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Gorgon November 28 2010 08:32 AM

Star Trek Writers Wanted for Pbem!
I hope no one minds that I'm blatantly shopping this board for people who are interested in writing stories in the Star Trek Universe.

Star Trek: Borderlands, a Pbem style RPG is seeking fresh blood to continue a grand tradition of 17yrs of continued service to our members.

We have 7 separate RPG games that operate under the one main banner of Borderlands. Each unit has several committed players who take the depiction of Trek characters very seriously.

I myself have been writing for 3 years, and I know that i"m no where near a veteran with the group.

Star Trek: Borderlands games take place in the early 2400's at the furthest edge of the Delta Quadrant. We're going where only Voyager has gone before!

Here's the website:
and here's the tease.

Kaziarl November 28 2010 12:39 PM

Re: Star Trek Writers Wanted for Pbem!
We actually have, I think, a section for simm recruiting. I believe it's in the star trek gaming section, although a Mod can come and tell you for sure.

The site itself isn't exactly catchy, at least not to my eye. Although if I wasn't already involved in a simm group I might have taken a closer look.

Anyway, hope you find some good participants, as all of these groups need.

Gorgon November 28 2010 02:36 PM

Re: Star Trek Writers Wanted for Pbem!
I thank you for the information and your good wishes. I understand that there are many great Star Trek simm organizations, and I hope yours is going fabulously.

Have a great day!

Kaziarl November 28 2010 02:38 PM

Re: Star Trek Writers Wanted for Pbem!
It is actually, thank you for asking. And you're right, there are a LOT of them out there. And many of the people I know in band of brothers are part of other organizations too. I just don't have the time myself for more then one.

Gorgon November 28 2010 03:17 PM

Re: Star Trek Writers Wanted for Pbem!
Ahh. Managing the time for more than one pbem sim is nearly insane. (as am I)

I've been playing the Captain of the S.S. Seiklon Axel (a freighter) for 3 years. Lately, I've expanded to another game, Starbase Phoenix. I find it very difficult to watch the boards for both, and I probably do a disservice to the second one...skimming.

Kaziarl November 28 2010 03:28 PM

Re: Star Trek Writers Wanted for Pbem!
Well, I write short stories here from time to time, and am writing a book that I hope to publish one day. And also write for two characters for the sim, polar opposites of each other in some ways. So it does get hectic, and I sometimes find myself just skimming.

It's a lot of fun though, and a good way to keep in the practice of writing.

Gorgon November 28 2010 03:42 PM

Re: Star Trek Writers Wanted for Pbem!
You can say that again.

Horribly, I've given up other reading altogether though, as I only have time enough for the one past time. I've taken a leadership position in the rpg, so I find that I'm always thinking about how to promote the group to the world. We recently suffered the loss of our hosting at Pbem-portal, so had to design the website myself (with help from Terry Lemaire and others).

So you see, I have my reasons for showing up here, and only hope to not get my a** kicked off the BBS.

Thanks for telling me about the recruiting section. I've now posted one of our "official" recruitment ads there.

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