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Amasov January 28 2010 06:49 PM

3rd Rock from the Sun
Is anyone else a fan of this outrageously funny TV series? I started to watch it again after not seeing it for a few years. I gotta say, I'm laughing so hard it hurts. John Lithgow is absolute GOLD as High Commander/Dick Solomon.

I just watched the episode where he dies his hair black and wears the leather pants into the office. I nearly busted a gut when he emerged from behind his desk wearing those pants.

I'm going to go out and probably buy the remaining seasons as I only own the first.

JohnChod January 28 2010 07:50 PM

Re: 3rd Rock from the Sun
Absolutely! A great series.

I have the first 3 seasons on DVD and have watched - for the most part - the first two. The only problem is that my wife and I have seen the episodes so many times - and fairly recently - that it's as if we have them memorized. So, we skip a number of them while going through the DVDs and focus on the ones that don't seem to air as often.

There is one other issue. I believe that the first two seasons include only the edited, syndicated versions of the episodes. I believe that starting with season 3 they advertise the "full and uncut" episodes. Wonder if they'll re-release S1 and S2 uncut?

Amasov January 28 2010 08:32 PM

Re: 3rd Rock from the Sun
Saw one clip where Dick is furiously pushing himself in a wheelchair and can't get up a flight of stairs. He spins around to look to three men sitting on a bench, exclaiming,

"Excuse me.. anyone EXCUSE ME! YOU, YOU, AND YOU!"

"Do you need some help?"

"No, I don't need any help! DON'T PATRONIZE ME! Now get me up those stairs!"

:guffaw: :guffaw:

Kestra January 28 2010 11:16 PM

Re: 3rd Rock from the Sun
My husband bought the whole series not that long ago and we've enjoyed re-watching them. Some of it got a bit too weird, but there were so many moments in that show that had me cracking up. Good show, definitely.

Mr Light January 28 2010 11:43 PM

Re: 3rd Rock from the Sun
John Lithgow is so hilarious in that. I just saw the series again a year or two ago.

Thespeckledkiwi January 29 2010 07:33 AM

Re: 3rd Rock from the Sun
It's funny but the only guy that did well after Seinfeld was Wayne Knight...

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