dargo runs to help her. Meanwhile Crichton comes across to another bug replicant , a replica of himself this time and dispatches that one also. "Crichton bugcatcher at your service"

Aeryn is unconscious losing her short term memory. While Crichton and Dargo is trying to deal with situation Zhaan shows up. The nails stuck to her throat is somekind of communication thing with bugs hive and their queen. Then Zhaan suddenly becomes possesed by "queen" , introduces her kind as Drak. Heat is necessary for their production cycle. The Zhaan/Queen inquires why they attack. Suddenly Crichton quickest of Moya bunch realizes that when he killed first Drak in his quarters he started a war. He offers a truce and takes everyone to one quarters while bugs reproduction cycle continues. "Crichton the diplomat at your service"

Of course at this right perfect moment Peacekkeper Marauder arrives , enters Moya's open hangar and Peacekeeper commandos with bad make up began killing replicants and bugs inside Moya in their customary diligance. The Drak queen cranks up heat. Aeryn begins begging Crichton to kill her before living death. "A friend , a familiy would do that for me" she claims. A change of mind so quickly Aeryn ? You decided that despite your superior racist training you need these lower lifeforms after all. Crichton usual human stereotype optimist/idealist/hero and good guy having none of it. He calls Rygel to contact the queen inside nest. Rygel is reluctant at best ( I think that is his behaviour ) but agrees. Maybe he really has a streak of Winston Churchill in him after all...

The Drak queen agrees to fight with them against Peacekeeper boarders. Zhaan takes Aeryn to shower to keep her cool ( ladies may I join in ? ) After taking Aeryns consent with a simple facial expression Crichton instructs the queen to cranck up the heat. Of course then Peacekeeper commandos begin having a hard time. They barely reach to command already spent from heat and finding replicants everywhere and freaked out. Crichton gives them a clear ultimatum : Either stay and enjoy the Turkish bath or get the hell out of Moya. The leader of commandos is not cooperative. He even tries and fails to kill Crichton with a blade in his spent condition but agrees to leave after a while. "Crichton the bluffer"

The Peacekeeper intruders are gone. The Draks complate reproductive cycle and leave in a spectecular view after saying goodbye to Rygel the Soverign of Moya. Heh. Heat inside Moya returns normal. Everyone is happy. Zhaan congratulates Crichton for being quite a man of action. Back to Status Quo. Or is it ? Hey Moya has an observation deck or something. Cool. When Crichton finds Aeryn there perfectly old badass herself he tries to have conversation again. He just can not help it I suppose. Among this alien zoo far away from his home lost in space he instictly reaches out only individual who resembles to a human most at least in outward appearence. Expecting another stark shake off Aeryn this time surprises Crichton. She acknowledges first time that lesser life forms might have some use. And those lesser life forms should be evaluated as individuals maybe. They can surprise her , take hard decisions like killing a ship mate and give funny pop culture referances. Because they can be resourceful and they care. Prejudice is not something productive on Moya. And she smiles first time to Crichton. Claudia Black has a beautiful smile.

coolghoul December 28 2010 04:47 PM

Re: My Farscape reviews (SPOILERS)

Can wrote: (Post 4619552)
Claudia Black has a beautiful smile.

Great review. Loved the above line!

Go for it.

Can December 28 2010 07:42 PM

Re: My Farscape reviews (SPOILERS)

coolghoul wrote: (Post 4621014)

Can wrote: (Post 4619552)
Claudia Black has a beautiful smile.

Great review. Loved the above line!

Go for it.

Thank you. I intend to. Just do not expect all reviews to be that long like previous one


1x04 Throne For A Loss A nice usual regular day on Moya. It means another arguement going on. This time Crichton ( failing to spell name of the alien race of this episode , calling Tavleks as Tavloiks ) with Aeryn. He opposes her idea of greeting them with a pulse rifle at hand. Usual Star Trek captain behaviour. "They will pay us for whole their cargo. But they will not gonna do that if you do your John Wayne impression" Aeryn stern usual Peacekeeper having none of it. "Who is John Wayne ? A relative ?" Crichton tries to list Duke's movies adds that "Ghengiz Khan was bad" In my opinion so was "Green Berets"

"Who are you to order me around ?" says Aeryn. Crichton offended "I was offering a suggestion" Aeryn in her usual beautiful arrogance "Well who are you to offer suggestions ?" This sounds like my first date.

Rygel bargained with these Tavleks to carry their cargo. He is all dressed up and full of glamour. Pompous muppet. They are waiting Tavlek ship in cargo bay. But Tavleks in their full armour and badass gauntlet bracelets are not friendly. As soon as they board they open fire with their bracelets , grab Rygel and then escape. Crichton knocks down one of the Tavlek kidnappers and summarizes the whole situation : "Our supreme eminence has been bagged"

Dargo gets the bracelet of knocked out Tavlek..But he can not use it except decoration on his wrist. For now. Bracelet pumps something to his arm...We get the message. Something not good. Dargo suddenly begins acting more commanding and aggressive ( as if that is possible ! ) assumes command of Moya and orders Pilot to leave the orbit. He assumes Rygel brought that on himself. He then kicks stuff and people back and forth in hangar bay. Crichton , Aeryn and Zhaan understand that whatever bracelet pumping into Dargo , that made him more unreasonable than ever. Zhaan takes charge of knocked out Tavlek. The captured Tavlek states the material inside bracelet is somekind of stimulant. With this knowledge at hand Aeryn and Crichton try to pacify Dargo. After two failed attempts they also manage to knock him and take the bracelet out.

Meanwhile ransom demand comes from planet. Tavlek leader ( named "Bakesh" ) wants corvenium ( probably platinium of Uncharted Territories enough to fill the hangar bay. Unless they comply "their king" will die. Initially Crichton and rest may be more than happy to leave "their eminence" Rygel to his fate. But nothing is so easy. Pilot informs them Rygel took a vital circuit component of Moya "to decorate his scepter" Moya can not even move. In fact his orbit is deteriorating. Regarding Rygel Aeryn makes her final judgement. In a deadpan serious manner she says "I will torture than kill him" First she practises on Crichton who is reluctant to use force in his Star Trek mode , knocking him down to bring him with her down planet. After that three parallel stories linked together goes on in this episode. How writers of Farscape actually accomplish that I have no idea.

Zhaan is dealing with captured Tavlek on Moya. A boy actually. He calls her "soft and weak" then attcks. Zhaan with her all elegence kicks his ass then comments "Soft yes weak no" When she strips him of his armour Tavlek starts a exhibitionism contest. ( Whoa did Virgina Hey consider modelling ? ) He loses. With her priestness/psychologist behaviour Zhaan tries to convince him to give up using the gauntlet bracelet. She works to cure him out of stimulant addiction. This episode is a "drugs are bad" message after all. But Tavlek testily states that he does not need a sermon. He then attempts to win her trust after a supper then escape. Failure again. It seems Zhaan has a dark side after all.

Meanwhile in Tavlek camp down planet Rygel is doing what he does best...being a pain in the a.. This time to his captors. He befriends with a fellow captive. Another alien soverign looks like an octopus , named Jotheb head of a consortium. He tries to escape , fails almost killed , manipulates both Bekesh and Jotheb to his own means. This is Dominar Rygel at his top form.

At the same time Crichton and Aeryn are conducting rescue operation of Moya's supreme eminence at the Tavlek planet. When they come across a group of Tavleks , Aeryn wears Tavlek armour and gauntlet bracelet they captured then trashes them all. But Crichton still trying to learn how things work , accidently blows up Aeryn's pulse rifle. Aeryn pissed off , refuses to take out the bracelet. Then Dargo shows up. After another teasing , pissing , mocking session between two non-mature warriors Dargo subdues Aeryn with a gentle touch of his tongue. Literally....

Time is running out. Crichton and Dargo arrive Tavlek camp. Aeryn is left behind to cover their retreat with Dargo's sword except...what ? it is not a sword. It is a Quata Blade , a bad ass weapon. I begin to wonder what else we shall learn about these alien characters and their resources. Crichton and Dargo inflitrate the camp. But Tavleks moved Rygel to somewhere else. While they try to escape they are discovered. Aeryn opens fire. Chaos everywhere. Dargo is shot from his back with a gauntlet weapon. He wants to be buried with his blade. Aeryn tries to regulate the bleeding of Dargo's wound till blood runs clear. Otherwise he will die. Another piece of information. She hits Dargo's wound as hard as she could to regulate bleeding. Between ex-Peacekeeper and ex-convict Luxan another verbal stinging including words of "coward" and "barbarian" goes on again. Did I mention that I like their verbal fencing ? As warriors they are testing each other's grounding , still balacing if other one is reliable. At least they find a common ground by making fun of Crichton. These people do not become ( maybe never ) a well oiled machine like team instantly. Too much prejudice , unknown and bad blood is still in the air. They need time to evaluate each other. Great writing stuff. Why other sci-fi shows are not that INSIGHTFUL about personalities ?

It is Crichton's turn to wear the bracelet. He does so , reaches Bekesh and his men who are carrying Rygel. Crichton takes out Bekesh's men but Bekesh is sterner stuff. Just in that moment stimulant in Crichton's bracelet runs out. Crichton has to turn back on Star Trek diplomacy. Surprisingly he convinces Bekesh that Rygel is worthless. ( probably Rygel's own behaviour during captivity was also effective on that convincing ) "I did not hear the truth so long I do not recognize it anymore" says Bekesh. Strong statement. Much better than silly "Drugs are bad messsage" Still in my opinion Crichton may not always find his way out of a hazardous situation by talking. For now Bekesh leaves Rygel to Crichton.

On Moya everything is back normal. Rygel pulls a little prank about cleanless Moya's circuit crystal ( he swallowed it before and takes it out by natural means ) Aeryn stands like "I should really torture and kill him" :lol:But real homage is on Zhaan. Her Tavlek prisoner chooses to have the gauntlet bracelet. "No Sermons" indeed. No matter how much effort you spend sometimes even the best drug cure theraphy fails....

Can December 31 2010 02:18 PM

Re: My Farscape reviews (SPOILERS)

1X05 Back and Back and Back to the Future Moya comes across an alien vessel disintegrating in a shiny batch of green lighting. As usual an arguement starts among Moya's passangers about helping them or not. Rygel ( as usual ) offers to get the hell away from disintigrating ship and "to drink honor their memories" later. Dargo agrees. Zhaan want to help. I find all these disagreements in Moya both refresing and interesting as well as entertaing. In every chance writers show us that this is not a military hierarchy expected so many times from recent space opera productions. These are individuals trying to survive and get along as much as possible

Alien vessel crumbles but before then a shuttle leaves and boards Moya. They are Illianics , a distant relative species of Luxans. Dargo leaves all of his reluctance and decides to help his distant cousins. He and Crichton enter the Illianic shuttle and take two unconcious passangers out. Before that though some green light batch from a sealed compartment strikes Crichtons hand.

Two new Illianic guests of Moya : Verell an old scientist and Matala a slow annoying talking middle aged beuty ( in Illianic standarts ) They have a vital cargo in their shuttle , "scientific apparatus" says Verell. He couldn't do a better job of making everyone wonder about sinister mystery of their cargo ! They were on their way to rendezvous with another Illianic ship. Dargo offers to take them to rendezvous point....He really seems to take charge when his Illianic cousins were concerned.

Suddenly Crichton begins having first of his weird visions of Matala...well sexually harrasing him. Clearly females of Uncharted Territories are much more agressive than Earth. Crichton snaps back and Aeryn recommands some rest to him

While Verell is having his lunch Dargo learns that Verell's people Illianics are at war with another race , Scorvians. We also learn that Dargo's real crime of imprisonment was something else. Something he wants to share with Verell. Verell dismisses Dargo's fears. He just want to be delivered to rendezvous point...Whatever in that shuttle seems very important for Illianic war effort. When Aeryn boards Illianic shuttle Matala wants her out and takes Dargo's support. Aeryn and Matala also make an appointment for some physical fight exercise later.

Crichton having his second "Matala sexual harrasment vision". Clearly she is agressive ! No way. I mean she is entirely a different species with tentecles..Right ? Well he better be careful. Dargo also finds her desirable. A clear love triangle is forming ! :) And Matala is maniplating her. Great. When Crichton asks Dargo if Illianic females attract men with a chemical , telepaty or some other exterior force. Of course that kind of converstaion can only end in misunderstanding. Dargo says he finds Crichton disgusting and warns him to stay away from Matala. In physical and thinking terms. Crichton protest to no avail : "She is not even my type !"

Crichton having his third vision. Aeryn comes and inquires if Dargo is still acting Illianics personal servant....Then a few moments later this entire vision happens. That's new. He is not hallucinating. These are flashes of future events. "Oh boy that is the future"

Crichton's fourth vision : Verell was stabbed from his back. Dead. Dargo and Crichton find him. Matala comes out and breaks necks of both of them.

Crichton gives up the hope of convincing Dargo that Matala is dangerous. He needs to change his strastegy and adapt. Well that is what he does best since he came to Moya.

Aeryn and Matala's physical fight exercise on a giant matress with Peacekeeper logo. ( I learned from Wikipedia that this symbol is in fact a Soviet Propaganda Poster logo dating back to Russian Civil War "Beat the Whites with Red Wedge" ) Frankly they do not show much martial art prowness. Their moves are rudimentary and slow. It is as realistic as a science fiction show can be. After Aeryn wins a few rounds. Matala knocks her out with a weird "Karate Kid" punch...

Crichton still trying to convince others , searching allies. He finds one in Zhaan. Always reliable , wise , maternal blue lady of Moya. She is suspicios of Illianics too. They do not reveal what was wrong with their doomed ship. They are evasive. When Crichton explains his future flashes and visions she is intrigued. "Future Flashes. The concept is a fascinating one...." she comments. Crichton in her quartes , playing a glass mask disagrees he drops the mask....another flash vision. He goes to question Verell about what went wrong in their ship. Instead he finds Matala. She plays innocent victim of Crichton just as Dargo enters. The big guy then skewers Crichton with his blade and Matala then dispatches both Verell and Dargo...

....Crichton in Zhaans quartes in his hand glass mask dropping it again. So this episode is turning to somekind of Christopher Nolan's Memento , this time towards future. When Zhaan declares if these are future events he can change the sequence of events , change the future. Crichton agitated "I made it worse" Get a grip human. Then Aeryn comes in and interrupts. "Matala is not Illianic. She is Scorvian. She fights like a Scorvian. Her appearence must be result of genetic make up" Now we have a motivation. But how will you prevent the act of crime without proof ?

Since Dargo is very much on the side of his genetic cousins especially due to Matala's presence Crichton , Zhaan and Aeryn try to seperate them. Then just Crichton is on his way to hangar bay to confront with Verell he overhears Dargo and Matala. She proposes to join them. Dargo says it is impractical because of his real crime ( a possible ace for Crichton ) Matala insists with her sexual harrasment move this time on Dargo...When Crichton comes open with Verell about everything he confesses there is weapon on their shuttle. The ultimite one. "A quantum singularity" . "A Black Hole ?" Crichton blabbers. "You captured a piece of Black Hole ?" It is protected by an energy shield and when Crichton entered the shuttle first time he got exposed to it by green light shocking his hand hence his future visions. Just that moment Dargo and Matala come in. Usual perfect timing. Verell confronts Matala. Crichton tries to convince Dargo Matala is a Scorvian spy. Matala dispatches Dargo , thakes his quota blade , kills Verell and takes the shuttle to escape. Aeryn comes and opens fire on shuttle with her pulse rifle. Shuttle explodes , black hole swallows Moya.....

....Crichton in Zhaans quartes in his hand glass mask AGAIN....He puts the mask down , smashes it deliberetly with his foot under dispproving eyes of Zhaan...Human has enough. He is taking the initiative now. Everything comes to Dargo he decides. "We need to convince him." He does so by declaring to Dargo that his real crime was something different than he told them before. Whatever it is that is enough to Dargo to change his mind about Matala.

Illianic cruiser Verell expecting arrives which in fact is a Scorvian warship. Now Moya is in trouble. While Aeryn takes manual control to steer way from them. Dargo and Crichton confront with Matala and Verell. ( Please make it work this time ) Matala kills Verell again ( I gave up him long before ) and escapes from Moya with Illianic shuttle. Verell starts manual self destruction of black hole with remote control. Crichton realizes what is happening and tells Pilot to starbust immediately. Pilot does so. Black Hole released , kills Matala , destroys both her shuttle and Scorvian warship.

Crichton really saved everyone in Moya several times in this episode. Shame no one aboard Moya know that.. Well if actions count on Moya like Zhaan said then Crichton proved he is a man of action with a thinking head even he is in this weird fantasy universe far away from home , encountering with novel shocking aspects of daily life on Uncharted Territories. The real finishing touch is between Crichton and Dargo. "It has been so long" exiled Luxan confesses. Crichton understands him. He is a heterosexual male after all. First common ground established between these two strangers who does not understand or trust each other before. They needed each other before but now there is a little bit more. Not much but better than nothing....

Can January 3 2011 08:40 PM

Re: My Farscape reviews (SPOILERS)

1X05 Thank God It is Friday Again CRICHTOOOOON ! WHERE IS THE HUMAAAAAN ! Dargo is as usual...pissed. Great. We are starting with another conflict aboard MOYA. Crichton more sensible than facing an angry Luxan , hidden. There is no specific reason. This is a Luxan hyper rage period , happens to Luxan males sometimes when there is another male around. Three days passed ( Crichton hidden so well it took three days for his ship mates to find him :) Aeryn teases him : "You must have a lot of practise in hiding !" Mean while Dargo is gone , took Aeryn's Prowler fighter to find Crichton if he is down at the planet MOYA orbitting around.

To find angry Luxan rest of Moya gang also goes to planet with a transport pod of Moya....The natives of planet are living like a working class community. All of them are struggling in the fields like worker ants , growing a tullip like plant called Tannet during daytime. When it is night they party ( for this episode they must have gathered half of the stuntmen/women in Australia and all of red body paint ) They think it is the end of working week , next day is rest day. Instead next morning they get up , start to work again like ants....They repreat this whole cycle everyday like a broken record. This whole communal town is in the middle of a wasteland , weather is hot ( Crichton makes a funny referance to Mad Max 3 ) These are laborers a distant cousin species of Sabeceans Aeryn explains....

And hello look who is among them. Dargo decided to join these laborers , went native , dressed all red and acting weird for a Luxan. Peaceful , calm , friendly nothing like a Luxan warrior. He hugs Crichton ( "Is this the end of Luxan hyper rage ?" Crichton asks. "Hug to death ?" ) declares his hyper rage is over. "Everything is so right..." If the audience needs to be persuaded there is somekind of external malevoant effect for Dargo to act like that , after this last decleration we ( at least I ) need no convincing...

Introduce Volmae , leader of this strange community. All dressed white with a terrible hair style and red eyes. Just like Matala in previous episode she is slow talking like stoned....She welcomes them and says they can stay as long as they like. Amusingly Crichton meets her with a V piece sign..."She gives me a woody" Aeryn says. "Crichton still trying to explain wonderful aspects of American slang to her corrects "willies. Gives you willies"

First unforseen consequence. First Crichton gets a stern warning from one of the laborers "No matter what you must stay" Then there are small explosions all over Rygel while he is outside relieving himself. In the morning it will be hot soon and considering Aeryn's weakness about that she takes Rygel and returns to Moya to understand what is wrong with ex-Dominar of Hyneria. Dargo invites rest to his shack then retreats to his own room to shack with a laborer girl...There is one bed on the floor. Crichton has to share it with Zhaan. ( In the morning except Zhaans blue hand is on Crichton's private parts nothing happens though. ) Meanwhile on Moya Aeryn finds out Rygel's body fluids becoming explosive...Crichton calls her to conduct some experiments on Rygel. "I am no scientist" says Aeryn. Nonetheless she agrees. Later after she assumes the role of Madam Currie as Crichton describes she finds out that Rygel's body chemistry acted like a catalyst to Tannet root he had eaten down the planet. When that muppet will learn that gluttony is not always good ?

Next morning. The whole population is back at work. They take Tannet roots to eat then work on the fields. The whole place and fashion just have an Oriental look. Crichton spots the laborer who warned him the previous night. While he follows her some other laborers capture him , take him inside a railway car and put a worm inside him though his belly button...Then a final warning. He must tell no one about the worm or they will kill him for it. Such a degrading experience I do not think Crichton will tell anyone this either way.

When Crichton is back to shack (meanwhile sweating , throwing up) he finds out that Zhaan also acting like others , like someone from Invasion of Body Snathers. She also want to remain and work. Crichton gets his answers during the night at the club everyone hangs out. The female laborer and her father explain to him...the Tannet root they grow and eat also make everyone to act like that...make them believe this place is a paradise. They have immune and so has Crichton because of the worm. He has to play nice obedient laborer....Which he does when he comes across Volmae again ( she greets him with peace sign :) ) She inquires him their vessel

Note : So far this episode is shaping like Star Trek Voyager's "Nemesis" episode. I wonder if it will end like that or it will be Moya crew making one of usual banal episodes of Star Trek/Gate series and saving planet's population from themselves...

Next day...Crichton interrogates female laborer he encountered....The Tannet plant was brought here by others she explains. Others forced them to plant it. They come with spaceships and collect the harvest in every half cycle. Entire population is almost brainwashed and growing this Tannet plant in fields like a good collective community. She and others gave the worm to Crichton to make him immune. They need his and Moya's help to get help from anywhere.

The question of who others are is answered after that. Volmae takes Crichton to show Tannet harvest stocks. Above them "Beat the Whites with Red Wedge" symbol. Peacekeepers. They made this whole planet like this. Crichton finds out that Volmae intends to steal as much Tannet stock as possible and leave the planet with Moya. He needs to develop a counter plan against her with Aeryn and Rygel.

Next time Crichton finds Volmae he takes her outside and demands others back. Peacekeepers need this Tannet plant to refine somekind of oil from them. It is called Chakan oil to power up their pulse weapons. ( So this episode is an allegory to Opium Wars of 19th Century ? ) When he and Aeryn explain that to Volmae and others they do not believe and turn agressive. Enter the Rygel ! He relieves himself from the top of transport pod ! Heee. Explosions everywhere. Dargo comes to himself so does Zhaan when they understand their labor here serves Peacekeepers. Everyone else deserts Volmae and decides to fight against Peacekeepers when they are back. Aeryn agrees to show them how to refine Chakan oil. Happy ending. It was option two then. Moya crew takes moral high ground like a mediocre Star Trek episode and saves everyone ( except themselves ) from enslavement. Please I have watched that before. Nobody asks what will prevent Peacekeepers from blasting the whole planet from orbit once they find out that the population is not cooperative anymore.

On Moya after worm was taken out of Crichton Aeryn confesses somewhat reluctantly "It was nice for once to use my mind" Crichton counters "It does not have to be once" And she thanks him first time. Is it just me who realizes those small and subtle changes in these characters ? But real downer and touching finale scene is between Dargo and Zhaan. Dargo seems disapointed and lost maybe. He wanted a simple life peaceful life since his childhood. Either to be a great warrior or to be a honest folk earning his wages from hard work. Even if it was a lie that dream seems to be taken from him now. Even Zhaan's verbal conciliation does not help his mood. This episode is not so bad after all. All needed is that it should be about main characters and their evolution.

label January 4 2011 12:35 AM

Re: My Farscape reviews (SPOILERS)
I actually liked "Thank God" more than most people I've talked to. Part of it is that I bought into the Volmae character but something about it just kind of worked ok for me.

Professor Zoom January 4 2011 01:38 AM

Re: My Farscape reviews (SPOILERS)
These seem more like synopses than reviews...

Overall, I think the first season is slow, but somewhere along the way, it clicks... at least for me.

Can January 6 2011 11:38 PM

Re: My Farscape reviews (SPOILERS)

1x07 PK Tech Girl : A reflection , on Rygel's eye. A Peacekeeper Command Ship. Derelict , in ruins , floating on the orbit of some planet. Cool shot. Everyone is at on Moya's command deck. Pilot confirms that it is a dead ship. It is not Crais's though. Crichton and Zhaan still intend to get out of this area right now. (with Warp 1000 as Crichton aptly put ) Dargo objects that there might be star charts in that ship to point them right direction for their journey to home. Aeryn also thinks there might be weapons they can use aboard this Peacekeeper wreck. "And I need to know who she is" ex-Peacekeeper adds. Reply is fast and unexpected. "It is the Zelbinion" Rygel says with a haunted voice.

History lesson from Dargo and Aeryn for newcomer human Crichton about the Zelbinion. It used to be most feared ship in Peacekeeper armada , even a legend among Luxans until it was declared missing over 100 cycles ago. There is still breathable air in some sections of wreck. So Dargo , Crichton and Aeryn board it to do some shopping. It is dark , damp and quiet inside this tomb. If silence has its own voice that must be it. While Moya trio is walking in dark deserted and ruined corridors. Next to Aeyrn Crichton comments "I can not believe that you lived on a ship like this in your whole life" Aeryn is swift and matter-of-fact. "When you told me endless tales of your home you spoke of rivers , forests , valleys I was thinking walls not unlike these" Crichton hopelessly tries to lighten her up again. "I am sure it looks better with carpeting..." There are rotten and mummified bodies here and there. Stench must be unbearable.

They reach the command deck. Unfortunetely other scavengers ripped and took everything valuable. Nothing useful remained it seems. Until Crichton sees a working panel. "You guys have the best car batteries of all time ?" Under another body they find...a petite blonde female Sabecean. Dirty , exhausted , scared but alive. She is a Peacekeeper Tech named Gilina. When they corner her Crichton tries to cool the situation with his supposed human diplomacy. Gilina can not hold her tongue though. "Officer Sun" she mumbles "escaped prisoners" How the hell she knows them. Well this petite tech is from Crais ship. Even Crichton backs away from her a bit when he hears that.

Meanwhile on Moya Rygel seems troubled. ( Really it is surprising how much emotion they can load to this animeotric creature , a puppet ) Since he looted three other derelict ships wrecks Moya encountered before it is strange that he is reluctant to board Zelbinion now Zhaan points out. Well Rygel has bad memories about Zelbinion it seems. When he was dethroned over 130 cycles ago Zelbinion was the first vessel he was imprisoned and tortured. It is understandable he is reserved now. Zhaan in her usual motherly pschiatric mood , advises him to confront his demons over there.

Aeryn starts interrogating Gilina in typical Peacekeeper/Wehrmacht style. Stand fast , eyes locked. Crichton tries to calm her and almost punched by Aeryn ( he learned her moves by then maybe ) He proposes to go easy on captured tech. Aeryn is deadly serious though "This is my world John" she growls without blinking. "Don't interfare". Still Crichton learns much more from Gilina with his good cop approch. When Crais ship came across the wreck of Zelbinion Crais did not wish to waste any time so he left a small skeleton crew to take care of Zelbinion and continued his hunt of Moya. Two days later another ship came from nowhere and incinerated crew's Marauder transport she says. Nasty customers whoever they are. "It is the Sheyangs" Dargo explains. "There are signs of their presence in everywhere" But they are opportunistic salvagers adds Dargo. They can not be responsible for destruction of a Peacekeeper Command carrier. Gilina although considers Aeryn a traitor and confesses that knows nothing about who put Zelbinion out of action either. If they can believe her. Crichton begins a loyalty check without realizing himself. He begins to befriend with Gilina the tech. She seems helpless , hot and depends on Crichton's protection after all. And she looks like human , a connection Crichton can associate with. Gilina at the other hand still trying to comprehend the fact that Crichton is NOT a sabecean. For her though acts mean more than race. He saved her from Aeryn though. And Crichton seems like an attractive Sabecean from her POV. That's something Aeryn can not provide for Crichton. (probably yet) She is just a soldier , thinking and acting like one in everywhere. Although it is changing Aeryn still has the same rigid perspective in every situation for now. Meanwhile somekind of human connection , social interaction ( better if there is also sexual attraction ) is what Crichton is seeking. Since he was kicked into Uncharted Territories all he encountered was danger , misunderstanding , alien nature of everything , rude and dismissive behaviour from most of his ship mates. Can anyone blame him ? When they came across a charred corpse of one of the Gilina's team Aeryn recognizes him. He was from her old unit. They were demoted and can only be reinstated upon Aeryn's death Gilina explains. Just from her posture and frozen face we realize Aeryn tries not to react to these news with considerable effort. That reveleation and probably her surroundings put her to her old uncompromising attitute though. When Crichton remarks what Peacekeepers can accomplish this all this technology Aeryn just mocks him "To do what ? To fullfill your vision of who we should be" For her whole life Peacekeepers were good guys. Condemning everything about her old life is tough.

Rygel begins touring his ex prison. He confronts with the image of his torturer. Captain Selko Durka. One-eyed , bald , hoarse voiced and sadistic commander of Zelbinion. A phantom from Dominar Rygel XVIth's past. He finds Durka's body , spits and takes back his possesions...

Pilot informs Zhaan that another ship is aproaching , trying not to attract attention. Sheyangs of course. Then Aeryn is on Gilina's throst , accusing her collaborating with Sheyangs. Gilina returns the charge. Crichton again intervanes. To everyone's surprise he defends Aeryn first. "She is not a traitor. Crais did not give her any chance. Not like the change we gave you" With Crichton Gilina softens up. She overheard before that Sheyangs will return to dismantle Zelbinion's defense shield. It is not working but least damaged part of this wreck. Crichton proposes to repair the shield and protect the Moya with Zelbinion's shield. He and Gilina start working. They should really let Crichton to handle negotiations with aliens species Moya encounters from now on. On that he gets results....If other side is open for negotiation. I think it will not always be like that though.

Sheyangs look like bipedal talking frogs , in WWII bomber crew garments ! Seriously Producer Brian Henson's ability to crank up thrill in these episodes then to make fun of it (even a little bit) is like nothing else. Sheyang leader and his deputy Loomus prepare for a plasma attack. It is impossible to escape when Sheyangs are around Dargo says. They sense weakness they attack. And Moya has no weapons. When Dargo begins to curse in violent Luxan fashion Zhaan pulls a bluff. She transmits Dargo's screaming image to Sheyang ship. Ridicilously this works ! Sheyang captain , thinking he is against an armed Luxan , panicks and cancels the attack.

From now on two seperate storyline goes on. Aboard Zelbinion Crichton and Gilina work together to repair defense shield. While they work they become friends then more. Chrichton as usual Earthling uses everthing in his arsenal from scientific knowledge to his personal life and Hollywood movies to charm her. Gilina responds. Aeryn sees them getting close and gets jealous without realizing. She probably never had jealousy attack before and do not know how to respond. Except picking a heavy barrel with strain and excusing aside when she saw them locking lips. Heh....As Crichton remarks to Aeryn if she never "clicked" with a guy...well ex-peacekeeper confesses she found him interesting...just for a moment. Even getting that confession is a huge success for Crichton.

Meanwhile Dargo continues to bluff to Sheyangs by negotiating on screen with Zhaan's coaching and considerable reluctance. Luxans seems to have a Klingon code of honour. Don't lie to enemy in battle etc. Personally I find that kind of behaviour tedious. IN WAR ALL SIDES COMMIT ANY ACT TO WIN. Why make Luxans more Klingon-like ? Sheyang deputy Loomus has enough after four arns of talking , knocks his captain and orders a plasma attack. Crichton and Gilina repair and activate the defense shield just in time though and deflect the Sheyang attack. Loomus and his men try to board Zelbinion from the gaps on defense screen. Only Loomus succeeds getting inside the wreck. After melting doors with his fiery breath (literally , these frogs actually spit fire ) he finds Crichton and Gilina. But as usual in a stand alone episode Loomus is dispatched this time by Aeryn in a full Ellen Ripley format before he maskes any damage.

Sheyangs withdrew and call Crais' command carrier. Time for Moya to leave. Crichton proposes to take a defensive shield system of Zelbinion and install on Moya. Gilina agrees (for him) and it is done. Farewells. Aeryn matures up a little bit. She advises Gilina to be smarter than herself and not to mention Crais about their presence. Aeryn probably sees herself on Gilina. Gilina can return her old life. She can not. But it is much harder for both Crichton and Gilina. Crichton probably found someone to understand him first time since he is lost in space. Now he has to let her go. He can not take her with them. "This is no life to live" is the best explanation of situation. And "Life Sucks" He can not go back with Gilina either. They acknowledge low odds of seeing each other again. Still they agree on another date....Whatever worth it has. How ironic that at initial sight both Aeryn and Gilina probably change their positions gladly.

What does the diminishing image of Zelbinion represent ? As usual Farscape does the best summaries with its closing shots , a little converstaion between two main characters. Because everything is about them. After a few "heys" and its meaning Crichton asks Aeryn what she feels. Aeryn does not think he can understand. That vanishing wreck also represents Aeryn's old and wrecked life. Now she is cast out , adrift in a large lifeboat like craft with creatures she does not understand or she considers inferior. But Crichton who is much more quick than anyone acknowledges says he understands. Aeryn does not recognize but both human and Peacekeeper are so alike in this situation. Lost , no home to go , trying to survive and struggling to return home , trying to cope with alien nature of their enviroment. Her old life , associates all are dead to her. Just like she is dead for them. Crichton's little speech about "what if everyone I know is dead if I get home one day ?" reflects that understanding and parallel. Aeryn apologizes first time !

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Re: My Farscape reviews (SPOILERS)
^ Cool review. I don't think I have watch PK Tech Girl. So putting the story there helps. Especially since there's something about this episode that gets revisiting in some future episode and I never quite understood/fully "got" it. (Writing in a way to avoid any spoilers for you)

Btw, you should be storing your reviews somewhere else also (as a backup). If you ever get around to re-viewing Farscape, it will be fun for you after watching an ep to read about what you thought about the ep the first-time around.

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Re: My Farscape reviews (SPOILERS)

1x08 That Old Black Magic Moya crew is on some commerce planet. Except Rygel who is sick and remained on Moya. Zhaan is looking for some medication for him ( by the way did I mention before that I just love the look of these commerce planets ? They are like exactly like Star Wars Mos Eisley Space Ports. Bazaar , commotion , trading , all kinds of strange aliens moving around. No other space opera has that kind of enviroment setting just for one episode ! ) Earthling Crichton is fascinated and overwhelmed just like me with all these new experiences , information , activity. With a naive interest he points a two headed bird-like creature. Aeryn explains : “Tolkets. Too few heads. Their brains are tastiest part” Crichton is aback “Like you cook their brains and eat them ?” Aeryn : “Cook ? Never. Raw” Heh.

Zhaan comes to a medicinal herb dealer and she is very charmed with him. Meanwhile Crichton still playing the tourist suddenly comes face to face with a…jester. Speaking with a (probably not sure) cockney accent the jester makes a sales pitch about a holy man called Haloth and his services. “Haloth can fix your crummy life JOHN CRICHTON !” Crichton is dead in the tracks….While initially thinking this is a scam when the jester begins to detail his personal life including his first sexual initiative Crichton agrees to see this Haloth. Our naive trusting human….Crichton is instantly transported a large hall with statues and torches. (inside a compound located in city) A little bit Gothic maybe. Haloth who actually looks like a priest from the era of The Old Testement , greets him. He informs Crichton while he can not send him back Earth or point him to right direction , he can reach Crais , arrange a friendly meeting. Crichton desperate to get rid of his Peacekeeper hunter , to tell him his own part of story that death of his (Crais’) brother was an accident , jumps the offer.

Crais’s Command Carrier on his hunt of Moya. The Peacekeeper Captain is still beyond reason. With a dishaveled look he forces his crew and machines to the limits. Worse he takes new orders from PK High Command to cease his pursuit of escaped Levaithan and fugitives and to return back…probably to his own disgrace in Peacekeeper ranks. Fortunetely for him his executive officer Lt. Teage keeps these orders a secret. After she leaves Crais smashes the data chip containing his new orders. As soon as he does that…he is confronted with Haloth and transported to his compound. After he is calmed down Haloth makes him a proposal he can not refuse…to deliver John Crichton.

Dargo and Aern find Crichton’ body lying unconscious ( Luxans have a powerful smelling talent ) on the ground , bring him back to Zhaan in herb dealer’s shop. The dealer explains Crichton’s coma. He is taken by Maldis , an evil sorcerer who captured and enslaved the whole planet. A malevoent being , Maldis gets feeding by pain and death. The whole planet is beaten. The Moya passengers are fresh meat for him. Running away won’t work. Maldis canb track them in space. The dealer used to be a high priest. He fought back before but also beaten by Maldis. After they carry Crichton to Moya and keep the Rygel to look after him Dargo and Aeryn gear up to visit Maldis’ compound.

Haloth goes back to Crichton and shows his true face. A straight standing arrogant looking evil sorcerer with black gothic clothing. Maldis opens the gladiator game by bringing Crichton and Crais together. Crais with a calm deadly intent attacks. Crichton does the reasonable thing , runs… “My services come with a price. I play for bigger stakes. You can still talk with Crais. But don’t expect him to listen HAHAHA” (In my opinion guest actor Chris Haywood who plays Maldis overacts sometimes but maybe that is his interpretation of character. Crichton even compares him with Laurence Oliver. Then he makes a clear definition of him : “You are a vampire”)

At the shop Zhaan offers the dealer to combine their powers to owerwhelm Maldis. “Can you be guided ?“ asks the dealer. “It is not just a matter of skill. It is intent. You must want to do harm , cause pain even kill” Zhaan is having a hard time to absorb and accept this fact. She was once capable of that. But now she must fight with herself to get there again. With dealer’s coaching she begins to practise about fighting a mystic battle with Maldis. But she is terrified to like what she had to do and enjoy it.

Crichton and Crais fight. All diplomatic reasoning skills of Earthling fails with mad Peacekeeper captain. “I didn’t kill your brother” , “You destroyed his Prowler !” Crichton gets the upper hand in the fight for a moment but can not kill Crais. On a ledge between him and Crais he tries to reason with him again pointing that his module was primitive had no weapons , it was an accident. It all looks going good until Maldis shows up and shows the real motivations of Crais’ hunt of Crichton. Crais and his brother Tavlo’s childhood. They have been seperated from their family , a farming comunity by Peacekeeper recruiters. Their father left Tavlo to his big brother Crais for protecting him. And Crais failed both of them. He invested so much to this memory , his own self image and his brother’ now all gone. All in all that is understandable for his mad quest. It is personal. When we see details of Crais life it gets personal for us too.

“Of course his own brother now looks like this !” Maldis shows Tavlo’s charred corpse. Crais crazed enraged continues his hunt. Crichton tries again but no use. Crais answer is final “It does not matter. Tavlo is dead , struck by a weak pathetic being. You will die at my hands Crichton.” Later Crichton offers to fight against Maldis together. “Who is bigger enemy ? Me or Maldis ?” Crais feigns like accepting his offer then ambushes Crichton. You can actually feel Crichton’s fear and pain as Crais pulls him with a chain. Only one of you has to die. Other gets back to his ship declares Maldis. Human has enough. He enters into savage mode. Kill or be killed.

Dargo and Aeryn try to breach Maldis’ compound. They fail. All rests on Zhaan now.”Then there is no reason to delay is there ?” She first practises pain inflicting lessons on Rygel. Meanwhile on Moya Rygel start practising Hynerian death rituals on comatose Crichton. That means claiming all of human’s stuff “John Crichton , valued friend. Now wait a minute that is a little bit stretch. John Crichton unwelcome shipmate. May you have safe transport to Hallowed Realm. Actually not our Hallowed Ralm. It is for Hynerians. Go and find your own Hallowed Realm. With that ceremony of passage is complate and I declare you dead and claim all your possesions for myself” :lol: If anyone can have most flexible morals on Moya it is Rygel.

Final match between Crais and Crichton. Crichton gets the upper hand again. Buıt before he finishes him Maldis intervanes and sends Crais back to his ship. “Bigger stakes remember ?” says the sorcorer. He was after Crais’ Command Carrier in this whole time. “Just think what I can do with a PK command carrier” This whole fight he organized was just to pull Crais and his ship more and more into Uncharted Territories. Just as Maldis is about to dispatch Crichton Zhaan comes to rescue , makes Maldis tangible. Even terms. Crichton dissipates him with one swift punch and wakes up on Moya , Rygel is struggling to untie his boots.

Zhaan , Crais and Crichton really carried out this episode because it was central character twists for them. Maldis is not dead. He is just dispersed but exists. The dealer is dead when Zhaan comes back. She will never be same again probably. She enjoyed inflicting pain and harm. When Crichton tries to reach her for consolation she hurts him. Crichton’s face is like “WTF ?” He learned some essantial lessons about realities of Uncharted Territories. Not all maybe but learning. Harshly. While teaching something himself to others. Zhaan is almost at loss of herself , trying to find out what she became. And Crais. As soon as he returns back to his ship he kills one person who knows their new orders and also can replace him in the command. His loyal XO Lt . Teage. His hunt is more intense than ever.

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Re: My Farscape reviews (SPOILERS)

coolghoul wrote: (Post 4643680)
^ Cool review. I don't think I have watch PK Tech Girl. So putting the story there helps. Especially since there's something about this episode that gets revisiting in some future episode and I never quite understood/fully "got" it. (Writing in a way to avoid any spoilers for you)

Btw, you should be storing your reviews somewhere else also (as a backup). If you ever get around to re-viewing Farscape, it will be fun for you after watching an ep to read about what you thought about the ep the first-time around.

Thank you. I will keep that in mind.

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Re: My Farscape reviews (SPOILERS)

Professor Zoom wrote: (Post 4634096)
These seem more like synopses than reviews...

That's what they are, so far - extended synopses, in detail, with one or two lines of opinion thrown in. Hardly reviews.

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