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SWHouston April 3 2010 07:42 PM

Chiron Intergalaxy Corp.
Chiron Intergalaxy Corporation

Chiron Intergalaxy Corporation, is a Privately Owned Corporation, which designs, manufactures and repairs Space Vehicles and Retrofits Systems for Military, Industry, Fleet and Private use.

We are proud to have connections in all the Quadrants with many Species, affording our New and Rebuilt Ships, Offensive and Defensive Security product lines to be the most Technologically Advanced in the Galaxy.

Our staff of Engineers are constantly designing and applying various unique applications, and those will be available for your consideration and application, in this Thread, as time permits. Numerous personnel employed by The Chiron Corporation, have graduated from Starfleet Technical Services Academy, before moving into the Private sector with us.

Our Main Corporate Offices are located in the Utopia Planitia Office Complex, adjacent to the Shipyards, and we have Branch Offices and available Repair Facilities on all of the Major Space Stations for your convenience.

In addition to our Production and Repair Facilities, we have Mobile Units which have a very high Warp capability, and can reach any Vessel which is in distress with record speed. Replenishment Intercepts and Towing Services are also available. Contact our Emergency Dispatch number below.

Our Mobile Repair Modular Ships, have sufficient resources to supply your Vessel with replenishments of Deuterium, Food Supplies, Power Generating Equipment and various other elective and necessary supplies.

New Warp Cores come with Limited Warranty, available only via Special Order.
Rebuilt Cores are nonreturnable after 30 days of service.
We also provide Extended Warranties, and Maintenance Contracts on selected Vessels.
(100,000 Light Years Maximum on any Vessel)

We encourage you to visit our Passenger and Crew Support Area, should your Vessel need repairs in Space.
We have Hollodecks, Quarters and various services which you may enjoy while repairs are being made. Special accommodations can be made for Species specific nutritional and gravity needs.

Compensation for any of our services, can be made with any United Federation of Planets approved currency, most Credit Cards are accepted, and Financing is available to most Species.
Romulan Express Credit Cards will not be honored.
Confidential inquires respected.

Thank you for choosing Chiron, and we look forward to your business.

S. W. Houston, CEO.
2010 Utopia Planitia, Chiron Office Complex, Suite 9400.
Utopia Planitia, Orbital Sol IV, Sector 001.
Telephone: BR-549 (Requires a Rotary Dial Phone)

Our Emergency Dispatch:
Subspace: 001-04-HELPMENOW (001-04-435763669)

PS: Please check back here in this Thread, for Posts showing new Vessels and or Products as they are developed.

SWHouston April 6 2010 07:05 PM

Re: Chiron - Personnel Ė Corporate Officers
Chiron Intergalaxy – Personnel – Corporate Officers

CEO: Chief Executive Officer
Oversees all Departments.
Name: S. W. Houston
Species: Human - Male
Birth Place: Earth – United States of America – New Mexico
Age: 61 Years

COO: Chief Operations Officer
Assumes duty of CEO when CEO is absent.
(Directly oversees Procurement, Satellite, Protection and Resources Divisions)
Name: Kuvak
Species: Vulcan - Male
Birth Place: Vulcan
Age: 133 Years

CFO: Chief Financial Officer
Responsible for all Corporate Business Financial matters.
(and some of her own as time permits)
Name: Ishka
Species: Ferengi - Female
Birth Place: Ferenginar
Age: Undisclosed

CPO: Chief Procurement Officer
Coordinates and acquires all New/Used Parts and Systems.
(Communications Specialist – speaks 22 Languages)
Name: Burax
Species: Telaxian - Male
Birth Place: Telaxia - Rinax
Age: 88 Years

CRD: Chief of Research and Design
Heads Teams of Scientist and Design Engineers.
(Develops, improves and applies new Technology)
Name: Leyor
Species: Caldonian - Male
Birth Place: Caldonia
Age: 106 Years

CSS: Chief of Satellite Services
Coordinates all Orbital Sensory Detection and Communications Equipment.
(Sensors Specialist)
Name: Phloux
Species: Hierarchy – Male Clone
Birth Place: Hierarchy
Age: 66 Years

CPS: Chief of Protection Systems
Implementation and Maintenance of Protection, Sensory and Shielding Systems.
(Tactical Specialist, creates and logs scenarios for Protection of Vessels)
Name: K’mlhet son of K’rol
Species: Klingon - Male
Birth Place: Qo’noS
Age: 144 Years

CRS: Coordinator of Repair Services
Coordinates Dispatch, Cargo and Repair Services.
(Warp Field Specialist)
Name: Day Kannu
Species: Bajoran - Male
Birth Place: Bajor - Dema
Age: 45 Years

MDL: Military Interests Advisor – Diplomatic Liaison
A Star Fleet employee, stationed at Chiron Corporate Facilities
(Oversees Contractual and Hi-Security interests for Federation Projects)
Name: Richard Bennett, Federation, Starfleet Consultant (Admiral)
Species: Human - Male
Birth Place: Earth – Africa - Kenya
Age: 48 Years

DHS: Director of Hospitality Services
Oversees all areas of Hospitality within Modular Vehicle Services
(Includes Medical, Diplomatic, Pleasure and Colony Transport)
Name: Joval Delhius
Species: Risan - Female
Birth Place: Risa
Age: Undisclosed

DSR: Director of Species Resources
Seeks and develops Personnel Resources for Corporation and Auxiliary Departments.
(Telepathic ability used in selecting Personnel for Critical Assignments)
Name: Daggin Olem
Species: Ocampan - Male
Birth Place: Ocampa
Age: Undisclosed


Chiron Intergalaxy Corporation is an equal opportunity Employer.
Employment opportunities available for qualified personnel.
Multilingual applicants preferred.
Resume and References may be sent to:
Chiron Intergalaxy Corporation
2010 Utopia Planitia, Chiron Office Complex, Suite 9410.
Utopia Planitia, Orbital Sol IV, Sector 001.
Attn: Daggin Olem, DSR

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All images used are copyrighted, but used here under the Fair Use guidelines.

kes7 April 6 2010 07:33 PM

Re: Chiron Intergalaxy Corp.
This is clever and cool, but I think it belongs in Fan Art, doesn't it?

SWHouston April 6 2010 07:41 PM

Re: Chiron Intergalaxy Corp.

I am humbled by your kind words, Thank You ! :techman:
But, I'm SO lost on this Board, I don't know where to put anything ! :eek:

Beyond my two rather ambiguous post, my plan is to establish a plot and some script related to the Corp.

It is fiction, so.... I thought to put it here.
You think not ?

In any case, I would be amenable to a Adm/Mod moving this to the appropriate area.

Have a good Day ! :)

Mistral April 6 2010 08:43 PM

Re: Chiron Intergalaxy Corp.

kes7 wrote: (Post 3976496)
This is clever and cool, but I think it belongs in Fan Art, doesn't it?

If this is the basis for a fanfic then I think it belongs here. Several people have used background materials to introduce their story/series.

kes7 April 6 2010 09:41 PM

Re: Chiron Intergalaxy Corp.

Mistral wrote: (Post 3976670)

kes7 wrote: (Post 3976496)
This is clever and cool, but I think it belongs in Fan Art, doesn't it?

If this is the basis for a fanfic then I think it belongs here. Several people have used background materials to introduce their story/series.

Yes, if this is leading up to a story, you're in the right place. I thought this was more of a clever way to show off starship renders or something, with a "company" to make it seem more realistic. But it's not that, so you're good! :techman: I look forward to seeing what you've got planned.

SWHouston April 7 2010 11:06 AM

Re: Chiron Intergalaxy Corp.
Chiron Intergalaxy Corporation


Hereís a little history, succinctly...

Corporation is almost 20 years old.
Started out as basically a Space Garage, if someone needed help, a ship was sent to repair or tow them back, and it caught on. Federation Ships would help someone out, but, thatís not what they do, took a lot of time and personnel to do that, plus it was risky, and it interrupted their missions. It got to where they would make sure that someoneís life support was ok, they had food, and told them to give Chiron a call to do proper repairs.

Chiron started with just one Ship.
Then another, then another and then placed at another Space station. It just kept on growing. Thatís when the Modular Carrier concept was thought of, and Chiron bought a Constellation Class Ship from the Federation, which was in Moth Balls, just sitting there. It was split in half, a Cargo/Repair Module built and slipped between the upper and lower components. Room for Parts galore, was able to hold other necessary supplies for Ships which passed through, and could respond to a need very quickly. Though this class Ship can separate, Multi-Vector is not the intent, but, both the upper and lower halves do have weapons and shields.

Chiron became known and expands.
If your private ship needed something, Chiron could help you. As time passed, Chiron had to reach out to other Quadrants, to get parts and supplies for ships from that sector, and contacts were made. Then a big step. Chiron set up Fabrication Facilities adjoining Utopia Planitia, started doing Re-Builds on older ships and those purchased from the Federation, and even made a couple one of a kind, new models. Since Chiron did good work, and was basically right next door to the Federation Docks, the Federation passed a couple of projects over to Chiron to get them to help out with, which speeded up the construction of their newer classes. (canít say which or what was done, classified stuff, sorry) Now, hereís where it gets a bit more interesting !

Contact with the Federation was a regular thing.
And over a few Beers, it was established that there may be a need for certain information to be gathered out in some Quadrant somewhere, and passed back to the Federation. Lots of bad guys out there, looking to increase their territories, and donít have any problem with attacking Federation resources. So, at first it was just ďkeep an eye open and let us know if you hear anything. Itís a lot easier for Civilians to fit in with a strange aggressive races, than it is Military.

At one point.
The Federation requested that Chiron perform a Covert Mission under the guise of stationing a Repair Depot at a certain location. No problem with that, just another Depot for Chiron, and if the Species checked on Chiron, it was normal stuff, profitable for Chiron, and informative for the Federation. Chiron added Satellite Services to their inventory. And the next step was adding Surveillance Sensors to the equipment, under the guise of Weather or Orbital Flight Control Information, and strategically placing them in places where that information would be helpful to the Federation. This affiliation remains classified, to ALL save for the Administration of Chiron, the Federation and certain members of this Forum.

Your Security Credentials will be checked to see if you are authorized to access certain information in this Thread.

Chiron adds various Modules to itís inventory.
The Cargo-Repair Module was a well proven option, and Chiron made a set design, appearing just like another, and made a Troop and Flight Modules, where they could be delivered to a Planet, set down on the surface, and an instant Military HQ could be established. The Flight Module was not intended to replace the Akira Class ship, but just to put quick strong defensive presence in a given area, which included Moons or other Planets in a given area of space. That diversification continued, with several types of Modules being made for specific needs. And with imagination, Chiron stepped up to a variety of needs, profitable and functional.


Hereís a list of available Modules, which can be stacked, and used in Space or on a Planetís surface.

Cargo & Repair Module(s):
With a flexible floor Plan, either of these can be modified for emphasis on one or the other of those functions. Cargo has Industrial Transporters, Repair has Work Pods and space for parts. With the standard footprint, any/all Modules have a little over 500,000 Sq. Ft., so they are very flexible. For instance, when a Cargo Module was added to a Weapons Module, the capacity for storage of Torpedoes increased from 10 or so, to HUNDREDS, or, for Personnel Modules, it extended the replenishment period from months to YEARS.

Troop & Personnel Module(s):
Can handle as many as 2000 Troops, with facilities to support them. Holodecks for Training, Commissary, Quarters, Cafeteria, and other facilities which would support them for a given period. A Cargo Module could be stacked on top of the Module, expanding its longevity. Reconfigured, this Module could transport Colonist to or from Planets or evacuations as necessary.

Flight Module:
Basically a little Space Port. Enables one Squadron of Interceptors to be stationed in a given area. Can be stacked on Top of a Troop or Cargo Module, in Space or on a Planetís surface, to accommodate Mission Objectives. Crew accommodations included, with Flight Training Holodecks. This was designed to supplement the Akira Class Ship, but, when that level of defense was not necessary, this Module was just right.

Medical Module:
A portable Hospital, which can accommodate about 1000 patients when necessary. Both Organic and EMH Doctors, Wards and Private rooms, Surgical Suites, Imaging, the whole Banana, and able to be combined with other Modules, to fulfill needs for a situation.

Diplomatic Module:
Basically a Five Star Hotel, with Conference Rooms and accommodations like a Conference Center. This or another type Module could have one or more Decks, depending on the need. All Models varied there.

Power & Weapons Module(s):
Given the stack of Modules, and where they would be placed, it became obvious that in some instances they needed extra Generating Equipment, Shielding or Weapons, to protect the Modules in a given area. Any combination of Modules could be assembled, and logical combinations were used.

Pleasure/Hospitality Module:
This was a fluke at first, which became very profitable venture for Chiron, and an excellent disguise for Covert Operations in what would be impossible situations for Military Forces to encounter. Basically a Love Boat, with a Promenade, Shops, Holosuites, and modeled in miniature after the Deep Space 9 Station. It could be slipped in between a Diplomatic, Personnel Carrier, or any other Module, making long Voyages a LOT easier to deal with.

One of the Chironís Pleasure Cruse Shipís (the PCV Hawaii) route is:
Earth (San Francisco) - Tau Ceti Prime - Vulcan Ė DS9/Bajor - Risa - Ferenginar Ė and others and back.

(PCV = Privately owned, Commercial, Vessel) then there are (PPV = Private, Personal, Vessels)



The Process:
Mission Objective would be established.
That Mission could last a whole TV Season, OR, one or more Episodes within a Season.
As many Module Types necessary, were assembled to accommodate a Mission.
A Crew would be chosen to compliment the type Mission. (Different Crews for Different Objectives)
One of the Chiron Carrier Ships would fly in, separate and add the Modules in between its two halves.
Then Deliver them to an area in Space, and or the surface of a Planet and put to use.
All Modules had Landing Struts on them, so it didnít matter which one was on bottom, for surface use.

So, whatís the objective to this method ?
Instant facilities, of any type, in any place you wanted them. A space Platform, or presence on a Planet could be immediately established, without the appearance of a Military Force, unless it was desired with Troops or Fighters. All the Modules have outer Doors which can be closed, disguising the actual intent of the Module. This method reduced the need of making a dedicated Space Ship, which when that need passed, what do you do with it. So, the Federation could reduce the number of the Mothball Fleet considerably, by having a stack of Modules located conveniently, and putting them together given what Mission Objective was required.

Chiron cuts a deal with the Federation:
Chiron was taking on some very dangerous tasks for the Federation at times, and at one point insisted that ALL Technology which included Sensors and Weapons be approved for Chironís use on Chiron Space Vehicles. Given the exchange of information that Chiron was feeding back to the Federation about other Species Weapons and Technology, it was not a problem. Then Chiron Vessels could have ANY type of technology installed on them, and it HAS been !

No holds were Barred:
From Archer to Janeway, a Base Ball Bat to Temporal, numerous Technologies were encountered, and NONE were dismissed from the inventory which Chiron had to draw from. Breen, Borg, Species 8472, The Dominion and anyone else who had something ďspecialĒ, was included and installed on Chiron Vessels, for the protection of Chiron personnel and to the advantage of the Federation, to assure information and new technologies would be returned to them. Also, with the availability of those technologies to Chiron, Chiron on several occasions improved on them, and handed them back to the Federation.
(canít tell you what they were at this time, Contractual Security issues involved)

So, howís this going to work ?
Itíd be nice if some Producer saw this, and made it a TV Show, but, thatís wishful thinking. The best that can be done, is to report through Memos, Mission Reports, Subspace Communications and Letters, what Chiron Ships and Personnel have encountered and whatís going on out there with contacts with the Federation, other Species and Individuals. And one thing for sure is, that Chiron owned Vessels will NOT leave Dock without Power and Weapons Modules, regardless of the Mission Objective.
That may be a quite an interesting read.

I hope this information is helpful to you,

Chiron Intergalaxy Corporation.
S. W. Houston, CEO.
2010 Utopia Planitia, Chiron Office Complex, Suite 9400.
Utopia Planitia, Orbital Sol IV, Sector 001.

SWHouston April 7 2010 10:46 PM

Re: Chiron - InterOffice Memo - Hutchinson
Chiron Intergalaxy Ė Inter Office Memo
Memo Level: Personal
Clearance Level Validation: Not required
To: S. W. Houston, CEO.
From: Calvin ďHutchĒ Hutchinson
RE: Personal Memo
Mr. Houston,

I just wanted to take this opportunity, to tell you how glad I am to be working for Chiron.
Ever since that terrible incident at the Remmler Array, where they thought I was dead, I had wondered just what I would do after my necessary departure from Starfleet due to that disabling event.

My coworker Miss Joval Delhius has been so helpful in getting me oriented into the Hospitality Division, and the trips we have taken to places, the people Iíve met and talked to, has been an experience wish I had encountered much earlier.

There is one thing Iíd like to mention, and Joval said that I might communicate with you directly about it.
She said not to go into much detail with a unclassified Memo, so, if youíd like to meet in person, or by whatever means you feel is appropriate, Iím glad to comply.

Beyond that, I just wanted to take a moment to convey my thanks, and hope, for a continuing long and fruitful association with Chiron and your wonderful Staff.

Yours very truly,
Calvin V. ďHutchĒ Hutchinson
Chiron Intergalaxy Corporation
Hospitality Division
2010 Utopia Planitia, Chiron Office Complex, Suite 9409b.
Utopia Planitia, Orbital Sol IV, Sector 001.
PS: Just thought Iíd give you a Picture of me. Itís the most recent I have, sorry.

RobertScorpio April 8 2010 03:26 PM

Re: Chiron Intergalaxy Corp.
I think this is one of the most unique ideas for a story, and trust me; I know.

This is an interesting read, and had me scratching my head the entire time. If I were you I would keep it as aloof as you are and avoid the standard 'story telling' constructs.


SWHouston April 8 2010 06:42 PM

Re: Chiron Intergalaxy Corp.
Yet again, I am humbled by kind words, thank you for your encouragement and recommendations.

Yes, as stated, I plan to approach this via Memo, Letter, Telecom conversations, etc.

HA, I was not really trying to be "aloof", maybe it's just my nature, but, there of course will be delays in replies, reactions of the characters, reversals, if my imagination has anything to do with it. ;)

To you and all now...
This is my first attempt at "revealing" my love and sincere desire of our common genre. I was very hesitant to start this, mainly, fearing reprisal and condemnment via those, who would mock and jeer.
However, as you, I to find uniqueness, I AM encouraged.

Have a good Day ! :)

RobertScorpio April 8 2010 06:54 PM

Re: Chiron Intergalaxy Corp.
I think, as a FANFIC group, there is very little, it at all, jeering going on. BBS/AD ASTRA seem to have many of the same posters and they are well behaved..well..except for Trekfan...(wink wink)


SWHouston April 9 2010 09:09 PM

Re: Chiron Ė Telecom Ė Autotranscript
Chiron Intergalaxy Ė Telecom Ė Autotranscript
Com Level: Classification Removed.
Transcript #: 235585
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::
Clearance Level Validation: Not Required
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::
From: HOUSTON-9400
Hospitality Division, this is Hutch Hutchinson.
Hello Mr. Hutchinson, this is S. W. Houston.
OHHH Mr. Houston, how nice of you to call, did you get my memo ?
I sure did, Mr. Hutchinson, Iíve tagged our conversation as secured, so no problem.
Mr. Houston, please call me ďHutchĒ all my friends do, ok Sir ?
I will, but, only if you call me SW, all my friends do and drop the Sir, ok, but would you like to use our Telecom, where we can see each other. You know how to do that?
Ahh no, I sure donít !
Ok, just look up on your panel there, you see that button marked ďTEL-COMĒ, just press it and we can see and talk to each other like that. OH DONíT hang up before you press the button!

(Telcom Autoscript pause Ė no verbal information detected)

Hellooo Hutch, ya got it ?
OH ahhh Iím sorry Sir, I was just looking at you, the Screen here...ahh...have we met before, Sir ?
Ahh Sir, were you ever in Star Fleet, Sir ?
Umm...well yes, a while back, I was.
Right, but, were you a Captain, I seem to remember seeing you, maybe at the Array ?
Been there, had them do a cleanup a time or two, that would have been for the USS Cairo.
Ohhh yea, Iím remembering now, but, Iím not making a connection on the names, Sir, were you by chance called by another name, is that possible, Sir ?
Ahh...Hutch, you remember right, and yea, back then I was kinda doing stuff for the Federation that required me to sorta keep my head down, know what I mean, but, SW will do now, ok !
OH, I see, yes Sir Iím sorry I didnít mean to pry or anything like that. I understand things like that, thereís lots of stuff that happened that I didnít need to know about, no problem, Sir.
Hutch, itís SW, ok, but letís get down to your problem, what is it exactly ?
Oh yes Si..SW, well when Joval and I stopped at DS-9, this Ferengi came up to me in Quarks Bar, and started asking me questions about our Satellites, and if they had a any defensive systems on them, and ask if we had any that were Offensive, like had Phasers or other Armament installed. I just didnít know what to say to him, or what response I should have made. OH, I have a picture of him, I got that Shape Shifter Security guy to get it, I think heís a guy, but anyway, I wanted to have some record of him, is that ok to do ?
OHHH YEA, no problem with that, you know how to show it to me?
No I donít, can you tell me ?
Sure, just click on ďFOLDERSĒ, select the one itís in, then scroll down to the picture name, right click and scroll and release on Tel-Com, and it will put it on the Screen for me.
Did I do that right, he said his name was Omag ?
Awwww yea, I know of him, heís into all kinds of illegal stuff, I thought that Riker or Picard had his Travel Permit pulled, but, what did you tell him, about the Satellites ?
Nothing, I just didnít know anything to tell him, I said that I hadnít been working at Chiron very long, and I just didnít know about that stuff.
Good enough, and that probably was the truth too, but was that it, anything more than that ?
Well no, except he kept on trying to get me to say something about Arming them, I think he wanted to get some that would like protect an area or Planet, do we make Satellites like that ?
Ummm ahh Hutch, let me say it this way. You guys in Hospitality are literally the Front Line for Chiron. You get out there, meet and greet people, wine um, dine um, and make um want to do business with us. Someone may think that youíre a bunch of glorified Bartenders, but youíre one of the most important Divisions in the Corporation, and youíre in a real good position to hear things.
OH well thank you, ahh I hope I can meet the task properly.
HA, Iím sure you can, between Joval who is a Risan, and your gift for gab, how can we loose !
Well thank you SW, so is what youíre saying, to just not say anything about stuff like that ?
Well not exactly, but you need time to learn just what we do sell, and what to say, you can view the documents and specifications, you can talk to Joval on how to access that stuff. And, when you get familiar, you can really help us out by referring someone back to the proper area, and mention it, if theyíre asking about buying some of our Products like that. Itís real good that you brought this to my attention.
I see, well, Iím glad that I did. But, do I hear something here, you said ďwhat to sayĒ, should I have said something that I didnít ?
Sorta, you might have ask him why and where he needed that type equipment. You know, just so you could evaluate his request better, nothing too pushy though, understand ?
I got ya, so even slight inquires like that could prove beneficial, is that right ?
Yes, specially with a culprit like Omag, but, I donít want to get into it too much.
Understood, Iím very glad I brought it to you attention then.
As I am, but, Iím going to pass the information about your conversation along, and we or someone may discuss it with you further at some point.
Be glad to SW, anything I can do to help out around here, Iíll do it.
Iím sure you will, but, is there anything else you need to talk about ?
Not really, nothing I canít ask Joval about, just Office stuff, thatís it.
Well then, I am really glad that we got to chat like this.
Me too SW !
Great, but I gotta go now, so take care.
Sure thing, bye SW.
Good bye Hutch.
End of Autortanscript
HUTCHINSON-9409b: Clear
HOUSTON-9400: Clear

RobertScorpio April 9 2010 09:39 PM

Re: Chiron Ė Telecom Ė Autotranscript
^^ loved this 'conversation'. Well done SW! Very authentic feel to it, and can't wait to see where you are going with this!!! Keep it up!!! The back and forth had a very, I don't know, realistic tone to it...side banter was great too...awesome!


Mistral April 12 2010 08:56 PM

Re: Chiron Ė Telecom Ė Autotranscript
Yeah, it read like a real phone call. Very unique approach you have-proving to be lots of fun.

SWHouston April 13 2010 12:48 PM

Re: Chiron Intergalaxy Corp.
Thank you (both) for the support.
I'm very pleased that this is going well, I wish I had more time to put into it. It would be nice if what I wanted to say would just jump onto a page where one could read it.

I seem to have "slightly" covered an issue which may be of interest to some others. I noticed a comment at...
where someone wanted to "take a trip" and my approach to the "Love Boat" (Pleasure/Hospitality) module, was right down that alley.

I'm not sure if it's obvious yet, but, I'm setting up a "core" for avenues of the Plot. I introduced you to the Officers, then the Modules, each person, and module type, with a possible story line of its own. I could visit Combat via the Troop or Flight Modules, or, the strife of being relocated via a Personnel Carrier Module.

But, that may have been noticed (my Post #7 Paragraph "The Process"). It wouldn't be beyond me, to preempt an avenue of Plot, with a hint placed somewhere else.

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