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TerokNor May 5 2010 03:47 PM

Dukat awaits tribunal, Continue.
Hello :)

No idea, if people are interessted, but as I have nothing to loose, and only to win, I thought I´d give it a try. Of course it might be that no one is playing along, well than...I will just sit over there in the corner and pout. ;)

I have seen you have here a fun- silliness „story“ kind of thing going on, this here is not supposed to get silly, but just to explore something, that I´d like to explore since reading the „Who should have killed Dukat“ post.
So its sort of an Round Robin... you continue the story, than you, than you, than you....
You can jump in an continue as often as you want, your part can be as short (though it should be more than just a word) or as long as you want. If you wanna write a long bit, put a place holder in place, saying something like „Next bit is mine. Posting within a day or two“ or something, so that people know, not to write after the last bit, but that they wait for yours to come first and that you do not work on your bit for finding out, that someone else has continued already.
Everyone is willcome!

(I normally require a good beta, who is able to entangle German/English mixtures when trying to write a story in English. My beginning bit is not betaread obviously. If people are interessted in continuing this and find that too annoying, I´ll send it to a beta.)

Background: Dukat survived, got rid of the Wraiths and got captured by Sisko. He got transported to Earth, where he awaits tribunal, being at the moment in a closed institution for the mentally ill.
Damar survived the war as well, the shoots he got injured him severvly, but he is on the mend.
He and others who had connections to Dukat got invited to the court as wittnesses. Damar expressed the wish to see his old mentor, before the court hearings begins and is allowed to do so.

Part 1
Damar nervously wiped his clammy hands on his trousers, while walking through a wide green park, oblivious to the beauty around him and the people staring at him. Deep in thoughts he had his eyes cast to the ground, debating with himself, if he was doing the right thing or not. He had asked to see Dukat, before the court hearings would beginn. He wasn´t sure why, but somehow he still felt bondet to his old mentor in a way and he could not deney his part in all of what happend to him.
After all the death of Ziyal had been a big part of what had pushed Dukat over the edge and he, Damar, was Ziyals murderer.
„I should be awaiting tribunal myself“, Damar thought bitterly, guilt rising to the surface.
In the retrospektive he still knew his reasons for shooting Ziyal, but he knew now too, how wrong he had been. What should he say to Dukat, when standing in front of him again?
Would Dukat still blamed Sisko for his daughters death? Or would he now see the truth and blame him? Had he heard off how things went with Cardassia? Did he aprove of the decisions Damar had made for Cardassia? He didn´t know what to expect, what man he would find inside that cell and he had to admitt, that he felt somewhat scared.
Garak had expressed earlier the day, that he did not think it a good idea for Damar to go and see Dukat. But Garak couldn´t understand, could he? For him Dukat always had been the enemy. For Damar, however Dukat had been his superior, his mentor and his friend. He could see now, that the picture he once had from Dukat had been an idealized one, but still... not everything had been bad. Dukat had been an ecouraging and kind mentor to him and had always been generous with his praise. He had helped him realize, that he was capable of much more, than only piloting an old freighter and had given him confidence and for a time also hope.
Damar stopped and looked up at the big building in front of him. Somewhere inside there Dukat was, closed away from the world, awaiting justice. He hesitated in front of the gate for a moment, but than took a deep breath and stepped through it.


Thor Damar May 5 2010 04:01 PM

Re: Dukat awaits tribunal, Continue.
His trepidation only increased as he saw the two Starfleet security officers waiting to escort him to the prisoner. He knew that only a short time ago these two would have shot him on slight.

Now he was a trusted ally of the federation and a hero to the entire alpha quadrant, the man whom almost single handily defeated the Dominion and saved his people from genocide.
And yet I'm still the man who murdered a young woman, someone who was once my friend. I belong in here too, I led the war against the rest of the known galaxy caused the deaths of millions and betrayed my people.

what's even worst is that I trusted and admired the man that I shall help to judge, the man who started all of this.

and I still cannot find it in my heart to hate him for it.

His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the voice of another veteran of the war, once he had never thought he would see again.

"Legate Damar, I see that you are also here to see the petaQ . I would be honoured to join you in this, after all he has cost us both dearly and vengeance needs to be paid!"

Corat Damar felt the pain and hatred in the Klingon's voice but all he could see was Ziyal. He knew that one day there would be a reckoning for his actions but unfortunately today would not be it.

Instead he would sit in judgment over his old mentor and friend.

(I know it is a very brief segment but hopefully it can be a springboard to carry the story forward.)

TerokNor May 5 2010 06:47 PM

Re: Dukat awaits tribunal, Continue.
Damar gave the Klingon a polite smile. „Commander Worf “ he said in greeting, but than fell silent. How should he tell the Klingon, that he did not want to go and see Dukat with him? That he wanted to go alone? That he still felt some sort of loyalty for Dukat, no matter how missplaced that might be. He did not come here for vengeance, but for... for what?
Garak and Kira both had asked him that question and he hadn´t been able to answer it.
The Klingon had the right to hate Dukat. After all Dukat had taken away his wifes life in cold blooded murder. Just as the Dominion had taken away the lifes of his wife and son. The Dominion, that Dukat had brought upon Cardassia.
He felt the Klingons expactant eyes on him as the silence streched. His mind raced, he had never been so good with words and the fact, that he was the leader of Cardassia had not changed that weakness.
He cleared his throat ….


TerokNor May 9 2010 05:02 PM

Re: Dukat awaits tribunal, Continue.
I am not one to give up easily. :P So I guess I just write the next bit as well and wait again paitently.

„Commander Worf, he begann, I don´t want to seem rude, its just that....“
The Klingon nodded, suprizing the Cardassian with his perceptioness. „I understand, Legate.“
Damar gave Worf a grateful smile and glanced at the waiting Starfleet Officers, indicating that he was ready.
One Officer stepped up, an apoligetic expression on his face. „We need to search you for weapons first Sir. It´s protocoll.“
„Of course“ Damar said.
The Officer scanned him with his Tricorder and finally, nodding his approval, stepped up to the door panel, typing in a security code. „You may enter, Sir.“
For a brief moment Damar thought about turning around and not entering, but just than the door slid open and he had no other choice left, than to step through it.

In the room behind he saw two other Security Officers and three holding cells. The left and middle ones were dark, but the right one was alight and secured with a force field. And there he stood, straight and proud, looking at him.
Damar felt relieved. He had feared of finding a broken man, crouched on the floor, but the Dukat he saw now seemed just like Dukat and he also looked like Dukat again. Cardassian, not Bajoran.
Damar stepped up to him.
„Sir.“ he said softly and cursed himself for suddenly feeling like a new made Glinn again, standing in front of his superior officer for the first time. „I am a Legate“, he reminded himself silently.
„Hello Damar“, Dukat spoke up, his voice hard and arrogant, his eyes piercing and cold.
„So you´ve decidet to visit me in this... place. Why?“ …..


Nerys Ghemor May 10 2010 02:31 AM

Re: Dukat awaits tribunal, Continue.
TerokNor--you might do better if you PM PKTrekGirl and have this moved to the Fanfic forum.

Bones May 10 2010 02:56 AM

Re: Dukat awaits tribunal, Continue.
Dukat's a legend. Why does everyone here talk about him like he's some kind of war criminal?

Nerys Ghemor May 10 2010 05:24 AM

Re: Dukat awaits tribunal, Continue.
That act is getting really old. And it's because he IS a war criminal.

Bones May 10 2010 05:54 AM

Re: Dukat awaits tribunal, Continue.
Anyone with a view different than yours is putting on an act? Oh dear.

Nerys Ghemor May 10 2010 06:19 PM

Re: Dukat awaits tribunal, Continue.
Normally I wouldn't suspect it. But when it comes to excusing a war criminal--either it's an act or someone REALLY drank the Kool-Aid. All evidence on the show is completely contrary to Dukat's verbal claims as to his conduct.

It's one thing to see the potential Dukat had, who he could've been. We definitely got flashes of that, and it makes his choices all the more disappointing because of how great he could have been. It's another to actually buy his propaganda.

EDIT: Sorry I had nowhere else to put this, but I thought I'd do it since you're in this thread. Thor Damar, your PM box is full.

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