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starsuperion December 22 2010 04:02 PM

Tardis Blue Prints (All Types)
Okay, so I haven't been on here in awhile.. been sick.. I have pneumonia, and haven't been feeling up to getting out of bed lately.. needless to say, I had many dreams and thoughts.. trying to determine what the Tardis is, can drive one mad.. however..

I think I finally achieved the design I was looking for..I got a top side view, and bottom view, as well as a break down of each part so you guys can build your own Tardis.. I also have the type 91 in the works with each room deck/sections sporting Temporal missiles, and mega Time lord weaponry, not to mention new engines and such..Each Tardis will be represented as time goes by (also I will upload a positive black and white version later as well)..If I feel better I will upload them tomorrow.. at this point I am not sure how I will feel.. :confused: back to bed now....

anyhow, here is the Blue Print 1st page:

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Saul December 23 2010 07:18 AM

Re: Tardis Blue Prints (All Types)
This is Christmas.

Thanks a lot!

Admiral_Young December 23 2010 07:20 AM

Re: Tardis Blue Prints (All Types)
Wow...welcome back first of all, sorry to hear you're sick...and just wow.

Timofnine December 23 2010 01:37 PM

Re: Tardis Blue Prints (All Types)
fantastic work!

starsuperion December 23 2010 02:54 PM

Re: Tardis Blue Prints (All Types)

Saul Saulmas wrote: (Post 4612299)
This is Christmas.

Thanks a lot!

Thanks man! Merry Christmas! I will upload more today..


Admiral_Young wrote: (Post 4612303)
Wow...welcome back first of all, sorry to hear you're sick...and just wow.

thanks admiral..yeah since my company FCT (First Capital Title, LLC) shut down I have no insurance, so it sucks but I think I will live.. eventually..:) glad you like the final work.. more to come my friend..


Timofnine wrote: (Post 4612574)
fantastic work!

thanks T! I have more coming and this stuff is way more accurate to the idea and research done by me is more extensive..I will upload more today..

ParticleMan December 23 2010 03:07 PM

Re: Tardis Blue Prints (All Types)
That is so cool. :)

And I completely empathize with your job wife lost her job in's been rough...hope things work out for you.

starsuperion December 23 2010 04:15 PM

Re: Tardis Blue Prints (All Types)

ParticleMan wrote: (Post 4612642)
That is so cool. :)

And I completely empathize with your job wife lost her job in's been rough...hope things work out for you.

thanks man.. I empathize with you and I hope your wife finds a new career or job she likes..I myself, am training for a new career at present.. which should be fun.. but only catch is I have to pay all the fees and school with no it's frustrating..but I am on unemployment for the first time in my life, and I am using it to make my situation better, and not sitting on my arse like some.. so I feel good about it..though I am sick.. which sucks..

but no matter.. I can tough it out.. I am against that free healthcare.. even if I was sick and dying.. this nation is more important then one person, no nanny state please.. politics aside..

here is the first of many updates I promised to do today, even if my head is pounding and my chest is on fire.. it's all good bro I will live! :techman:

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Here I corrected the lines on the Blue Print image at the top and reloaded it.. so if you guys want this minor fix you can download it here:

Uploaded with

Also, I have done some research on art work from Andrew Skilleter, he did some pretty cool designs and art for the 1991 book The Gallifreyan Chronicles..of which I am interested in looking at, however, his ideas and designs for the Bowships is not what I would have done.. still I may be able to work that into my compendium of Time Lord Technology...either way, it should be soon..If anyone has links or images they can send me for the art by Andrew Skilleter please let me know.. it would help as I do not have the Gallifreyan Chronicles could email them to me..

thanks! :)

one thing to note about the Tardis design is repetition.. it seems to me that repetition is a vital element of the Tardis, and symmetry.. also the Tardis should have a very basic look to the exterior, which denotes that it is pretty standard in scale, and reminds one of how the basic Classic Tardis felt on the inside..

I choose to think that the interior can be changed via the architectural design program (like new apps for the iphone) the doctor can choose which he wants..or lets the Tardis do one at random.. the default is probably the design we saw in the first series and classic series with the white walls and massive roundels..

anyhow, I have done tons of research to get this design right..

oh and one more thing.. there are observation towers at the tops of some of the room sections.. all room sections are linked to each other via an internal dimensional no matter what section you are in, you can cross over to another with ease..the massive round sections are comprised of thousands of rooms and structures, some habitats and some just storage.. it's pretty huge..

the idea that the tardis has tons of little rooms seems inefficient to me, I mean come on.. and the engines of the machine should be on the inside of the ship per Matt Jeffries brilliant deduction that why would anyone want to have to go outside to fix them??? so that is also a design element of the Tardis..

I mean lets face it the time lords probably felt the same way.. if you need to fix the ship, why go outside where the dimensional forces could rip you apart??

To me the Tardis creates these massive Sections and inside there are thousands of rooms and places set up, when the ship jettisons it, the hallway and room fade off the central structure and are teleported into the vortex drive, where they turn to a burst of energy and are used to move the ship out of gravitational dangers, such as the big bang..(as seen in castrovalva). the interior of these sections are constructed using a similar energy to matter technology as in the Star Trek replicators.. only done on a massive scale.. most of the ship was constructed this way.. from the central column console..

hence the "block math" description.. which is basically just a fancy word for saying "exact copy or duplicate"..

up next, the Tardis tool sheet, so you guys can build your own..

Also you can get these downloaded from my deviant art page:

Davros December 23 2010 11:49 PM

Re: Tardis Blue Prints (All Types)
Awesome work there. Keep up the good work and many thanks for sharing.

starsuperion December 24 2010 02:56 PM

Re: Tardis Blue Prints (All Types)

Davros wrote: (Post 4613557)
Awesome work there. Keep up the good work and many thanks for sharing.

anytime I am glad to share.. I will have a few more cool designs and blueprints coming so if one wants they can create their own file or print them and frame em'.. I am going to do the latter once they are all finished.. maybe even a single massive schematic or blueprint with all sides and images represented.. I am not sure..

what I would like to do is an entire blue print book, which has the entire tardis mapped out, from the engines to consoles and a mr. scott's guide to the enterprise or something..

either way, expect more images to come to this very soon..:techman:

starsuperion December 26 2010 03:03 AM

Re: Tardis Blue Prints (All Types)
just got the Tardis hanedbook for christmas....

couple of things..

1st it says the 3rd doctor collapses the interior dimension and removes the control console, effectively turning the interior into a real police box..

----what bothers me about this is that the interior of the dimension houses the copy of the eye of harmony, charged by the actual eye of harmony and so what?? it just ceases to exist?? the engines cease to exist?? the entire rooms and structure of the Tardis just cease to exist anymore???

then on top of that, when the 3rd doctor decides to, he can recreate the interior once the column is placed back inside the box??

Rubbish! so what, is the Tardis nothing more then a control console?? the interior just some imagination of the computer complete with an imaginary copy of a nuclei of a black hole??

I may be reading the book wrong..

maybe what that statement means is that when the doctor removes the central column, his access to the dimension in which the ship rests is collapsed and unreachable unless he uses the console..that is to say his ship is still in the dimension, and the console is what was keeping the doorway open to it, once the console was rebuilt outside the Tardis, it collapsed the access to the dimension..

another connundrum.. if the Tardis can create matter itself by simple energy to matter manipulation or replication like the replicators in Star Trek TNG...then why would the doctor need a part from somewhere outside of his ship??

another thing, is the weight they site equal to five red double decker buses the entire space ship in the dimension, or the weight of the dimesnion and police box as measured outside.. and if so, then how can the ship be so readily moved in some episodes??

anyone care to comment? please..please?? I welcome the sanity.. please..:techman:

okay so Tardis is Time and realtive dimension in space?? when did we drop the (s) from Dimensions to Dimension.. don't get me wrong, I was always for the Tardis only having been created in 1 dimension.. so is the multiple now not the accepted norm?? any help would be appreciated.. or just some insightful conversation about these issues..

starsuperion December 27 2010 09:56 PM

Re: Tardis Blue Prints (All Types)

Here is the Tool Kit I promised for the Type 40 to Type 49 Tardis..

basically it is up to you to make your own ship.. have fun with it..the Receptor antenna and Observation towers have been expanded on to allow a wider array of customization.. From my understanding of how the Time Lords built their machines, a Tardis didn't change too much engine wise until the next 10th of each model.. which denotes a 1,000 year mark.. seeing as how there are almost 100 tardis classes or Types and 1 billion years of Time lord supremacy it seems logical a new type would be every 1,000 years or so..

so here I have added progressively more advanced parts to make your tardis a type 40, or 45 like the masters, or a Type 49th..just before the 50th took on a new look..

the reason this is labeled tool kit "A" is because "B" will be a top view and "C" will be a bottom view..both fully customizable.

Merry Christmas and enjoy! this is my gift to you guys!! happy Holidays! :D

Uploaded with

you can also download it here on my deviant art page:

Upload your design here and show off!! I would love to see them!!!

starsuperion December 28 2010 05:37 AM

Re: Tardis Blue Prints (All Types)
I am completely humbled!! My Tardis Blue print has showed up on a website.. it's not the biggest website, in fact I have never heard of it.. Polkarobot???

but still... I feel very honored..:techman:

thanks for the plug...

and to those who want to, please design your own tardis and post it here.. I would love to see what you guys do with the tool kit provided above..

and next up is the top view blueprint and schematic.. as well as side view..

then on to the war tardis.. and then I will go in between, and do the Rani's ship and thinking is you guys want the War Tardis next..I know.. I know..;)

starsuperion December 28 2010 08:59 PM

Re: Tardis Blue Prints (All Types)
here is what I think the Doctor's Tardis probably looks like today.. Matt Smith's era..

new growth.. some upgrades he may have downloaded and added to the ship's systems while on Gallifrey during the Time war..

hence the New "Desk top theme".. maybe on Gallifrey they had what would amount to Iphone apps.. you could download to your ship and change or upgrade your Tardis in that manner.. anyhow, I figure the Doctor's Tardis at some point got a bit of an upgrade, but still never got fully repaired.. so it's Architectural configuration program kinda went wild at some point and became eccentric.. which I am sure the Doctor preferred.. even with the upgrades, it probably still wasn't working properly.. hence the bicycle pump and type writer at it's consoles..

anyhow, I also figure that it has had time to regrow (through energy matter replication-star trek replicators-or Block Math reproduction) rooms and Sections of the ship..

so in this image we see a large white section in the main core of the Tardis ship where it has repaired itself.. and the older rooms which are red and gold in colour are the older versions.. the newer white rooms are recent additions.. reflecting their newness and creation..bright and shinny all white and grays... like the classic interior..

the Tardis has a hodge-podge of old pieces and new growth.. with ancient observation towers, and newer more study observation towers.. with additional scientific equipment.. since the Doctor's Tardis is a science vessel, it made sense to show it overly imbued with external extra dimensional scanning equipment...

anyhow, here is how I envision the Doctor's Tardis may look today.. filled out and mixed up.. old tech and new tech all in one..

something old, and something new, something borrowed and blue. :)

Uploaded with

Go on, Download the Tool kit a couple of posts passed above, give it s a shot download and make your own Type 40 Tardis..

Top views, bottom views and blueprints are on the way followed by tool kits as well..

then, as promised I shall do the side view first of the War Tardis type 91, and after that the living versions.. like Compassion..

hope you guys like this.. thanks for viewing..

Admiral_Young December 29 2010 01:36 AM

Re: Tardis Blue Prints (All Types)
Oh I really like that, a lot.

starsuperion December 29 2010 05:16 PM

Re: Tardis Blue Prints (All Types)
Edit: I decided to redo that design and give you guys a proper 11TH doctor's Tardis.. I was hasty in my first design.. this one has some additional perks, which I will add to another supplemental Tardis Tool Kit later..

Thanks Admiral.. though you know what.. I think this version is much better..

you can download the full size version here.. it is much better then this scaled down version for the forums..

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